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Gabi personal insurance agency is worst for me

I opted to try Gabi for an auto insurance this time. It was really bad from the start to finish. They are claiming to send me the quote within 24 hours of initial inquiry but trust me after waiting for the 4 days, I have received nothing, I took a step further to reach out to gabi insurance again.

I have to send them and email with their quote and boom it was more than what I am paying to the other insurance provider for the home owners. I sent them all the information and they got back to me saying that the declaration page does not show the total premium I was paying.

I deliberately kept that in mind and have not sent them but They want to see how much you are paying to others since the competitor is too much. After going back and fourth, I have sing up with them since my current insurer had very bad reputation online when its come to claim process. Gabi insurance assured me that they will stand behind us and would support is something happens.

The after few months of sing up with them, I had a really bad accident at home and asked for the claim process and wtf, THEY DENIED to help us! They told me since they are just middleman who sold the policy would not be able to help us in claim process. They have to reach out to the main agency. BAD!!

I do not want to stretch out this reviews but no one should opt to go with GABI Personal insurance or home owner insurance. I had to repair and cure myself and had a lots of bill that I had to pay. It put me back by two years. I highly recommended to consults your local broker before opting with the gabi, they are just playing numbers and would not care about the customer at all.

Is Gabi Insurance a scam?
Gabi Insurance is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Gabi Insurance legit?
First Gabi Insurance is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Gabi Insurance’s consumers?
There is/are 26 review(s) posted about Gabi Insurance and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Gabi Insurance located?
Gabi Insurance is located at 106 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, USA. You can contact Gabi Insurance by dialing (415) 842-2411 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Gabi Insurance’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $250 was the total loss incurred by Gabi Insurance’s customers.

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26 reviews on Gabi Insurance

  1. Threasa

    wouldn't recommend.

    I phoned this company about 3 weeks ago. I was requesting an auto insurance quote. No one was available, so I left a message . I did get a call back, gave the person my info and awaited a call back. I never got a call back ????? wouldn’t recommend.

    1. John D Pedemonte

      Info gathering

      All of these websites are only in business to fish for sales leads that they can sell to insurance agents. This is how they make their money and they give a rip about lowering your insurance costs. I bet each and every one of you got multiple sales calls from this website selling your sales leads multiple times to a different insurance agent each time. SCAM! And don’t expect a call back. They just want automated info to sell over and over again.

    2. M.J. Leger

      Just their rep on TV is enough to turn someone off — he sounds like he has mush in his mouth and he’t just TOO EAGER! Bad! Sounds like a bad used car salesman!

  2. John

    This review is crap. Give them another try.

    Gabi’s service is actually pretty good. There might have been a slight delay on the quote but I was able to save $896 from their service where they gave me like 20 compared quotes without downgrading my coverage. Unlike my local broker who I discovered to be ripping me off and only comparing 3 quotes.

    Your experience might have been bad but I suggest giving them another try. They’re really responsive in their website live chat.

  3. Peter Pavel

    Gabi saved me $1439 on my home and auto

    I was impressed how easy it was to find a better deal with Gabi. I uploaded my home and auto policy and within 2 minutes they showed me a list of all the companies they looked at. I selected a bundle of Progressive and Travelers and they emailed me the Docusign to purchase the policy. That was it. Saved $1439 in total. Same coverage! And I did not receive spam calls or emails. I can really recommend it.

  4. TG

    Can't hurt to give them a try.

    Gabi is legit! Helped my family to save almost $200/month by switching to a new auto insurance provider. Quick communication through texts and emails got it done in just a few days. Can’t hurt to give them a try.

  5. Dee

    It doesn't hurt that they give a referral bonus

    I cant believe this is real. First of all, They saved me over $1300 a year on my auto and home insurance. Second, the customer service is AWESOME. Third, but not really third just the third thing, the process was so EASY and FAST.

    It was basically like sending a couple of text messages and getting $1300. Plus you get to check the rates for free with no obligation or cost. Why would you NOT at least try. It doesn’t hurt that they give a referral bonus

  6. Amanda

    Highly recommend.

