CGTV is not a legit company for giving talents the platform

My daughter got this email about a talent acquisition audition from CGTV . The ad was for children between 5-17 years of age. The title said that the children will get the opportunity to meet stars from famous Disney and Nickelodeon stars.

This company, CGTV buys email addresses from local companies and send emails as if the requirement has come up through these agencies. In reality, they do not have to do anything with these companies. They pay stars to show up at the auditions. So, when you go for the audition, you do meet stars, but they do not take part in the audition. In their email, they never mention that they are the ones conducting those auditions.

When we received the email, we believed that it was from a local agency. However, we did not know that these people were trying to fool us. When I arrived with my daughter to the designated center for audition, we were given some lines to rehearse and perform.

That was a small paragraph and wasn’t a proper dialogue. My daughter did well but there was nothing in particular that I could find which would have interested them. Still, they said that she was an extraordinary child and they would look forward to working with her. But,
she needed some guidance before being selected for the films.

We all were given pamphlets. It was for a coaching program for acting which costed somewhere between $1000 to $6000. It was a bit flimsy approach and I became doubtful. I learned that the entire program was run by Virgil Winebarger. But they never took his complete name during the entire introduction part and after that as well.

So, I googled about him to research more and found out that he was a felony and was charged for prostitution before. You can google about him and would find links to the Florida court which charged him for all those offenses. He called me to confirm if I was letting my daughter to sign up for the program and I told him everything that I had researched. He started sending abusive messages and said that he had great contacts.

I said that I would never send my daughter close to someone like him. He was arrogant and the language that he used was pathetic. He did not know how to write correctly. There were so many mistakes and I was not able to believe that he was having such a gut to threaten me that way.

I started ignoring his messages and he stopped as well. But, I would like to warn all the parents out there who want to send their child to this program. There is no way you will ever find this person supportive and he would never lead your child’s future to the expected start. He is a con artist and a criminal. He is able to do anything. You will be giving your child’s life in the hands of a criminal if you send them to this man.

Is CGTV a scam?
CGTV is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is CGTV legit?
First CGTV is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by CGTV’s consumers?
There is/are 4 review(s) posted about CGTV and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is CGTV located?
CGTV is located at Estate Enighed, Fawn Creek, KS 67301, USA. You can contact CGTV by dialing 1 9096855385 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by CGTV’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $5000 was the total loss incurred by CGTV’s customers.

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4 reviews on CGTV

  1. James

    CGTV is LEGIT and this person NEVER participated in the program!

    I have to defend this good companies name! My son participated in Hollywood and a few local Calgary Prorgams and it was the best experience for not only my son but for me and my husband as well. Adrian is one of the most passionate, caring and legit celebrities you’ll meet in this business. This negative person obviously never participated in CGTV but I have and I have never seen or met this Virgil guy. He was not at the program or when i signed up so maybe he doesn’t work for the company anymore. I will also say you are wrong about him owning the company because everyone knows it is created and owned by The Suite Life celebrity Adrian who played Esteban and a ton of other famous shows. I am sorry everyone but this is an incredible program for all actors in the industry. I am here to say that you should be so lucky to be chosen for this prestigious opportunity. Ok now that I’ve said my peace, I’m done. I just wanted everyone to know all these celebrities involved are caring and passionate people who actually do attend and help our young actors.

    1. Wendy

      CG tv is an amazing program!

      I totally agree with you. Exceptional opportunity! Thank you Adrien and staff for your time and commitment in this amazing program.

