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Dixon Golf: The fake Charitable Trust

Dixon Golf is the charitable organization formed by the fraudulent persons. The owners of this trust founded a scheme by involving the irrelevant persons and other organizations. Under this false scheme, they sold distributorships to non profit organizations. I have invested my money in this scheme.

The persons involved with this organization gained our hearts in no time. They gave a very nice explanation of the reasons for collection of money. They were good in skills of talking which impressed me and other people. We gave our money with a view to help the victims and the needy people. But the plot of these persons was other than donating the money for a noble cause.

The owners of the organization include one of the criminals released from the prison. These fraudulent persons have done the same scandal earlier in California too. They use the same false techniques to form such an organization. These persons even use the fake names for doing the scam.

Under this fake scheme, money was first collected in the name of Dixon World Charities. Later on, this money was used for the Dixon Golf. There was a large amount invested by me and similar other people in this organization. Such persons deceive us in the name of charities and donations.

I invested money for the purpose of charity. But these fraudulent people scooped off all the money given by me and all others. They had the intention to use the money of people for their personal expenses. They emptied all the funds of Dixon World Charities and used them for organizing a golf tournament.

Along with common people like us, many other non profit organizations, hospitals and schools have provided a huge amount of money in these scheme. After the reports, these organizations and schools are keeping a watch on the activities of these persons.

Now when the owners of Dixon Golf are held guilty, they take no responsibility for repaying us our money. They have removed all the funds for the purpose of golf tournament. Many other non profit organizations and distributors are complaining for the repayments of their money.

The employees of the company are also involved in this scandal. They continuously sold the distributorships instead of knowing that the money will be scooped off. Even the assets of the company are skimmed by these persons. They have well managed to use the funds of innocent people like us for traveling to Costa Rica for golf tournament.

I have a serious issue with such kind of scammers. They falsely show the people their goodness and cheat with common people. Such fraudulent persons can easily mesmerize you with their humble and fake talks. We all like to make charities to the cancer victims and sick patients. But then we should also take care whether our money is used for the desired purpose? Beware of such false schemes and scammers as our money is neither going in the right hands nor for a right purpose.

Is Dixon Golf a scam?
Dixon Golf is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Dixon Golf legit?
First Dixon Golf is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Dixon Golf’s consumers?
There is/are 8 review(s) posted about Dixon Golf and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Dixon Golf located?
Dixon Golf is located at 200 E 5th St, Tempe, AZ 85281, USA. You can contact Dixon Golf by dialing (480) 634-6028 or visit their website www.dixongolf.com before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dixon Golf’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $12151 was the total loss incurred by Dixon Golf’s customers.

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8 reviews on Dixon Golf

  1. nebraskalond

    dixon golf reviews

    I totally concur with the Dixon Golf Review composed on this site. I was considering putting resources into Dixon Golf and began to inquire about the organization. I went over a few aggravating reports so I investigated the organization more profound.

    The organization is kept running by William Carey and Dane Platt who appear as the present proprietors. On the off chance that you pull up Eco Marketing it’s shows Pace Jordan.

    In the event that you google Pace Jordan there are many articles posting him as the proprietor of Dixon Golf and William Carey as the CEO.

  2. Adeline surface

    re Dixon

    Blah blah blah. If you want to talk about a real charity scam walk into your local grocery store. Those charities such as make a wish foundation will only donate 1% of your dollar while the CEOs are making bank. At least Dixon donates at least 20 percent of donation to charities and the rest is to cover overhead (paying employees, supplies, free gifts…ect).

    Another scam is the entire prison system becoming privatized. If the guys that started Dixon really are felons well good for them for integrating back into the system for a good cause.

  3. Bob

    Dixon is NOT a scam. Think again, loser.

    You’re honestly an idiot. Dixon Golf has sponsored my golf event for the past 5 years. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT a scam. It’s free for them to come out and support charitable golf tournaments. A portion of the profits they take in are then donated back to the benefitting charity that hosts the outing. You truly need help if you think Dixon Golf is a scam. They add a lot of fun and excitement to my golf event every year for FREE

    1. Jeffrey

      Dixon golf came out to our memorial golf tournament and the rep they sent us took off with all the money. I have emailed Dixon golf twice and still got no response from them so yes as of right now in my eyes they are a rip off

    2. Dolly Juntilla

      No More Next Time

      I have been warned about Dixon, yet in my first charitable golf fundraising, I had them in the course. They have collected about $1,300. from my players, and yes, they gave 20% back to my charity. Seriously?

      They claimed that during the event, they gave away more than 20K worth of gift cards and balls? Really? I want to know how many % of that 20K was redeemed.

      Most of my players told me, they could have just given the $ directly to my charity if they knew only 20% of it will go to us. Yes, Dixon I realized is NOT a charitable entity BUT a business.

      Thanks Dixon… no more next time.

  4. Mel D.

    This is un NO way trutful.

    So many of the comments in this are untrue and seem like this person writing might have something against the company on a personal level.
    I would not pay any attention to this review and would just remind everyone that there’s always someone complaining for some reason. I get it, you can’t make everyone happy but to throw a very good company under the bus for personal reasons is innapropriate.
    You can’t “invest” your money in Dixon Golf. The most you can put in is $20 for 2 chance at a custom driver, a free club (yes with a shipping and handling fee) and $150 off a Zovatti watch.
    Dixon Golf costs you NOTHING to be at your event and they provide prizes and donations for your players and send you back the profits after covering it’s cost of operation.
    Meaning they take the risk that your event migh turn out being 30 people and they will still show up.
    Get your information straight and contact the company yourself and ask questions if you have doubts. They are not in business of scamming people… (roll of eyes)..

  5. Mark

    How is that possible?did you do Dixon or àurellius! Remember you are in charge of the money. My guess you did not collect the minimum amount .long as you collect minimum your guaranteed $75. Least get the facts straight.

  6. Bill Thomas

    Dixon Golf charity scam

    Dixon Golf your days of cheating, lying and not paying charities what you collect are over. The word is out. Charities are tired of you scamming them with your promises of raising money in behalf of them.
    We had a representative from Dixon at our tournament who told us a portion of the money she was going was going to another charity. I asked her how much our charity received. She didn’t know!
    If Dixon raises $1000.00 at a tournament, this is a breakdown where the funds go:
    50% to Dixon
    20-30% to charity
    20-30% to representative
    Who is the beneficiary? It looks like Dixon.
    My advice to you if they approach you is to stay away from them. In my opinion, they are criminals masquerading as fundraisers.

  7. Bill Thomas

    Dixon Golf

    There are other, more reputable companies than Dixon who sponsor golf tournaments. They are in fundraising to benefit the charity, not line their own pockets with money meant for charities. A company to check with is Integra Golf. They give the charity 70% of what they collect on their “Par 3 Challenge”. They benefit from the advertising, not from donations from golfers.

  8. Dana Rucker

    Dixon Golf Criminals

    Dixon Golf is a scam. They pose as a company that wants to help charitable organizations raise money by setting up games for the golfers to participate in for an additional donation. Well Dixon stole all of the $480 raised except for a $50 gift certificate and three dollars in cash. When I called their representative a thief and scam in front of the golfers and my fellow board members, she had an attitude and told me that I was lucky she gave me the three dollars in cash because she could’ve kept it. So I politely asked her to leave my event. Please do not use this company. You have been warned.

Reported Loss :12151 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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