Dr. Jay Calvert

Dr Jay scarred my entire life

I went to Dr. Jay Calvert to get rhinoplasty and facelift. For the records, he is not a legit doctor. I had a horrible experience with him. He said that the surgery would be easy and would not leave any scar on my face. But, he wasn’t equipped enough with the expertise to provide that kind of result.

As per his words, the facelift seemed very usual. He said that the incision would be from the temple zone, which is hidden by the hairline. However, while he operated on me, he did the incision from the front ear, which went to the jawline. He did not do temple zone or upper cheek.

After few months of the surgery, the outer corner of my eyes started stretching downwards when the healing process started. The scars were also pronounced around the eyes. When I asked about it, Dr. Jay Calvert said it would be fixed in the next surgery, which was for the nose. However, that again went awkwardly weird.

He did not try to hide those scars. Instead, after the nose surgery, one eye started looking bigger than the other. Moreover, he forgot to stitch the incision around the nostril. Apart from that, my nose now has tons of lumps, and the stitches are higher than usual or what was promised by this so-called experienced doctor.

When I demanded an answer, the doctor said he forgot to file the nose bridge as if it was not a big deal. I kept asking him for a correction. He kept giving me reasons why he cannot perform the correction surgery so sooner.

He made me go around his office for more than a year. After a year, when I visited his office, he conveniently asked me to come the next week for the surgery. Before I was about to leave, he asked if I remember the cost of it.

I was surprised. I asked why a correction surgery would need that. He said that the policy stated that after one year of the actual surgery, the second surgery did not undergo correction surgery.

Can you believe it? It was not my fault that I went after a year. My complaints were from the first day of the surgery. But he kept ignoring me. What a plan?

I also posted about him on different websites. But he uses illegal practices to take down the negative complaints, I guess. I have found few hidden posts from disgruntled patients who had similar experiences.

This doctor is a huge scam artist. He does not know his work, and money is all that matters to him. He makes mistakes and very easily gets away with them. He is a master in making people believe that his works are amazing. However, he does not know the degree that he holds. Unknown to many, but he is a fraud. That is what he actually is and not a doctor, for sure.

Is Dr. Jay Calvert a scam?
Dr. Jay Calvert is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Dr. Jay Calvert legit?
First Dr. Jay Calvert is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Dr. Jay Calvert’s consumers?
There is/are 14 review(s) posted about Dr. Jay Calvert and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Dr. Jay Calvert located?
Dr. Jay Calvert is located at 120 S Spalding Dr #340, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA. You can contact Dr. Jay Calvert by dialing +1 310-777-8800 or visit their website drcalvert.com before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Jay Calvert’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $8000 was the total loss incurred by Dr. Jay Calvert’s customers.

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14 reviews on Dr. Jay Calvert

  1. Sola James


    I found Dr. Calvert’s ad on Hoobly classifieds. I thought it was a strange place for a so-called Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to advertise, but hey, I guess you need to advertise somewhere, so I looked past that.

    In spite of all the bad things I read about Dr. Calvert getting arrested, suing his own patients and changing his name from Jeff Szem to Jay Calvert to hide his past,

    I sill stupidly decided to have him perform my rhinoplasty surgery because he was the only surgeon who said he would put my surgery through my medical insurance and he’s a very good salesman.

    That was the worst decision of my life! He played God with my body and did something that I never agreed to. My nose looks distorted now, and I still have severe pain long after the surgery! Plus,

    I now have major problems breathing through my nose and it feels like it is on fire when I breathe! Its horrible for a doctor to do this! Dr.Calvert keeps telling me it will get better but it’s getting worse, not better! Dr. Calvert is very dishonest and has very poor surgical skills.

    The office setting is nice but the staff and nurses are as dangerously clueless as it gets. One of them told me that Dr. Calvert hits on her all the time. They are all crazy and only out to get your money, that’s it!

    Dr. Calvert made several sexual innuendos to me during our post-op calls and he sounded stoned. He’s so sleazy and I’m so totally creeped out by him! HORRIBLE SURGEON AND MAJOR FRAUD!

    1. victim

      Jay Calvert / Dr. Deceit

      I would like to talk to you about what happened to you. I am a victim also ..

  2. David Hussy

    Awful, awful, awful experience with Dr. Jay Calvert.

    Awful, awful, awful experience with Dr. Jay Calvert. He likes to show off his office, brag about how great he is and you fall for his confidence because that’s what everyone looks for in a doctor, especially a plastic surgeon who tells you that you will look great and how great he is at everything.

    My surgery was a the worst experience of my life. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN!!! I was originally skeptical because of Dr. Calvert’s lawsuits and I asked him about them, but he dismissed them as “jealous patients paid by other bh plastic surgeons who are jealous of him. I actually believed him.

    He’s a smart marketer for sure. He charges a lot because he knows people think higher cost means better results. It doesn’t.

    $18,000 later (plus a highly questionable bill to my insurance carrier for $90,000), my nose looks terrible and he ruined my breathing which was fine before the surgery.

