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Cancelled My Auto Insurance Due To Miscommunication

I was a client for 3 years and Ameriprise Financial Services cancelled my auto insurance due to miscommunication on their part.

I changed my bank account and let them know asap. But they claim there wasn’t any record of it.M

Although they have record of my constant contact with them regarding my personal injury claim.

They are all about money. I’ve paid them on time every 6 months for 3 years and they have no loyalty.

They cut me off even though I was calling to give them money.

I have a perfect driving record and they weren’t willing to work with me.

Good Bye Ameriprise! No different than Geico!

Is Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services a scam?
Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services legit?
First Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services’s consumers?
There is/are 27 review(s) posted about Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services located?
Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services is located at 353 Sacramento St #2300, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA. You can contact Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services by dialing (415) 743-9889 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $2388 was the total loss incurred by Chiu Wu - Ameriprise Financial Services’s customers.

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27 reviews on Chiu Wu – Ameriprise Financial Services

  1. Jesse Mitchell

    Ameriprise through Costco is horrible.

    Ameriprise through Costco is horrible. Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I left many messages on claim manager’s voicemail and did not receive one courtesy call back.

    I dropped them and switched to Amica. Best decision EVER!!! Stay away from Costo and Ameriprise, unless of course you want to be ignored in an emergency.

  2. Brian Hedley

    All I wanted to is transfer my whole account from Ameriprise to my TSP account.

    So this is my issue with Ameriprise. All I wanted to do is transfer my whole account from Ameriprise to my TSP account. Easy transaction right, ah no.
    So I completed the form from the TSP fwd it on to them, I called them asking questions about their online form.

    Talked to the customer service at Ameriprise. I mentioned to them the same information above. All I wanted to is transfer my whole account from Ameriprise to my TSP account.

  3. Lady Dean


    Also I mentioned in my email to Ameriprise and on the phone, that I want to transfer my whole account into the TSP. Ameriprise emailed me the forms.

    When mentioned to Ameriprise about their forms, their reply was “oh no you use the forms from the TSP.” Like WTF over?

    Then she mentioned so you want to cash out your account and send the money to my wellsfargo account. I never once mentioned my wellsfargo account. This not brain surgery, even they make it out like that on their online reviews.

    Car insurance coverage is underwritten by Ameriprise, a reputable and longstanding insurance and financial services company. The vehicle insurance rates, discounts and coverages offered by Ameriprise are strong, though not industry-leading, and the company has below-average customer service.

  4. Paula Bradley

    If Ameriprise comes calling, run as fast as you can.

    The people at Ameriprise are complete hacks. Not only did they screw up a simple transfer of assets, but now they claim it is not their fault and we will have to probate a will that directed all assets to a trust. In addition, the people in their “back room” are sniveling minions who have no idea how to treat a client.

    I think their Compliance Team came right out of Fargo. We have paid thousands in fees to Ameriprise, and now will have to expend more money in lawyers fees to get our funds out of Ameriprise’s grasp. If Ameriprise comes calling, run as fast as you can.

  5. Marc Collard

    Bad Service

    I have wasted dozens of hours trying to get quotes from Ameriprise and trying to get Ameriprise to honor the quotes I have been given. Typical problem: they give you a quote, ask you to fill out a form and email it back and then reject the form because you did not include the instructions on how to fill it out with the form!

    They give you a quote for auto insurance, instruct you to cancel your old policy with another company and when you phone back a half an hour later they withdraw the quote and refuse to give you a new one.

    To buy umbrella insurance, they will give you a quote, instruct to make changes to all your other insurance policies (with them and other companies) and again, when you phone back they withdraw the quote and refuse to give you a new quote. Their agents are polite and very good at apologizing – I imagine they are very experienced at apologies.

  6. Carol Forbes

    Not honest and not transparent.

    Not honest and not transparent. Years ago I used Ameriprise. My adviser was ALWAYS late to our meetings – I finally told them to close my accounts. Well, I didn’t realize they kept one of them open. A few weeks ago I received a letter informing me I had a new adviser.

    I called them to tell them to quit bugging me and was told I had an account still open – it was a “dead” account, but had $635.00 in it. I told them to send me that money, but when I got it there was $25.00 missing.

