Angie Saraco

Fake puppy ads on Kijiji

She places ads on Kijiji in Alberta and BC for puppies ( french bulldogs). She requests a deposit of between $1300-$1600 by email money transfer. Once she receives it she cuts contact with buyer. She uses fake emails and a fake number. There is a warrant for her arrest in Alberta ( only province wide) however she resides in Oshawa,Ontario and deliberately posted ads out of province. Angie Saraco needs to be stopped. 2 + yrs she has got away with this.

Is Angie Saraco a scam?
Angie Saraco is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Angie Saraco legit?
First Angie Saraco is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Angie Saraco’s consumers?
There is/are 22 review(s) posted about Angie Saraco and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Angie Saraco located?
Angie Saraco is located at 40 King St W, Oshawa, ON L1H 1A1, Canada. You can contact Angie Saraco by dialing 9058095753 or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Angie Saraco’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $250000 was the total loss incurred by Angie Saraco’s customers.

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22 reviews on Angie Saraco

  1. Nikki

    Scammer, shoplifter and all around LOSER

    So Angie Saraco now ” Ang Saralanz” is screaming about how Walmart wronged her by accusing her of shoplifting. WELL she has been shoplifting there AND making fake ads for price matching. But Walmart is evil for actually stopping her!! Hope their next step is laying charges against her. Typical of a psychopath to blame their victim. She even took a video of her absolutely disgusting behaviour towards Walmart employees. And she claims she is suing them!?!?! 😂. After she has stolen from them and scammed them with fake ads. Cmon DRPS get with the program and charge this piece of shit. She obtains nothing honestly. AT. ALL. Scams, cheats, lies, steals and yet she is the victim. Living in a massive house that all us working people pay for cause she can’t work. Yet she can yell and scream in Walmart and run around taking ridiculous video that makes her look insane.Glad she has such a huge budget at Christmas – – all those fake puppies she sells and gets real money for. Someone earned that money she blows on her kids and herself. And it sure as shit WASN’T her.

    1. Catherine

      Angie doesn’t just rip off people but she likes to harass a lot of people and makes it look like she is the victim and not the stalker. She just doesn’t fraud people out of their money but also the government claiming she can’t work so she receives ODSP.

  2. Mohammad

    W-A-C-K-O Saraco

    This chick is 100% legit wacko. She is lazy and fat and steals money from people on Kijiji. Then parades around like she owns frigin Oshawa with 5 layers of make up on. And the worst clothing I have ever seen. 4 sizes too small and she is at least a 3x. She scams everyone – landlords, welfare, buys stuff online then says she didn’t get it and gets the money back. She steals money from honest people. She is a bottom feeder. And she does shoplift. My buddy works at Walmart and she is banned there. And they have told other stores too. Her magical life of stealing money and living in a mansion is a joke. Just like she is. She belongs under a bridge..she looks like a troll. Living under a bridge is about what she can really afford. Anyone who is stupid enough to be her friend deserves all the trouble she brings to their life. Gross, fat slob she is.

  3. Anon


    I have no personal problems witn this lady but she’s a well known scammer. I’m pretty sure the most famous scam artist in town.

  4. Anonymous

    This is false and untrue

    This is untrue and it’s people hating on Angie. This is all slander and it needs to be removed immediately

    1. AMY


      Its very true!! This is likely Angie that posted this. She cannot own her behaviour. Deal with it Angie. People are sick of your shit.

  5. Ruby

    All TRUE

    This is all true. This woman is a profesdional tenant. Been evicted numerous times and knows how to game the system. Currently she resides in a huge home that she cannot afford and lied her way into. Her current landlord reported her to the police for fraud. She is facing charges. She also has a warrant in Alberra for fraud for selling fake puppies on Kijiji. She scammed alot of money from her victims. This is all verifiable. On youtube there is a channel that had episodes under the title Big Ang. All her live videos of her fighting with Walmart staff ( she was using fake ads to price match and got caught), fighting with others, and just generally being a big mouth. She is banned from Walmart and a number of other stores. Only reason person above commented this is not true is because its likely Angie worried perspective landlords might see this as she is being evicted. Her current landlord has not seen rent in months. AT $2500/mth thats a hufge loss to this landlord. She doesn’t work and collects ODSP because she is lazy. I have seen individuals with special needs hold down employment. No reason she can’t. She has made her way thru life scamming others repeatedly. Remember her name. I am sure her past landlords will verify all the info.

