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Yellow City Insurance Jordan Haraden Scam

Jordan Haraden Amarillo Texas insurance agent appears to have been fired from Allstate Insurance for insurance fraud. Apparently an investigation was conducted related to Jordan Haraden and the broker found several instances of fraud, such as allowing a fraudulent claim to be processed.

Fraud is a criminal act leading to higher rates for all consumers. Deliberately staging an accident, exaggerating a legitimate claim or knowingly providing false information on an application are all examples of insurance fraud.

Jordan Haraden Yellow City Insurance Amarillo TX, also may have allowed other fraud to continue. There are also legitimate, companies that sell non-insurance products marketed to look like real insurance. For example, an agent working for a company selling health discount plans might call the plan insurance when it is really an unregulated, non-insurance product. If you question whether a product is actual insurance, contact your state insurance department.

It was also considered possibly Jordan Haraden Amarillo TX, Yellow City Insurance, pocketed premiums. If policyholders fail to pay premiums, their policies could lapse, and they could lose the cash values. Similarly, if a fraudulent agent created fictitious policies to achieve sales targets and receive sales incentives, he would likely let those policies lapse. Analysts can drill down into policy portfolios to discover unusual patterns in the frequency and the quantity of lapsed policies, which could indicate fraud. Apparently this is what happened with Amarillo Texas insurance agent Jordan Haraden.

If you suspect fraud, contact the Department of Insurance since insurance fraud hur

Is Yellow City Insurance Jordan Haraden a legit business?

Yellow City Insurance Jordan Haraden is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Yellow City Insurance Jordan Haraden located?

Yellow City Insurance Jordan Haraden is headquarted at 7619 Hillside Rd, Ste 300, Amarillo, TX 79119 . You can contact Yellow City Insurance Jordan Haraden by dialing (806) 350-5444 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Yellow City Insurance Jordan Haraden ’s customers?

According to Yellow City Insurance Jordan Haraden ’s customers, a monetary loss of US $42000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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  1. Jordan was never paid by this insurance co.

    Granddaughter has been targeted by abusive boyfriend of her sister after said sister escaped his prison. This man has done the same thing, ‘anonymously’, to the attorneys representing his other estranged childrens’ mothers. He destroyed my childrens’ mother’s grave marker out of malice in a lutheran cemetery on a historic registry. He filed fraudulent consumer injury claims on her behalf in hopes of reaping settlement money. A true human parasite, this is his job; he has no real employment. If you’re not convinced, please look for ANY legal judgments against her, any complaints from any employer where she’s worked, or anything that would indicate she was involved in fraud. Heck, call the number above. Call the BBB. Call the sheriff’s office in the county where she resides. You’ve nothing to lose by hunting and you’ll be one more person wise to this ‘scam’.

Reported Loss :42000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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