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vulcan 7 Customer Services reveals your private numbers for Money

Sep, 2016 – on MLS I listed my home for sale. My home telephone or private mobile numbers were never published or listed online. Most importantly, all these phone numbers were on Do-No-Call for last five to eight years.

Once the sale of my home was suspended from that list on MLS, on all of my numbers, I started to receive solicitation from different realtors. They pitched about their services during those calls. I decided to ask from these realtors in order to know from where they used to operate and got my private numbers. All of them have mentioned that they got those numbers from Vulcan 7. It was a paid-for service used by most of the realtors.

Now the question is raised that how Vulcan 7 got my private numbers which were listed under DoNotCall or Unpublished category? And what sort of right they obtain to provide such numbers or private info to third parties? I strongly feel that my privacy is compromised and I feel very outraged due to such situation which was created by Vulcan 7.

I think that their privacy policy is a big joke, as they have dishonored DNC lists. I have not even called them for a single time. So, getting my private number is impossible for them. When I called them to file a complaint I have also used *67 so that my number will not appear on their called ID. I have tried to reach for a human voice but every time the voicemail answered me. This is a big surprise. Isn’t It?

As per their Telecommunications Privacy: Protecting your telecommunication related details is vital for us. We may track the phone number, name and other details during the telecommunications. However, we never share such information until and unless it is needed to be done as per the law. Such information may be aggregated to improve our services or to analyze the trends.

By contacting a company, you allow us to get in touch with you through your phone number even though it is listed on any Do No Call list.

Service Announcements:

Announcements related to service may be delivered on rare occasions. This may happen when we suspend certain service due to maintenance purpose. We will inform the users via email. Opting out of these communications may not be possible for the users. However, they can anytime deactivate the account that is used for such purpose. Such communications are not done to promote anything.

This one is a big lie!

Is Vulcan 7 Reviews a legit?

Vulcan 7 Reviews is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Vulcan 7 Reviews located?

Vulcan 7 Reviews is headquarted at Cincinnati Plant, Vine St, St Bernard, OH 45217, USA. You can contact Vulcan 7 Reviews by dialing 513-217-9570 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Vulcan 7 Reviews’s customers?

According to Vulcan 7 Reviews’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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5 Reviews on Vulcan 7 Reviews

  1. This isn't for everyone

    I’ve only been with them short than a month and I’m not feeling it. I personally think that it’s a waste of money. Most clientele will say no and ask how you got my information. If you can read as many reviews as possible. Don’t make the mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vulcan 7 is not worth the money

    I am very disappointed with their lack of transparency with billing practices.
    Mojo Dialer is a better service, with more value. This is not worth the extra money!!

    Do not sign up!!

  3. Harrassing scam out fit sending out my private cell phone number to other scammers

    Vulcan7 some how gotten a hold of my private cell phone number that I only give to 1 single person in my family. Not even my own mother has this number, but for some reason the scamming idiots at Vulcan7 have gotten a hold of it and are sending it to every Tom, Dick & Harry “real estate” scammer in the area. Because of VUlcan7 I’m receiving 12 and 13 calls a day from so called “real estate brokers” and “agents” , most of which are operating from run-down apartment complexes in the hood. I am not even in the market for any real estate dealings, but Vulcan7 keeps selling my info to these idiots and refuses to stop. If you’re a real estate broker, I highly advise you to avoid Vulcan7 and it’s sister companies , Mojo, RedX, Arch, Landvoice, etc. Get some real leads that are actually homeowners, as Vulcan7 will send you a ton of numbers who are apartment renters and who are on the DO NOT CALL registry. It is a FEDERAL crime to call these people, but Vulcan7 will include these numbers in your dialer. Not only that, but you open yourself up for legal liabilities AND negative online reviews, therefore hurting your business reputation. On top of that, you’re paying $300 a month for garbage leads that can only lead to legal trouble.

  4. VULCAN- I'm being harassed

    It’s 4:40 in the afternoon and I’ve received 37 calls so far today from realtors…all stating that they paid Vulcan 7 for a lead generation for expired listings. The first call came in at 7:38am. 1st, the property they are calling about was NEVER owned by me. 2nd, I can’t get ahold of vulcan to be removed from the list. Make that 38…just got another call. Anyway…does anyone have any advice for me to stop getting calls? Another bit of info, I’ve had this number for over 10 years and I literally can’t do business today because my phone is ringing every 4-5 minutes. My voicemail is full.

    November 1, 2017

  5. The person who left the first review doesnt understand what is allowable. Selling your phone number is not illegal. You probably share this info and
    more several times a month with companies who then sell your info. Does FB have your phone #? If so, then you gave it to one of the world’s largest data companies. Do you have a supermarket rewards card? Guess what –
    they sell your buying habits to others. Privacy is a near myth, but usually you are the one who gives up the info.

    As for the DNC list, the onus is on the agent, not Vulcan 7. You can sue the agent and his broker for $500 per call. Ask for a copy of their DNC policy. If they dont provide it, thats another $500. If they call you and know that doing so violates the law, that trebles the $500..

    Multiply that by the number of agents who call you and you have a decent revenue stream. I know of an attorney in SoCal who deliberately advertised his property as a FSBO just to get agents to call him so he could take them to small claims court.

    Do a little homework before you slam the wrong person. Vulcan 7 is great at what they do.

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