Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary is rude and a liar

Gary Vaynerchuk who calls himself as the best serial entrepreneur without being a jerk, is complete opposite of what he says. My experience with Gary and his company is very devastating. I am the owner of the digital marketing agency and Gary’s company asked us to do some projects for them which includes logo designing and a lot other tasks.

When I received the order, I was very excited to work with someone who is known for his skills and professionalism. He has marketed himself as a great entrepreneur and everyone knows him the same way. But, his true face is not known to everyone.

After we received the project from his company, we started working hard. I had to hire more people as our skill set was not enough for the project. I did everything for the project and we have discussed the rate before to which Gary’s company had agreed.

These people shared the project details with us and wanted us to complete the work on time. We did everything to make the project a huge success. We completed the project before the deadline and submitting the entire work without doubting that we could have any trouble with the payments.

Gary enjoys the reputation of a huge entrepreneur and expecting him to behave in such an unprofessional way was pointless for us. So, we submitted the work and before the payment was made.

After that, I called to check for the payment. The account department ignored my request and talked harshly with me. I had a chance to talk to Gary once. He told me the same thing. He called me with names and abused me. I had never expected such an unprofessional behavior from him. Since that day, my mindset for him completely changed.

We waited for more than 5 months to receive our payment and kept calling them over and over. After 5 months, we received the payment but not the entire payment. We received $25000 while the total balance was $60,000. It was not even 50% of the payment that we worked for. I called Gary and he was very furious. He said bad things and called us incompetent.

If that was the case, he would have asked for changes or updates on the work. That never happened. He used all the work that we did for him. I called the accounts department to tally everything that we worked for. And, they were as rude as Gary. I believe that this guy teaches his employees to disrespect others and work for their own good.

I had a very bad experience working for the projects provided by Gary’s company. After first getting insulted by Gary’s staff, I still had hope in him. However, he is the real jerk and his staffs just follow him. I have no word to explain Gary’s audacity to lie and throw tantrums on the face. He is disrespectful and a complete biased man with no shame to do as promised.

Is Gary Vaynerchuk a scam?
Gary Vaynerchuk is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Gary Vaynerchuk legit?
First Gary Vaynerchuk is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Gary Vaynerchuk’s consumers?
There is/are 2 review(s) posted about Gary Vaynerchuk and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Gary Vaynerchuk located?
Gary Vaynerchuk is located at United States. You can contact Gary Vaynerchuk by dialing +1(646) 401-0368 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Gary Vaynerchuk’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $60000 was the total loss incurred by Gary Vaynerchuk’s customers.

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2 reviews on Gary Vaynerchuk

  1. Lindey

    Gary Vaynerchuk is real scam artist

    I must admit that this man is nothing but an internet marketer and know little about getting-rich-quick.

    Avoid him.

  2. denver

    Gary Vaynerchuk Review

    Whether it is because of the internet or not? It is a question that we should ask! Because of which people are busy portraying themselves as a good person, hardworking person and self-made person and god know what else. They are busy doing anything to make us believe this thing, but not being what they portray. Also, the Internet is confining a lot of opinions and not allowing them to meet and grow like it used to do in previous days. Previously, people used to think that other people might not know of the character of a certain person and so they used to make sure that they conveyed the character of that particular person to them.

    With the invention of the Internet, people’s mindset has shifted to the other side. They are now thinking in the manner that,” If I know it, he/she too might know it.” Which is a very harmful thing. It is a hindrance in making the society a lot nicer than what it currently is. There are many guys who are building up their fake profiles, putting up their fake history on their own website, just to get views, likes, and visits. One such person with whom I had to deal with, is Gary Vaynerchuk.

    This guy is unbelievable! If you meet him, you will go crazy by comparing what’s written about him and how he really his. Mostly, a layman can encounter him in interviews and speeches that he gives in various functions. And they go crazy about him. It is insane to think that such a person is followed by a huge community on Twitter. People are not really asking themselves that the speech that they hear Gary giving out at a particular event is a speech that has been written by his team of writers and not necessarily by himself. And that’s where they do not get to know the reality of his persona.

    A speech can be good if its writing is good. But a person giving out that speech should not be termed as a good person unless and until known personally. This is the case with Gary. He has got good minds which run content for him over the Internet and at the live shows. But, my question is, is a person only what’s shown of him over the Internet? What does personal interaction with him account for, in today’s world of Internet and augmented reality or digitalization?

