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Serial Scam Artist Did not learn his lesson after Nouveau Riche Lawsuit

You can run, but you can’t hide Jim. This Serial Scam artist is SO slick, he has now added the senior population to his prey. Afterall, they have equity and retirement to dip into. Being sued for 5.5 million for past illegal behaviors does not put a dent in his tracks. His scams are all education based. His for-profit academies appear to be cutting edge, and if he followed through with ANYTHING he said, they actually would be. The scam unfolds something like this: We are pre-launching this amazing new academy that will be the only one of its kind in the industry. (his industries have included, banking, real estate and largely internet marketing). After BizziBiz fell apart and Global Banking Academy fell apart too, and Nouveau Rich lost the lawsuit for 5.5 million Tecademics was born. (with another well known serial scam artist Chris Record, who was a student at Nouveau Riche where he met Piccolo) After that pre-launch fell through at the end of 2018, the name had to be changed to IQUP (Academy). They are in the process now of rebranding THAT venture for 2019. Anyone who changes the face of his business year after year has something to run from. The products all start with a free lead magnet, then move on to the monthly membership, then a product for hundreds then the product for thousands. Tecademics is still in the middle of fighting the fallout from the $37,000 product (class) called E-Comm Incubator. This was supposed to provide a Done-for-you Shopify store made by 6 figure earners that ended up being made by students hired on full time to fulfill this requirement. Of course, half of the year went by before presenting these stores to any of the students. You can’t even trust him with a contract. The contract clearly states if you do not make $12,500 in their momentum guarantee, you will receive a complete refund. He easily gets around that by saying that everyone (an entire class of 100) slacked off. The scam is slow and insidious. You have spent all of your time and money before you realize you aren’t ever going to make a dime back, by design. I don’t think they were expecting anyone to make money since registering your store with the Board of Equalization to pay quarterly taxes was never brought up until month 11 of 12. Not to worry, only a few people passed the thousand dollar mark anyway. IQUP is a rebranded version of this nightmare, (Tecademics) and rumor has it, they are going to rebrand again by years end. They skate around the fallout by jumping from the veil of one corporate entity to another, hiding the faces and names and falsely advertising that they were purchased by big investors who LOVE their model.

Is Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN. a scam?
Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN. is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN. legit?
First Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN. is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN.’s consumers?
There is/are 6 review(s) posted about Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN. and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN. located?
Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN. is located at N/A. You can contact Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN. by dialing 480-630-(4787) or visit their website IQUP.com before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN.’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $37000 was the total loss incurred by Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN.’s customers.

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6 reviews on Jim Piccolo DBA IQUP formerly Tecademics and about to be rebranded AGAIN.

  1. Brian

    This is the most bullshit review I've ever read.

    It’s unfortunate when people write reviews when they have no idea what happened internally within these companies when two owners simply could not agree on the direction of the company. Majority of these accusations are false, and majority of people have been refunded, or are in the process of being refunded by Mr. Piccolo for the lack of fulfillment in Tecademics due to Mr. Records lack of consistency and commitment to one path. Nobody got rich, nobody took money, in fact, it cost management more money then was actually earned. Go start a real business other then spending your time writing these ridiculous statements without having any internal knowledge. This is like reading a soap opera.

    1. Nina

      I’d like to see a list of people who have been refunded because we haven’t heard a word from them or received a penny from them for all their talk.

  2. Carmen

    Fake Facts, I know, I was there. Only idiots believe what "Anonymous" writes

    It amazes me what people will believe just because it is on the Internet. I have a hard time with people that won’t even put their name on the post, see above, signed “anonymous.” If you are going to slander people with bull crap, fake, made up slanderous comments post your name so you can be held accountable.

    I know the truth, I was there, on the team, and I witnessed exactly what happened. Tecademics did build 70 courses, with 16 different paths. The person that was the chief curriculum officer has a PhD, spent 8 years studying exactly how to create curriculum so people can learn and retain information. The new company was funded by investors, I met everyone of them, they are not only real people, but they are also successful trainers (most of them) from the very industry that we worked in. I know that investment capital was put to work and the curriculum was finished and is not offered at univerity and you can earn 4 college credits, real COLLEGE credits. That is a FACT – not BULLSHIT. someone tell me ANY other digital marketing curriculum that is built by a private company that can say that. I checked there isn’t one. Also, the investor capital was used to finish what is the coolest learning management software this industry has ever seen. That too is done and being used by university.

    Sure, the partners at Tecademics did not see the world eye to eye, I will give you that Mr (or Mrs) Anaynomous, but neither do a lot of married folks and unfortunately, divorce happens. Many of the employees stayed behind becasue they beleived in the vision. Management always told us that it was going to be tough, and that we might not get paid because of the situation but Jim Piccolo told us he was not going to quit and that he was going to see this through so that the good customers got the best education out there. As of today I know that 20 brand new courses have been released to all of the former students of Tecademics for FREE. I logged into my back office and saw them myself. They are amazing!!! The content is NEW, it is RELEVANT, it is APPLICABLE and it is over 120 hours of information on everything from Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, Mobile Video production, so much more I can’t even remember. There is tests (Micobeta learning) about every 10 minutes. There is a before test and a final exam. The back office even shows you what grade you got on the tests. So much more than we were ever offered. Did I mention that all of this was for FREE?

