Adrian Morrison

Adrian makes everyone fool

No doubt that I was fooled by this guy and that is the reason why I am here writing this review. I had never invested in an online course and never knew there are many options out there. Before you join this program, I would suggest to compare the price and quality of this course offered by Adrian Morrison with many others available on the internet. Because I failed to do so and lost more than 2000 bucks on this ecom success academy.

From no where, I do not know from where I got the sales call from one of the reps from ecom success academy. I assume that the call was made through my online search history and through the forms that I keep filling online that asks for more information. I am clueless about the same. However, after receiving the call, I tuned into my laptop’s browser to check what kind of course Adrian offered. I know I had searched for similar course in the past and was not looking for something right away, but I knew I had the urge to learn about dropshipping.

I started getting emails as well. I had myself provided the email to the sales rep. So, whom to blame. After few discussions, I agreed to pay for the course and I wanted to talk to Adrian before making the payment. For me, it was a huge amount. And, I wanted to know how much it would be helpful from the one who created it. The very next hour, this guy called me and told me that he was Adrian. He said that I was very lucky to be able to understand what this entails. Although I am wary of hard sales techniques, the course details overwhelmed me.

I am sure this guy must be fooling a lot of people around as he knows the right words and tricks to throw at you. He made me believe that I was the lucky one. Today when I think about it, I really not know if that was Adrian himself or some other sales guy. Anyway, I was one of the fools that paid Adrian for such a useless course. It is around 2500 USD. Oh god! He did make me pay such a huge amount by just talking on phone.

Adrian told me that I will be making much more than the course fee through dropshipping from Shopify. If you will google online, you will find many success stories that would tell you the journey from zero to millions. And, I was very much interested in becoming that no body. But, I failed to recognize the right course.

Once you get the access to the dashboard, you will find all the modules you will go through. The videos and content, all are accessible inside the dashboard. When I first signed in, I had trouble with the password and it took these guys two days to sort that problem out. And, there wasn’t any weekend in between.

After I was able to check the videos, it made me upset to find out the low quality that made it difficult to go through all the steps clearly. But that was not the only problem. The content is very limited. They will tell you to setup your store, about the products and from where you can source them, facebook and email marketing and others. There are modules that tell you what to do once the business starts pulling off. However, this is when you already have a set store or you must wait and try to get to that point to see if those modules work. Because, in my case, the strategies did not click.

Because the content lacked a lot of important points, I believe I paid that kind of money only to get ripped. And, there are many others who have the same experience with this course. I am not saying that this course has nothing. It has some of the key points. And, missing a lot of information. But some hundred dollars would have justified the course worth. A disclaimer should mention that the course is not complete and one must go through advanced skills for setting an ecom business.

I have no personal grudge for this guy. But thinking that he lied about everything and the course make me angry. I asked him many times before paying for the course that if I would ever need any other information. And, he replied with a ‘NO’.

What else can I say? If someone was so adamant at making me fool and scamming me for all the money I had in my savings account, then he must be a con artist. Is there another word for him?

The course leads you in between of no where. The products that he has mentioned won’t work for you like it worked for others in the case studies. It is because the market is saturated for those products and there is no more craze for those products as it used to be before. I believe that this is not very uncommon in ecommerce business and one must share skills on marketing more than trying the same products when teaching an ecom course.

In short, the course is designed based on Adrian experience and success. However, he must know that market changes and so the tools and technologies. There is no mention of Instagram influencers and other strategies. There is no updation of the course, I do not know from how long. All these are the reasons why this course has failed to help the majority of people joining it.

I would rather suggest to try others with less cost. The competition is higher and experts are ready to share their knowledge in much less price for better results. Adrian, on one hand, has not much to share and on the other hand, expects us to fill his bank account right away. This is cheating and he is not an expert at ecom business but at scamming others online.

Is Adrian Morrison a scam?
Adrian Morrison is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Adrian Morrison legit?
First Adrian Morrison is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Adrian Morrison’s consumers?
There is/are 9 review(s) posted about Adrian Morrison and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Adrian Morrison located?
Adrian Morrison is located at United States. You can contact Adrian Morrison by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Adrian Morrison’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $2500 was the total loss incurred by Adrian Morrison’s customers.

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9 reviews on Adrian Morrison

  1. Marc

    Rip Off

    This course is a lie .
    There is no support.
    In this course you will learn how to scam people
    from the Master.
    You will pay $3.000.00 for a non stop slew of sales pitches to buy more of his
    He will teach you how to repackage things which are free on the internet
    all sell them to people.
    A wide variety of blatant lies on the site .
    He throws around the FREE and the word ACCESS
    but there is only access to buy more of his apps .
    Nothing he promises is really included.
    Do not get swindled by this guy !

