GearBest SCAM SCAM SCAM, order never arrived they proposed partial refund. they are doing the same for all customers. I will never order from this company again… Gear best is the worst online shopping company, it should be named GearWorst ! They are all liars ! Never order from this company. never enter your credit card details on this site, they are scammers.

Is GearBest a scam?
GearBest is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is GearBest legit?
First GearBest is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by GearBest’s consumers?
There is/are 22 review(s) posted about GearBest and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is GearBest located?
GearBest is located at Yuzhong, Lanzhou, Gansu, China. You can contact GearBest by dialing +86.95187 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by GearBest’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $80 was the total loss incurred by GearBest’s customers.

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22 reviews on GearBest

  1. Olena

    Good shop

    Excellent seller! great product! I got very kind and customer oriented interaction during the transaction. This was the best case among all purchases that I experienced in Chinese online shops. Price, quality, delivery time, packing, customer communication and business attitude are all satisfactory ! Thanks to 3 kind contact persons !!

  2. John

    Worst Chinese seller. Lying about product availability. Changing shipping method as they wish. You pay extra for fast shipping, they change it to free shipping and you wait 2 months more. Incredible arrogance.

  3. Gavriel

    Inconpetent customer support agent (or maybe bots) respond, you have nobody to turn to

    I bout a tablet for $203. As requested I paid the TAX+VAT in advance ($35).
    The 1st problems started when I understood from the tracking that the tablet was already out of the customs office for 2 weeks and I still haven’t got it. A week later I got something that seems to be my pack. It had my name and address on it. So I signed for it and was happy to get into my house and open the box. However the worst part just started when I realised that I was sent a cheap crap instead of the tablet I wrote. And actually inside the pack there was also a printed paper that made it clear what happened: The tablet I received was supposed to arrive to another person. On the paper I have his name and address. So I immediately contacted the customer support to ask them to fix the mistake gearbest made.

    This was 12 days ago. Ever since, I open the ticket every day (’cause I don’t even get any email when you comment on it) to check if there’s an answer. And every couple of days there is an answer. But unfortunately all the answers are not really answers. An answer would mean that someone read the question and understood it and then answered it. In this thicket you can clearly see that nobody cares to read or understand the problem, they’re just sending pre-written copy&pasted texts that don’t match the problems I am talking about. In fact they just show that your employees are either stupid or think I am stupid.

  4. Roser


    I ordered on December the 2nd, paid for insurance and express shipping and had to pay customs on December the 14th.

    It is December the 19th, and DHL -their shipping company- just sent me an email saying GearBest has not even shipped this order yet. 17 days afterwards. With an express shipping query.

    Every time I sent GearBest an email I got FAQ copied and pasted, not one single human written sentence. I have been asking why my tracking number did not work (now I know it was not even a DHL number), what are the insurance costs for, if my package would be home before this week (my purchase is this week useless) and if I could get my money back.

    None of my questions have been answered yet, I have lost more than 150€ for nothing.

    Their messenger option is an automated machine, their customer service does not adress the questions asked. On their emails they hyperlinked some words so one would be able to track their package, they were links to their support page instead. Nice one.

    I know today that I am not getting my money back, BE CAREFUL! It is a scam. Good news is, one can get the customs costs back.

  5. ule

    Shameless chancers, liars and time wasters.

    Unfortunately i can not give them zero star but even 1 star is very generous and kind for them. From five orders placed previously 4 of them never arrived even after 8 weeks, and the other one which arrived was faulty ,which they offered to exchange it but when the item was returned to them and arrived there , they refused to accept it. So i lost even more money for shipping back the item to them which those sly conning people refused to accept. They are hiding behind their friends ( paypal) and are selling items which they don’t even have. Their EU warehouse is a joke. There is no EU warehouse , just an individual third party seller(s) , irresponsible and often they give false tracking numbers, charge extra for the insurance which buyers don’t really need to pay if you are ordering an item within the EU with registered post.If your item doesn’t arrive ( over 50% chances they don’t) then may offer some partial refund. I will never order from them again. They used to be good until last year, from several months ago they became very greedy , inefficient, scammers and act like cowboys.

  6. John Jackson


    I received a faulty unit and GearBest refuses to give me back my money. They simply stopped communication after the package arrived at their place and now my money is gone

  7. Nik

    Gearbest scam

    Please do not pay attention to all these positive reviews made by marketing bots. I am a real person, and I confirm that Gearbest is a scam. They sell refurbished goods as new; faulty as working; they invented a customer support system that is as inconvenient as it can be.
    I purchased from them VIOFO A119 1440P 160 Degree Wide Angle Car DVR which already had signs of wear. I used it for a couple of weeks until it stopped working. After 12 (!) emails from me Gearbest gave me a permission to return a thing for exchange (via first class mail, as they requested, which was half of Viofo’s cost). This was in December 2017. No replacement received; my support ticket closed by Gearbest, and they ignore my emails.
    Want to waste your time and money-buy from Gearbest



    Exactly,Same with me too..I ordered a watch for 100$ n the consignment never arrived,they ask for partial refund..It’s a worst shopping web ever..

  9. albert gregory

    go ahead, get ripped off

    the customer is easily the worst I have ever experienced anywhere, even worst than New Jersey scammers in the USA and that is saying a lot.

    All false.

  10. David

    It is a scam. Never buy.