    1. Ruby

      5 STARS

      Sorry above review should be 5 stars and “professional” is spelled wrong so I am correcting it now.

  6. Karma

    Watch her in action

    All true. Here she in action. Watch the one titled “Big Ang reveals her everyday hacks”. Here Big Ang is describing how she makes fake puppy ads to scam people out of lots of money. The other videos show how unstable she is and the odd reality she lives in. For example, instead of going to pick her daughter up at school after being called that there are behaviour issues and its urgent. Big Ang decides to do a FB live video in which she whines and cries over how her daughter’s behaviour is other people’s fault ( can’t be hers I mean she always sets such a great example for her children judging by these videos – sarcasm). And then whines because welfare caught her in a lie so she cries to them too. Trust me, Angie is everything that has been posted here.

  7. Peter

    She was a previous tenant

    Hello. I am writing to confirm that above is all true for Ms Saraco. She was a tenant of mine and it was a complete nightmare. Lied from the start. Rent not paid. Constant complaints from neighbours. I filed for eviction, and after hearing that she did NOT attend, I was granted an eviction order. However she knew the loopholes and filed for an extension. Claiming she never received notice of hearing and accusing neighbours of stealing mail. Then she did not attend the hearing she was granted. Used the time to scam her way into someone else’s rental. Once she finally did move out, we were left with a damaged house and tons of garbage. I did get an order for her to pay but never received any money. At one of the hearings I had a gentleman approach who had also been a previous landlord to Ms Saraco. Same story. Left him high and dry and also left gatbage and minor damages home. He wanted to know if I knew where she was as he wanted to pursue legal action against her. Neighbours told me that more than a few times police came to see Ms Saraco. Glad I finally got rid of her. My current tenants pay their rent on time and work as well. They also keep house in a lovely clean condition, inside and outside. Do not rent to this woman, You will regret it.

    Thank you

    1. Stacy

      These false reviews are getting ridiculous

      This is a false review!! This never happened. If Angie had court, she would attend. All of you are trying to sabotage her being able to find a home for her and her children and it’s absolutely disgusting that you can’t get over yourselves. It’s time to move on with your lives and find something better to do with your time than play these childish games.

    2. Marlinsay


      Stacy or should I say Angie, looks like Karma has caught up with you. All the people you have wronged, all the theft and forgery did you honestly think you would come out on top. Don’t blame others for speaking the truth, you are where you are because of all the shit you have done to people. You have scammed so many landlords out of thousands and thousands of dollars, pay your rent and stop free loading.

  8. Max

    Please Beware of this individual

    Typical behaviour of Angie Saraco includes never taking responsibility for her own behaviour. She laughs everything off including charges of fraud. She thinks it’s funny that landlords suffer financial setbacks due to her manipulative ways. She does not care that she never pays rent. Or that she scammed her way into a huge home that someone on welfare should not be residing in. Her exes suffer her wrath of accusations because she just cannot comprehend that these guys do not want to be associated with someone who commits crimes. So all of a sudden the guy that was the man of her dreams, 2 weeks prior is now some horrible person. So she drags not only his name thru the mud but his family. And has some devastating story about how her and her children were affected so negatively by this person. However she fails to see that her behaviour has a negative effect on her children. Her screaming and yelling at people as her children watch. Encouraging her children to throw rocks at a moving truck. Allowing her kids to jump and stand on the tables at McDonalds as she sits by and laughs. Allowing her kids to stay up till 2am as she is doing a live video and as usual cannot tear herself away from her phone. Her kids are not perfectly behaved. No matter what she tries to tell people, there are enough videos to show different. This woman should not have custody of her children. She has taught her kids to shoplift. Because they have watched her do it. She sees nothing wrong with her behaviour. NOTHING. Yet takes no issue in pointing out the faults of others. Pointing out that someone is being evicted (as she resides in a brand new home she used false documentation for )and is not paying rent. This woman is not a friend to anyone. She has alterior motives and an agenda. Be wary of her. Just stay far away.