    1. Bibiana Karanja

      Worst idea ever

      Oh my God everything I read here is so true.
      I just got started during this Covid19 locked down and I am going through the exact same thing 😢

    2. christian

      Now on Instagram!!

      Beware. They have now moved onto exploiting the Instagram platform.

      Again, all they are selling is a coaching tool for wannabe scam artists. A Ponzi scheme, effectively.

      You buy a list of contacts and ask them if they’d like to know how to sell on Instagram……

  2. chase Jackson

    Not a hustler but a chief hustler

    This guy suckered my some years ago when i happened across his infomercial on CNBC while channel surfing at 2am….Back then he was hawking Affiliated Marketing n a book that taught ya how to get started for $29.95……There was a phone number to place your order….The guy is damn inventive b/c when i called….i never spoke to a live agent….there were recorded prompts that took your order and pymnt info…Based on that purchase he had my contact info (physical address,email,ph#…..few weeks later i received an email inviting me to a 1hr webinar all about millions to be made from Affiliated mktng……i sat in on the call…..He takes you through the wonderful world of Affiliated mktn n how he has this software that will allow you to place specific ads via different pop-up ads to ppl surfing the net….i 4get the name of the software….but the cost was $999……but it came with a 30day my back guarantee…..I purchased the software….but by day 25 it became clear i was not going to make back the many spent to i quickly requested my money back before reaching the 30th day…..I left numerous msgs n no one ever got back to me….so on the 28th day i contacted my bank n explained the situation n they refunded my money back…..then a few days ago i get this email frm him he has now moved on to his latest hustle millions through dropshipping via Shopify……fool me once…The guy makes money b/c he is a cheif hustler…’s in his blood…..only thing is he is not gonna mix any of my green with his blood.

  3. christian

    Now being fronted by Jon Penberthy in UK

    Now being fronted by Jon Penberthy in UK

  4. Key

    Adrian Morison is a scam

    They do not have a refund policy.
    They convince you that dropshipping is good but it is dead .
    After you pay for the course with every training they try to up sell you apps to run your store that was never mentioned before .
    You think you can run your store paying monthly to shopify store but no ,you need to pay the apps he has paid to develop and it’s not free for his students .
    They answered some of my emails after a month .Their support bad but they convince you that they provide you with a good support.I am not saying the course doesn’t add to your knowledge but when registering after watching his webinar,do not expect to get a lot of support and do not expect the 3 figure ,let alone 6 figure .All they say is that everything depends on your mindset.Thanks .We all know that ,but we didn’t need to pay you that to be told .It is all over internet.And consider this :there is no where to review him .Why ?

  5. Yu

    How do i get my money back???

    it has been about 24hrs that I signed up for this scam. I wasted my time by watching his videos, all he does is trying to sell sell sell and sell. there was nothing of value, he automatically assign you for a phone call interview with one of his employee, he said they will call me at 2:00 pm, I took off from work so i don’t miss their call, it is 2:30 now. NO call! I want my money back!

  6. Peter B

    Adrian Morrison

    Also Facebook is blocking for no reason shops like he is teaching so basically when you blocked on Facebook management account you are done …. he is not talking about it and if it happens he will not help you at all … have a nice day

  7. Sp

    Zero customer service. Waste of time

    How can he get away with this

  8. Domenic

    Adrian Morrison ecom success review

    We bought into Adrian Morrison scam. He tells you they will build you a working ready to go shopify site with selling products. In 5 months my brother an I spent $14,000 on things like his coaching program where you get no direction. All they do is push website upgrades that he makes money on like optimized up sell, booster theme ect. The site they built look amateurish the add-ons they sold us slowed it down, and made it difficult for potential buyers to navigate so they would leave.

    They only people that make money in his program are Adrian his bother, shopify, Facebook, and all his affiliates.

    If you read a positive review about Adrian and his company its from an affiliate, that im sure at the end of the review there will be a link to send you to Adrian company pushing you to buy one of his programs or products.

    If I knew his course was about pushing his garbage products that don’t work to unsuspecting people so you can make a cut and make him rich, I would have never taken it.

    I am already successful in many business, I have taken many training and coaching programs in my life. However this is the biggest scam I have ever seen, so hopefully I can help people not waste there money.

    Drop shipping is the worst thing you could do products are bad, stuff take weeks to get to your customers. If you have an existing business and you have products that you already sell, it could work.

    However don’t waste your money on anything too with Adrian Morrisons or ecomm success.

    1. Erica

      I am about to purchase his Diamond Package.. should I not do it? Your review is very concerning..

  9. jay


    All these courses are the same take a good look at these reviews people as they are 100% correct, most of the shit or modules should i say has nothing you cannot learn for free, ask yourself why would a scamming so called millionaire want to help all those lost poor souls to get rich? you think he cares for us lol, the only thing this fkr and his crew care about is there bank accounts and yours.:)

Reported Loss :2500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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