Your Auto Realtor

Your Auto Realtor

I was scammed by Your Auto Realtor. I advertised on Kijiji. Your Auto Realtor called me right away and offered to sell my car for $600 more than my list price. They claimed to have buyers lined up to purchase a car exactly like mine (I’m an idiot). They charge $500US to advertise the car. They advised that calls could come in as early as that weekend. That was Thursday late in May. I was strung along week after week after week and we are now at just about 100 days without a single expression of interest. The person I spoke with was Jordan. Would not provide last name.

I even had my CC company call them and look at the contract. They advised that I have been scammed and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. The latest advice I have from Auto Realtors is that they expect to have a buyer by the end of this week. I will update here

In the meantime I am starting my process of advising people where I am with this whole thing, how I have been treated and giving a weekly update, as Your Auto Realtor give me an update I will post it here on this site and on every other site where I detail my story.

Is Your Auto Realtor a legit?

Your Auto Realtor is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 4 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Your Auto Realtor located?

Your Auto Realtor is headquarted at United State. You can contact Your Auto Realtor by dialing 877-823-3441 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Your Auto Realtor’s customers?

According to Your Auto Realtor’s customers, a monetary loss of US $500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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4 Reviews on Your Auto Realtor

  1. Your Auto Realtor - big scam!! stay away!

    Stay far away from this company (Your Auto Realtor). I also have been dealing with this guy named ‘Jordan” who charged $500USD stating that it is advertisement however since there are many buyers already interested, it will be included in your final sale price. I do not know how and why I got into the trap. It has been more than 5 months and they could not do anything – no buyers , no sale, no refund!! I had to sell my car at a loss after that.

    No matter how much they tell you they are genuine do not believe.

  2. Your Auto Realtor is a scam

    After I posted my car for sale on KIJIJI.CA in late April, Your Auto Realtor tried calling me countless times but I kept ignoring. They must have got my contact info on the AD. Eventually, I picked up their call. This was around May5th; they informed me they had a buyer lined up for the vehicle I was selling. They promised the buyer would pay me a visit the following day if not that evening. However, it wouldn’t happen until I provided a credit card they would hold as leverage and only charge a fee of USD$500 if I sold the car to their buyer without giving them a cut which made sense to me at the time.

    When they were collecting information from me, I started having an awful feeling when their rep rushed through the phone after I began to question the information she was giving me and demanding from me. It got worse and very strange when the rep would not let me hang up (and call them back) after I told her I had to attend to an appointment with a client who was waiting outside my office (I was speaking to her during work hours). She got irritated and her tone changed when I told her I had to go. I guess she just wanted to get the card info she wanted and end the call which she was successful in doing.

    I phoned later and spoke to her coworker Jordan. He kept assuring me they will not take my money because he knew I was very concerned about that; I told him multiple times. He even told me they are in the business of making money by lending high-interest car loans to borrowers with poor credit. They just need to find the vehicle for the borrowers/buyer and that’s where I came in.

    Long story short, the “buyer(s)” never showed up and I never heard from Jordan or the rep again. I phoned to follow up and that’s when the stories began. He started saying the bank did not approving their buyer for a loan which was strange because I was told earlier on that no one gets declined, instead they are approved but with a ridiculously high interest rate. Any time I phoned I was lied to that someone would be calling me with additional info or to book a viewing for the vehicle but I never heard from anyone. I was generating more interest on my vehicle through KIJIJI than Your Auto Realtor. I started doubting their reliability as all contacts with them were initiated by me. Not once did they call me for an update and when I called them it was always the same story.

    Towards the end of July, I noticed Jordan had been silent for over a month. So I phoned to speak to him. I was disconnected several times, calls were dropped on me mid-conversation but without giving up I managed to speak to him. I told him I had lost confidence in them as I did not see any value in their dealings. It had been 2 months and no buyers from them. I informed him that I was very disappointed. I couldn’t help but feel they were engaged in unlawful misrepresentation. A scam. A fraud. I started feeling exposed because it had become shady yet they had my credit card info.

    Jordan tried convincing me that someone who was VERY promising was waiting to get approved for a loan and they would get in touch with me in two weeks. Just as I had thought, two weeks came and went; Jordan never called or reached out to me by phone or email. They had made many similar broken promises before so I severed ties and soon after sold the car myself on KIJIJI

    I knew very well I wouldn’t be charged because they had done nothing of value for me and the credit card info was just being held so I wasn’t worried. It is now close to 3 months from my last contact with Jordan. I was angered and dismayed when I saw the charge on my MasterCard on Sept 14th 2017 so I contacted him to question it, he became extremely defensive. I told him exactly what I thought about our dealings and what transpired. On his email, he offered a $100USD refund and a WIFI tablet which I refused. I told him I want a full refund and that’s non-negotiable. For all I know they are running a telemarketing scam that makes ill-gotten gains at our expense. I told him I would file a formal complaint. Jordan replied to my emails saying he would issue a refund if I withdrew my complaints. No refund was issued. I never heard from them again

  3. Scammers : YOUR AUTO RETAILER - BEWARE !!

    Here I am in October and no movement. I told them I will advertise where ever I can and tell anyone who will listen about their scamming business. They promised to credit $100 US and give me a coupon for a 7″ tablet. That was 3 weeks ago. Nothing happened, of course.

    These people are the biggest scam artists and apparently, according to my cc company, their contract is tight and can’t be fought. It looks like they get $500US from every customer.

    I will continue to update as events occur but in the meantime keep as far as possible away from these people.

  4. They lie that you will only get charged after the car is sold for more than asking. Do not believe this.

    So sad, i also dealt with the same exact person. Jordan. No last name. They pose as auto realtors who will find buyers for your car but do not and i say again do not sign up for their service. You will do a better job selling the vehicle yourself, at least i did but it was too late. They offered me nothing but made away with my $500. They will call you as soon as you post your car on If you don’t pick up they will call you until you do. Once they get what they want they will go silent on you. You will not hear much from them. Now it’s up to you to call them.

Reviews: 4
Reported Loss : 500 $
Severity : Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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