Adam Howard

Adam Howard runs a network of high end guitar thieves

Adam Howard of Plano, Texas and Forth Worth/Dallas Dallas runs a network of scammers who operate on, ebay,, fractal audio systems forum, and many other ultra high end guitar sites.

Using hacked paypal accounts that Howard purchases from the Dark Web, along with using false identities that Howard steals from the US Dept of State, as he is a translator and worker for the US government, he assumes the email/identity of a potential buyer and solicits a purchase.

After gaining the seller’s confidence as a legitimate buyer, he sends the money via paypal in order to begin the shipment process. Once the guitar, usually ranging from a minimum of $2000-4000, is shipped the tracking is generated and uploaded to the site. The seller has done his job and thinks the legitimate sale is complete.

This is where Howard attacks: he contacts his financial institution on day 3 to alert them the guitar is not as described, it is damaged, and the seller is a fraud with a sham listing. The institution then freezes the payment. Now Howard uploads false documentation and false/doctored images to solidify and cement his proof with Paypal, who he has a friend on the inside who works there.

The friend escalates the scam to a higher elevated status to expedite the decision, and within a week, Adam Howard has stolen the guitar and the funds have been frozen, recovered, and returned back to Adam Howard. At which point, paypal also informs him and the seller that he is not obligated to return the item due to the fraudulent nature of the scam.

He works from Texas, Wisconsin, and Florida, but has network affiliations in Philippines and France. If you are buying or selling a guitar and a potential buyer is from these areas, think twice before shipping.

This is commonly known as Paypal reversal, but because of his network, people inside paypal, and his numerous state department assets he abuses, it is almost impossible to know if it is indeed adam howard. He does tend to like ERG/extended range guitars, 7 and 8 string guitars, Strandberg, Ibanez, Axe fx 3, and other high end multiscale guitars that cost well over $2000-5000 dollars. He is very friendly and pretends to like what you like, so Beware and use your discretion.

The scary part is Adam Howard is going to be a licensed doctor in Texas!!! Beware of Adam Howard, he is a dirty, Muslim, terrorist.


Is Adam Howard a scam?
Adam Howard is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Adam Howard legit?
First Adam Howard is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Adam Howard’s consumers?
There is/are 10 review(s) posted about Adam Howard and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Adam Howard located?
Adam Howard is located at 17183 Club Hill Dr, Dallas, TX 75248, USA. You can contact Adam Howard by dialing (469)-269-9921 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Adam Howard’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $5000 was the total loss incurred by Adam Howard’s customers.

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10 reviews on Adam Howard

  1. Lyla Davies

    The neobay destroyer

    Do you know of the neobay scammer who destroyed the first

    This is definitely the same guy

  2. Suad Al-Messi


    Adam…..::stifling some emotion:: ….Howard…- hmmm- :cough:…….did a TED TALK?!?!??!


    “come on , lets just go around the corner”,he said, and she got frightened? duh you terrorist, with beloved jihadist friends,

    What a story! Terribly told and disingenuous
    Learn from your story, sir…..

  3. Christopher Listing


    Adam Howard reached out to me after hearing his name was sullied, and insisted that he truly is not the scammer portrayed here.

    I, for one, believe him.

    I have done business with Adam Howard successfully and without any problems whatsoever. is not a scam; it is a totally legit company and website.

    In fact, all of the guitars that I have bought since my first one from Sam Ash has been from and while some sellers are more honest than others, just like on ebay or reverb – there’s always one bad, yellow apple in the bunch lol – so you have to always keep that in mind.

    And with that same mentality, it seems a scammer has used Adam Howard’s good name from the Forums and that is a shame! is not only NOT a scam, Sevenstring is not only LEGIT, it is THE BEST. PLACE ON THE INTERNET TO FIND OUT ANYTHING ABOUT GUITARS….there is no better forum with quicker, more in depth answers about guitars THANNNNN SSO! is not only a really great site for info and to meet guitarists, and to also buy sell or trade guitars, but its a great place for referrals.

    FOR EXAMPLE: I wanted an ESP guitar but I was concerned about counterfeits. THANKS TO ADAM HOWARD, who referred me to SSO, I found THE AXE PALACE, which is the best online dealer for ESP and Ibanez guitars. COA and OHSC, with even the original box is what you’ll get, sir…..that’s right.