    This is no run of the mill bad result, this is a disaster that three other surgeons have ‘looks at and had very vivid comments about Dr. Calvert’s sloppy work (and I’m being nice).

    Be smart, be aware, do your homework and avoid a nightmare. Stay away from this unbelievable quack of a doctor.

    1. Heather

      there are many victims

      Hello. Do you have an email address I can contact you. You’re not alone in this. He has damaged many people.

  3. Jillian Brown

    I found this to be highly unprofessional.

    I consulted with Dr. Calvert about a facelift and reshaping my nose. I decided not to use him for the following reasons:

    * He disclosed confidential information to me about other patients, including their names and the procedures they’ve had. This made me very uncomfortable.

    * Dr. Calvert spent a good part of my consultation bragging about celebrities who he claims to be best friends with instead of the reason I went to see him. He tried hard to impress me with name dropping which reminded me of a short and insecure boyfriend I had in high school.

    * Dr. Calvert insultingly made fun of his own patients. He said that he has patient groupies who are “psychotic” and in love with him and stalk him, but that he lets them because they will, in his words, “do anything” for him. He specifically mentioned a patient named Stephanie from Chicago who he called “a nutjob” whom he fixed after another surgeon “f-ed her up.”

    He mentioned another named Sissy who he actually said was fat, old and ugly and worked at a company called Circuit Assembly near his Newport Office or something like that.

    He said he he was afraid of this patient, Sissy because he said she is so infatuated with him and he thinks she may harm his wife one day. He even told me that this Sissy patient’s real name is Karen Logue and he said he did a miracle job on Sissy and that he “couldn’t have made her look any worse than she already did” He laughed about this, which offended me. I found this to be highly unprofessional.

    1. Paul

      What a bunch of baloney! All of you!

  4. Santia Hussein

    Worst experience ever.

    Worst experience ever. I looked worse after the procedure. One eyelid was short. He created “hoods” over the corners of my eyes. Terrible. Pit a big stitch in the corner.Developed scar tissue. Do not stay over nite at his clinic.Nightmare! and I mean nightmare.

    I had provided info on allergic reactions to medicine..did not pay any attention to the allergenic response info, My face blew up from the allergy to a component in the ointment. Completely incompetent. Stay away from this money hungry quack. Billed my insurance $90,000 illegally for socmetic work.

  5. Becky Davies

    He's left a trail of many victims.

    Dr. Jay Calvert is a slick salesman and self-promoter but a horrible, horrible, horrible surgeon. So many fake reviews from supposed happy patients. All part of his fraud mill.

    He’s left a trail of many victims. He left me with very bad scars and severe damage with a badly botched rhinoplasty. My bridge totally collapsed and he left me with an internal injury because he insisted on using rib.

  6. Mark D

    Stay away!!! Stay far away!!!

    I found out after the surgery that I should never have used rib for several reasons which Dr. Calvert would have kown if he had listened to me when I told him my medical history,

    but I recently discovered that he insists on using rib even when it is not necessary because he gets to double dip by charging the patient cash plus he bills a huge amount to insurance by calling it a medical surgery!!!

    He also falsely claims that every surgery is about breathing problems so he can claim even more money from insurance. He billed my insurance over $110,000 plus I paid cash for a comsetic nose job. You read that right. Dr. Calvert should be arrested and thrown in jail.

    When I complained, Dr Calvert threatned to sue me if I wrote about this or told anyone. I thought that was craazy but I found out that Dr. Calvert is suing several of his own patients for writing honest reviews about their bad experience!!!!

  7. Donna Haddock

    I had a very bad experience with Dr. Jay Calvert.

    I had a very bad experience with Dr. Jay Calvert. He convinced me to do a rib graft rhinoplasty which ended up being a disaster. My nose completely collapsed on one side and I can no longer breathe through it. I have a big scar on my chest and ended up with sepsis that required an intense antibiotic treatment.

    I was rushed to the hospital where Dr. Calvert claims to have privileges but nobody there ever heard of him. I was lucky that another caring doctor was there and helped me. Dr. Calvert would not return my calls after the surgery.

    Now I need a major reconstructive surgery to fix Dr.Calvert’s mess.

    I subsequently found out that Dr. Calvert billed my insurance for over $65,000 for my nose after I paid him cash! This is fraud! I just did rhinoplasty to look better, not for medical purposes! I had no problems before Dr.Calvert made such a mess.

    Dr. Calvert is a really good salesman and I liked him, but he’s an awful surgeon and not honest. I’d recommend finding another surgeon.

  8. Maria Hayes

    Dr. Calvert scared me so I decided not to see Dr. Nassif or Dr. Calvert. I'll keep looking.

    I’ve been wanting to have rhinoplasty for several years. I consulted with 7 different plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, Encino and Newport. I liked them all but I narrowed it down to Dr. Paul Nassif. I liked what I’d read about Dr. Nassif. When I was looking at Dr. Nassif’s reviews, I saw Dr. Calvert’s name so I called for a consultation.

