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Coral Lake and Beach Resort runs a scam

If you are not aware, let me tell you this, Coral Lake and Beach Resort was named Coral Beach Venturis before Bric changed the name. We were cheated by Bric who took our money and the title for the land was never made on our name. He operated through the website When we talked to Bric, he informed that the land was a resort and for the same reasons we sent money to this guy.

When we had the same question with Dees Poppeliers, who is the new partner with the new resort name, he completely denied taking any responsibility for the same and said that it had nothing to do with him. However, the fact is that his partner stole our money and without any shame, this man is again involved in selling this land.

There is one more name connected with this scam, Sam Rogers. He was connected to the scam with the resort when it was named as Venturia International. After people started to make accusations against this man and understood the scam, these people changed the name of the resort to keep continuing their bad karma. These guys know it very well that his land is a waste scrubland.

When I asked about Sam, Dees told me that this guy is not working with us anymore. However, when I called their office and asked for Sam, I was told that he was out for a meeting to another country and would be back in the next week.

Sam Rogers has a big name in the world of crime. He was connected with many real estate scams in Spain in the past. There have been many people who have made charges against Sam to the UK Police Department. The investigation is now underway and there would be a lot to pay when Sam comes under the radar.

The charges are huge. I happened to get in touch with another client who informed me that Sam is been investigated by the Local Brazil Tourist Government for similar charges. He was in Brazil too and has made a lot of people unhappy because of his shrewdness and cunningness.

People are crying for title that they never received. This man took money from people and never gave anything in return. I am one of them. I will keep the updates on. These people somehow take these bad comments down. But I am going to make sure it stays on the internet so that people do not have to fall prey under the pretence that they would be owing the land.

Moreover, these guys are well experienced in running scams like these. Introducing new faces, taking advantage of others, changing the name of the land and whatsoever to keep their little secret safe. But I would do everything to bring these scammers to notice.

These people should be put behind bars. If you have been cheated too, come forward and join hands in making this guy pay for his scam.

Is BRIC Group a scam?
BRIC Group is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is BRIC Group legit?
First BRIC Group is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by BRIC Group’s consumers?
There is/are 9 review(s) posted about BRIC Group and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is BRIC Group located?
BRIC Group is located at 924 Main St, Boonville, MO 65233, USA. You can contact BRIC Group by dialing +1 813 315-3885 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by BRIC Group’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $40000 was the total loss incurred by BRIC Group’s customers.

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9 reviews on BRIC Group

  1. LUCY



    1. Auerlio Baldock

      Dirty are also affecting my business - How can be allowed to post fake lies about professional companies??

      I have also been suffering from this fraud company and website.

      If you research more about this website you can find so much out about them…..

      It seems creates lies about individuals and companies themselves and then they blackmail these companies into sending large amounts of money to remove the slander that they created online….

      This is the dark side of the internet.

      People can write whatever they like about companies and post these lies online. Then they charge a huge amount to remove the lies and slander and comments that they have created….

      Only in America would companies like this be allowed to exist under the freedom of speech act.

      Companies like – Have a sole purpose in life to extort and ruin the hard work of everyone. Individuals like myself, retail companies, institutions, and corporates, and so forth.

      It makes me sick to my stomach that websites like this are legally allowed to exist without any proof, facts, confirmations, and so forth…..
      They write a pack of lies, makeup stories, and then demand money to take them down!

      I hope the laws change soon in order to protect companies and businesses.

      We need to work together and do what we can to destory and remove fake websites like =

      Let’s work together and get closed down by the authorities forever!!


  2. Mohammed


    This company create lies, fraud and accusations – Then you contact them and they demand $40,000 USD to remove the comments, if you dont pay them this ridiculous amounts, they keep this fake information up there.

    They done this with my agency and consultancy in IT – exactly the same fake, fraud, scam approach. Write lies then demand money to remove.

    Somebody really needs to do something about these fake companies like – they try to ruin the hard work of good, solid, transparent companies by making up lies and false claims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Suay

    DIRTY is the really fraud

    Let me agree with the last 2 comments. The really scam artists are this website.

    Www . Dirtyscam . Com

    This is the fake. Scam. Fraud company.