    I found out that all these years they have been charging me a $25.00 “maintenance fee” – even though it was a “dead” account. That account initially had over $1000.00 in it – so they stole over $400.00 from that account.

  7. Claudia Jordan

    Never Again

    this is the worse insurance company ever, they give you a good price but they ask your so many documents that don’t even exist as a tittle from the bank in Florida what is electronic , they asked me to do a mechanic inspection for a brand new car with 0 miles .

  8. James Harrison


    Ameriprise financial advisor in Las Vegas pushed a ponzi scheme non-traded REIT on me. He didn’t disclose the illiquidity. He had a FINRA complaint judgement and didn’t pay. THEY WILL CHEAT YOU!

  9. JoAnn Gomez

    Most likely the values are not what is stated on your statement either.

    My Broker from Ameriprise, Mr. Douglas Murphy, from Idaho Falls, Idaho is a very evasive smooth talker. He doesn’t tell you, the client, what you really need to know. If you ask for the total cost of each financial product he sells you, you won’t get the full story.

    He is very knowledgeable as to how to line his own pockets and tie up the money for years to come with stiff penalties if you remove early. I happen to know other clients he had and everyone of them were sold variable annuities and Unlisted Non-Traded REITs.

    He always sells annuities with riders attached to get a higher percentage annual payout and remember they mature in 10 years so at that time he rolls them over into a new annuity and you start all over with new high percentage surrender charges.

    That way you, the client, think you are locked in forever. It’s the same with the Unlisted Non-Traded REITs, there is a stiff penalty if you take out the money before a full 4-5 years. Most likely the values are not what is stated on your statement either.

  10. Franca Evans


    Customer service? Spent 2 hours trying to get my “team”….transferred to Philippines, hung up on, and disrespected. I’ve been with them for many years, decades actually, and am ver disappointed.

    Still have not resolved issues, as “manager out of town for 11 days”
    Argumentative when I told them did not receive voicemail that “the manager left you a month ago.”

  11. Lyn Edwards

    couldn't pull my money out of this clown center quick enough!

    Group of incompetent associates who are hired straight out of college taught to recite a script and have no sense. 2.5 months just to do a simple rmd transfer, couldn’t pull my money out of this clown center quick enough!

  12. Stuart Collins

    Do NOT do business with these guys.

    Do NOT do business with these guys. Whole lotta’ shifty moving of your cash around. And you won’t know about it. They send letters out, stating they rule your life without your approval. They sent us a letter claiming they’d transferred all of our bank accounts to them. The hell?

    I called them. 48 minutes later, seven transfers, lots of Musak, I finally got hold of someone who apparently knew what he was doing. A manager. “Brian,” we’ll call him. Because that’s his name.

  13. Karen D

    DO NOT INVEST with them.

    We have been clients of Ameriprise Financial for 20 plus years in their Achiever Circle Elite Portfolio…DO NOT INVEST with them.

    They are NOT Fiduciaries (which means they are NOT responsible for your best financial interests! only what can make them money) Please read “Ameriprise pays $27 million in 401(k) fiduciary breach suit. March 26, 2015 by Darla Mercado.

    They charged us a $1,000.00 termination fee to transfer our account to another financial institution, and the customer service rep, Steve Hebert, was rude and combative!

  14. Faye Stewart

    I am very disappointed in Ameriprise and will not recommend the company for any financial service.

    I signed up with Ameriprise for a financial review of my income expenses as I approach retirement. They charged me $500 for a one year contract. An agent was assigned to me and after a couple of meetings, where he did a very shoddy analysis, he proceeded to sell me into annuities they offered followed by long-term care insurance.

    Despite my objections to both of those services because I was self-funded for both, he pushed so aggressively and decided not to perform the major services that I signed up for. I complained about my experience but there was no response from Ameriprise.

    I asked for a copy of the spreadsheet he created for my financial analysis. He me a static spreasheet with no formulas, so they cannot be modified. I am very disappointed in Ameriprise and will not recommend the company for any financial service.

  15. Kevin Peterson

    He was developing a financial plan that would make him money.