    When I saw Dr. Calvert, I told him that I really liked what I’d read about Dr. Nassif. Dr. Calvert told me that I’d be very unhappy if I used Dr. Nassif and that he is a very poor surgeon who really does bad rhinoplasty and that he only cares about fame and money.

    Dr. Calvert then started telling me that he is a way better surgeon than Dr. Nassif and that he spends a lot of his time fixing Dr. Nassif’s mistakes. Dr. Calvert did not seem like a very honest doctor who badmouths other doctors to get business. Dr. Calvert scared me so I decided not to see Dr. Nassif or Dr. Calvert. I’ll keep looking.

  9. Stiven Smith

    You have so many choices of PS, I urge you to look elsewhere.

    I have thought long and hard about leaving a review for Dr. Jay Calvert. My experience mirrors the other bad ones on here. I have cried a million tears and spent thousands of dollars trying to fix the mess Dr. Jay Calvert made on my body.

    He knew what he did right away, and I believe I never saw him again in the hospital because he was embarrassed? I don’t know. I have had to learn to live with what he did to me. The tears have mostly dried, but the total ugliness of what I see won’t go away.

    I won’t undergo any more surgeries to fix what I consider mutilations.
    One doctor I saw for a possible fix asked me if “I had a resident do this work”! You have so many choices of PS, I urge you to look elsewhere.

  10. Jenny Sullivan

    You will ruin your life if you go to this man.

    Watch out! Don’t believe the planted online reviews like I did. I went to Dr. Calvert for a nose job and came out with a deformed nose and a vicious infection that required an additional surgery. Dr. Calvert cut out too much cartilage and I now have a permanent breathing problem and constant headaches as a result.

    My nose is deformed with one side collapsing. I’ve gone to many other plastic surgeons to see if this can be fixed and they have all said that the damage is permanent. I am depressed because of this. It’s completely ruined my life. I had a career in acting before and it’s over.

    Forever. I haven’t gone out since the surgery 7 months ago! I cry every day because of this butcher. Dr. Calvert was charming when I met him and I bought into the “I’m the best” sales pitch, but I ended up making the biggest mistake of my life. Ladies, do yourselves a favor. Go to anyone else. You will ruin your life if you go to this man.

  11. Gina Reynolds

    but I'm not happy with my how my nose looks yet.

    It seems like a lot of people don’t have a good experience with doctor Calvert. I went to 12 different plastic surgeons around L.A. because I wanted to reshape my nose and remove some fat from my belly that dieting wasn’t helping.

    Every doctor refused to do this through my health insurance, except for doctor Calvert. Thank goodness because I couldn’t afford plastic surgery. This would have cost me so much money and I’m saving up to go to Las Vegas and for acting school and my boyfriend lost his job. Doctor Calvert made sure it didn’t cost me anything!

    I was a bit worried that insurance would not cover plastic surgery and Dr. Calvert told me that he does this all the time and not to worry and that he would only collect what the insurance pays him.

    He said that he has a surgery center in his office that lets him do things that other doctors can’t do. Doctor Calvert even promised me he’ll help get me an acting job! Id give a higher rating, but I’m not happy with my how my nose looks yet.

  12. Renee Garcia

    At the risk of sounding melodramatic, Dr. Calvert saved me!

    At the risk of sounding melodramatic, Dr. Calvert saved me! My saga started in high school when my nose was literally butchered by an inexperienced, overconfident surgeon. I was young, naive and a Middle Eastern girl with a very large nose in a white LA suburb that had low tolerance for ethnic differences & all I wanted was to fit in.

    The butcher left me with a little nub of a nose that collapsed w/in a year & left me unable to properly breathe. I was the walking poster child for a bad nose job. I did my research & found Dr. Sheen in Santa Barbara who ended up working on me 2x – he made my nose so large after the 1st time that he revised it w/in 2 mos. He used ear and rib grafts.

    In retrospect, while Dr. Sheen was a genius of his time, he was past his prime when I saw him. In the end, Dr. Jack Sheen helped. My nose looked less artificial and offensive.. for a good 2 to 3 years. It then collapsed too over time. The breathing slowly suffered too. 10 years later I decided I would give it one more crack..I researched/interviewed surgeons until I found Dr. Rollin Daniel in NPB.

  13. Yasmina Martinez

    I was suicidal after a botched procedure by a famous (and very expensive) cosmetic surgeon.

    I was suicidal after a botched procedure by a famous (and very expensive) cosmetic surgeon. I thank God for Dr. Calvert, who restored me and gave me my life back.

    I would not be alive today and writing this had I not met him. Not only is he an utterly brilliant surgeon, but a very kind and compassionate person, who genuinely cares about his patients. If you’re considering plastic surgery, do yourself a favor and choose Dr. Jay Calvert–the best in the business.

  14. Taylor Black

    Charged Double!

    I trusted Dr. Calvert with fixing my crooked nose but I saw only slight change after the surgery! He also charged me double what he told me it would be. I would try someone else next time.

Reported Loss :8000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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