  9. Tiff

    This woman....trash extraordinaire

    I cannot believe this woman is still at it!! What is wrong with the laws that she can continue to defraud landlords and scam people. It’s obvious she is not responsible enough to rent a house. She never pays rent even though she receives ODSP & child tax EVERY month. Welfare is responsible for allowing this to continue. She is not receiving the money to pad her pocket, its for rent and bills. But she uses it to buy stupid junk. Or take her kids to Niagara Falls. And all these landlords are left losing money because she takes off onto her next giant house that she cannot afford. Maybe if she got a job and got off her ass, she could afford a home like that. But as it stands she sits on her ass on her phone harassing people everyday. She could afford a basement apartment or maybe a house in South Oshawa. I would NEVER rent to her if I was a landlord. She is a squatter. Not a good tenant by any means. She is a hot mess and her life never gets any better.

  10. KIM

    Jail is the only home she deserves

    Jail should be this woman’s home. Her charges in 2009 from the ticket scam fraud were dismissed because she lied to the judge. Her ex who passed away, (who she claimed to love so much) was the one she pointed at for the ticket scams. Saying he forced her to do it. But after he passed away, she made this big FAKE deal about how she loved him so much. Yet she accused him of awful things. Like her exs mom, when she died Angie made this big FAKE public display. Even though when she was living, Angie treated her like s**t. She doesn’t see that some of us see right thru her. Last time I checked, taking people’s money under false pretenses was fraud. And this woman has done this numerous times. Not to mention the shop lifting and scamming landlords. I have never known one person who is banned from stores – I know one now. Angie is banned from Walmart and other grocery stores. For shop lifting and making up fake ads for price matching. This girl is wacked. Do youeself a favor.. RUN if you ever meet this woman..

  11. DUSTIN

    Angie is posting reviews saying this is false

    TRUE, TRUE, TRUE. It’s really sad that Angie cannot acknowledge all of her wrongdoings. She HAS scammed landlords. She DID attend court because her current landlord reported her to the cops. Who can blame him?? She gave him false paperwork and then the first month she was there her rent cheque bounced. She has not paid rent in months. It’s sad she thinks this behaviour is ok. Get a house that you can afford OR get a god damned job you lazy ass. You wanna live in a huge brand new home and not pay AND pocket your ODSP money. As a tax payer, that does not impress me. All you do is take. And take. And take. A ridiculous woman who acts like she has tons of money but is on welfare. Look in the mirror. You are the same person who was evicted from Rennie St and that new place in London. You ARE a scammer. I will happily share your landlords names and numbers if you persist on saying these things are lies. You are the lier and manipulator. You get a life and give your children a consistent home instead of moving every 12 months and having people chase you for money. Have you pd your landlord who has a judgement against you? Or I suppose there is more than 1. No wonder your kids were happier at their dad’s. Now they are forced to live with your wanna be rap star boyfriend. Great environment for your children…the smell of weed flows thru the house.

  12. Bandman

    Hey Stacy

    Hey Stacy. Or should I say Angie. You won’t get anyone to believe that these claims are not true. Too many people know you and you have scammed alot of good people. This is in fact all true. DRPS can confirm it, if a potential landlord wants to check. They can. The cops in Oshawa know you. And not for good reason. So you best start accepting that landlords will not rent to you. Take whatever rental you can get and afford and feel lucky that you even rent a place. Because you should be in jail for all the people you have stolen from and scammed. Not sure when you will ever learn that the way you live your life is like a hot mess. Soon as your kids are old enough they will run to their dad. You are not the great and wonderful person you want everybody to think you are. You are selfish and devious.

    1. S***********bur

      All factual information

      Every word spoken here is the truth. Some I’ve witnessed. Those kids should not be in the care of Angie, Mark or any member of their respective families especially Angie’s psychotic mother who is just as bad. I see where she gets alot of her attitude. Shes an entitled little bitch who thinks the world owes her. Someone needs to put a stop to her freeloading ways and make her live the lifestyle she can afford not the delusional one shes created through fraudulent activity.

  13. Hadi

    This woman rented my house for one year without paying $12000 rental she went to landlord and tenant with fake wittiness then the day to issue the order escaped to London Ontario I heard she backed to Oshawa I need her address to give it to the small claim court please if someone knows her address to send it me .

    1. Ty


      Give me your email address. I will send you all the info you need!! You are her landlord from Rennie right?? You and the other landlords should all sue her together!! She has been back in Oshawa and done the same to 2 other landlords. Plus the landlord in London too… Real winner she is. She posts on Facebook all these posts are lies. Nope. She is the liar. All these people coming forward that have been wronged by her are telling the truth. She is a toxic person. In every situation she is in, she never takes responsibility.