    Gabi was great! I received quotes for my umbrella, auto, and home policies within a day and Gabi found better rates for all of them. The agent was available via text and email which made it super easy to move through the process. No spending hours on the phone. In the end, I switched all three policies and saved a ton of money! Highly recommend.

  7. Kim

    I had been thinking of switching our insurance company for some time.

    I had been thinking of switching our insurance company for some time. Gabi made it so easy to get an accurate quote without shopping and getting calls from multiple companies. Saved me over $40 a month for the same coverage!

  8. Vince

    I received excellent service.

    I received excellent service and Gabi helped me save money on both my home policy and my auto policy. Five stars!

  9. Lajuana

    Car Insurance

    Trying to see is this a real Car Insurance quote or not. And why is Gabi asking me to put a down payment of $630 with theTravelers Insurance company. I never had to pay down so much for car insurance before.

  10. Kelly

    FRAUD!!! DO NOT USE!!!

    FRAUD!!!! They took my card information for payment on a new insurance policy then over drafted my account with fraudulent charges. Then asked for my bank information when they couldn’t charge the card anymore. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANT INFORMATION!!

  11. John D

    I spent considerable time and effort inputting my insurance details,

    As some have reviewed, I spent considerable time and effort inputting my insurance details, cars, policies, etc. Gabi presented me with a $700+ savings. I thought, holy cow, this is awesome! I proceeded to confirm I wanted to switch my insurance. Then a couple days later, miraculously I get the following email:

    “Thank you for your patience. After carefully reviewing your policies, we were unable to confirm the potential savings we initially sent. Due to state rate marketing system, credit score, and population increase in your area, we could not find you more savings. You are getting the best rating with your current insurance carrier when compared with multiple carriers.

  12. Bob J


    DO NOT FALL FOR IT. The website asks for your complete log in information including password to “review” your current policy. Actually this means that they will have complete access not only to your auto insurance but anything else you have with your current company including payment history and possible financial account information.

    They say that they will only retrieve your dec pages for your auto, but who knows? Would you give just anyone your log in information? How about your pin on your debit card? Why would you give a company that you have no clue about this information? This is a scam.

  13. Kelly P


    FRAUD!! Fake Reviews!!!! As soon as they received my card information the over withdrew my account with fraudulent charges.

    Then they asked for my bank information when they couldn’t get anymore money off my card information. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!!!!!!

  14. Will

    Not truthful

    After letting me know how much cheaper this new policy was they denied me. Insurance companies pay them for this scam. It makes it much harder for meBecause every company that insures cars knows that I was denied by Gaby’s so that means that everybody has my information which is not appropriate because you’re putting myself out there you’re just trying to make a quick dollar off the poor people. YOU ARE A DIRTYSCAM. America should know of your dirty deeds hope that helps you with your review over the scammers

  15. Mike Smith

    I hate their commercials, the russian guy is annoying and hard to understand.

  16. Dee

    To be totally honest I feel your company is misleading in how you post quotations and then let down your customer with less than promising results. Your advertising claims savings of potentially $1500 which based on my recent experience would seem impossible for anyone. But thank goodness social media provides everyone an out when you find these types of questionable offers.

