Chris A. Howlett

Money scam

He asked me to a laptop to sell and he sent the money on a fake bank email and I didn’t recive anything. He said I need to send the laptop and to send the post papert to that email to check it and I did it. And the money after 1 week doesnt arrives.

Is Chris A. Howlett a scam?
Chris A. Howlett is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Chris A. Howlett legit?
First Chris A. Howlett is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Chris A. Howlett’s consumers?
There is/are 18 review(s) posted about Chris A. Howlett and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Chris A. Howlett located?
Chris A. Howlett is located at Ditchling Court, 8A Bricket Rd, St Albans AL1 3LQ, UK. You can contact Chris A. Howlett by dialing +447520621278 or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Chris A. Howlett’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $1000 was the total loss incurred by Chris A. Howlett’s customers.

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18 reviews on Chris A. Howlett

  1. Doris Schroeder

    IPHONE XS Space Gray NEW

    I send my new iphone to Mr. Chris A.Howlett.
    Now I know, that he was Sendung me a Bank Fake for the money Transfer.
    But I don’t get money from him till today.
    Tommorow I am going to the Police.

    Please be careful by this person…..


    1. Smarter Than You Think

      Hi Doris, I’m very sorry to hear you’ve fallen for their trap. Read the review i just posted to know how to protect yourself from future scams. I hope you’ll manage to get your losses back.

  2. Smarter Than You Think

    Pathetic Fraudster

    The guy, who calls himself “Chris A. Howlett” is in reality nothing more than a pathetic human being (or perhaps multiple ones). They tried to scam me by making an offer for a laptop i was selling, and then by giving me a non-existent address where to ship it. Sadly for them, I was smart enough not to fall in their trap, and immediately recognized their poorly executed scamming technique.


    After a purchase is made and the payment has been placed in the seller’s PayPal account, the scammer asks the seller to ship their purchased item to an invalid delivery address.

    After several failed delivery attempts, the shipping company flags the item as undeliverable in their system. The scammer then contacts the shipping company and gives them a new, valid shipping address.

    When the scammer gets their shipment, they file a complaint with PayPal claiming that the item was never delivered. The seller has no proof of delivery, because their transaction detail shows only the original, invalid address. PayPal’s Seller Protection doesn’t cover shipments made to addresses that aren’t on file, so the seller loses both the item they shipped and the payment funds.

  3. Arjan

    Chris A. Howlett Money scam

    hallo. I’m another victim from Germany.Chris A. Howlett fooled me by selling me a camera with some 800 euros worth of lenses. gave me an address at TS.ALBANS. He said I needed to send the camera and the paperback to that email to check it and I did it. I sent the package and the money was never received. package arrives at destination on 11.12 goes on and sends me midway to pay 100 euro card amazon and he send me camera back. funny…… . I admit it: I was naive. i have no hopes now ….. Thanks. Arjan
    Excuse me for bad English

  4. Pedro Silva

    CHRIS A. HOWLETT, SCAM! +44 7520 623211

    People like this must be really sad people. And very unhappy in life.
    It’s all fake. He tries to seduce you, Being nice and even talking about payments that he never did. He told me: I’m right now in my way to the bank to pay you the iPhone Xs. He never did. And of course he never got it. DONT TRSUT THIS GUY!
    Sad human being.

    1. Evgeniy

      Hello guys I’m really sorry about the money lost you all experienced.
      The only good news is that this post saved me from that scum.

      I tried to sell my Sony camera for 700 Euro on witch is a popular Bulgarian website. I have been contacted by:
      via Viber. He used google translate to write in Bulgarian.
      We “made” the deal and he sent me a fake Receipt from LLOYDS BANK
      from the email:
      [email protected]

      The account’s name was “Chris A.Howlett”.
      Payment Details
      [email protected]
      Money Transfer From:
      Bank Name: Lloyds Bank PLC
      Account Name :
      Account Number: 90301908
      Sort Code : 0006097
      Bank Branch : Churchill Place,London
      Country : United Kingdom

      Here was the delivery address:
      Delivery Information
      Name : Chris A Howlett
      Address: 2 Ditchling Court Bricket Road
      City: ST ALBANS
      Zip-Code: AL1 3LQ
      Country: England

      I checked in google for the name of “Chris A Howlett” and that’s how I found your posts.
      I hope that police could do something about this scam and help you get your money back.
      Thanks for sharing! You helped a lot!

  5. Florin

    Hello i just got scammed too with this acclaimed Howlett

    I sended a ps4 with 450eur

  6. Nicky

    Bad scammer

    So mr. Chris contacted me as he wanted to “buy” from oxl bg. Ofc he gave the same details as mentioned by all below. But the scammer did some serious mistakes. 1. He asked for the final price and once I told him I can cut some money off he said “it’s okay I’ll buy it on the initial price” – Really? 😂 2. He contacted me non stop like first message at 8am and his English were quite weird 😂 3. I saw the Nigerian phone number which confirmed the scam. So I asked him why his phone shows as Nigerian and he -the smart scammer said- it’s a roaming phone number. Makes sense? -nope! And then I trolled him good till he stopped answering 😆

  7. bally

    Idiot of a person


    I was just about to post a brand new apple ipod 7th Generation to this Chris A Howlett.. glad I decided not to post the item after doing some research on him.