    2. Nemo


      She is staying at the new Holiday Inn downtown Oshawa 67 Simcoe St N as she cannot find a place to live. This is her karma and she fails to see that. She blames everybody else. She did this to herself. Renting huge houses she knew she could not afford and scamming landlords. Her punk bf threw her out because all she does is bring drama wherever she goes. But she never takes responsibility for ANYTHING. Right now she is acting like a victim. She needs to see how her actions put her where she is, not everybody else.

    3. Pammy


      Nemo, sorry bud you are too late. She got a place already. That’s not where she was anyway. She was staying with a friend. And besides that, statute of limitations would be up to sue over something that happened more than 2 yrs ago.

  14. Dollie

    Angie on Rideau CANCELLED

    The long anticipated Angie on Rideout has been cancelled according to our sources. The 2 co-stars Angie “forgery” Saraco and Dustin “baldy” King could reportedly not get along. King couldn’t stand the smell of Saraco and could not understand her need to download constant pictures of puppies. Saraco says King was abusive and would not help her shoplift and used abusive phrases like ” that’s against the law” and ” you are a scammer”. Sources say Saraco stormed off the set as King refused to “embrace” her and wanted to smoke a joint. Saraco is now hiding at her ex baby daddy’s Mark “whats 2+2” Wilbur. Even though Saraco put Wilbur thru hell a month ago over claims he was not a good father and her kids never want to see him again. A source tells OSH news that residents of Wilbur’s home are not impressed she is there and likened it to having a farm animal in the house. Saraco reportedly already destroyed an air mattress by laying on it. The air mattress could not support her enormous weight according to our source. “It literally popped and has a big hole in it”. Saraco claims King refuses to give her back a pair of her underwear. King says his mother is using them as a car cover right now and they had a big hole in them anyway. Saraco has been eating constantly since arriving at Wilbur’s and her apparent serious illness seems cured. More as this story as it develops. Residents of the Rideout complex can breathe a sigh of relief, Godzilla is gone — for now.

  15. Drew

    Trailer Trash

    If there was a trailer park in Oshawa, Angie would be the manager. Constantly moving , (cause Angie missed school the day they taught responsibility)
    Relationships never last because she is the issue. Nobody wants to subscribe to her crazy drama filled life. All these people claim to be her friend yet nobody ever really admits it or helps her out. Why would they? This woman has wronged so many people, nobody actually likes her. She has scammed landlords, stolen money from innocent people in Alberta, shop lifted, yet she is always the victim. Treats her kids father like garbage runs him down in front of them ( she does, no matter how much she denies it, there are live videos to prove it,) yet expects him to take her in when her relationship implodes. What must her poor kids think? Moved from house to house. Living with a strange guy they don’t know, then living with their dad who they were told they would never see cause he is a drunk and no good father. Bottom line – – Angie puts herself first always. Her needs outweigh her kids. Otherwise why would she subject them to her punk boyfriend who apparently smokes weed and beats his kids. While keeping them away from their dad. She calls on people she has treated like shit to help her. How much nerve do you have to stay in a home where you had the cops sent?? Do you really think they want you there after all the stuff you posted about Jen being a bad mom?? And all the crap you put Mark thru? Angie is a self centred, narcissistic , toxic individual. She is NOT the victim she wants everyone to think she is. Her kids are far better off being away from her. They will never have a stable home as long as they are with her. At least their dad doesn’t move every 6 months. If you are her friend , you are part of the problem. Tell her the truth, she IS the issue not everybody else.

