Bad quality of bud received from

Bmwo is a scam website( selling weed online in Canada. If you check for buy my weed online reviews, you will see lots of positive reviews on other websites and that’s indulge me to order weed online.

I ordered half oz of Blue Dream after reading a lot good reviews (FAKE) about their quality of weed. This was my first order with and I did not know how this company works. They are also famous as bmwo and buy my weed online.

I have been ordering online weed from a very long time and this was the worst experience I have ever had. After using their product, I am out of words. BMWO product, customer support and delivery of products, just sucks. Sorry for using that word, but they deserve it.

There are so many companies offering great marijuana and their delivery and support teams are awesome. When I placed my first order with bmwo, I transferred the entire amount in full thru Interact and was assured that the product would reach in a week.

I received a tracking number. I did not check with that number until it was 10 days after my order placement. When I checked, the number did not work. They did not have any direct number to call, so, I started chat on their website with the support team and they informed that the order had some trouble sending and they would be dispatching it the same day.

I made the payment for the express delivery as the my weed was already late. I was supposed to get the product the next day. But, it did not arrive. I again chatted with someone through the chat window on their website, and he said that it would be reaching in a couple of days. So, I asked for a refund for the express delivery. They did not bother to answer that question straight and said that I would be soon receiving the order.

After 2 days, I received my product. Expecting the product to be awesome, as claimed in many of the buymyweedonline reviews, I ignored the request for refund which I paid for express delivery as the product was late. However, it turned out to be the worst weed I have used so far.

Different to their claim of 5a quality, the weed was the driest pot I have ever used. It seemed that it was already opened and left to sit in someone’s kitchen for months. It was barely able to make smoke. It was useless, and I had to throw that in the garbage for good. This is not what I expected.

After so much hassle for receiving their product, I was dumped with what seemed to be someone’s returned bottle. If not, then their quality is not even 1a. Perhaps, I would recommend cancelling all your orders, if you have made any. You would regret later for paying them.

This is not acceptable. I was very disappointed with their product as well as their attitude and the way they treat their customers. I would never ever order with them. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. It was waste of time and nothing else. Do not order from buymyweedonline or bmwo, ever, if you want a quality product on time.

Is Buymyweedonline a scam?
Buymyweedonline is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Buymyweedonline legit?
First Buymyweedonline is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Buymyweedonline’s consumers?
There is/are 54 review(s) posted about Buymyweedonline and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Buymyweedonline located?
Buymyweedonline is located at 800 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E7, Canada. You can contact Buymyweedonline by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Buymyweedonline’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $13200 was the total loss incurred by Buymyweedonline’s customers.

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54 reviews on buymyweedonline

  1. Willis Robins

    Damn good stuff!

    “I orderd the nuken and i must say, bmwo does a great job. I’ve tried over a dozen dispensaries and almost always had problems, primarily with the delivery and quality. It was a pleasantly different experience with this dispensary and i loved everything about them from service to delivery to packaging.”

  2. Claire Bethal

    Great weed man

    “Just shopped from them a couple of days ago and i’m happy with their service. Stumbled upon this page and i think they’re definitely worth a 5 star rating. Happy highs!”

  3. MrMr

    Ordered several times never had any issue

    Been looking at reviews of multiple MOM lately while searching for a specific strain and there definitly seems to be a trend were most complaints (no matter which mom) are from customers who placed large orders. Not sure what that means, possible the postal workers are to blame? Also, strangely, most mom have complaints filed against them… maybe its s turf war. Take all reviews (good or bad) with a grain of salt, including this one.

  4. Gerald Cummings

    Anonymous's bullshit review

    The little girl who calls herself Anonymous (too much of a pussy-fart to put her real name), is another one of those kids who didn’t have a daddy in her life, so she acts and talks exactly like what she is…and that being a spoiled little cry-baby bitch. You wouldn’t know good weed if it grew out your virgin pussy.

  5. RED

    Check-Out felt illegal so I bailed.

    What I liked a lot about their site was how they clearly state all the negative side effects, as well as the benefits of each bud strand. I was looking at other sites but didn’t find that form of clear listing, the other sites would just focus on the highlights and benefits.

    Only at the very end, when the check out is complete, do they tell you that they do not accept credit cards, paypal, or any online payments directly when you’re placing your order! They wanted me to send them money through an email bank transfer!??

    They give you a 24 hrs count down timer to go through their email process they send you, and their instructions are SUPER SKETCHY!