    Troy Evans of Ameriprise did a great job pretending to be my “financial planner,” when he wanted me to buy his investments, but when they went bad and my financial life was in ruins, he did absolutely nothing to help me.

    I was a single mom with two kids, a mortgage and college education a few years away when I came to TroyEvans of Ameriprise for help. I had one lucrative stock from a work situation that, as Troy said, was enough to live on for the rest of my life if it was managed correctly. Unfortunately, Troy didn’t do this.

    Instead, Troy took my money, put it in completely risky investments (google Inland American REIT, which I still can’t get out of eight years later) and then didn’t do another thing for me except sell his bad investments.

    He lied to me about Inland American, saying I shouldn’t worry about the paperwork that said it could be a very long-term investment. When I called him worried about my investments just prior to the crash, he told me it was novice investor jitters and that I should just hold tight.

    When I called and asked if I should have the kids’ college money in a 529 plan or some other safer investment tool, he said no, that he thought it would do much better with him.

    What I didn’t know was that Troy wasn’t really developing the best financial plan for me. He was developing a financial plan that would make him money.

  16. Rachele Robinson

    Stay away from this rip-off company.

    Stay away from this rip-off company. They will do anything to make money off of their customers. Their so-called advisors strongly advise the unwary customer to buy funds that have front-end 5% loads. That means that you lose a lot of money that could be invested instead.

    Load funds don’t make anymore money for the investor than a no-load fund. So it is way better to do some homework and make your own choices than put your money in the hands of a corrupt company that gives bad advice.

  17. Jeremiah Clark

    I'm not giving them any of my money.

    So, nobody talks about how Ameriprise performs actually giving your money to you when you want it. Our experience is they will do whatever they can to keep your money for as long as they can. My grandmother had a trust account she intended to pass to her family at her death.

    She died over a year ago and there were no problems or disputes with her estate, but Ameriprise has not distributed the account in a timely manner despite our diligent efforts. It feels like they are making up reasons to keep my grandmothers money.

    First they demanded a different form of death certificate than the one we provide, then they inexplicably asked for all 7 beneficiaries to redo notarized forms. They do not respond to email or phone calls. They are profoundly slow to act in all ways. I’m not giving them any of my money.

  18. Kay Clark

    I'm not sure I ever even signed a contract stating these practices.

    I’m not sure at this time I would even give them a 1 star, we were lied to from the beginning. We signed up with Ameriprise in 2009 & was told we would never have any fees, yet they started charging a yearly $40 fee, so we decided to go elsewhere.

    Then as we were trying to transfer the accounts we found out we would have a termination fee of $100 per account & then another $100 fee to stop doing business with this company, are you kidding me – charging me to hold my money & then charging me to stop holding my money.

    This company is one of the biggest rip offs out for financial planning. DON”T GO TO THEM! I’m not sure where or who I can go so I can report their unethical practices but I will do everything I can to give as little of my money to this company as I can! I’m not sure I ever even signed a contract stating these practices.

  19. John Rodriguez

    I am a consultant and work out of a small bedroom office.

    Applied for home and auto insurance from a Costco Ad. The salesman was extremely arrogant and rude. Then refused to insure me because I work from home. I am a consultant and work out of a small bedroom office.

  20. Michael Hussy

    What a scam! Shame on them.

    If I could give a negative review, I would. Think about the bipolar reviews, don’t you think the positive reviews are contrived. Anyways, if you are foolish enough to use the “financial advisors” from this company, do not expect your money to grow.

    And when you want to rollover, they will “loose” your paperwork, destroy documentation….anything to avoid surrendering your money. What a scam! Shame on them.

  21. Jack Lewis

    Keep away from them. Had worst experiences

    Keep away from them. Had worst experiences, happend to sign-up with them for financial advice and the advisor took some good fees and stopped responded to my calls then after a month or so quit the job. I got a checking out too with them and worst of all, the account for some fees went into overdraft.

    Did not even receive a proper statement and within 30 days reported to the credit bureau and now have a negative mark on the credit report. And again after 3 months they took some fees again from the ameriprise checking account and without a statement and notice got the overdraft fees which again got reported to the credit bureau. Two negative marks on the credit report.

  22. David Hussy

    terrible service.

