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Wilshire is the place of devil. Stay Away

I usually choose my words carefully before talking about anyone else. However, this company, Wilshire Coins which should rather be called Wilshire Cons left me frustrated and disgruntled that whatever I will speak about them will still be less.

I am an old man and stay far from this company office. I had to sell my coins. I knew the name of this company through a friend who was also looking to sell his coins and he suggested that I should go check it out.

Before arriving there, I wanted to check for the rate as I do not drive, and I had to pay for the Uber for reaching there. So, I called these guys. It took some time for someone to answer. That guy asked me to wait for a little while and came back with the final rate.

He told me that the rate would be $302 each. When I asked about any differences that could come out after checking the coin, he said that it won’t be much. Few pennies here and there.

The price seemed decent to me. So, I booked the cab and left for their office. When I arrived, I kept standing at the reception for around 10 minutes. I could see people talking from distant and checking me out. But, the guy only came after I had to speak it loudly.

After looking at me and knowing the reason for my arrival, he asked me to show the coins. I was waiting for him to speak before another person came. He was the same man who spoke with me on the phone.

After checking my coins, he started talking rubbish about the condition and the manufacturing defects that was not the case at all. I had it reviewed by a friend who sold coins and he never mentioned such problems.

So, I knew they were lying. He proposed me a price of $290. It was $120 less than what it was proposed on the phone. They had their reasons for cutting the price down, but they were unjustified.

I took the cab back to my apartment. I am never going to deal with these people. They are a bunch of idiots.

They will make you believe that your assets are worth nothing and they are doing a favor by offering their price for such item. This tactic is not only shameful but illegal as well. Cheating customers are never going to pay them returns.

They are the most unreliable, untrustworthy and unfaithful company I have ever dealt with. They not only ate my 2 hours of time but made me pay for the cabs for both the sides of travel.

I have not much saving left, and I was looking forward to selling these coins to open a small business. But, I think it will have to wait for now. I am never going to come back to these people again. I know I will find a place better than this. But, I wanted to warn others who are not much aware of the actual price of their assets.

Just beware of these people.

Is Wilshire Coins a scam?
Wilshire Coins is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Wilshire Coins legit?
First Wilshire Coins is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Wilshire Coins’s consumers?
There is/are 2 review(s) posted about Wilshire Coins and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Wilshire Coins located?
Wilshire Coins is located at 1312 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401, USA. You can contact Wilshire Coins by dialing +1(310) 393-0661 or visit their website www.wilshirecoin.com before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Wilshire Coins’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $2000 was the total loss incurred by Wilshire Coins’s customers.

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2 Reviews on Wilshire Coins

  1. Wilshire CON

    Horrible company. Regrettably had to pawn my dads gold wedding ring, from the 60’s. Only with the promise I had 30 days to buy back.
    Called Wilshire CON within 10 days, letting them know I made a big mistake and wanted my dads sacred gold wedding ring back.
    Get this, over the phone promised by john that Wilshire Coin would hold the ring.
    (FYi as per California law, an individual has 30 days to change their mind and receive back items sold/pawned.

    Anyway, even though john said on the phone he knew the specific ring I wanted back & promised I could retrieve within the 30 day period….

    NOT. WILSHIRE CON totally ripped me off.
    Upon arrival at WILSHIRE CON, they tried to give me back a ring, that looked similar. I was so upset over the situation, almost made it out the door, before realizing they gave me a different gold ring.
    Of course I turned around, went back to john & the owner letting them know they gave me someone elses gold ring.

    Really, WILSHIRE CON is so untrustworthy that they will LIE & cheat good Santa Monica locals.
    Wow- even after I let them know they gave me the wrong ring, they came up with lame excuses that due to internal miscommuication my dads gold wedding ring had been melted down & there was no way I could get it
    back. …but before admitting this, why did they try to fool me, giving me someone’s similar looking gold ring??????????
    Really they tried to fool/scam me, giving me a similar looking gold ring.

    What kind of soulless, unkind people could let this happen???
    I now know the unkind, heartless, hell seeking souls at WILSHIRE CON, dont care about people. Only money.

    So when I returned to buy back my dads gold ring, was treated like #$%& told they could not locate it. Instead they tried to scam me, by handing me a mens gold wedding band, that looked similar. WTF??????

    Thanks, yes I take responsibility for making a bad decision to do business with WILSHIRE CON, but will never get over how they took advantage of a vulnerable person in need.
    Yup, me.

    Sorry will never forget, never ever forgive. My advice, never EVER do business with Wilshire CON.
    Owner is a money hungry, soulless..

    Anyway, I’m born in raised in Santa monica, ca. Almost 50yrs old have never experienced such an unpleasant deceiving and overall BAD experience.


    No. Can only hope WILSHIRE CON will pay the price one day, for ripping off good locals like myself.

  2. Great Experience

    It’s amusing to read the review of the last guy. First of all, ANYONE knows that, when selling coins, top dollar comes only from top condition. There are also fluctuations with respect to the daily spot price fo the metals. That said, this guy seems to think that the difference of $12 (NOT $120) between the quoted price on the phone and the price given once the coins were seen is a big deal. What planet are you from, dude? Besides, Wilshire Coin is a BUSINESS and, as such, they also have to make money on every transaction.

    My personal experience with them was fantastic and respectful and very fair. They explained a lot, and having done my research ahead of time, I know they were telling me truth. In fact, I will be bringing some gems and jewelry to them tomorrow for appraisal. Wilshire Coin will be the place that I do business with because I trust them.

Reported Loss :2000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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