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The TEFL Academy Fake Accreditation and Online Abuse

The TEFL Academy claims to be accredited by a whole host of companies, but they are accredited by none in reality. The companies they list as their accreditation partners are, in fact, regulatory bodies – without any accreditation leverage whatsoever.

Therefore, we know this is true because of the reviews we received from The TEFL Academy graduates. If you pay for one of their courses, you will be unemployed as a foreign language teacher.

The reviews website that I run (Trusted TEFL Reviews) recently received a review from one of their employees. When we refused to publish the review, the employee (Caitriona McTiernan) decided to create a blog page, where she claimed a whole load of incorrect facts about me and my website. Caitriona represents the TEFL Academy, and her behavior is simply atrocious.

Is The TEFL Academy a legit?

The TEFL Academy is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is The TEFL Academy located?

The TEFL Academy is headquarted at International. You can contact The TEFL Academy by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by The TEFL Academy’s customers?

According to The TEFL Academy’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1.000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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3 Reviews on The TEFL Academy

  1. The TEFL Academy TPR Teaching scam

    I feel that I have the authority to weigh in on this conversation impartially because I co-own

    Caitriona “Maria” McTiernan is a TEFL Academy shill.
    She works professionally for The TEFL Academy as one of their Brand Ambassadors.

    Back in March 2021, Trusted TEFL Reviews received a keyword-laden review from Caitriona, that read like a TEFL Academy marketing leaflet.
    When we refused to publish her review (it went against the review submission guidelines) Caitriona responded by going online and trying to punish us for it.

    Very mature and professional!

    She is currently best buddies with Ian Leahy from ESLinsider a known TEFL scammer – as well as being employed by the TEFL Academy, and her response to her review not being published was to try and reduce the credibility of in the public eye.

    She tried to do this by simply regurgitating the misinformation spread by Ian Leahy from ESLinsider that is not impartial.

    We find it funny that the rotten-to-the-core TEFL programs that receive mixed and/or very negative verified reviews on Trusted TEFL Reviews seem to always try to claim that our reviews website is owned by one of the better-reviewed TEFL programs. This is just a ploy to deflect attention away from the negative review(s).

    Caitriona inhabits a world where she is a TEFL Academy shill at night and a dairy farmer during the day.

    Read more over at Trusted TEFL Reviews:

    Mia Williams.

  2. TEFL online pro is a scam

    No comment on the said company in the title of this review. However, I would like to comment on TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews. If you noticed a supposed Mia Williams and a Paul Murphy commented here, but these aren’t real people, they are actually one person named Neville David Thomas.

    He owns the sites TEFL online pro, Trusted TEFL reviews and ACTEFLC. He writes fake reviews to promote his site and attack others like he is doing here. He has a reputation for bullying and harassing people.

    If you look him up you will see that he had a scam called ITTP TEFL where he was accused of similar things under his real name and probably why he is using fake names this time. He has been caught on Facebook recommending both TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews. Those 2 sites were created within a few weeks of each other in 2019 and hosted on the same website host.

    Not only does he write fake reviews, but he created a fake award called the Teacher’s choice award, a fake accreditation called ACTEFLC and many fake comments all over the web.

    1. The TEFL Academy is Fake

      It is effortless to add a comment on this post, using a ridiculously titled name.
      Like I have with this comment.

      I know that people are not stupid.
      they can see that The TEFL Academy has responded to this complaint by using an anonymous alias.

      Folks, avoid The TEFL Academy.

      Its business owner Rhyan O’Sullivan is a con artist and its operations manager Thomas Gibbons is a bit of a tool.

      The TEFL Academy lies about its accreditation (it has none) and it lies about how much it gives to its charity causes.

      The TEFL Academy would be a good TEFL course if it would only not lie so much and if it would only not attack its business competitors.

  3. Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan

    Dear readers,

    TEFL Online Pro has also been on the receiving end of Caitriona (Maria) McTiernan’s impulsive and hidden-agenda campaign to publish defamatory material online regarding the business competition of The TEFL Academy- whom she represents, and whom she earns money from by recommending their (The TEFL Academy) TEFL courses.

    Caitriona McTiernan is currently employed by The TEFL Academy, and has been so for the past few years.

    Caitriona McTiernan publishes online content under the pseudonym ‘Caitriona Maria’. ‘Maria’ is Caitriona’s middle name.

    The online defamation has gotten so bad that we have had to issue a rebuttal on our school website blog:

    When we confronted Caitriona, via email, and asked her to stop writing false information about TEFL Online Pro on her commercial blog – a blog that has been established by The TEFL Academy, to sell The TEFL Academy’s courses – Caitriona replied that she “doesn’t have any money [in the case that we proceeded with legal action against her for defamation] and that there is nothing we can do about it”.

    We hope that Caitriona, in future, instead, chooses to spend her time in a more constructive and respectable/legal way.

    Her current way is simply shameful exercise in the negative exploitation of The TEFL Academy’s business competition for her and the TEFL Academy’s own financial benefit and reward.

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy
    Operations Manager

Reviews: 3
Reported Loss : 1 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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