Trading scam

eMarketsTrade was supposed to be a trading site for crypto currencies but you can put money in but cant take it out and also cant contact anyone for help.

Is eMarketsTrade a scam?
eMarketsTrade is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is eMarketsTrade legit?
First eMarketsTrade is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by eMarketsTrade’s consumers?
There is/are 58 review(s) posted about eMarketsTrade and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is eMarketsTrade located?
eMarketsTrade is located at Rue de la Corraterie 2, 1204 Genève, Switzerland. You can contact eMarketsTrade by dialing N/A or visit their website emarketstrade.com before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by eMarketsTrade’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $4000 was the total loss incurred by eMarketsTrade’s customers.

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58 reviews on eMarketsTrade

  1. Goodguy



  2. MH

    Scammiest scam artist of the year

    This company is a complete scam! They scammed my mother out of her pension within 2 months of her starting to trade with them. Their sales people have such snake tongues and are able to convince you to give them your money. Once I caught onto what was going on and got some friends investigating the profile, she started loosing money and in the end lost it all. Do not give your money to this horrible company! You have been warned

  3. David


    I’d say the same that this company is not as described in this review.
    I’ve withdrawn couple of times pretty large amounts and my account is on profit so I don’t know why people are bragging.

    Maybe verify your account and then withdraw?
    Good luck to all and happy trading!

  4. Rob

    Good revenue

    Doing well over here, me and my account manager work twice on a weekly basis.. withdrawn some profits 3 times already. No complains.

  5. Tommy


    I don’t like to get too involved in these kinds of things but I must say I’m actually having a pretty good time with them. The account manager is very professional and the software is doing everything for me just as promised, Some days are better than others but that’s just how trading is. Give it some time what did you think you’re gonna become a millionaire in a day?

  6. Patrick

    do not let these clowns play with your money..

    Absolute waste of time.. do not let these clowns play with your money..Absolute liars..it’s almost like they want you to loose your money… wrong predictions.. my 9yr old daughter could give me better forecasts. They even tried to get me to invest even more money after they lost my £2800 lucky enough I wasn’t that stupid. Karma will deal with them.. wicked people will always get punished..dis-honestly will get people know where

  7. Jan

    This is shaming

    I look at all these comments here that are less than 4 stars and I can’t believe that.. I am trading with them for 7 months now and I am very satisfied.
    I brought 2 friends and both of them are happy as well..

    Stop the shaming!

  8. Warren Williams

    This is so wrong

    I would like to tell about my exp with eMarketsTrade.

    I started with a minimum amount of $250. after the transaction was I made I got my account transferred to a senior account manager a.k.a Nick Fisher. Nick was very helpful, showed me the platform and explained everything from top to bottom. After that we went through the account types and started with the Silver one. When we placed the first I`ll be honest here I was a bit concerned even though I knew I couldn’t lose more than what I`ve put on the Stop Loss. We made our first profit after taking 1 solid contract of BTC/USD the rest is history. I can tell you that after 9 months of working with this company I`m pretty satisfied and say that this is by far one of my smarted business decision I`ve made in my life.

    Happy trading everyone.
    May god bless you and your families,


  9. Johan Du Preez


    eMarketstrade steels your money – they tell you that they trade for you and that the lost the money due to the market that went down but they do not have any proof of the trades. They also keep on demanding more money to “recover” your lost money and force you to take out loans to keep finding them or you will “lose” all your funds which you already have.

    They are rude, and refuse to speak to you. Even block you so you can’t contact them

  10. t davies


    I would steer right away from these guys, My manager was a guy called Nicky, He watched my account going from $250 up to $55000, and when I went to withdraw it would not allow me too, I have had every excuse in the book, ON one weekend My account managed a profit of 32000, but first thing on Monday morning I had a call to say it was a computer problem, and no money would stay on my account and they would be deleted. Strangely a few hours later the trades had all been deleted and I now have no trace of them, And This Nick has called me every day to ask me for more money to make up from my loose, Ok my loose is around $7500, but they are in full control and are so annoying on the phone, I have asked him on more than one occassion for his full (propper name) and licence no but still am waiting..