  2. Jessica Fuentes

    My personal experience with CGTV

    I am honestly amazed by this review. I dont know where your experience took place but mine was so completely different. I took my daughter to the CGTV program in McAllen, Tx and it was a wonderful and welcoming experience. It is run by Adrian not by Virgil. Adrian was there from beginning to end. My daughter was welcomed with open arms and we were told from the very beginning that this program wasnt a promose for a ticket to fame it was an opprotunity to work with and learn from seasoned and established Disney and Nickelodeon actors. She was taught technique and dialogue by Adrian himself and the other Disney stars such as Matt and Tyler from Suite life on Deck as well as Bella and Zendaya from Shake it up they worked with the kids the entire time and even had a group party with them after they finished their workshops. Their program also included resumes and headshots which were taken onsite by a professional photographer. Yes the program costs some money but what in life doesnt ? I saw this as a chance to invest in my daughters hopes and dreams and it was money well spent. I did my reserch and found that acting classes and participation groups cost almost triple what I spent and they dont provide the same opprotunites that CGTV did. Not to mention the cost of headshots. This really is an all in one package and the envoirment was so light and fun. The entire time the whole staff was nothing but helpful and inviting they made everyone feel so welcomed as a parent I couldn’t have imagined a better environment for my child. She learned so much about herself and what she was capable of accomplishing I saw a once shy and quiet little girl open herself up to new people and new opportunities. She completed the workshop and auditioned for talent agencies that were brought to the showcase and she was wanted by 4 we signed on with one and I am happy to report that she just completed filming an independant film this past summer. I am so greatful to Adrian and his team for everything they have done for us they brought out everything I knew my child was capable of and I have never seen her so happy. She made tight bonds with the other kids during the program and they still talk today. Adrian and the CGTV group not only create and develop talent they also create a family. The CGTV family is one I am proud to be apart of because even after the program is complete they are still there to lend a helping hand guidance and words of encouragement when it is needed. When I read this review it hurt me to see that the people that were described in the review are nothing like the ones I got to know. The warm, caring people who my daughter grew to love and respect so much are not these people. I stand behind Adrian and the CGTV program because my daughter is a successful product of this company and I can vouch for the authenticity of the CGTV program and will always be proud to be associated with them and wish them many more years of continued success.

  3. Scott Johnson

    CGTV is everything and more that they say they are

    CGTV is legit and he delivers on his promises! My daughter attended the CGTV VIP program this winter. Being a parent that does not know anything about the acting industry, at first I was questioning things as well. However, after attending, it is worth every penny and more. I can say my daughter learned more in one week, then years of local acting productions. Yes, the acting industry is difficult, and Adrian says that. However, he does do what he promises. The showcase at the end was of the highest quality and the agents and managers that attended were well respected agents in the field. I believe the only reason, people give it a bad review, is anything worth while is going to cost. However, what other acting training, can you attend, actually improve your skills within one week, and then prepare you and have you perform right in front of those agents that you could represent your child? There are no others. From Adrian, Matt, Tyler, and the rest of the staff, they are all top notch professionals, that will make your child a better actor. Thank you CGTV for all you did for my daughter, not only has she made friends for life, but also has callbacks with 3 different agents.

  4. Thomas

    They are not a scam People

    So to the lady above this program is 100% legit Ive already auditioned with them alright just because they tell your daughter she did an amazing job does not mean she did. Just because you think so doesn’t count your the parent obviously your gonna think that for crying out loud you thought just because they said we look forward to working with her thought she got the job no they mean in the future depending if she gets better every year she auditions but clearly you’ll never know now considering your thinking it’s a scam so that’s mean she’ll never audition again. As for the lines and crap the little ones get a small script for a reason because they don’t remember lots of writing or they just wanna play around and not take it serious which is understandable because they are kids when I auditioned I got a decent amount of writing for a script and as for the owner of this company that’s not the name of him at all it Adrian R Mante or better known as Estabon Julio Ricardo Montoya Dela Rosa Ramirez from Suite life of Zack and Cody. I’m not trying to be mean or sound like an a hole but these people are not scams your just pissed off because your daughter didnt get selected I know people who got selected from Toronto and they posted proof from the acting school where they made their deal. Get your facts straight next time.

    People CGTV Is 100% legit if it helps people Ill even give you the refrances that i know who got selected and their feedback. Just add me on Instagram @RealYorkie

Reported Loss :5000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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