Professional Liars - full of manipulation

They claim to only need $250 in opening an account with them whereby you earn from $1,200 a day. They claim that your minimum deposit amount can be withdrawn at any time whereby you get it deposited into your banking account within 10 days.

This is definitely lies because instead, they will demand more additional money claiming that you will be amazed after you have increased the amount. Fortunately I never deposited, instead I smelled a rat and decided to withdraw my $250. They cancelled my withdrawal on the system on the 8th day of waiting! I requested another withdrawal and they ignored it, unti I was surprised to have $24 left on my account. Even today I have received nothing from them.

Is legit? is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 16 consumer(s) was/were given a as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is located? is headquarted at England GB. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact by dialing +442037695436 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by’s customers, US $250 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely high.

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  1. One has to be careful with the brokers on the internet now. Last year I was scammed in the binary trade option by a broker I met on Instagram. I invested $14000 which I lost, I couldn’t make a withdrawal and I slowly lost access to my trade account for 3 months I was frustrated and depressed. After a few months, I met Donna Thomas. A recovery expert that works in affiliation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). She worked me through the process of getting my money back and all the extra bonus which I got during my trading. She can be of help to anyone who has a similar situation. You can contact her via her mail:Ninnilundberg @ or her WhatsApp +1 (619) 387 8594.

  2. If the world had more people like Mr Raymond Wright , it would be a better place. You do make a difference in the Binary Trading

  3. recover lost funds back now

    I’ve lost about 28,500$ trading with this particular binary option broker. Fortunately for me, I stumbled on a forum that advised everyone who has lost money to different kinds of online investment to recover their lost funds by contacting jian dot fang at yandex,com


    Do not get involved with this outfit. They have no customer service. You put money in and you can not get it out. They keep requiring documentation and then deny it. I have been trying to get my funds for over 6 weeks. I think my next step is to get in touch with Interpol and file a fraud Claim against this outfit. Mark my word and be careful with Empire option.Do not waste your time and money on this scam company. All they do is keep calling until you make the deposit. Once they realize you won’t deposit anything else, they will never reply to your emails. And forget about calling them, they’ll hang up on you. Rude and unprofessional.
    Their so-called “advisors” are pieces of garbage. Sebastian and Federico Demczylo are liars. They’ll promise you anything to get your deposit. Then forget about trying to contact them, not to mention to make a withdrawal, you will never get your money.
    In these kind of cases with the fake broker over the internet my advice if you have already invested with those liar,call them back and get a refund which am guessing you have already tried.In this i will advice to get in touch with yingyue76 at yandex ,com he’s been very helpful to the society by recovering stolen funds from all this fake broker.

  5. Traders who have been scammed before

    Traders who have been scammed before,my advise out there is for you to be wise before you invest in any binary option trade or broker,i was scammed $120,000.00USD by online broker but at last i found someone who help me to recover all my lost funds back from a scam that shocked my capital with an unregulated broker,if you need assistance with regards of your lost funds from your broker or maybe your broker manager is asking you to make more deposit before you could make a withdrawal or your account has been manipulated by your broker manager or your broker has blocked your account just because they need you to make more deposit to your account.if you’re interested in getting all your lost funds back kindly get in contact with Mr Richard Drake ,he was the one who helped me get back my lost funds,contact him via his email:[email protected] he will guide you on the steps i took in getting all my refunds.

  6. is the real deal in terms of getting your lost funds recouped in full.

    This huge scam company took all my money all in the name of trading with them after i deposited my trading fee i found out i got locked out immediately and i quickly contacted them and i was told the money i deposited was way too high which i understand and i was told to request account upgrade which i did but what i realized at the end of the day was that my money was gone it seemed lime an illusion to me but it’s actually real and not an illusion all my efforts to make them refund went in vain well i had to let go and instead i got in touch with a recovery company who was able to get back my money from this unregulated broker in full.

Reported Loss :250 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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