  11. Desire Jackson

    Dont touch Emarkets trade.

    They dont teach you how to trade at all. They tell you what to do although you have to place the orders yourself. They take over your computer using Anydesk. I lost $106000 because they kept asking for more money to recover what I had lost. They traded recklessly wih my money and now dont take responsibillity.

  12. alexandra elias


    After all the things written bellow about bonus which I didn’t accept they convince you to put more and more money othewise they don’t have a margin to trade. Ones you do it, you’ll probably loose everything on the first open position. They don’t have absolutely any information about trade tendencies. 4 advices for open positions, not even one went in the right direction even if they look always very convict. My last broker, which was supposed to be an expert one made me loose 2000euro on the first time and then vanished and didn’t answer to any mail. Than other one call me asking me to open other position because all crypto were supposed to go up on the next days and all crypto market went 50% down. It seams a joke!!!

  13. Maurein


    Took all my money and will not pay out my balance and being a Widow, I face a bleak Christmas

  14. Kendra Cole


    this company is a scam com many. II deposited money with them and made a lot of profits, I made withdrawal requests and it was all denied. I called them and told them the situation and they told me too deposit more money. I refused and they closed my account6. I had too recover my money bak from them with the help of [email protected],com a financial recovery expert. Glad I have all my money back

  15. neil sharpe

    Extremely high pressure sales. BEWARE!!!

    A further update –
    I was very clear that I’m not interested in investing and polite.
    Then resorted to shouting at the sales guys to emphasis my point.
    I’ve now blocked the number, but had further calls where they have withheld their number to get through.
    Yesterday I get another call and simply told him to P*ss off and hung up.
    I have now had two more missed calls today.
    This has now progressed to the point of harassment.

    July 31, 2018

  16. Johan du Preez

    Contact Me before joining eMarketstrade

    If you are considering investing in and trading with eMarketstrade there are a few things you should know. DO NOT allow them to log onto your computer, DO NOT deposit any money into their account and DO NOT sign any “Declaration of Deposit” (DOD). You WILL lose all of your money. I have been dealing with eMarketstrade for over a year and I have managed to save countless people thousands and thousands of Euro/Dollar/whichever currency. I have all the needed correspondence, telephone conversation recordings, videos of their anydesk and teamviewer actions you will need to help you with your decision. Contact me on [email protected] for more information. Regards Johan du Preez

  17. Patricia Douglas

    I decided to supplement my income by trading on the stock market in Binary options. I signed up to lodge $500.00 with Bloombex Options. I then got a call from Tomas Damon promising me 85% profit and bonuses etc if I increased the amount to $10,000.00 US, I agreed to this and set about transferring the money. Tomas Damon was then phoning me and trying to get me to increase the amount of money in my account with them to $100,000.00 USD and making ridiculous promises of profits. It was then I decided to pull out of the whole thing. Part of the $10,000.00 had been transferred by this time but as I have restrictions on my bank account I could not transfer all of the money at once. Because the money did not go to Bloombex immediately I was getting phone calls from them saying “do this, do that, tell your bank to do this or tell your bank to do something else” which annoyed me so I decided to see how hard it was to get money from this company so I told them I did not wish to continue with them and wanted my money returned. I was not able to get my invested capital including my bonus, God so kind, luckily as I was researching for funds recovery, then I came across Mr Gary Ashton, he was able to help me recover, 90% of my funds back. Feel free to reach out to him , if you had same experience via us email address: [email protected] he will help you get your funds back.

  18. simyoungbo

    Frauder i realized. 1039.8 i cant receive.

    Frauder site i realized.
    I must receive 1039.8 $.
    But they are no respond.

Reported Loss :4000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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