    So what I’m saying is, I’m sure the scammer used Adam’s information but ADam is a Scholar for goodness sakes! HE is going to BECOME a dr, so how could someone like that WASTE HIS TIME? WHY WOULD HE DO THAT? WHY WOULD HE WASTE his own time?

    Now ONLY SEVERAL people could be responsible for that, and since Adam Howard is legit, and SSO is legit, it must be the scammer that compromised the deal….

    PLEASE keep that in mind!!! Adam is not a bad guy, he is a family, man doctor!! For goodness sakes….

    -=Chris L.

  4. Jeries

    SSO = scam = fraud = adam howard

    Chris, Alex, and randy, “own” or administer the site but they are all scammers who are invested in the same affiliation

    They use the seven string as a tax free shelter, but still sell as space, and then they create hundreds of fake profiles as “Russian bot” members who Interact as if they were real, and the same site is owned by the same guys at

    So besides using a fake non profit org site to Evade taxes, they sell guitars directly in the classifieds, but only through their offshore PayPal account

    Otherwise, these men are also investors and part owners of the neobay mentioned by Lyla Davies but it’s their only “legit” commercial front, and their name was BOLO from Baltimore Maryland

    Upon exposing Adam Howard and his ring who operates out of a private hidden Discord app chat room, the entire sevenstring site was swept, old member profiles were removed and names changes , recycled posts, and it is mostly the same 10-20 members /owners who act as mods and admins who actively monitor the IP of all in and outbound traffic to make sure no one caught onto them

    Luckily my cousin in NY told me and I’m friends with FAS forums, who looked into what Adam Howard did over the past year with his SSO discord ring, and it is clear seven string, Adam Howard, and anyone who holds stake in SSO is not on the up and up. They will selectively scam so when it’s done there is no trace left as they ban the member, the IP, and the “gang” will rally around any complaints

    Go to guitar center, Sam ash, or Sweetwater but don’t buy from or

    And if you are a possible patient in Texas stay away from “dr.” adam Howard
    ([email protected]) whose phone number for some reason belongs to a K and R painting company 50 miles from his home address, and ferret and grand moff Tim are the owners of the discord SSO chat; the true hiding lair for this guitar groups illicit scamming conspiracy and organization

    Hope the IRS finds this soon but I’m sure all emails and names will change again, to another .org


    (That Christopher post review is clearly spam)

    1. Tom


      Here’s his actual number (unless he’s recently changed it): 469-269-9921

    2. Jeries

      Still scamming

      The latest entrepreneurial scam of SevenString.Orgs creative department is

      They are pretending to be a legitimate go between for small boutique shops and independent luthiers – it’s just some guy in his basement who has a drop address in TN

      Goes by Corey Owens or Adam Howard …. this guy will never learn

  5. Warren N Fox

    The more I read the more I see fraud

    The more I look at what is going on at seven string posts and thread; member activity over the past two weeks is not normal beside same one so not for sure but something is wrong and , the more this seems to ring true. I think there is something between Reverb and this site, to much cross-links and coincidental same posts.

  6. Howard Dean

    That’s not the half of it - Google banning and ban abuse

    I used to be a mod at another site, and it turns out while its not an outright scam site, you can get scammed on SSO very easily. The owners, Chris, Drew, Randy, Alex, Adam, and Nick have more than one site, as someone else said too: and partial owners of

    If anyone noticed that the Jemsite forums changed dramatically at a certain point, its because Glen sold some stake to these scumbags, who probably offered him a nice price for it.

    They make a lot of their money “legitimately” by boosting and influencing certain brands of guitars, pickups, etc , what have you…they sell these items under different names on, which is also partially staked by this group of guys. The name mentioned is BOLO from Baltimore, Maryland – who subsequently, despite having 67 feedback and 52 active listings, upon this review, every single listing was taken down, deactivated and the seller is MIA.

    The beauty of this “scam” model is, by using different names, different address and phon numbers, sending from different states or countries, and using all types of throw away accounts, temporary disposable accounts, and VPN shields, and on top of all that, its electronically done so that no person ever has to face, talk to, or deal directly with another.