    The best thing Ameriprise ever did for us was give us a refund for their terrible service.

  23. Ronald Walker

    I think the people there are too inexperienced and not too bright.

    Ameriprise is good for taking me out to lunch. I think I went to lunch with them about 6 times now. Ive even met the girl Jennifer that everyone talks about on here…I think Ive gone to lunch with her three times, I went to lunch with another again girl name Lynn? Sin?

    I don’t remember her name, I think she was the first free lunch, short chubby ugly looking girl. Another girl named Jenny Yu and a dude name Charlie. And a weird one name Ihare.

    They all had the exact same discussion, met with me and I can help you financially yadah yadah… That girl Jennifer called me a thousand times though after that I started to give fake numbers…. and I agree with the others, shes very pushy and not all that bright on the market or investing in general.

    The girl Jenny and Ihar – were obviously new and didn’t know what was going on, and the short ugly one was semi knowledgeable but has got to be about 21years old and fresh outta college.

    However I just found out my Stupid cousin Matthew signed up with the Jennifer girl though he didn’t do anything, I think he only signed up cause his other brain was doing the thinking as she seemed like she would do anything for a sale.

    All in all, they are not the company I would hand over my trust and brokerage accounts. I think the people there are too inexperienced and not too bright.

  24. shane Watson

    I did open up a account & the account is doing horrible and now I am looking to move to Fidelity.

    Im a client of jennifer Oschner too…she’s a one huge girl with one small little brain. I only hired her to see what she had to offer as the initial idea of the planning wasnt bad. However thoughout the process it seemed that most of the stuff were cookie cutter products and she really had no clue what she was doing.

    She constantly tried to sell me insurance, which I said no several times to. and her speech , it was like she had some lines that were feeded to her. She even tried flirting her way into selling the products which I was turned off by…this is not the way to sell anything professionally.

    I did open up a account & the account is doing horrible and now I am looking to move to Fidelity. I did try to talk to her about the acount, but she obviously has no clue about investments and seem to pick my portfolio out of thin air. Do not go to Ameriprise its not worth the money, or time

  25. David Hussy

    The first few years with Amerirpise was good, this last year, not so good.

    I cant remember. When I first signed up I was working with Christopher who was great, he got me a plan, had these great investment ideas and got me started to saving for a home. And when he left the company thats when things started to fall apart.

    He had told me ahead that he was planning to leave and said that I would be well taken care of, he even introduced me to the Advisor who I would be requesting to work with. BUT thats where it fell short, requesting the advisor that Chris recommended was a real pain, alot of red tape to finally work with her. And I will say at first the advisor Jennifer, seemed really intuned with the relationship I had with Chris.

    But with how the market has tumbled now, the advisor literally fell apart. She didn’t know how to answer the questions I had about the market. She kept telling me that my portfolio was fine that things would turn around, but I ended up losing almost 50% of my monies! Granted I know the market hasn’t done well, the S&P has been down close to 35%, BUT 50? And when I asked her opinion on particular investments it seemed like she had no clue about the what I was talking about.

    She hasn’t returned any of my calls now. I’m thinking of submitting a complaint against her, because someone like her shouldn’t be in this field. I haven’t decided fully to leave the company, maybe switch to another advisor? I will say I do miss my old advisor, he obviously just had a poor judgment on his associate, that recommended I work with. The first few years with Amerirpise was good, this last year, not so good.

  26. Brian Johnson

    Bad Service

    Just remember that with most financial planning offices, it isn’t necessarily the company (in this case Ameriprise) as it is that particular office. It is better to do the research on a well run office than it is to find a particular planner.

    You’ll find the same problem at Edward Jones, Merrill Lynch, as well as your small “home town” offices. This is true with any business and is not indicative to Ameriprise.

  27. Matt White

    I got great results more than I expected, plus, the fees were very reasonable.

    Mark Porter is very professional, reliable and very helpful with my financial and investment decisions. He is knowledgeable and gives non-biased advice. He looked at my financial situation in a way that cleared my mind, set priorities and be focused to my financial goals.

    I got great results more than I expected, plus, the fees were very reasonable. I would definitely recommend him to everyone who needs help with managing their finances and goals.

Reported Loss :2388 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
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