    Example (copy paste):

    “When you set us up as a recipient in your online banking and when sending your email money transfer DO NOT make any reference to the words weed or buymyweed or bmwo.”

    a non professional email address : “[email protected]” with secret questions and secret answers… and that don’t mention weed or their website in the email… uhm… this all sounds ILLEGAL! Why would I bother buying something online illegally when I can do it face to face in my city?!! This is so stupid. There wasn’t even the option to cancel, so I guess I’ll have to let them wait for the timer to clock out.

    It’s either they’re an illegal business or they are trying to evade business payment processing fees and taxes, which I find really insulting considering that their products are more expensive than their competitors.

    What kind of scared me, and should have been a clear hint to my dumb self, was that before the final check out they explained that if I had lived up north of Quebec, in the native indian reserves, that there was a risk of my shipment never arriving due to mail theft and that they hold the option of not refunding me and not insuring my shipment, which sucks because everything on their site is a big expense. To even get the 15$ flat rate shipping fee cancelled, you have to order a min of 100$. That really bothered me because all I wanted to do was test their weed for the first time, but with the 15$ shipping fee, it would have costed me 55$ in total for just a 3 1/2 -,-

    This was my first experience of trying to purchase weed online, and it wasn’t a very good one in general, not just because of this site, but the others as well. A lot of the pictures provided don’t look like good and healthy buds, they reminded me of the garbage dark buds I’ve tried when I was younger. A few times when we were stuck with no options, we had settled for that type of weed, and it was always with regret because not only was it gross, but it felt like really chemically, like it was sprayed with windex or worse, and the high was not clean. So whenever I see very dark buds like that, I instinctively stay. I would rather not smoke than try it again. All the websites had a a lot of dirty looking buds like that, but they also had very bright green ones which I trusted more. What surprized me the most was that I have yet to see any “purple haze” which was always a top favorite here. I only saw cheap knock offs of it under different names, where there were no perfectly oval purple little mini buds embedded into the large green buds, just the colors fragmented and spreaded. We’ve tried ones that looked like that back in the day, they were not favored, not horrible, but not favored. There were some very exciting looking bud pictures among all these sites though! The one that really brought back memories were the few that had a lot of “red hairs” on them! I I would have liked to have tried that, but all of the product descriptions really were lacking. It was really hard to trust anything. All these sites are really “flashy sales” oriented, and not serious, which was why I was so attracted to buymyweedonline because it seemed better organized, but now I’m hesitant in believing if anything they say is true at all. The weed + hash I was going to get were the only ones that did not have any paranoya & anxiety & headache as a negative side effect listed.

    Note: I always try to avoid doing any purchases directly from my bank for many reasons, but the top one is because when I use my credit card or paypal (which uses that credit card), I get 1% back on ALL my purchases! So obviously I’m pissed off when an expensive purchase forbids me to receive my “discount”. Not to mention that this website doesn’t even offer any discount for first time users…. there’s no courtesy.

    1. RED

      I think I get it now.

      ok, after reading more everywhere and of these reviews on here (and replies) I’m seeing that all this IS technically illegal because the legal max amount a person can have on them is 3 g in my area (Montreal/Quebec) ,and this website pushes people to purchase more than that within one order. So I’m glad I did not send the money, because I have a criminal record, and receiving that order would had put me at high risk. For fks sake. I feel kind of bad for these online websites now… they’re going to have to be forced to only commit small sales in order to abide by law restrictions if they want to go fully legit. I mean…. technically you make more profits on small sales, but it’s more work and a hassle. Eh, why did I even bother x,x

  6. M

    Utterly disappointing.

    I ordered nearly 2 weeks ago. My friend ordered from his account so that I would not have to go to the trouble of uploading documents etc because I’m a first time buyer. My friend made a typo and put my address as 117 instead of 177. Yes, his mistake.. but my neighbor returned the product to the sender. Now, weeks later, I am still waiting for the company to ship it back to me. They have my money, and I have no product. I ordered CBD oil because I’m in such bad pain with my injuries. This is the third time I’ve contacted customer service since last week, and every time I do, I’m given the run around. They are gonna get back to me in 24 hours. The product will be coming soon. REFUND my money so that I can order from someone else if you don’t want my business. They have no phone number that you can call, but they’re just playing game on customer service chat. Nothing is being done. Hugely disappointed. I would have been a frequent repeat customer until my surgery and likely afterward too. Now, no chance.

  7. Martin

    Aweful service

    Totally disgusted. I was a loyal customer. And one of my package was stuck in Vancouver 17 days. Their answer ? Sorry. Thats it!!! I have never received my package and now they play with me about my last package i will order from this website. Go buy somewhere else

  8. mai

    Too bad now.

