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During December 2015, a shoulder decompression along with bicep tendon and rotator cuff repair operation was done by Dr. Michael Khazzam. It was the time when I mentioned to the anesthesiologist and the doctor that I am having allergic reaction to the adhesive they may used during such operation. I repeated them such a thing twice. However, they put that adhesive on me despite my constant request.

After three days, the allergic reaction started to that tagaderm. Soon I called to the doctor. I was asked to go for Benadryl. It was the time when I suffered from severe hives. And such condition was quickly spreading for me.

One afternoon I called to the orthopedic clinic while mentioning them about my severe hives and how it was spreading. I also asked for instant care. Soon the nurse mentioned to me that I am telling them another story and I hid them about my back seeping matter though it was not true. It’s the first example of how the doctor’s office uses to respond to the patients. There is really no one to listen to the patient’s actual problem.

Soon my mother took me to the Care Now Urgent Care Center where I have received instant medical care as well as good treatment which my body was seeking for badly. There I was prescribed to take steroid pack as well as steroid shot. They also gave me anti-itching medicine as well as cream to eliminate the allergic reaction.

On 29th of April, 2016, I was supposed to go through another surgery for the removal of scar tissue as well as to perform the manual manipulation so that I can get back normal mobility for my shoulder. Such surgery was supposed to be done by the same Dr. Khazzam. After that surgery when I woke up and trying to get dressed, I found that normal mobility for my arm was not there. I asked the nurse about such situation and she dismissed my query while mentioning that it occurred due to the bandages and minor swelling.

Once I was discharged from UT South Western, I was supposed to move for Baylor Rehab in order to get the therapy. There also I asked the same query to the physical therapist. There also I came across the same sort of response. Apart from weekends, I used to go to the rehab center every day. For 2 weeks I attended the rehab center and then twice in a week. I continued the same routine for one month. Every time I used to ask the same question to the therapists, they use to come up with different or no answer.

After that surgery, nerve block has worn off and I was in deep pain. I called to the doctor on his emergency number. The pain was quite high and I was not able to control it. I told him that I am in deep pain and he mentioned me to go for a double dose of that pain medicine. It took three days for the pain to come under control.

On Friday, I have gone through that surgery and on next Monday I was in severe pain. I called the orthopedic clinic and mentioned them that something went wrong and I am looking for a nurse to talk to. I called them twice but there was no one to respond me in the right manner. They didn’t even call back me.

When I first met Dr. Khazzam during the post-operation appointment, he seemed very busy. I have even asked him that he should prescribe me another pain medicine as I was in deep pain. He said ok for the next prescription and when I asked about the pain, he mentioned me that after such surgery pain can remain there for some time. He even asked me for lying on a table in order to check my hand’s mobility. During that session, I felt that he was trying to jerk back my arm. Once he saw that my arm was not lying down my head, in an abrasive and abrupt voice he told me that “after surgery you are having hundred percent mobility so I am not going to do further surgery on you”.

After that interaction, he mentioned me that he will see me after one month. When I asked him whether or not my stitches will be taken off, he looked at them and said that yes they are ready to be removed. He got the scissors and took off those stitches while asking me to meet him after one month. He never paid attention towards my shoulder and even tried to find out whether or not it is moving properly. However, at the Baylor Rehab center, a physical therapist called that orthopedic clinic while mentioning that something went wrong with that shoulder surgery. But there was no response from there. During the fourth and fifth week of the rehab program, she texted the orthopedic clinic and the result was same – no answer.

During the first part of sixth week, I first moved to the orthopedic clinic instead of going for the rehab center. There was a new therapist who told me that “its look like your shoulder is dislocated”. Soon she wrote one letter to the surgeon and asked me to given that letter to him so that further diagnostic can be continued. When I submitted that letter to Dr. Khazzam at the orthopedic clinic, he sent me for an x-ray room to take x-ray of my shoulder.

It’s my left humerous bone and arm which were dislocated from the shoulder for last six weeks. The situation remained the same even during the 3rd surgery. Due to that reason, I was in deep pain. And once the x-ray report came and the doctor found such thing, he asked me to go for an instant surgery next morning.