    So all of the names you get, are all fake made up names, with throw away email accounts. The address is real, and the person is real, but that isn’t who you are sending it to. This is called drop shipping.

    In other words, they will sell you something as a guy named “adam Howard” who has a real email ([email protected]) and phone number. So you think it all matches up…..but behind it is a guy with hundreds of emails and access to throwing them away – because Website developer tools allow things most people dont know you can do with a website

    To put it simply, these guys run a scam ring, avoiding and evading gov’t tax, avoiding fees of any kind, and they take out with paypal, so when its all said and done, if things get hot, they cash out, closed the account and start again rinse and repeat

    Buy from Sweetwater, Guitar Center, or Sam Ash -or better yet, if you have. Small local business buy from them, sure you might pay $200 more, but you wont get a “not as described item” because that’s what you get with Reverb and Sevenstring….they will send you anything

    NOw that I know the admins and mods of Jemsite and metal guitarist and SSO and the other forums are all the same guys (Drew,Formerly Given….etc), it makes sense why Jemsite turned into a bullshit forum for ads just like sevenstring…….


  7. Elvin

    SSO and Howard are trying to flood and kill the

    After exposing the scammer ADAM HOWARD and his site SEVENSTRING.ORG, you were hit with a flood attack, and they are going to attempt a DdoSS attack.
    He doesn’t like being exposed

    1. anonymous-user

      I keep getting mail from anonymous Texans

      This is a very scary thing to be reading because after signing up for SSO, I right away had a bitcoin ransomware virus sent to me, but the funny thing is the password I used was the one for SSO they found….but I said hey you never know, and just looked past it but then after I read “the data breach” and that other users get this as soon as they sign up, there is definitely a problem

      then, I would get strange hits on my social media, email, ebay, reverb, and all kinds of unsolicited mail and eventually I had enough and stopped using the site. after that, things died down about, and as soon as I had some activit on my ebay and reverb accounts, where I listed a guitar, I was hit again with the same type of phishing messages over and over.

      When i would message anyone back, it always ended up being some fake number or fake email, and a fake address in Dallas Texas. It is no coincidence that this is where all the issues are sourced, and where they are emanating from.

      This clearly rattled Adam Howard if this is what’s happening. And the scary thing is, I don’t know what he’s sending, sometiimes he might send a guitar, sometimes it might be a few pounds of textbooks, sometimes it could be a cheap copy, which is my biggest fear, that i got a chinese copy….and who knows, maybe the guy is so mad about all this he might be sending dangerous things in the mail

      all i know is, this is crazy, its definitley criminal and the dude behind it is a dangerous criminally bent and twisted sociopathic fraud and con professional, and I just hope one day he doesnt decide to send anthrax or some kind of IED as he definitely has shown he will do anything to hurt anyone and to protect himself.

      Very scary, very scary people indeed. I am so glad i am not SSO not just for the scam but also for this possible propagation of violence, not just cyber crime and mail/tax fraud, but now its possibly turning into violent crime and false police reports and just danger with everything associated with a website of hidden identities, false and fraudulent admins, and so much robot work that I wonder how many real members are active and exist on there….id say no more than 100-500

      I am so over 6 and 7 guitars at this point anyway, i just wish someone would make an 8 string site.

  8. William H.

    Wow! I knew it....

    There was always something really weird about the replies you’d get from that site, and I had a feeling after that thread about the metal pickups that were being hyped were like being sold “snake oil” medicine for guitarists looking for a ‘magic bullet.’ I was just looking to buy a guitar, and now I am definitely staying within 100 miles or less – I won’t risk an online counterfeit possibility at this point because I was just reading about all the fake Marijuana oils being sold, and then the fake electronics being sold, all this Chinese scams – either web based or market based, it’s enough……I’m for American and Japanese if I can find a good one, and if anyone sees this and knows of honest sales, please post a reply.

  9. Adam

    Still scamming

    I got ripped off buying and now I found this review …. terrible scam

  10. Jordan

    What is’s role in all of this

    What is doing about this? They have some role to play in this.

Reported Loss :5000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
Views :