WisdomJobsGulf.com robs people in the name of job offerings

There are many companies that sell crap in the name of job consultancies and WisdomJobsGulf.com is just one more addition to the list. You can expect them to be shrewd and clever when it comes to convincing people for paying. Most of the legitimate companies offer this for free. There are charges too, but still you can make out the difference between the legitimate ones and fake ones.

I signed up on their website and my friend did that too. We both were looking for a job and needed something to click sooner. After waiting for 10 months after graduation, the pressure was surging and so was our desperation. We signed up with many online job portals and were trying out hard.

Within a week of signing up with WisdomJobsGulf’s website, I got a call. The lady on the other side of the phone told me that the profile was selected by one of the best IT companies worldwide and they are hiring in chunk. I thought I could get through this. They lady said that the charge for registration needs to be paid before arranging the interview.

I asked for the details of the company. However, she said that the company policies do not allow her to provide details before payment. I asked her to call back after an hour. After she disconnected the call, I called my friend who had registered with the company.

To my surprise, he had got the same call with same information. The only difference was that the call he received was from a guy. We discussed about it. As, we wanted to ensure that we do not lose any opportunity knocking at the door, we decided to make the payment.

After the girl called, she provided me the details for payment and asked for the acknowledgement. We both made the payment the same day. I called the girl to provide her the reference details. She also shared her email id and asked me to send a test mail.

I instantly did that. I had to make this happen. My friend also did the same. We both waited for the call and email and ensured that we do not miss any call for a week. She had said that the call would come anytime in the same week. It was a Thursday. We waited till next Thursday before calling her.

I called her on next Friday. When I told her about the call that never came through, she suggested that the network wasn’t reachable. The client called thrice the same day I made the payment. Hence, she would be connecting with another requirement soon.

I called back my friend and he had just finished talking to his agent from WisdomJobsGulf.com. As I suspected, he had received the same answer. Its been more than two months and we both have not received any call from anyone from that company. I know now that we were scammed. WisdomJobsGulf.com is a fraud. It will vanish after you will make the payment. All they care about is money.

Is WisdomJobsGulf.com a legit?

WisdomJobsGulf.com is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is WisdomJobsGulf.com located?

WisdomJobsGulf.com is headquarted at N/A. You can contact WisdomJobsGulf.com by dialing +91 40 67902424 or visit their website www.wisdomjobsgulf.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by WisdomJobsGulf.com’s customers?

According to WisdomJobsGulf.com’s customers, a monetary loss of US $500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on WisdomJobsGulf.com

  1. Decietful company

    I need to warn you from #wisdomjobs.com they are decietful job portal, they will offer you free trial and then charge you 210$ before the end of the free trial for premium subscribtion even if you cancelled it, they also don’t respond to your complaints and will not refund you. Don’t give them your credit card info and don’t get into free trials with them, their job ads are fake, all what they need is to get your credit card info to give you free trial then they will steel your money. They are swindlers. Please share the post to save your friends and colleagues

  2. Victim of a scam

    Dear reader,

    I was a victim of the scammers via the website Wisdomjobsgulf. I received an acceptation for a job in a school in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The staff of the school told me to contact a tourist agency that works with them for the acquisition of the UAE Work/Residence permit papers which will enable me to legally live and work in U.A.E. They told me that any expense I make for the processing of the UAE Residence/Work Permit papers shall be refunded back to me immediately I submit my expenses report/receipt to them via email.
    The Employment Visa fee is 1,950 USD if I come alone to UAE and 2,950 USD if I bring my family with me. The agent that works with the agency called me by phone a lot of time. He was in a hurry to receive money. Fortunately , I discovered it is a scam via this video and by contacting the embassies in Tunisia and UAE:


    So pay attention to the scammers.

  3. fraud company

    Wisdomjobs.com wisdomjobsgulf.com this company is fraud. Dont register on this site and dont accept any offer for placement. Its all fake. This co taken money for guaranteed placement and even mail company name for your believe, but its all fake. Even they arrange overseas manager call for interview, its another fake. They will ask you for flight tkt, visa fee and other fee and told this will refundable with your offer letter, Dont believe this is another fraudness from wisdom team. Donot beleive any employee in this company, specially Mr Sainath, Mr Arun, Mr Sumantha, Ms Lekhya, Mr Abdul, and now one more cheater added in this group is Mr Raj. Now they hire new people for fraudness so new candidate believe in their wordings, Dont believe any one. All are fraud people. Do not revert any mail regarding job. Its all fake. Wisdom CEO Mr Ajay Kolla already arrested from fraudness . So you can imagine this company credibility. Now they are offering 5$ or 10$ for short time registration. Dont register. This is their new fraudness idea to collect money and ruin candidates career and time. Believe me this company is total fraud and donot register, even free . This is No 1 fraud job placement company. They are lair, cheater, fraud. They take your precious money and play with your time and career and very smartly they will make you fool. people dont accept or request their any job , writing resume, online test or any other offer. Its all fake and wrong. Beware of this company and mentioned employee of this company.

Reviews: 3
Reported Loss : 500 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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