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The IRS bill comes. There's a penalty

My paperwork is not always ready on time.

I began sending them my information on April 1 this year. My bad.

So I had to fight the IRS to extend my deadline by April 18.

Scott Wilson assured me that everything would be okay.

Scott Wilson promised to email me the form I needed so that I could send it in along with my paltry payment.

Monday morning came, and I didn’t have one. It’s still not here at 4 PM on the due day.

They’re probably working late and slaving away, so I should get it now.

I receive the Office-Iss-Closed recording.

What? What accounting office closes at five o’clock on Tax Day? For emergencies, there is no contact information.

I tried calling again. Now, I am frantically searching their website for after-hours contact information. Nothing.

I decide to drive to their office. Someone has to be there late, right? Wrong.

You can sign on the door with information about after-hours contact. Nope.

How can they be closed and unavailable on the most important day of accountants? I have not been able to reach someone since Tuesday, April 19.

They needed the day off because working up to 5 PM on Tax Day was too exhausting.

Wednesday, April 20, 2009 – Still no response to my panicked emails or phone calls.

11:58 AM – Finally, I get someone on the line. Scott takes my call. Scott doesn’t offer any genuine apology.

It was a simple “the office was so chaotic, I’m amazed only one client lost their way.” That’s quite impressive. But not when the client is me! Heh, heh …”

I was told that I would receive the form. I am to pay what I owe, and Wilson will handle it.

Don’t worry. Great. Problem solved, right? The IRS bill arrives.

There is a penalty. Wilson sends me the invoice. I pay the invoice less the IRS penalty amount.
This gets a response!

“I remember that you gave us your tax information the last day. On that day, we usually file 100 extensions.

Most of these are taxes received over the past two weeks and that we couldn’t complete on time.

Your tax was overlooked in the chaos of tax day.

Although I am sorry, I don’t feel responsible for your penalty.

Even though it was last-minute, I still have proof that my tax information was not brought in on the final day.

If they had any problems with my information when I submitted it, I should have been informed.

Or I could choose to take my chances. Or, B – I can take my paperwork to H&R Block with all the other last-minute filers and avoid this penalty.

I wasn’t told that there would be any problem. I was assured that everything would be fine.

Is Wilson Tax & Accounting a legit?

Wilson Tax & Accounting is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 4 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Wilson Tax & Accounting located?

Wilson Tax & Accounting is headquarted at 9057 Greenwood Ave N c206, Seattle, WA 98103, United States. You can contact Wilson Tax & Accounting by dialing (206) 783-8822 or visit their website wilsontaxexperts.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Wilson Tax & Accounting’s customers?

According to Wilson Tax & Accounting’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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4 Reviews on Wilson Tax & Accounting

  1. I won't be utilizing this business again since you don't seem to stand behind your work!!!

    Wilson did my 2010 taxes. In 2012, I received a letter from IRS stating that I owed $5000. Wilson responded that they had seen the problem before and could quickly fix it by sending a letter to IRS. The problem is that I was later charged for the “correction letter.”
    I hired you to do my taxes! If they were wrong… or you missed an explanation note (since your admission that you have seen this “situation” before), why not take full responsibility and fix it instead of charging me again for the service I originally paid for? You don’t seem to be standing behind your work, so I won’t use this business again!! Will you bill your clients again if the IRS ever rechallenges your work?

  2. This is not a great nor a bad accounting company.

    This is an accounting office that has serious problems. They are not severe, but the updates often arrive late. I tried several follow-ups, but they didn’t respond to me. This company is only something I’ve heard about through word-of-mouth. I haven’t seen any negative reviews or even been mentioned. I still requested their service to verify it for myself. They seem to have kept up with their updates over the past few months. Their service is still available to me. It is neither a good nor a terrible accounting firm.

  3. Just not impressed with the service or attention to clients.

    I was not impressed by the service and attention given to clients. Wilson and Wilson remained my accountant for over a year. They also did my taxes and accounting for my business. It was like I was babysitting. I had to keep in touch with them to ensure my taxes were done on time. They also offer different services.
    They also have different rates depending upon what is being done. Despite this fact and the fact that each service is performed by another person (e.g., taxes, bookkeeping, Quickbooks), the invoice they receive would only list a lump sum for all services.

  4. Tax was able to settle

    The IRS had tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid taxes that I owed from not filing my taxes. National Tax settled the matter with the IRS for less than $100. No matter what tax problem you have, I would highly recommend National Tax Experts.

Reviews: 4
Reported Loss : 3500 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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