    I ordered 3 weeks ago and they never ship the item.
    I was just told that the item is out of stock and they told me to choose another item. They refused to refund.

    It is a scam because when I check their website, they are still selling the same item.


  11. Joe


    SCAM. I never received my order and when I sent a ticket they responded in spanish. I wrote a second ticket and they told me to check my local post office. I did and it wasn’t there. Wrote a third ticket and they told me it was past the 2 month period to get a refund even though my first two tickets were in that period and they said I just need to wait as it takes time shipping to USA from China. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. You can read up on plenty of others having the same experience.

    February 14, 2018

  12. Dave

    Gearbest = Fraud /Scam

    I ordered in the past some eletronic stuff most of which worked , rest (10%) useless and gone defect soon
    after delivery, the shipping was more or less in time and nothing got broken in Transit . In other words I am long time customer of GB . Recently on my last two orders in 2019 they accepted
    orders for items which are listed on their website as on stock and yet they shipped me only partials
    for the rest I had to threat them with credit card charge back because they did not ship a thing .

    THIS IS CALLED FRAUD ! AliExpress is even worse ! I am done with them !

  13. mueller


    I have bought a 3D printer there. Well guess what, nothing ever arrived and I get some bullshit AI customer support replies. I can say good bye to 200 dollars and I will probably never order from China again.

  14. Terry Combs

    SCAM, scam, scam...

    AVOID at all costs…Rating less than zero. They are a scam. Ordered items never rec’d. LONG history of same discovered post order. Their back and forth seems legit … at first, then the excuses pile up until finally they claim some fault on the part of the buyer for delivery failure (such as wrong shipping address which is bollocks).

  15. CRM

    BE forewarned

    I don’t know who they are paying for all these positive reviews, but be forewarned. Read the fine print and understand that just about any reason for returning something is at you expense.Even when it is their error.
    Customer service that they brag about is very difficult to deal with due to not understanding english.
    Pay a little more and get your products from a reputable company.

  16. Jim

    Still Waiting

    I ordered a $300 drone on Dec. 9, 2019, and two months later I’m still waiting. You cannot call them to complain, and their complaint dept. on the web site takes you to nowhere. I had a confirmation, order #, and the works, but it will not do me any good. I emailed PayPal and told them I have been charged without receiving my goods. “We’ll look in to it.” That was a month ago. I was even foolish enough to pay extra for shipping! “Want it by Dec. 20? No problem,” says the ad.Scamming a disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran is not nice.

  17. Juraj

    Gearbest is the ScamBest

    The same problem.. Partial refund due to delivery company mistake. I losted 100 €.. Totaly scam, sh.t gearbest. Never buy it again.

  18. Corey

    False Advertising & Terrible Customer Service

    The Alfawise C30 Pro was initially advertised as having a work area of 550mmx450mm. The laser engraver I was sent actually had a much smaller working area. I preordered and it took 2 months to arrive even with express postage. They had countless excuses.

    I have tried for 10 days to come to an agreement that suits GB and myself. GearBest has refused to rectify the false advertising.

    They expect me to return the item at my cost and only receive store credit as a refund. I am never going to use GearBest again so the store credit is not acceptable.

    GearBest is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I suggest you do not purchase any items from them. Once they have your money they will take months to post the item and then will refuse to refund you your money when they have deceived you deliberately.

  19. SCAM


    HUGE SCAM! Dont even try to order from them! You will face huge difficulties and losses. I am really shocked with them

  20. AS

    Scammed: 260 euro for a vacuum cleaner robot

    (English is not my mother tongue)
    I’m gonna post that on every platform I can find, so other people wont get scammed by gearbest!
    Had ordered a vacuum cleaner robot on 16.03.2020, which according to Gearbest should be there by 10.04 (worst case). The shipment information said “Mar 31, 2020 – Apr 10, 2020”. Today is the 09.06.2020 and I did not receive my package! The status has NOT changed until today! I have already written 4 tickets and got always the same answer! My questions were mostly not answered! Probably they are using bots, which write a standard answer!
    – four tickets written, Gearbest does not want to pay back money!
    – the deadline has been changed several times!!
    – questions are not answered always the same answer
    – oh, and the shipping method is EUEXPHQRD (Germany Express) and should allegedly be delivered from the EU and faster! I’m living in germany.
    One time the DEADLINE was said to be the 16th of MAY 2020, the next ticket said the DEALINE was on the 25th of JUNE 2020 and after the 25th of June the deadline will be postponed again? No updates, no answer and no delivery! Of course the money was debited directly from my account!

  21. You are a scam

    I never received my item. I tried to change it for another one 6 times and always the same: Your item not available


    I want to use this option: “2) If you want to change the item for another, we can send you points. If the other product is more expensive than the one ordered, you must pay the additional amount; If cheaper, we will refund you the price difference”

    I would like to get this item:

    If not available , this one:

    If not available this one:

    Please, let me know the (right) arriving date.

    Gearbest Customer Support
    At 06/16/2020 06:24:15 CST

    Dear Cristina,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    Unfortunately all those items are not available.

    We can issue a refund to your Gearbest Wallet as store credit.

    You can use your Wallet to purchase your next order easily. (You will receive 1 point for every 1 USD).

    Waiting for your answer.

    Best regards,


    Gearbest Customer Service

  22. Keivan

    Scam . Stay away

    Fraudsters. Stay away from these crooks

Reported Loss :80 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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