    So MR (or Mrs – who knows becasues you are “anyonomous”) FAKE NEWS here is a news flash for you. ALL THE PROMISES the company made its students have been fullfilled. I get so pissed when I see all the BS about people not making money after going to class. Well guess what, it takes more than sitting in the room and listening to make money online. It takes hard work and dedicaiton. No offense to the supposed people that didn’t make enough back on thier investment, but i WITNESSED first hand as I was setting up for lunch (yes they paid for the students food – what university does that?) i would literally see people LAYING UNDER THE DESKS SLEEPING. I guess you were learning through osmosis.

    Its about time someone stood up for the company, the team that stayed behind. We could have ditched out like Chris Record, and start to sell other stuff, but that is NOT what happened. A few of us stayed behind, not getting paid to make sure that the people that can’t learn digital marketing if you sat next to them and tutored them for months straight can get their investment back. I would like to have my college investment back too, I never got to use.

    I miss my job at Tecademics. I miss the cool people there. I miss the culture and the fun we had. I am glad that the dream was realized. If I see Mr. Piccolo, or Mr. Lechter, or even Chris Record for that matter I am going to give them a big hug and a sloppy kiss and say THANK YOU for the best expereince of my life.

    As far as the people that have nothing to do but time to complain, try this. Put half as much energy into doing something positive, you might have a chance at success. Or, just go ahead and keep hating people, just remember that someday we are all going to know who you are, and when the news gets out, there won’t be a decent person on the planet that will want anything to do with you. My Pops used to always tell me “be careful of the person that takes bad about someone behind thier back, because, when you are not there, that someone will be YOU.”

    1. Nina

      They still didn’t honour the refund policy that they put forth at the beginning of the E-Com Incubator program. So much of what was promised never happened and they have definitely NOT honoured their refund to those of us who worked our butts off to try to make it work.

  3. Jason

    Review is accurate

    This review is dead on..

    Jim Piccolo is a scam artist and took all the money. He even took the cash that was supposed to pay for employees health benefits. Not sure what he does with all the money or how he is not in prison for scamming people from deal to deal.

    If you want a good laugh, go to the Arizona Corporation Commissions entity search and look up James Piccolo under principle and see how many times he has done the business change scam.

  4. Heidi

    100% accurate and more

    This review is 100% accurate. This was all a scam. Chris Record and Jim Piccolo are two of the biggest online scam artists I know of. Nothing was delivered as promised. I was at the airport in LA when Chris did a live at the beginning announcing all the cool things he was going to do to help affiliates get people interested in Tecademics. I had tears in my eyes, filled with hope but he delivered nothing. A few short months into the whole scam everything shifted to Ecom which is not what we were sold and at the event in Vegas he outlined a whole plan to help us bring people through a funnel that would make sales blah blah blah. Again NEVER happened. And I was there for their first and last live week of classes and it was a TOTAL BUST. Classes sucked and whole forum sucked and as a result they never did them again. What happened to the whole live class theory? Oh yeah, it was just a theory. Maybe they had good intentions but those went out the door with greed. And what about the big office space they leased? Really, was that necessary? And now even though we have access to whatever IQUP is doing it’s not live which is what I paid for and there is no affiliate program (or at least nothing like I was “sold”) so I personally never had a way to make any money and none of their promises were kept. And honestly I am glad I didn’t sell Tecademics to anyone. That would have made me feel bad as they would have only thrown away their hard earned money, just like I did. I hope Chris and Jim choke on the money and while I would like to wish all kinds of bad things on them I won’t because I am a good Christian. God will punish them and anyone else involved in this horrible scam in a way he sees fit…that I am sure of.
    I hope if anyone reads this they stay clear of anything with Chris Record or Jim Piccolo’s name.

  5. Jennifer

    Serial Scam Artist? Scum Bag Is More Accurate

    This review is dead on! Stay as far away from Jim Piccolo as you’re able, that includes his cohorts Kurt Ohlson, Phil Lechter and of course Chris Record. I realized after it fell through and did my research it was a well plotted scam from the beginning and I’m floored to learn they are rebranding again. Most people would be in jail for what these sleeze bags have done. I’ve never heard so many lies and false promises AND I WAS THERE, in Scottsdale, week after week. I spent countless hours messaging and speaking to Chris, Kurt and Jim in attempts to get at least a partial refund, which Chris promised me in a private meeting only to be laughed at by Jim and threatened over the phone by Kurt.

  6. jim Piccolo

    Not Jim Piccolo of Piccolo Real Estate FRESNO CALIF.

    I’m Not Related to this Man I’m Jim Piccolo Fresno Ca. Piccolo Real Estate

Reported Loss :37000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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