I was cheated and lied to by Worthy

This company is full of lies. My experience with worthy is torturous. I was lied to and cheated by these people at Worthy. I am never going to recommend this company to anyone.

Worthy told me that it would help me get the best price for my diamond ring. I have all the paperwork with me, and I know my ring was exclusive. The retailer I purchased the ring with had given me every proof to claim that.

The center diamond is 1.13 CT. My story goes this way. I asked Worthy to sell my engagement ring at their auction, and they agreed. They have this process of getting the jewelry checked by the evaluation team, and then they tell you the worth of the diamond jewelry.

It was fine till then. They said that the ring needs to be cleaned and evaluated before placing it in front of the buyers.

So, I agreed, and it seemed genuine to me. These guys came with the evaluation paper and told me that the ring was .97 carat. When the diamond is anything less than 1 carat, the price goes down to 20-30%, irrespective of the stone’s quality.

When they gave me that news, I told them that was not possible as the paper works said a completely different story. However, they were rigid about evaluation and were not ready to evaluate it twice.

Later, I checked the photographs they had used on their website. It was unclear, and the ring looked dirty instead of telling me that they cleaned it before placing it online.

I was disappointed in them. Who would pay for a ring that looks dirty and the carat was already reduced hugely? The pictures were terrible, but the lotion they might have used to clean the ring was pretty straightforward. They even misrepresented the size of the center stone and messed up with the entire presentation online.

When it comes to an online purchase, buyers depend on photographs and presentations, and in my case, these both were utterly ruined. I asked them to redo the listing, and they said they would. However, they never did that too.

I am sure that this kind of lack of attention to detail wasn’t possible as Worthy is a renowned company. They did it deliberately to deflate the ring price and increase their profits with the buyer at the backend.

Moreover, their calculation of my ring’s price was too low, which very much offended me. They told me that, at most, they could sell it for $984.

A diamond ring with 1 CT center stone princess cut with 52 additional diamonds on the band, each measuring around 1.8 mm, cost way more than that price, and I had paid a more significant price for that ring. I had bought that ring for $11000. I could have at least received what I paid.

My diamond ring is not furniture whose worth lowers with age. Also, Worthy takes 22% of the sale. So, I would have received around $768, which is half of the price I paid for the ring. This was plain cheating and nothing more than that.

This is not it. I increased my reserve price to $5500 so that I didn’t have to face loss. Even if the ring had sold for that price, Worthy would have got $1200 as the 22% of the sale value.

This company increased the auction period twice when the ring failed to meet the reserved price. They never bothered to ask me if I wanted that or did not have any other option.

In addition, I never spoke with the manager in charge of my auction. She never called me, and I tried a few times called her, but those attempts were not taken seriously. I never had a chance to talk to her.

And, these customer care people suck as well. They seemed like recorded messages. They won’t tell you anything you need to know but what they like to say. You ask ten questions, and they will have the same answer for every question because they have been trained to tell customers.

My experience was terrible. In short, this company tried to sell my ring for a meager price and never thought of confirming its decisions on my behalf about the auction. I wasn’t getting the fair deal, and that is why I had to back off and withdraw from the auction.

These people may not agree with my claims as they never agreed to do the evaluation twice. I even asked them if I wanted to try to evaluate the worth of my ring, which they refused to accept.

There were many times I had to ask for things more than thrice or even worse. They never listened to me. They did what they felt was making them a profit. They wanted my ring to be sold as fast as possible so that they could make the profit they wanted.

I may not be an expert on this. But the way these coincidences happened, I was sure that these guys were making me a fool which I am not. I understand how these things work and how companies take advantage of people. And I am not ready to be scammed.

Hence, I rejected Worthy’s offer and used another company to sell my ring, and I am happy that I made that choice. I would never recommend Worthy to anyone. And, if you wish to save your precious stones, better run as far as you can.

Otherwise, these people will stab you from behind.

Is Worthy a legit?

Worthy is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 8 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Worthy located?

Worthy is headquarted at 20 W 37 St, 12 Floor 10018 New York,NY United States. You can contact Worthy by dialing +1888-222-0208 or visit their website worthy.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Worthy’s customers?

According to Worthy’s customers, a monetary loss of US $11000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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8 Reviews on Worthy

  1. Worthy is a scam - avoid at all costs!

    Worthy evaluated my ring at 10% of its value – despite my providing the original purchase details and outside evaluation of its worth. Upon receiving their outrageous evaluation I immediately asked that my ring be returned to me. For what they offered, I’d be better off going to the local pawn shop!! I have yet to receive my ring back.

    I wish I had never heard of Worthy. Don’t send them you’re ring!! Find someone local who can guarantee you’ll get your ring back if you don’t agree to their sales terms.