On 6th Oct 2016, they performed another surgery to re-position that arm and humerus bone on the shoulder. I was also hospitalized and kept under observation. During that night, not for a single time, the doctor came to watch me. I know he was there at the hospital. Once I was discharged from the clinic, I called the legal affairs in UT South Western and filed a complaint detailing the whole story. I mentioned everything that has happened with me before case manager.

After the 3rd surgery, when I met Dr. Khazzam during the 1st post operation appointment, I was in deep pain, crying and totally upset. There was a friend with me during that session, as I became so afraid of that surgeon as well as that hospital. I did no longer trust them. When Dr. Khazzam came in, I mentioned him that I am in deep pain and not able to move my arm, wrist and shoulder. During that time he mentioned me that my nerves are week, and they are messed up. For six weeks or so, I have tolerated such pain. When I asked for medicine to get relief from nerve pain, he told me to take Lyrica. I have gone through shoulder surgery, but the nerve pain I have received after this was just burning my whole arm.

After the holiday of July 4th, I called that orthopedic clinic and mentioned them that I am unable to take that pain, as it has become severe. I also asked them to prescribe me something for that never pain. Soon, Wendy called back me and her voice was quite abrupt. So, I decided to call to the legal affairs. I mentioned them that my nerve pain is not even allowing me to sleep and I have been prescribed with Lyrica to get relief from that pain. After one or two hours, Wendy called me back and asked to pick that prescription for Lyrica. That prescription was picked by my friend. I took one dose of Lyrica without wasting any time and finally received some amount of relief from the pain. Once I took that dose I slept for seven hours after a long time.

After this I visited Dr. Khazzam. He asked me to visit pain management and hand doctor in UT Southwestern. Already I have received so much pain and there was no trust left on this UT Southwestern. So, I have decided that I will not visit any other doctor here.

Dr. Khazzam has also tried to blame me for the dislocation of my arm while stating that I might have tried to roll over to the left side during when the nerve block occurred. I mentioned him that “look Mr. Khazzam, my mother assisted me to up that arm for just one time’. He again queried me that then why dislocation occurred? I mentioned him that the left arm used to stick out and I was not able to lay it down by side. And this has occurred with me since the second surgery and the same situation remained there till the third surgery.

Dr. Khazzam has also asked me to go for a nerve-conductive test. But instead of that I preferred to go for the Baylor hospital where that test can be done. Now new hand, pain management and shoulder doctors are taking care of me at the Baylor. Now I think I may go through couple of surgeries to correct my arm problem.

UT Southwestern Medical Center Chief: Daniel K Podolsky – MD, President

Is UT Southwestern Medical Center a legit?

UT Southwestern Medical Center is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is UT Southwestern Medical Center located?

UT Southwestern Medical Center is headquarted at Harry Hines Boulevard 5323 TX US. You can contact UT Southwestern Medical Center by dialing 214-648-3111 or visit their website utsouthwestern.edu.

How much monetary loss is incurred by UT Southwestern Medical Center’s customers?

According to UT Southwestern Medical Center’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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2 Reviews on UT Southwestern Medical Center

  1. Poor job taking care of customers

    My son had a brain hemorrhage in January. After he was stabilized we met with doctors at UT SW. The nature of the problem was such that they recommended gamma knife surgery, and utsw was the place for that. The doctor, Timmerman, said that to make sure the affected area of the brain was all settled down, they would schedule the treatment for March. Another doctor, Silero, had told us that if not treated, my son had a 10% chance each month of another brain hemorrhage.

    UTSW cared so much that they didn’t schedule my son’s treatment until late May. I am not allowed to be near my son during the treatment. UTSW assured me that they would provide updates throughout the morning. It is now noon, and I have heard nothing from them.

    Whatever the outcome of the procedure, UTSW has made it abundantly clear that they do not care one little bit about their patients or the families.

  2. No word to describe them

    They should respond here to resolve the issue amicably.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 2500 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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