Bloomex is a fraud company. Do not order from them

I wanted to send something to my lawyer as a token of appreciation as he helped me to win my case which was pending from a long time. I searched for few options on the internet and then decided to send him through the online portal: I was quite satisfied after doing so. However, the next day, when I called him to confirm if he received the online delivery or not, he refused.

I was waiting for him to call and confirm that he has received the flowers and chocolates that I ordered for him. However, when after a day, I did not hear from him, I decided to call him and confirm. He said that he did not receive anything from anyone.

I got worried and tried to reach these people. Firstly, I called their number, but whenever I tried to select anything other than sales, my call couldn’t connect through. This was suspicious. I tried a few times and then understood that I was never going to get anyone through their phone number.

To give it a try, I selected the sales option and I was connected. So, I asked the guy about the order. He said that he would not be able to assist with the old orders and he would connect me to the concerned department. I was expecting that. So, I waited for him to connect me to someone responsible for catering to the delivery issue requests.

What I realized later was that, I was on the previous menu where it asks for selecting from the different options. So, he got me to where I started at the first place. So, I tried to connect with someone on the chat. They are always online as they say but are of no use.

I told them about the problem and they suddenly became silent. I even asked about the company’s address and the names of the owners, but no one replied. I tried connecting with other on the chat and had the same problem. I did connect with another person, but was left in between of the chat when I asked for the problem’s resolution.

I have that chat recorded through the printscreen. I later searched for the company on the internet and found disturbing comments about them. The company is a scam. I found same stories listed from many customers. They have very bad reviews on the internet and they never deliver the items.

I wish I could have seen these feedbacks earlier. But, now was not the time to crib about it. So, I decided to put my complaint on the internet for other to know what they are getting themselves into. The orders may be of small amount or big ones, when someone pays for it, it means a lot to them.

How it feels to wish someone belated birthdays or anniversaries? If the order is delayed, many heart breaks. And, in this case, the order was never delivered. Think about the agony I went through knowing that I was fooled. Stay away from this company.

Is Bloomex a scam?
Bloomex is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Bloomex legit?
First Bloomex is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Bloomex’s consumers?
There is/are 6 review(s) posted about Bloomex and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Bloomex located?
Bloomex is located at 8322 130, Surrey, BC V4P 3E6, Canada. You can contact Bloomex by dialing +1 8889125666 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Bloomex’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $500 was the total loss incurred by Bloomex’s customers.

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6 reviews on Bloomex

  1. a customer who wants to sue.

    my horrendous experience with bloomex (aka scam)

    On December 23rd 2019, I ordered a package ( to arrive on December 24th 2019.

    Let me make it clear that there was NO WHERE on the site that said orders couldn’t be delivered on Christmas/Eve.
    This wasn’t even shown on the calendar.

    Now I’m here waiting hoping for the intended recipients to send me an e-mail saying that they received the gift.

    I didn’t get anything. Now I’m starting to feel concerned.
    On December 24th around 9pm I spoke to an ‘Anna’.
    She told me that they’re closed on the 25th and 26th which meant that my order that was supposed to be delivered on that day wouldn’t get there until earliest, 27th!

    After that, I talked to their live support and was shocked too see that my order had been pushed up to January 2nd 2020 without my knowledge! They claimed they weren’t told either, but I find that hard to swallow.

    Come January 2nd around 7pm (PST), I’m connected to a ‘Matt’ who apologized for the delay and gave me a tracking code along with a discount code as if Bloomex was going to be my first option next time.
    At this point I’m starting to think these names are made up.
    He also wrote that somebody would get back to me by e-mail the next day, but legend says that e-mail is still on it’s way.
    In that same chat I also asked for a refund and he finally gave me an answer after trying to dodge it: no, I could not get a refund because apparently it’s a “Custom order”.

    Between December 23rd and now, I’ve sent multiple e-mails, started numerous chats, contacted them through Twitter, and even called their number today.

    When you call, it’ll give you the option to start a new order (1) or follow up on a previous order (2).
    When 1 is clicked, you’ll almost immediately be connected to someone with a thick accent. However, when you press 2, an automated voice says something along the lines of “Go to our website. This phone line is only for people who want to get scammed out of their money.”

    I started collecting receipts, screenshots and anything I could from the minute I ordered and got the confirmation e-mail which I’m now realizing was the best thing too do.

