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The product is good however the customer service is abysmal.

I ordered a 4-door, sliding door system using the companies online ‘build your own doors’ feature. The dimensions were about 84″ x 124″ and we ordered a white frame with frosted glass. The projected completion time was 8-10 weeks, which I was told was normal. The doors were completed and ready at 8-weeks. I saved myself $600 by collecting them myself in my Subaru. Total cost for the doors was $3,200. Not cheap, but I was prepared to pay well for a quality product.
The doors were exactly as we ordered and they fit perfectly into the opening in our home separating our living room and dining room. Unfortunately, the doors did not come with any kind of handles / locking mechanism / door stop. So we have no way to keep each door in place securely beyond the weight of the doors holding them in place, which is not ideal. We wanted some way to lock the doors because we are using the dining room as a third bedroom. I made the mistake of assuming some kind of door-stop/brake mechanism would be included, like a latch. There was no step in the online ‘build your own doors’ feature to include a choice of hardware or mechanism for brakes/latches/locks, and at no point in the ordering process were we asked if we wanted any or had a preference for how to keep the doors in place.
As a result, we now have $3,200 worth of four sliding doors that cannot be secured in place. We’ve tried magnets. There’s no way to use a kick-down door stop without drilling into the frame and risking penetrating the glass. I contacted the company and they sent me out what was described as ‘wheel locks’. The small pieces of metal they sent out came with no instructions and would require drilling into the frame to install. Something I am not going to do to $3,200 sliding doors…
I’m extremely disappointed that for the price there was no safety measure in place to ensure a locking mechanism was addressed before construction. No attempt to compensate us for this. The only solution were some cheap pieces of metal without instructions that lock the doors permanently in place.
In addition to the lock/brake issue, the doors came with ‘frosted’ glass. The instructions said to wash them with warm water and detergent. They neglect to say that the frosting will come off very easily and will not stand the test of time. We had them for about two-weeks when I was spraying some OFF! on myself before going on a jog and some of the spray hit the doors. No problem right? But the Off! ate away at the frosted covering on the glass, which is just some kind of cheap paint. Now I have a spray mark on the doors were the Off! has melted the frosting off as well as no brakes. Great! I feel like a fool for spending this much money on a product that is riddled with flaws from a company that doesn’t seem to give a damn.
I would give the company 3 stars for the doors being the right size, but then subtract 3 stars for the lack of attention to detail when it comes to something as fundamental as a locking/braking mechanism, along with the shabby quality of the frosted glass (paint) and the lame apathetic attempt at trying to address the brake issue after we paid them so much money. We’re left with playing around with magnets and trying to figure out a way to lock the doors in place without drilling in to the frame. An extremely costly oversight. The company made no attempt to reimburse us beyond sending out the cheap metal ‘wheel locks’ that don’t work and have no instructions. They had an opportunity to address the issue and this was their response, so, 1 out of 5 stars is my rating. If you’re thinking of using this company make sure you address the locking mechanism before ordering and don’t bother getting the ‘frosted’ glass, you could just paint on something yourself and do a better job… The end product is not what I expected and the ordering procedure and my overall experience has been completely soured by very simple but incredibly important oversights and the poor follow-up.

Is The Sliding Door Company a legit?

The Sliding Door Company is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 4 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is The Sliding Door Company located?

The Sliding Door Company is headquarted at 14th Street Northwest 2127 DC US. You can contact The Sliding Door Company by dialing (202) 588-8840 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by The Sliding Door Company’s customers?

According to The Sliding Door Company’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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4 Reviews on The Sliding Door Company

  1. Negligent and rude

    After waiting 4 months they arrived with the wrong doors and installed them. They put unnecessary holes in my new wood floors and cut a piece of my baseboard and tried to glue it back on after realizing it was a mistake. Customer service was rude and condescending. The quality has certainly declined as I’ve had their doors in my prior home.

  2. Terrible and shady business practices

    There’s so much wrong with this company, from delays, getting my order messed up, to shady business practices. I’ll start from the beginning:

    I ordered my doors in February, and was told my custom-sized doors would take 2 months. When trying to schedule a time for when the installers could arrive, they weren’t very flexible. I had to take a day off work to be home to meet the installers. Luckily, this was about a week or so in advance. The day before, there was an “emergency” and they called me to reschedule. I told them I couldn’t, and the lady on the phone said it was fine, she could get someone else to cover. She calls AGAIN to reschedule. Haha, ok..I don’t know what answer she’s expecting, but I tell her again, that no, I can’t reschedule, I already got work off to meet the installer tomorrow. How annoying is that? I already managed to get work off, and even then, I still have to remain flexible to your schedule? Rude – especially when there was someone to cover all along. Why send your customers for a loop?

    So the installers show up the next day, unload the truck, and they seemed very confused. Apparently, the company got my order wrong and they had to send it back to the factory to fix it. Ok cool, how long is that gonna take? Another 3 weeks? Wonderful..

    3 weeks past, and I’m told that the doors can’t be installed yet because the hardware wasn’t included. This is where I start to think..this company has no idea what they’re doing. Surely the level of ineptitude can’t be infinite. But. It. Can.

    You know why I’m pissed off? You know how difficult it is to get days off at work to be at home for these installs? Clearly, they could give a rat’s ass. In rage, I posted a scathing yelp review detailing everything about the process.

    And guess what? The coordinator for the installers calls them to tell them about the review. I learned something new: the yelp reviews are tied directly to the installer’s bonuses. How FUCKED UP is that? You can’t leave an honest rage-induced review for the company’s failings, because it’s tied to the installer’s bonuses- DESPITE NO FAULT OF THIER OWN. I removed the review, because it wasn’t their fault the doors kept getting delayed and hardware kept going missing. It wasn’t their fault this company managed to fuck up my door order twice.

    But for the price of the doors, and price of the install, you’re being charged a premium fee. For that premium fee, I expect nothing less than getting shit done right the first time around. This process is already long enough, and it dragged on for much longer than necessary. This was one of the most piss-poor experiences I’ve ever had.

    I will do everything in my power to warn people away from this company, post in other public arenas, warn networks of contractors and architects, and dissuade as many people as I can. They do not value customers, or their own employees. In fact, they pit their customers against their employees. How awkward was it to have to be confronted by an installer about a yelp review? Very awkward. And even more enraging.

  3. Great service, great people.

    I had good interactions with the dealer at the store, the doors came on the early side of the 10-12 week window I was given, and the installation was quick and easy. I will say that it was roughly twice what I expected to pay, but as other commenters pointed out you won’t necessarily find lower priced custom doors.

  4. I wish I could give negative stars.

    Similar to the other posts we have had a terrible experience with the Sliding Door Company. The product is good however the customer service is abysmal.

    The sales rep in this location doesn’t follow through, provides utterly incorrect timelines for product to ship and install. We finally scheduled an installation date but there was an issue with the partitions we order –the doors were installed but the partitions we paid for were not.

    The installer was going to check with Alex and have to come back once he had all the parts. However, Alex and Sliding Door Company charged our debit card on record for the final payment even though the job was not completed. It is now two months of trying to get them to come back out to finish the job.

Reviews: 4
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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