  16. Ryan

    Oshawa Best Known Scammer in the spotlight

    In viewing Angie’s lives I have noticed some true ironies. Angie claims that she did bad things in the past so that she could put food on the table for her kids. Truth of the matter is , she had more than enough money to put food on the table for her kids to go and have excessive shopping trips yet not pay her rent. She took her scams to the next level by defrauding people out of thousands of dollars and now claiming she had to do it because she had no support. When in all actuality she was not paying rent so she was pocketing the money from the government. Angie repeatedly posted on Facebook the things that she was buying, the places she was going and all of her excessive spending. In other words, she was bragging, hoping others would be jealous. No-one else’s behaviour is excusable, except Angie Saraco. She has an excuse for everything which translates to blaming others. The reality is the only one who put Angie in this situation is herself. She did not pay rent at the large homes that she had leased fraudently. Her former landlords are all owed thousands of dollars and she will deny that. Afterall, its all the landlords that are lieing, not Angie. The fact of the matter is she cannot find a place to rent because of her poor rental history yet she blames everybody else for her problems. She is seemingly always whining and crying about the same man who threw her and her two children out of out of his house. The same man she claimed verbally abused her. It seems like she was never invited to stay there to begin with, she just invited herself. If Angie wants things to change she needs to change them. She needs to start showing that she will pay rent and that she will be honest about her situation. She is not employed. She is on ODSP. She doesn’t seem to understand that when you repeat the same behaviour over and over again people will come to expect it from you. Instead she blames everybody else for the situation she’s in. Her treatment of others ( incl businesses) has left people bitter towards her. On her live recently, she was seen yelling and harassing an employee at a local Dollarama. The employee had simply asked her children to stop knocking on window. Instead of obliging, Angie grew furious and began filming employees thru the window that were inside the store (we don’t understand either). As her children stood huddled together in a corner of the sidewalk, their mother berated these employees. In this moment, she taught her children a valuable lesson, it’s not necessary to respect other’s property. It was so simple, tell your kids to stop knocking on the window. It also begs the question as to why Angie had her kids out at 8:30 at night. Her son had been ill for two days and should have been in bed. The whole video was a hot mess and it did not show Angie in a favorable light. It’s simply displayed why so many businesses dislike Angie. Her abuse of the employees, her tendency to shoplift has her banned from many stores in Oshawa. While she presents a sympathetic plea to people that she’s being targeted by her haters, the truth of the matter is the only one lieing here is Angie. It’s very sad because she could easily change her life to turn it into a very positive one. I have to say that in all the videos I have seen of Angie she certainly has determination and strength and could actually in all likelihood hold down a full-time job that would give her the self-respect that she’s so terribly lacking. Her children need a better role model than what they have right now and it’s fair to say that Angie does not get the support she deserves from the father of her children. He was quite aware that his children did not have a place to stay and yet allowed them to be put out of his home with nowhere to go. Whatever he thinks of Angie he needs to start thinking of his children. They both do. Those two kids are watching and learning everything from their parents. Put the camera down Angie,and pay attention to your children. Stop cursing at them because they want your attention. Stop filming everything they do so everyone thinks they are so awesome. Just stop.

  17. Marshall

    Very good tenant!!

    Not sure who all these reviews are from but I had Angie as a tenant. She was very polite and clean. Rent was paid on time. Her kids were very sweet and she was a single mom doing her best. She always took them outside and kept them busy. She was a good tenant. I never had an issue.

    1. Mariah

      OK 👌 Angie

      Ok Angie. Too bad this is false. Thats why you cannot get a landlord reference. Cuz rent is not paid. But your kids have every toy going and you have speakers that cost $250. Keep shoplifting. It looks good on you.

    2. Bob

      Nice try Angie

      Nice try Angie

  18. Chelsea

    What a sad life

    Living in a hotel, doing Tic Toc videos everyday = a sad, pathetic life. Her kids are not in school nor are they doing any schoolwork. They sit in the hotel room everyday as Angie sits on her phone making videos about her so called “abusive” relationship. Not sure why ODSP is funding this lifestyle. She is not looking very hard for a place to live. She wants a place that suits her extravagant lifestyle. And it will not happen. Why? Because she is on ODSP and refuses to move into a place she can afford. That’s why she is in a hotel still.

  19. Cam

    As everyone else struggles...she is living in a hotel

    Okay so while everybody else is struggling through this pandemic to get unemployment or any kind of benefits due to work shortage, here is a woman who is sucking from the government getting a payment every month to support her lazy ass life. Not working, not doing anything. Living at a hotel and eating out at Wendel Clarks EVERY night. Then says hotel living is saving her money on bills!! That kinda reasoning would only come from a woman who blames everyone else for her issues and takes no accountability. As well her kids are never in bed before 1am as she parties and gets drunk with someone she hardly knows. She goes on her live and disses her so called good friend who she claims she gave food to and this woman ( lets call her M) never paid her for as well as a brand new Hatchimal that she was never paid for. This person has been a friend to her, the only friend Angie has till M learns what Angie is really like. Big Ang ruins friendships for this exact reason. Also Big Ang was annoyed this woman wanted Angie to spend her bday at some dino thing in Peterborough. You aren’t eight years old Angie, try putting your kids first. So she made this woman change her plans for her. Afterall its Angie’s world, we just live in it. Why ODSP allows such garbage to go on is beyond me. Shopping, eating out, living in a hotel.. Buying junk like monkey outfits. And more bath and body works products then a person needs in a lifetime. Thats what happens when a person shoplifts and steals, they have mass amounts of stuff. Glad we work to support Angie Saraco while she sits on her expensive iphone all day doing lame tik toks and clearly has NO disability. Everyone should be outraged at what this woman is doing. Next is a tattoo that will cost $120. Govt doesn’t mind apparently. It’s in memory of her so called pregnancy which apparently ended in miscarriage. Issue is , Angie told so many lies, she doesn’t realize she contradicted herself. There was no pregnancy. It was her pathetic attempt to hang onto a man who very clearly wants nothing to with her. Yet she still does not get it and continues to harass him and think he cares sbout anything she does.

