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If you have been misled, treated unethically, botched by one of the doctors recommended by this person, and would like to be a witness in an ongoing investigation about alleged illegal practices, illegal practice of medicine, aiding and abating practice of medicine, false and misleading advertising, insurance fraud, about this person and company please send your letters To

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Re: Melinda A. Farina Also know as “Beauty Broker”

Is Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker” a scam?
Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker” is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker” legit?
First Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker” is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker”’s consumers?
There is/are 13 review(s) posted about Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker” and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker” located?
Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker” is located at United States. You can contact Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker” by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker”’s customers?
According to the report(s), US N/A was the total loss incurred by Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker”’s customers.

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13 reviews on Melinda A. Farina aka “Beauty Broker”

  1. Jillian Dalziel

    Disgusting woman

    Probably the most vile and disgusting woman I have ever encounhered. Self obsessed and rude. She recommended me to a surgeon who left my lips with a lump on one side. When I went back to her after paying her, she quickly blocked me.

    1. Tegan

      Oh really? Who was the surgeon who she sent you too who botched you? Please do tell? I ask bc we all know this is a fake review and a blatant lie. Please give us your full name and share photos and give the name of an Instagram account with this information that we can all go to in order to review this situation. Also what is your email for us to reach out and gather more information from you about this “case”

  2. Amanda

    Can't Be Trusted

    I reached out to this woman by email for a consultation, but she never replied. Although on Instagram she kept insisting on checking spam folder because they respond to all of the emails they receive, nevertheless, nothing in the spam folder. That’s when I first thought she must be a liar. (I don’t believe great doctors need her to be a middleman anyway. Just do your research and ask around. That’s what I did, and never tried reaching out again)
    Then, I saw some pictures she posted to Instagram that were familiar, and sure enough, they were from a doctor whose track record is far from perfect. I am not talking about old reviews, but recent ones, meaning this doctor keep doing lousy surgeries. When I pointed this out, she quickly blocked me. She swears all the time that her vetting process for selecting the best doctors is very rigorous. But clearly, she proved otherwise. Or I am not sure how else to take her reaction.

    1. Tegan

      She refers to surgeons PER NICHE. Perhaps you need to check on the accuracy of your words and know what she sends to which doctor specifically before making this assumption and poor accusation

  3. Tegan


    I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience with Melinda and we all know that The Consultant Clinic owner Ffyona Mckeating who has a history of fraud behind her and “fake derm” Simon Ourian who has hurt thousands of clients are two people who keep fabricating these slanderous reviews about Melinda on Rip Off Report and now this stupid fraud site. It’s shameful and those two people are disgusting. Shame on them. This is a woman who helps thousands of people and does a great job at it. The truth shall always prevail when you do good work. Sorry Melinda that you have to deal with this nonsense and BS on the internet.

    1. Tracey

      You are the assistant she hired. Stop posting fake comment here to defend her. She is the most disgusting woman in the whole world! Anyone whoever used her service knows. All she care is money money money! You can’t trust any word she said. My face is disfigured because of her!!!

  4. Mai

    I don’t understand

    How can such a good consultant work through Instagram the way she does. We need real solid reviews. She’s cold as ice later on after your consultation. Strangely intriguing in the beginning until you speak with her after.

    1. Brittney

      She’s had her business for 18 years – long before Instagram was around. No use in trying to slander a woman who has already established herself and built long lasting and trusted relationships with clients and surgeons for more than 25 years. It’s really stupid to think you can do so Ffyona. Stop being so desperate. It’s pathetic. You’re pathetic. If you need some help making yourself look better maybe you should use her services rather than continuing to use photoshopping apps to present yourself as something that you simply are not- and presenting work that simply isn’t as you post it- it’s sad and misleading and you have a problem that needs some serious attention. Go seek some professional mental help for your problem.

  5. Brittney

    Criminal owner of UK’s The Consultant Clinic - Ffyona McKeating fabricated this slanderous review.