    Cheers Guys!

  8. Niels

    I saw the aticle which is show that chris a howlett scams.
    i just have to reconized that he is a scammer,.

  9. Anon

    Chris has a new accomplice Shaun Evetts in Leeds

    Germany – both of them contacted me the same time on

    Shaun, got my bank info, then said would send, then said 1 minute later bank was closed would do it next day, then I looked at whatsapp number was in Nigeria +234 number..

    Shaun asked if I had anything else to sell, but the whatsapp from Chris asked the same exact question.

    Maybe Shaun is Chris and Chris is the girl in the photo on his whatsapp profile.

    Anyway.. I told Shaun after asking questions and Chris was also trying to get this laptop, much texting.. I felt more uncomfortable, asked Shaun why he had an African number, he said he did business there. Then asked him another question about the other guy asking me the same questions, and I stated it, do you have anything else to sell me? he said he did not understand, so I called him, he spoke with a strong African accent, and barely understood English.. then I knew

    I told him that I could not do the sale outside of Germany. Asked him to please not send anything because I gave him my old bank account accidently.

    I contacted UK Internet Fraud already filed report.

    I also contacted my bank with all the info. To secure my account.

    Anything I am missing to do?

  10. Mehmet

    Bitch scammer

    +44 7451 237399 Here are the new nummer of him becareful guys

  11. Vasil Tomov

    Pathetic scamer

    Hello everyone,

    I was just contacted in viber by this guy Chris or whatever his name is. The conversation ended very quickly actually.
    Here is what happened:
    I am selling my smartphone so he was asking if it is still available. I said yes, so he immediately offer to pay the price of the phone + 50 euros to ship it an address in England.
    I said 100% payment in advance and I am sending it.
    The response was “no problem, I will make a bank transfer than you sent the phone”
    I asked for delivery address. He gave me the address that is here in this thread.
    I said Ok. England or Nigeria?
    He said England. I said But you are from Nigeria right?
    He said Hell no.
    And from there our conversation ended. I am still trying to reach him and close the deal but apparently he is not receiving my messages. Hahaha 🙂

    So count one more person contacted from this person.
    As a suggestion, check the phone numbers and try to confront the other party and see what will be their response.

  12. Tony

    He is still out there

    Hi there! He is still trying same scheme – asks for the final price and then gives another higher price. Thanks to you I’m not sending him anything. Last phone number he is using is +44 7451242936

  13. Krzysztof Dej

    He tryin buy laptop from me from poland

    He try to buy laptop from me from Poland. He contact me from what’s up and when he send me his name and address I Google it and find this page. Tnx people and this page I can sleep well

  14. Pat

    Thank You for the information!

    he tried to buy a very expensive lens. but now i know he will never send the money. and i will never send the lens to this guy.

  15. Pat

    His new Telephone Number

    and by the way… he texted me via Whatsapp – here is his new (20.04.2020) telephone-number: +1-304-8339563
    feel free to contact the scammer… 😉

  16. CC

    I did not got scammed by him but I have his picture

    Hey guys,

    It is very sad to read all this happenings and how some of you got scammed for me the story was short but intense, as i realized from the very beginning it’s something wrong with a person from UK who insists to send me money for a product that might receive or not. He tried his best to convince me, but the harder he was trying the more sure i was about the fact that this is a unhappy scam. Anyhow, before finding this webpage (that I’ve found based on the info’s that he sent – address and bank info’ – without even agreeing on the transaction:)) I asked him to send me a social media account – he had none..mhm.. then i asked for a picture, he send me some picture with a bold white guy – definitely not him – as he has Indian accent. And so on..untill I convinced him to video call me – I took a screenshot but I wasn’t happy with it so I told him that if doesn’t send me a real picture of him i will go to the police – basically impossible to do as I am on different part of the world. Somehow he got scarred and sent me a picture that suited what i saw on the video call – moment when i knew it’s him. He asked me not to do him harm and to help him with money for his family – as he will stop right away all this scamming “business”. Sure. Not :))

    Anyhow, he is a young African with more than 1 phone number and very poor scamming skills – from my perspective. If you think that The information that i have could somehow help, please just reach out and i will gladly help.

    P.S. the picture posted on this page is not him, probably is a man that has no idea how his picture was stolen and used.

    Take care, stay safe not believe everything that sounds to good to be true – because it probably is. 🙂

    Have a lovely day,


  17. Ilyas Esmail

    Obvious Scam lol

    Obviously a scam lol

  18. John

    scammer, be aware and not send anything

    scammer, please do not send anything, be aware, he’s asking you to send your product based on a fake bank transfer which will be unlock after you send it, total bullshit :))

Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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