  2. My rings are lost

    Very bad experience. My auction price was to low. Then they offered me a lower price. I told them to send my rings back. I got an email yesterday that they lost my rings. They can’t find them. But they will send me a check for fair market value. Bullshit. They didn’t lose them.. im beyond up set and ready to seek legal advice

  3. Do not let these people sell your ring!!!

    I sent worthy my ring (almost 3 CT diamond, good quality) they offered WAAAYYYYY less than my $10,000 reserve which was a bargain. THEN told me about the fee which would mean even LESS money. I’m trying to get my ring sent back now but keep getting the run around. I’m hoping I don’t have to sue.

  4. You will not get even a fraction of what your ring is worth

    The process was very long and convoluted. The grading process took over a week, and when the “professional” photos were taken, they looked like the ring hadn’t even been cleaned.

    They set my suggested ring reserve at $400, which is way low, in my opinion, considering the set cost of over 6K.

    I ended up getting a tiny bit over $400 even though I had wanted at least $900 for the set, and then, of course, Worthy’s fees were over $100.

    I only sold because I am a single mom desperate for money, but I definitely would have taken the ring back and gone somewhere else if my financial situation were better.

    Overall very disappointed and would not use it again or recommend it to anyone.

  5. Worthy has strings on sending your item back watch out

    I submitted a bracelet for auction, and it did not bring the minimum price I wanted, so I asked to return my bracelet.

    Only to find out that I was given a choice of either driving 50 miles to a FedEx location of Worthy’s will or signing a waiver releasing them of any liability if there was a loss or return of the item to their place because of FedEx’s lax signature policy.

    If I didn’t agree to one of those, I wasn’t getting my bracelet back. If this is a requirement, it needs to be provided initially when you decide to go to worthy, not when you’re waiting to get your item back; at this point, I don’t know what to do.

  6. Worthy, conartists are a fraud

    These con artists are a fraud. They will tell you to sell it at an absurdly low price, and then they assume that you will buy it at auction. This is rigged in their favor.

    If I had been informed that I was selling my wedding ring wholesale, I would not have bought it.

    The website strongly advised me to sell the ring at $700. A ring that contains more than one ct diamond. For $700, It sold for $700. I had set the reserve at $1300.

    I was told it had a lower than 15% chance of selling. Further research revealed that rings of similar size sell for about $2000. Their BS response indeed fooled me.

    They are false accusations. This is what I wrote.

    Worthy cannot explain why a ring featuring a 0.87ct center stone is worth $700. I am all ears. I need evidence that the “more than 50k sold items” justify that price. Nobody has. It’s BS.

    Why would you encourage me to sell at such a low price if it weren’t? You would be interested in making the most money, so I assumed you would take a cut unless there are additional forces at work here… CON ARTISTS!

    Update: Despite the above reply, no one reached out to me except the man who spoke with me.

    As I have mentioned, he did not give me any legitimate explanation as to why a 0.87-ct center stone ring with more than one ct of total diamonds would ever sell for $700. I don’t think you are correct.

    I suppose you might be wrong. The $2000+ rings similar in size to yours have also used rings.

    I stand behind my assertion that you are a scam website that offers pro buyers deals by tricking people into selling their rings at dirt-low prices.

    It is in your best interest to make the highest possible price for a ring as a middleman.

    Is it possible to justify undervaluing rings if you aren’t making any money in another way?

    1. In the same boat

      It’s day six,and still no money in my bank,even when Worthy states in black and white, two to three days if I choose direct deposit. Not even the worse part. I had a ring ,dad bought for mom in 97. Insurance gia at that time was price at 4,754.00. Mom wore it maybe twice,always kept in preserved in jewelry box. I was struggling,so sent to Worthy. What a terrible mistake. They highly suggested reserve of 690.00. I cried,and because ignorant of this scam,sold for 740.00. my review heard the same bs as yours. They are scamming somewhere. Why would they want to sell,a ring valued that price back then,having a better grade from worthy for 690.00 dollars? Somebody made money,while a lost a few thousand because I never expected them to screw me. Nothing I can do now I guess. Can’t find my ring on their “recently sold” ,and other rings that were graded identical or less than mind sold a min of 1,000.00 we need to band together and get the money we rightfully deserved getting. Thanks for reading. I’m still crying over how evil money can make people.

  7. Keep thinking about using Worthy But..

    I have called twice about selling my rings and asked what the procedures are. The guy who handles the calls is odd. He is unwilling to talk about the process.

    I wondered if they also charge the buyers a premium on the sale side ( which is super hidden oddly).

    He said they do. To whom are they working? The seller or the product or the buyer? It is supposed to be noticeable in NY, but it’s not. Strange.

    I asked him to send over the contract between us, and he said there was no one at all. Odd, what are their obligations? What are their responsibilities towards the owner of the jewelry?

    It is too mismanaged and hidden for me. Something is off there.

  8. Worthy=Worthless

    After signing up and shipping my one ct ring with the bridal set, I realized they would scam me. Set appraised last year for $9,750 and originally cost me the year before $6,000. Worthy offered me $260. I asked for the set to be shipped back two months ago and still have not received it!

    1. Did you get your ring back????

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Reported Loss : 11000 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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