    It has come to our attention by many doctors that we work with that the woman, Ffyona McKeating who runs the Consultant Clinic and who Melinda has called out numerous times for her extremely unethical behavior (simply google the woman- there are legit reviews on legit and credible sites about her posing as a doctor and grossly editing images), has been on a warpath to slander Melinda – spewing lies about her to surgeons via Direct Message on Instagram and also the extortion site : Rip Off Report and this site. Please go to Melinda’s “scams” highlights on her IG To view screenshots of Ffyonas messages and how she quickly then changed her handle after she was outed. Unfortunately where there are slimy and dishonest people doing bad things driven by greed – they are going to go to desperate measures to try to slander the whistleblowers and truth seekers. Simon Ourian is another one who pays sources overseas to pump out negative reviews on anyone who calls out his unethical behavior. These folks are the ones who hurt patients and give this industry a bad name. Not a consultant who has dedicated her life to being an advocate for patients and spends her days helping people find quality niche surgeons. It’s entertaining to see the garbage they will post on the internet – but nobody is buying it- sorry guys.

    1. Marina

      Total Scam!

      Stop defending her little assistant!!! You know how cold and cruel this woman aka beauty broker is to her client! She is a total fraud!!! I have friends used her service and said if was the worst money ever spent. This woman is total shameless!!! You better stop working for her and find another job sooner!!!

  6. Kiara

    Worst experience of my life

    I did a consult with this woman several months ago. I paid for a one hour consultation and after it was finished I could not believe I was dumb enough to fall for such a scam. It was more than obvious that she had very poor bedside manner, she was rude and deterred from my concerns making them seem unimportant while bringing up new things that I had not even wanted to talk about. I honestly have never been treated so rude in my life and was appalled that I allowed myself to pay such a premium price to be insulted with no follow up after I emailed multiple times. I wish I had searched for her as a fraud before I fell for instagram site. I wish there was a way to warn her 90,000 followers….but after you follow her long enough you realize she is just posting the same pics that everyone else is posting claiming them as her successes. Huge disappointment to the plastic surgery and dermatology world. Professionals need to call her out and say theyre not affiliated with her in any way.

    1. CC

      Horrible customer service

      I contacted Melina to schedule a consultation, her assistant responded with a price list and PayPal link. I emailed her assistant asking her to either send me the direct link for payment through paypal so I do not have to open a paypal account or to send me another payment method as I do not use paypal, have a paypal account, and do not want to open one. I also asked if Melina had a website that I could make my consultation purchase and pay her directly. I didn’t receive an answer and noticed Melina mindlessly posting on her instagram. I made one comment that I wish she would include more than one payment method and shortly after received an email from her assistant with a screen shot of my instagram comment, before I could respond to the email I received a length email from Melina herself calling me a scammer and staring she would not take my business and black listed me to all the surgeons she knew and said that anyone who doesn’t use paypal is shady and wants nothing to do with them. I checked back on instagram and she blocked me.

      Confused, I then looked for reviews online about her (trying to understand how someone could be do emotionally unstable and professional) and found some alarming things. One she has no public reviews on public review sites, the only reviews she shows are ones she receieves directly and decides to show and they are only from her clients on retainer, two she only posts pictures from surgeons direct social media pages she never posts before and after clients that use her services, I e come across several detailed reviews with screenshots showing she would overcharge and double charge customers for services in PayPal and since she did not have a public price list of her services and changes them depending on the clients price range, PayPal did not issue full refunds a few of the clients she ripped off.

      I’ve since found more negative reviews about her pertaining to fraud, her cold rude attitude, her recommending doctors that leave patients botched, and racist comments about blm. People like her give her ethnic group a bad name. She will rip you off unless you have the right connections/ name/ social status she desperately craves. Do yourself a favor and do your own research and follow surgeons directly, this is not a business worth patronizing.

  7. Corey

    Unreliable, selfish, self-centered and unprofessional.

    As the global creative director at Yelp, I love trying out new businesses every now and then to (hopefully) have a great experience.

    I’d known of Ms. Farina for several years—a friend of a friend—and even though I could have very easily walked out my front door (on 74th and Madison) and walked into countless PS offices, I decided to do something nice and try out Ms. Farina’s services. How stupid of me. I texted her from Costa Rica, while in the midst of a vacation to say hello and try and setup a time to meet with her. She told me to meet her on a Saturday, at Columbus Circle where she’d be getting out of her class at Equinox. I offered up a nice lunch meeting at my place as well, she told me about how busy her schedule is and that is what would be best for her. OK. Sounds good. Scheduled it in.