    Gary claims that he started with growing his dad’s wine business from some dollars in two-digit to some dollars in seven-digit. And that’s it. He claims it and people believe it. That’s a very huge claim and people don’t question when they get to hear stories about hard work and determination. They revere it with great awe and respect. But nowadays in the age of the Internet, it is used to mislead people and some of the most intelligent people also mistake this kind of rogues for intellectuals. But the fact is that they are any innovators or every successful entrepreneur as they term themselves to be.

    My company has had an experience of working with Gary’s and we have gone through the worst experience of our lives in that 6-7 months when we working with his company. The fact that he is seen as a celebrity was obviously evident when my manager told me about the excitement he had when he was approached by Gary’s company. He came up to me and I took it normally. And he was shocked by seeing my behavior. He even asked me,” don’t you think this is the biggest breakthrough that our company has ever had?”

    I asked him to stay radical and question his and my company’s abilities. I asked him that even if what he thought was right, all we meant to do was to serve what we serve to others in terms of work and get our paychecks and leave. At first, he didn’t believe me but as time passed, reality showed its shades and they were darker.

    First of all, the company that now claims itself to be a “communications” company is very bad at communications. After affirming to do their work, we were waiting for leads to start working on their project. Their manager told us that Gary was very strict and that he would himself brief us on this project. At first, we didn’t believe that what he said was true and so we even confirmed from a few other employees who worked there. After we got a confirmation from them, that’s when we believed it. And after that, we would not get dates for the meeting.

    Even when we got two dates, both of them were postponed to others saying that the manager wasn’t available and the other time that Gary had to go for some uncertain work. It came to a point wherein our company was treated like an underdog company. And then for showing that we’re not there to take we had to tighten our position on the project because I and my manager wanted to know what the truth behind calling us for the project was! Whether they really liked our work and that’s why they had called us or was is just like any other random call for knowing our rates and all. After three cancellations we were finally told that we had to be a place where the meeting was fixed and that that session would be attended by Gary.

    I went there, with my manager but there was no sign of Gary. His manager said that, Gary had personally briefed him about the project and that Gary couldn’t come because of some “uncertain” work. What was strange was, when I asked him to make me talk to Gary he was rude enough to say that Gary didn’t have time. For getting away from them at that point in time, I and my manager gave our quotations for the project and they accepted it within a day or two and asked us to come with a final presentation on another day. This time too we were promised that the conversation would be undertaken by Gary.

    The day came, my team was ready with the presentation but on their side, there was no Gary. That day I and my manager really wanted to know whether it was his company only or were we fooled. Only after his manager got to know about the kind of skeptical we were was when he made us talk to him on a video call with him. It was even stranger to talk with Gary on video call because talking to him made us know that he didn’t even know about the previous meetings and when were they held and about them getting postponed. We had to proceed to get out of this so I and my manager went ahead and shared the presentation that we had prepared, they liked it and gave us the project. The deadline was discussed, the rates were negotiated and then finalized.

    Come a week before the deadline, there was some issue regarding the data that they shared with us about the company. On re-checking, it was matching with the data that they had given to us and so there was a need to communicate. At first, the attempts were futile. No one from their firm answered. I and my manager had to drop into their place and find the manager that had talked to us. His manager asked us to alter the facts as per the data they had provided us. At first, we were adamant about not doing so but then they offered us some more amount for altering the facts. I and my manager had a discussion on this issue and both of us were fed up with this project and Gary. We wanted to get rid of this. The sooner, the better. So we agreed to it and asked some more time to complete the project. They agreed. And the new timeline was decided. Come the day before the new deadline, we had completed and sent the project. After that, we had asked them to check the work and clear our dues.

    A week went by, nothing in the bank account changed as it should have after their payment. So we contacted them and they said they needed more amount of time to check. It was already a week, but then too we agreed to give them two days more. After which we visited the office and demanded to meet Gary. We met him. He said that our work was not up to the mark and also that we had to extend the deadline so there needs to be compensated in the rates that were meant to be done.

    My manager and I realized how we were being stretched on in the name of the celebrity Gary. And as we wanted to get rid of this thing we accepted what he wanted to pay us and that’s how we came to know about the true colors of Gary.

Reported Loss :60000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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