    Making up lies and fake stories to rinse their victims.
    The internet is a very sad place we live In. Companies like dirty scam making money from lies and false accusations

  4. al

    Total scam

    Don’t know about how fake this website is, but I am a victim of Bric group, I bought a plot 4 years ago off plan and they have been trying to make me sign a contract “power of attorney” to a guy who can literally have the same rights that I have to my property including selling it and receiving the payment. I showed it to more than 5 lawyers and they all agreed that I should never sign that document. They make me pay around 500 USD per year, I refused to pay one year and the guy tells me this and I quote “If you don’t pay, you will lose your plot”.

    Anyway every time I contact them to sell the plot they make up excuses and I get busy. Last time “20 days ago” I asked them to sell the plot and insist this time, they sent me an offer with 50% of the original price I paid and they tell me that exclude any taxes.

    You tell me, how isn’t that a scam?

  5. Joop van Berkel


    Hi the company is totally legit, must be a crumpy employee or a competitor writing there. You can visit there resort in Brazil, I was there last week, the opened a fabulous beachclub and villas, you can find the resort on or

    Have fun, see for yourself.

  6. Joop van Berkel


    Hi, I visited the resort in Brazil, all is legit, and by the way fantastic, you can book yourself, true expedia or booking dot com.
    Beachclub is also open, so go there yourself.. and have fun…

  7. Terrance Blackmore

    The company, resort, investment, project is totally 100% legit

    I went to look for the photographs of my time at the resort and noticed these comments. My name is Terrance Blackmore, i have just returned from the beach club launch. Had a fantastic time. I stayed in the coral villas and booked using

    You can go on google and type in The Coral Resort Trairi and see my photos on We stayed in the villas with my wife and kids. Had a memorable experience. – Is this company website, the developer and investment company are BRIC GROUP>
    the company has a website for the resort, with a live gallery and photos and videos of the project. I have purchased land plots and apartments here and i am a genuine, sincere investor. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me or call me.

    the resort is legit, the investment is legit, i have my title deeds and ownership for my land plot and i have my title deeds –

    The best thing to do, if you doubt it is real is to fly over and view the project and site and meet with the teams over there with no obligation to buy (like me and the wife did)
    I did, i took my family and we couldnt be happier than we are with BRIC, the coral resort and all the teams and personell we have met and how we have been handled.

    Its really quite sad and pathetic that people have time to comment negative and reputation harming things like the 2 negative comments i noticed on here.

    I can only comment about my experience with BRIC and how i have been handled and the investmets i have made with this company and its all been top class from start to finish

  8. Alaa Bahattab

    My Experience with Bric Group

    I have dealt with Bric group and bought a plot from them years ago, and even though their role has ended when they sold me the plot. They were more than helpful and cooperative to help me resell the plot again and they actually offered me a better price than what I bought it for the first time

  9. Bradley

    Transparent Company with a Live Resort - We visited from Canada

    So, Here is the truth. I’ve invested already and found this article and wanted to write myself….

    I have been to the coral resort with family and our friends from Canada. We flew in from Miami directly to Fortaleza. I flew there on March 25….2020 – We stayed in a suite in the beach community
    You can see my review on – Please go and check my review live on the website. ((Bradley from Canada))

    The trip was one of the best we have ever had. The resort, the coral and what BRIC is investing and designing is spectacular.

    So much to do for all of our group and kids..
    Beach club was ready for food and drinks and villas are ready.
    It’s still being developed but thats what makes it an exciting investment opportunity….. For us it does anyway….

    When i got back, myself and my wife decided to invest in 1 plot of land in Lago Doce community. We also invested in 1 loft apartment. We paid the funds upfront and we already have our title deeds for both our plot of land and our apartment.

    So you be the judge on the authenticity of this resort and the previous comments. We went, we spent time there, we invested, we have our title deeds and warranty deeds already in our hands. We had a lawyer check all the documents and legals elements to this and he gave us the green light that it was safe to deal with BRIC and safe to purchase at the coral and we did!

    We feel overjoyed with our investments. The company is professional, organised and delivers everything promised. From our first call, to site visit, to purchase, to legalities, to ownership and title deeds.
    There hasnt been a single thing to complain about.

    Bradley Walsh
    (Client Of BRIC Group)

Reported Loss :40000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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