    Saturday rolled around, I realized I double booked and had my trainer at the same time. So, because Ms. Farina was so intent on telling me about how busy she is, I cancelled my trainer to appeaser her and her schedule. I’m never one to cancel on anyone. I then reached out to her an hour before we were to meet to make sure we were meeting at the same location she’d mentioned. She replied: “Hey hunnie. I can’t today/ I don’t have help at home and I’m also booked for two tele conference consults at 1 today. Let’s plan for another day.” I was shocked and replied that I’d cancelled my trainer to meet her ($100/session). She replied: “Sorry hunnie – my schedule has been really insane these days.” First of all, I’m sick and tired of people telling me about their schedules and how busy they are. First of all, bet you anything I’m busier—just would never mention it because we’re all busy. Secondly, being busy isn’t a good excuse for bad behavior. In a polite social and professional society, we NEVER cancel on people, especially an hour prior. Cancelling at the last minute on anyone isn’t a scheduling issue, it’s a character flaw. And from the reviews I’m seeing and reading online, seems that Ms. Farina’s character is quite flawed. My mistake for trying to help a friend of a friend out by supporting their business.

    Since I work at Yelp, I went to check out her Yelp listing, out of curiosity. I wasn’t entirely surprised to see that she doesn’t have one. After seeing this page, and after the experience I just had with her, now I now why.

    People, we have to be professional. We have to be people of character and integrity. We have to be reliable, responsible and respectful of other people and their time.

    PS. People are so lucky they can behave badly and hide behind the safety of their phones and computers and get away with saying things like, “sorry hunnie.” If only there was a way that we could jump through the phone, punch that person in the face, tell them that “hunnie” is actually spelled “honey’—and to never call me that ever again, pat ourselves on the back, and then get back to our business. Can we look into creating an app for that? Thanks.

  8. Amy

    Not Impressed

    As another former client mentioned….Melinda got cold as ice after the first meeting. She told me she knew the surgeons personally….that they would work together to accommodate me. Instead the surgeons seemed to not only not know her but, also did not know each other and did not want to collaborate. My 15 minute “follow up” with Melinda was horribly rushed. “I have a migraine and you are my last appointment. It’s Friday, let’s get this over with.” This is how I am treated after paying all this money? She promised she would look into a few things and get back to me. Months later, I am still waiting. This is a bit of a scam. If Melinda took her job seriously she would treat her clients as well as she asks her “vetted surgeons” to cater to patients. I am very disappointed. Money wasted.

  9. Anonymous


    Charges a high consultation fee then gives 5 random names of surgeons for you to choose. The problem is she only gives the names of surgeons (to her clients) who are on her books and who pay her an annual subscription of $1Ok. So if a good surgeon isn’t into marketing and doesn’t believe in using her services then she won’t recommend them to you – even if they are your best match! She sends people who need specific work to all the same surgeons. E.g, any one who needs a rhinoplasty revision and who doesn’t already have rib cartilage in their nose gets sent to Benjamin Swartout in Beverly Hills.
    Her fees are expensive and the service is extremely poor. I’m surprised she is still in business. I would never use her ever again. Total waste of money.

  10. Dena

    Scam artist alert

    Run for the hills from this woman. Complete scam artist. Lead me to the most incompetent doctor who has ruined my life and I had to go to a different doctor to revise his work. She’s a bully has zero customer service. Never even returned my email or phone call after I let her know the doctor did an awful job. I also found out she keeps recommending the same doctor to new clients. This woman is literally the scum of the earth.

  11. Keeping Guessing

    Horrific Encounter With "beauty BROKEr"

    I reached out to one of Melinda’s clients on Instagram because I noticed in multiple videos, that the client appeared to have an inverted V deformity on her nose. I’m VERY familiar with this industry, so I reached out via DM to let the client know that its a good idea to get that checked out by her surgeon and get a second opinion from another surgeon as well. I sent this message on a fake IG account, I have the right to remain anonymous if I wish (like many of you commenting here).

    I then began receiving extremely aggressive and hostile messages from Melinda herself on Instagram (I have all of the messages screen shot, they’ll be on Y T soon so that the messages may be seen by others interested in seeing how horribly unprofessional she is and does not care for her patients wellbeing. I believe anyone in this sensitive of an industry, should be seen for how they truly treat humans (as anyone could be a client).

    The messages she sent me included the words (I’ll us symbols so this review isn’t flagged): dxckhead, pu$$y, tr0ll l0ser, fxck off, jxrkoff, a$$hole, sh!t, fxcking l0ser.