    I’ve bought from them for years. At the beginning, they where excellent.
    Now after 3-4 years, they screw-up orders too often.
    Not worth the hassle and wasted time to save a couple of bucks.

  9. JD Never

    Never had lost with Buymyweedonline

    Ordered over 10 times and never had problems or ever not recieved.

    But once the post men put it in wrong Po box.

    I recommend them.

    Can someone recommend me place to order LSD?

  10. Ulrich Schacht

    Found it to be a good place, fast service.

    Never had an issue with delivery, across Canada in 2 or 3 days, the reviews were at time embellished but that happens with every site. Read the reviews with many people and you will get the idea. There are negative reviews also.

  11. Mackenzie

    Is this site even legit?

    5 stars for BMWO.

    I stumbled across this site because I switched to duckduckgo from google and it caught my eye near the top of the results. Kind of funny that this site does not appear until the bottom of the second page of google.

    Weedmaps ranks BMWO 4.8/5 totaling 1158 reviews versus this site which ranks it a 1.5/5 totalling 50 reviews. Hmmm, questionable to say the least.

    I have been using BMWO for over 3 years, sporadically. They have good prices. They have a wide variety Their top quality bud is extremely potent and worth bragging about. Their shipping is reliable, I’ve never had a package go missing, its only been late when canada post is slacking off or striking.

    I also noticed a lot of positive reviews with 1 star ratings. So are all these people forgetting to click the rating or this site is a “scam” and fudging rating results? Maybe both. But I’d say this site is sketchier than Buy My Weed Online’s name.

  12. Nizzle

    Never a problem

    After numerous orders I’ve never had a problem. I have found the customer service to be top notch as well. I always research the weed before purchase. Always has been properly packed and good quality.
    Now they have changed domains.
    This dirtyscam website seems like more of a scam than BMWO imo

  13. Shirley Nyberg

    No THC in my Charlotte's Webb

    You are spot on with this outfit – they are a con job. I ordered 28 grams of Charlotte’s Webb (5 stars) and is was rated the highest for THC. I paid $224.00 and it was a bunch of crap! They gave me a promo of 3.5 grams (2 stars for THC) and if wasn’t very good but even better than the 5-A’s. I have had considerable correspondence with them but they deny that it is not good. They offered me 10% on next batch. I’m so glad I found your site as I was beginning to think it was just me and not the weed and I;m in the process of buying a THC tester. and a weight scale. I also think they gave me way more the the 28 grams probably to compensate for the poor quality.

  14. Marty

    BMWO is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my whole life. It started with an order of high % CBD oil at about $250. It came in a tube with a plunger that you rotate to push the oil out of the tank. After about a week, the plunger, when I rotated it, instead of pushing the oil out of the tank, it kept coming off the thread that attaches the plunger to the tank. Several e-mails later over a 2 week period, with them requiring photos of the original packaging and all that came with it, including photos and a video of what was happening, they finally agreed to replace it. Fine. Got the replacement but after a little while of using it again, the same thing started happening. Many, many e-mails later of getting the runaround, including BMWO contacting Viredesco (who made the CBD) they tell me, Viredesco informed them, the reason this happens is because it is high % CBD and it starts to crystalize after a while. Just heat it up and it should work fine. It didn’t but they still refused to refund me. I even sent an online note to Viredesco on their site about this, but never got a reply. We are speaking over a month now since all this started. So over 2 weeks ago now, I told them I would never order from them again and asked that they delete my account and all info associated with it. Each time I sent an e-mail it was always the same runaround. Either they informed management or tech support that I wanted my account deleted. I mean, how difficult can it be? In any case, the other day I received an e-mail telling me that someone had changed my e-mail to [email protected] and if it wasn’t me I was to inform BMWO. Really?? There way of deleting my account is to change my e-mail on the account? I simple changed the log in e-mail from the one I used to log in to this one and presto, I was in my account again. I asked how difficult can it be to delete an account. I still have received no e-mail from the company telling me my account has been deleted and I suspect all the did was change the e-mail again and simply didn’t inform me this time. I believe all my info is still on their site. I have probably 50 e-mails to them dealing with all this. I’m thinking of getting a lawyer. They should not be able to keep my personal info on their site when I’ve asked them to delete it. Both BMWO and Viredesco should be ashamed to sell an expensive CBD oil in something that will not dispense it with the only solution for the user being “just heat it up”. NO where in the description of the product did it say “may need to heat to use”. This is a short version of all I’ve been through with this company. If you’d like me to forward my 50ish e-mails to you I’d be happy to. Actually, maybe wait until I get a lawyer.

Reported Loss :13200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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