    I hope this company is sued or at least goes completely out of business

    To sum it all up, Bloomex is a SCAM that I wish I could’ve seen before I bought something worth of $100CAD on their website.

  2. Beverly

    Cheap, wilted flowers at premium prices

    Never purchase anything from this site—Bloomex is. SCAM! I purchase three bouquets for mother’s day and one for a newborn baby and they were all very cheap and wilted flowers that looked nothing like they’re reference photos. I feel extremely disappointed and deceived, I especially feel embarrassed for having sent these bouquets as gifts when I wanted to bring joy to the ones receiving them. Instead, I feel as if I could’ve gotten better flowers at a gas station for a fraction of the price or much nicer flowers directly from a florist that delivers.

  3. Michele

    Never buy from them

    I purchased flowers for my friends birthday, when they didnt arrive on scheduled day i attempted to contact them. I had to leave a message and of course i didnt receive a return call. I also only got through after pretending i wanted to put an order in. I eventually got to speak to somebody i was told they would send flowers in the next day or 2. I advised this was unacceptable and that i demanaded a refund. Of course i am still waiting for a refund and have lost my money.
    Never buy off this company

  4. Ken

    Don't Waste Your Time If You Want It On Time, Or At All, Or Of Any Decent Quality

    Ordered an arrangement from when I found out my mother had an emergency surgery and was unable to have a single visitor due to covid. Called the hospital to get the delivery details and restrictions, ordered online and was given two delivery options; same day for a premium price, or next day standard. I chose same day because of the urgency. After paying, they downgraded my order to next day with no refund. I contacted by email to request the refund and accepted that it would take another day. It never showed up. I finally was able to Facetime with my mom for the first time the next morning and was disturbed by how frail she was. This is how I learned that the flowers never showed up. I tried again, to no avail, to get ANY kind of customer service from them. They only answer the phone if you say you’re wanting to place an order. The chat ‘support’ is just a basic automated bot, not a human as it tries to deceive you, but a bot unable to answer any basic question other than trying to take an order. Called a legitimate local florist after that who understood the covid restriction of the specific hospital and delivered the next day (ordered on a Sunday or they could have done same day). Tried again to get a human to answer the phone. If you select option 2 as a customer with an existing order, they hang up on you. If you press option 1 to place an order, all of a sudden there’s someone available. I explained my situation and frustration. The order status on the website just said “In Packaging” with no note or alert or any additional information. Upon doing a quick review search I was reminded that this was the flower company featured on Marketplace on CBC as being a consisted scam. The comparison pictures of what they are selling you online and what actually shows up is just pathetic. Look for yourselves. I finally got an answer by finding a local Vancouver number where they explained that the earliest delivery they could manage was FOUR DAYS AFTER ORDERING, NOT SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY AS THEY SOLD ME ONLINE. At the very least, I got a refund. Worst flower ordering experience ever under the worst circumstances and most importance and urgency. Do yourself a favour and avoid this company like the plague.

  5. Ann Kathleen Conway

    Very good gift sent to my Daughter for Easter 2021

    I will be ordering from Bloomex again my Daughter sent picture of her wine and Chocolates really done nice with a big Blue Ribbon

  6. Gerry Wallace

    Really . don't use this incompetent cheating company.

    Shockingly bad service and incompetent communicators. Only use this company if you want to take a trip down Alice’s White Rabbit hole. They failed to acknowledge my order but still debited my credit card. They asked me to produce an order number saying they could not find my order of £78.36. Even though they had not confirmed my order had been completed.
    They then notified me that they had cancelled my order. When I pressed them for a refund they then partly refunded my order by £7.48 but without any explanation. On pressing them again they said that the refund was because they did not deliver the complete order due to the lack of a vase. I asked them for confirmation that any my order was delivered, and for an order number, or to send me a refund. They asked me for a copy of my C.C. statement. I sent them copy of this. The responded by saying simply “my order status on order No. 3116837 had been changed to “cancelled.”
    There really isn’t enough space on this site for the full story, but suffice to say their answers to my simple questions, became so surreal and unrelated to the reality of the situation, it would be actually hilarious should they not have still had my money and not delivered anything. In the end I had to get my credit card company to chase them up and get me a refund.
    They should change there companies name to “Looney Tunes”
    Seriously, this company are the most incompetent, unprofessional and uncommunicative company I have ever dealt with. Simply just bad.

Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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