    She sent a series of messages like this. Then she tried to educate me on rhinoplasties…. no, sweetie. Not a good idea when you’re talking to someone who is in this profession physically. She ended sounding so uneducated on the topic of her own “profession” that I was in shock. From my conversation with her, I’m guessing she’s used to talking to people that have zero clue about plastic surgery.

    Melinda also told me how long rhinoplasties take… by true facial surgeons and ENT’s they take double the time she told me. I was also shocked that she was referring facial plastic cases to a general plastic surgeon, let alone someone that’s not an ENT.

    She then proceeded to send me photos of her client… breaking medical HIPPA violations. And stated “the doctor knows I reached out and told the client to get a second opinion/see her doctor to see what he thought.” Good, the doctor that has refunded handfuls of clients after ruining their faces knows someone reached out to another human being – and mentioned to get something looked at after seeing the client talk on a public platform where the client is publicly discussing her surgery and surgeon. I reached out. GOOD. The surgeon isn’t a facial surgeon or ENT by the way.

    For just stating, consider seeing your surgeon and a second opinion to the client… Melinda went very absolutely crazy and responded for the client in an extremely embarrassing and unprofessional way. I feel bad for that client and the others that she is manipulating.

    I’m not Melinda’s client, but it was VERY clear that she was not interested in the client’s well being one bit, if she was she would have agreed that a second opinion in the medical industry is never ever a bad thing and informed her client the same.

    In my opinion, a true disgrace for the medical, cosmetic, aesthetic, and professional world. It saddens me that she is manipulating others, her crazy aggressive communication, and hostile attitude. I wonder if she has a therapist or someone to help her mentally.

    1. Keep Guessing

      one more detail

      I want to add that I never once swore at Melinda in any of these messages or acted hostile, yet that is how she spoke to me. Icing on the cake is that she doesn’t even know who I am. Poor thing.

  12. reading these reviews


    Looks like she’s aggressive to everyone.

  13. Jazmin

    Repulsive woman who think she is god and an actual doctor.

    Runaway!!! I wish I did a simple google search before I was scammed $1000 for a consultation. She has no background in medicine nothing to base her experience or knowledge on. Her operation is run by herself and her assistant “Gianna”. There is no actual “office” you can only facetime with her. Melinda is rude, inconsiderate, and extremely narcissistic and lives in her own reality. She acts as if she is a doctor who has completed medical schooling, however, she has no education.

    She has a larger following on Instagram, beware cause it’s all a facade.
    She complains about other doctors that should not be practicing plastic surgery and in reality, she should not be scamming people with her fake education that she does not have. Read her services below, she is a true scam artist.

    1. The Medicine Cabinet Cleanse: Zoom Consultation – 30
    During this 30-minute consultation, you and Melinda will discuss
    your current skincare routine and skin concerns.
    Price: $275.00 USD
    2. Online: Zoom Consultation – (45min)
    You now have the ability to arrange your
    consultations to accommodate your schedule.
    Price: $385.00 USD
    3. Face-to-Face Consultation – 1 hour (60min)
    1-hour consultation in person
    The Face-to-Face consultation consists of a one-hour meeting
    between you and Melinda to pinpoint your concerns and goals
    and discuss any previous surgeries or procedures you have
    Price: $525.00 USD

    Additional Services:
    If you would like for Melinda to negotiate fees on your behalf.
    Price: $350.00 USD
    4. Full Day – Hand Holding Service – Personalized
    Initial one-hour coffee/ tea:
    written personalized plan of action. Booking of first appointment
    with a practitioner of your choice– expediting long waiting lists.
    Accompanied consults to your chosen practitioners.
    Follow up home or hospital visit with holistic recovery kit and
    advice on maintaining the best results.
    Price: $2,500.00 USD
    5. Bridal Package
    Price: $1,800.00 USD
    6. Beauty Broker Membership
    Need Monthly aesthetic procedure guidance?
    Six-Month Membership Price: $4,000.00 USD
    One-Year Membership Price: $7,500.00 USD

    7. Bespoke Service
    *Price Upon Phone Consultation*
    8. Follow Up Calls 15 – 20 minute phone conversation with Melinda.
    Price: $75.00 USD

Reported Loss :0 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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