  17. Wayne A Caddell Jr

    Wanted my all of my information FIRST

    From the get go, they wanted my name, address and phone number and email plus current insurance and policy. Technically all they need is my driving record. That’s because they are “fishing”. After they get your information, they’ll immediately sell it to other companies. That’s why it’s free. No legitimate business does anything for free unless they are a non-profit organization. A business never does ANYTHING for free. This Gabi needs to be sued, fined and shut down. They are a sheep in wolves clothing. It’s time for the citizens of the United States to go after thieves like this. I didn’t even finish my application, yet within 2 hours, I was getting phone calls and emails from every insurance company there is. I didn’t even give my insurance policy, yet what I gave was enough to start the harassment. Btw, I have Progressive. They sent me a device that I had to attach to my vehicle and it observes my driving habits. From this, my rates are extremely low. Before this I was with Geico. I was given a introductory rate at first, but then it multiply every 6 months from then on. I’m a paralyzed disabled veteran and a barely drive 1000 miles a year! So why was my premiums going up when I don’t really drive enough to have to change my oil? Because it’s based on your area as a whole, not by one’s driving record. Many insurance companies do this. So even if you’re a perfect driver, you’ll still pay more than the last time you paid. My Progressive premiums hasn’t been raised in 4 years. Mine is $230 every 6 months plus accident forgiveness. If anyone can beat this, let me know please. And I don’t believe these positive reviews one bit. Nobody else will send you a device that observes your driving habits. And it’s not been very long that insurance companies gives Veterans better rates either. My insurance premiums from Progressive has actually gone DOWN every year I’ve had them. Geico never once went down and I was hospitalized for over a year. So I wasn’t driving at all, yet my insurance went up. If you have Acorns or Stash, you may want to see which insurance companies will invest on your account. My only complaint is that when insurance companies are doing these outlandish commercials on tv that costs money, to include sponsorship on a Nascar driver, why not do simple commercials so that there’s money to return back to the customer. State Farm and Alstate has been sponsored NCAA Bowl games for years. How about sponsoring the loyalty of your clients who have been with you for over 10 years and longer instead of wasting money on a sporting event?

  18. Paul Lewis

    Appears to be a Scam! Not ready for Prime Time!

    From the beginning, nothing worked on their website. It won’t allow you to enter anything manually and their link account feature doesn’t work with MOST carriers. I tried with my son’s Allstate account, My Progressive account and some others, none of them would log in. Then, trying to complete driver profile, it wouldn’t accept the number of years with current carrier. I tried all the options, none of them would work. For such a broken automated feature, it shouldn’t be online and is not ready for prime time. Further, I see many complaints of false claims and not supporting customers when filing a claim. Go elsewhere. It’s a scam and they just looking for money, but not stand behind you when you need them! A farce!

  19. Dainel Train

    Not a scam but misleading

    I do not believe they are a scam. However, they are doing the ole bait and switch. In my language, a quote is a firm amount. What they are calling is an estimate. Totally different thing. Why say its a quote and even ask for the person’s credit card or bank information if the quote isn’t really a quote?

    That aside, the agent tried very hard to help us and I have to give them points for that. A lot of points, because I was unhappy about the deception and had to try hard not to take it out on the agent.

    Gabi, tell the truth and call tings what they are and your business will thrive.

  20. MG

    They want too much info

    All they need is your age and address to give legit quotes. No one should give them access to your insurance company log in. They are a scam.

  21. Donna Houston


    I thought GABI was a scam. Some things they said and did made them look very unprofessional and seemed off. So, I called the insurance company they were trying to connect me to. They said “Never heard of them”. The insurance company offered me a much lower quote than GABI. Now, just wondering what if I paid GABI month after month, only to find out they are a bogus service later? Would not recommend

  22. James

    Gabi No Mobile, No Service

    Online first time, sign up. At page seven, time out.
    No mobile phone number? No service.
    Never mention that in there online.
    Stop right there.

  23. Joe

    SCAM to collect info

    I went to the gabi web site to get quote. This is a SCAM. they only want to collect your information. They ask for all of your personal information. Your information is most likely resold many times. If you want to verify how bad they are, set up a dummy email address and use that email address for gabi. You will get lots of email from many different companies.

  24. Frank

    I want it removed from being promoted on my TV!

    i want to remove from my TV!

  25. josh


    they quoted me almost twice my current rate

  26. jon

    just read and listen to the main theme

    cheap, cheap, cheap,. it’s all about money, period. nevermind that I may actually have to file an insurance claim because of an accident and I decided to go with a cut rate insurer. if someone is saving you $1400.00 there’s something rotten in Denmark. and it’s real peculiar for someone to post a review a here claiming a savings of $1438.00 the exact amount as on the television commercial. lame ,fake review about a fake, lame company that doesn’t insure you ,they only shop for you. only now they have a lot of personal information about you.

Reported Loss :250 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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