  20. Angie

    I have no affiliation with this website nor with anyone who has posted on here

    I have absolutely no affiliation with this website nor with anyone who has posted on here or any other social media platform against me and my children.
    I am sick and fucking tired of reading all this bullshit. It’s pathetic and disgusting. I have two previous landlord letters, one from my most recent landlord so until any of you have facts then shut the fuck up. I can’t get a god damn place because of people like you who are not just ruining my life with lies but my children’s lives. I am fed up and I am going to the police with all this bullshit. Enough is enough of the lies. None of you who have posted here even know me personally or in real life. YOU THINK YOU DO!!!!!!
    You claim I shoplift and do all these crimes and then post it to my Facebook? That’s absolutely hilarious considering I don’t post ever where I am or what I’ve bought because of people like you low life’s. You claim my children have every toy going? Please entertain me and show me these facts because, oh that’s right. YOU CAN’T. As for a $250 speaker, oh are you referring to the one I bought second hand from someone for $50???? Yup thanks for writing what you THINK IS TRUE.
    And how dare you, to claim I lied about my pregnancy? And the miscarriage? Should I show you the pictures of all the blood and the baby I miscarried you stupid bitch? Should I show you proof that I was indeed pregnant? I wasn’t trying to get Dustin back by trying to let him know I was pregnant and miscarried and I’m sick of this bs. I shouldn’t have to come on here to defend a baby I lost because you want to make yet more accusations against me. Clearly you’ve never suffered a miscarriage to claim I’m lying. You cold hearted piece of shit. Just like I don’t have Noah and Alyssa’s dad in my life and I been raising them on my own, I would’ve gladly done the same with the baby I lost. So fuck you.
    Oh and your claims that I drink, party and get drunk everyday in my hotel room? That’s funny because I don’t drink everyday nor even close to once a week. Since I been in the hotel I have drink 3 times. And who is this so called person you claim I drink with everyday that I barely know??? Oh that’s right, nobody!! You say I eat out at Wendel Clark’s everyday lmfao, guess you failed to mention all the food I showed in one of my lives to show I feed the kids meals I can cook here. Or I guess the fact that I go to my dads place and feed my kids that is 5 minutes from here. Because I go to the restaurant once and a while, I must be eating there everyday. Pathetic.
    As for my friend who you CLAIM I trash? I don’t trash my friends. This is what you all are good at, is trying to ruin any friendships I do have. Why? Because you want me to have absolutely nobody in my life. When I was talking about a hatchimal it’s because my daughter thought I brought hers to where I am and she asked for the money from her best friends and I told her I never got the money yet, but of course you all turn it into what you want to turn it into. As for the food, I was also mentioning that a lot of my food was going to go bad so I GAVE it to her instead of it going to the garbage. As for the the Dino park; she didn’t change her plans for me and I never told anyone they had to change plans for me. We were going to go on another day and the tickets were sold out so I said I would rather not go on my birthday as I already made plans for my birthday. So keep trying to destroy my one friendship with someone who has actually been there for me and my children. Like people have told me, if anyone believes the lies on here then I don’t want to deal with them anyways.
    I’m sick of this harassment, lies, slander and everything. I’ve had enough. Leave me and my life alone. Forget I exist. Stop following my social media’s and my life. What does that say about all of you people when you stalk me EVERY FUCKING DAY. Stalk me and harass me just so you can post lies about me? You claim my kids aren’t going to school or doing any learning, please show me how you know any of what is going on with my children and learning? You all claim all your posts about us to be true but have yet to provide proof of anything.
    The fact that you claim all this false stuff about previous landlords and rentals, is pure hilarious because if any of my previous landlords were speaking with anyone outside of my leases with them regarding my personal business, I could and will have them sued because they are not obligated to speak with anyone outside of any affiliation I had with them.
    Oh and you all claim that I just welcomed myself into Dustin’s home and that I wasn’t invited there? Where is this information coming from? Oh that’s right, your little imaginary brain speaking lies to you. The fact that Dustin and BOTH HIS MOM AND DAD, helped me move belongings into his home and the fact that we were in a relationship tor 5 months. The fact that we were trying to get a house together for me and my kids and him and his kids to live together permanently and applied to many places together, but yup I just welcomed myself into his home. He kept us there for 2 months because I welcomed myself there. He kicked us out because he didn’t like the fact that I wanted respect and wanted him to put an effort into our relationship as I was doing. The fact I took care of his kids everyday that they were there, I bathed his daughter when I would bathe mine, I did her hair, I fed the kids, woke up with them, did the groceries and never asked him for a penny, helped him with bills and rent but ya you know I just welcomed myself there. The fact that I have conversations with Dustin saying “this is our home now” I guess shows I wasn’t invited to stay there. The fact that he didn’t want me to leave when I told him I didn’t bring enough medication for me and my son when we first went there and he wanted me to go get all our meds so we could stay. But yup keep claiming all your lies about me. That’s all it is, is just lies lies lies and slander. Leave me alone, forget I exist and stay out of my life. You all hate me so much then leave our life alone. I have been looking for a place from before we left Dustin’s house and haven’t stopped but because of this bogus website, I can’t find a place. I’m sick of it all. When does it stop and you stop fucking with someone’s mental health. I am doing the best I can with the situation we are in and until you walk my shoes leave my damn name out of your mouth. I don’t receive child support, I don’t get help from my children’s father. I am one person on my own doing what I can and need to do to get out of our current situation but every time I turn around, I find out you people have sabotaged more parts of my life. As for your shoplifting accusations, yup I’ll admit I did it in the past but that stopped long time ago. You claim I haven’t paid rent and have spent all my rent money that was never paid, keep going with your false claims. Looks good on all of you when it is proven all of this to be false.
    Any further comments and posts about me or my children will be handled by my legal representation of whom is now monitoring this site.

    1. Chris

      Good for you for speaking up

      Good for you.
      I applaud you for coming on and defending yourself to these individuals.
      This is great that you did this.
      All these individuals should be ashamed of themselves for what they are doing here to you and your kids.
      I am sure this affects you everyday but this most likely affects your kids as well. No kid should have to grow up with a parent being slandered, bullied, but most of all ripped apart all over the web.
      What happens if they get bullied in school due to this nonsense? That isn’t fair is it?
      I hope your legal representatives can sort this out for you.
      Nobody should have to deal with this.
      I don’t care what someone has done. This behaviour is inexcusable.
      I don’t even know you personally or even at all, I was told about this site and it’s very disturbing. I hope this all gets taken down for the sake of your kids and your well being.
      God Bless and Stay Safe.

    2. Eric

      Same old bag of tricks

      Still at her tricks. Causing issues with neighbors. Not respecting the property. Being passive aggressive and trying to start shit and then turning the camera on to try and get you doing/saying something so she can play the victim. Not caring if how she behaves is affecting neighbors or her kids. Currently getting evicted from the place she’s residing at.
      She’s a real winner!!

  21. Larry


    I cannot believe the garbage posted here. It’s like a gossip site gone bad. I know Angie, she was a tenant of mine.
    Very responsible, clean and a great tenant. She paid rent on time every month. Only reason she moved was because I sold house. I never had any issues with Angie. She was a pleasure to have as a tenant.

  22. Kylie

    Angie posting as other people

    I love how this woman came on here to make several fake reviews in support of herself. Do you have no friends?

    She left her last landlord with $17,500 in unpaid rent, the one previous it was $8000. (Those of us in the industry talk Angie and a lot know about you and your scams)

    Beware any landlord who she tries to work with, I would avoid. She was also charged with fraud at one point for proving documents that had been forged to obtain a rental property and then once in stopped paying rent shortly after, had many complaints and run in’s with people on the street, cops and bylaw around weekly.

    Not a good tenant. Someone who appears to live beyond her means by any way she can.

    She currently can be heard screaming at her kids non stop. Avoid.

Reported Loss :250000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
Views :