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Tai Lopez; A Scamographed!

Tai Lopez is a scamographed* entrepreneur who acquires and manages large brands with a customer base exceeding 20 million. These brands include

A good number of us envy businesspersons who boast of their book’s readership skills and records. It is also not uncommon to see their offices are stocked with various kinds of books – ranging from professional to motivational.

Have you thought of a better way to measure up to that standard or something close to that? You will agree with me that reading books is important and we all would have been excelling at this art, but for inconsistency and some flimsy excuses we put up from time to time.

If the previous sentences describe you, then this program would fit you.

You can reach the book reading goals you set for yourself with a simple subscription.

I don’t mean reading a book each month. The program can help you cover 50 books in a year going at the rate of 10 minutes each day. How exciting!

An overview of the MentorBox

MentorBox is a program developed by Tai Lopez and his business partner Alex Mehr. The program extracts the information from various informational and helpful study books and delivers them to you.

The program is set in a way that is aimed at helping you comprehend the contents of the books made available to you. This is made available to you as you subscribe to the monthly package.

The program also provides you with the option of collecting these materials monthly in a box. The box would carry the reading materials in the set package for the set time, video lessons, and a USB stock with materials for your learning benefit.

The box typically avails you with much material necessary and comparable to an actual readership of the stated books. Interesting!

So, suppose we were to try to summarize the MentorBox program objective by its modus operandi. In that case, we may say that it tries to help you comprehend the contents of many business books spanning through different categories by extracting out of them the most important points and making them available to you in an easily understandable format.

They are concerned about your improvement – as would any other book readership course. This implies that your goal of reading a given quantity of text could be achieved via this program. All you need is to subscribe to this program, and you are good to go.

There is more information on the program below.

Could it be a Scam?

The program delivers what it states it would at a price stated. For this, we wouldn’t say it is a scam.

The fact that the program is aimed at intelligent persons is remarkable. This implies there are few chances of taking advantage of people. The trouble, however, is the upsells temptation.

There just seems to be no end to these online training programs and their tendency to want to compel you to subscribe to a higher or better and more expensive version of the program.

If Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr were compelling us to buy a package worth the price, I need not trouble anyone not to.

Inside the MentorBox

The MentorBox package offers you an online platform where you get to be fed summarized material from the proprietors’ efforts.

Tai Lopez, a CEO and talented speed-reader, and his partner Alex Mehr read through the actual books and let you in on the main points.

This online package is for $7 per month. This package provides you access to many books with their core lessons, access to the mastermind group, recorded audio summaries for some readers, access to download some workbooks, access to speed-reading and memory retention cheat sheets, access to about 500 hours of video lessons, as well as the physical product upgrade option.

The physical version upgrade costs $89 per month and offers the following:

  • 2-3 books
  • A video book summary contained in a USB drive
  • Workbooks for each book
  • Cheat sheets for each book
  • A study guide material
  • A magnet

This is quite convenient if you cannot commit yourself to a personal reading scheme. If it pays off, then you are good to go too.

You may check out their content by clicking on this link.

From here, I would say, just read on.

The following section would do justice to the program. By the time you are done reading this review, you will be sure whether to join the program or not.

A Look at Both Sides

A quick look at the positives and negatives of this program would show you a bigger picture. The final decision would be up to you.


  • The program tends to induce a solid drive for seeking knowledge in its participants. I cannot disagree with this fact. Ability rules the world right now, and it would be commercial suicide for any business owner not to commit himself to acquire knowledge in any form. Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr are just dishing out to you the necessary expertise for business, being businessmen themselves. Joining the program would expose you to any other info product scheme. This is true.
  • The program is very profitable for persons who may not have the time to read materials that can help them grow profitability. That means you can attend to other pressing matters that demand your attention without fear of letting your business success lower into the mud. Ten minutes every day is an easy fit that will not kill anyone any day.
  • There is a 3-day free trial offer and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is fair to me. It allows you to surf through the content before deciding whether to join the program. It also allows you to stay at a safe harbor. The money-back is ideal for enabling you to compare content provided with the cost of the content. If dissatisfied, you can always complain and be sure of a response of some sort.


  • The inability to select your book choice is a turn-off for me. Any entrepreneur who intends to make measurable progress ought to have a concrete idea of what he plans to achieve. This clarity of vision enables you to select the kind of material that you would want your mind to process. The selection of materials by the proprietors of the program, Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr, though experienced, does not allow you enough space and convenience to grow in your niche. If attending to your own specific needs is very important, you should pick your books and read them.
  • The priority given to upselling throws the program in a bad light. With so much attention to higher programs that provide better materials and cost more, there seems to be no end to the cycle of online product providers who want to exploit you through the same means. It appears so legit but only turns out to be like others in the process. I can tell you categorically that the upsells are the primary profit source hence the emphasis.
  • Also, MentorBox is notorious for making automatic charges on its customers for upsells, which the customers are unaware of. Getting refunds in these cases has been difficult in many cases, with many processes being involved and the back and forth that customers go through while trying to seek redress. It has not been funny for some. This is sheer exploitation and represents the poor attention the proprietors show to the system. Given the nature of the business, such forms of carelessness are uncalled for and need to be addressed as soon as possible if they do not want to lose customers.
  • The program is excessively unrealistic in most of its presentations. This shows that Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr are more interested in selling their brand than delivering quality content to their subscribers. The affiliate marketing partners are also adding to the situation by creating an unrealistic picture of the program – one which it cannot measure up to. Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr should have given much to the program content as they do its marketing. This would pay off immensely.
  • The support staff provides very little assistance when reached. Their selection does not suit the program as they provide minimal service to customers. This leaves many customers disappointed with the system.


MentorBox seems to provide a reliable alternative for assisting entrepreneurs in growing their brands and making some progress.

We can also acknowledge the depth of experience and input that Tai Lopez and Alex Mehr have put into their subscribers.

My problem is this:

You will end up producing half-baked CEOs and entrepreneurs. Investing in such an enterprise could be commercial suicide too.

Please wake up and shake yourself into reality. This is the 21st century. You need to read well and gain some practical experience to make headway. Quick schemes are unreliable and are sure to hit an iceberg somewhere along the line.

I was excited about the concept of the program, but on close view, I was disappointed. I don’t think you should risk the money to buy something you could get by yourself. I cannot recommend this program for anyone for now.




Is Tai Lopez a legit?

Tai Lopez is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Tai Lopez located?

Tai Lopez is headquarted at 810 N Rexford Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, USA. You can contact Tai Lopez by dialing 18006042587 or visit their website tailopez.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Tai Lopez’s customers?

According to Tai Lopez’s customers, a monetary loss of US $67378 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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2 Reviews on Tai Lopez

  1. Tai is an enterprenuer.

    The most successful people are all learners.

    I’m afraid I have to disagree. I believe life experiences are the best teacher. With a significant following on the internet, Tai Lopez is one of these people.

    It wasn’t easy. Tai Lopez was a young man who was struggling to make ends meet. Tai Lopez has become an inspiring individual.

    Tai believes that luck is a good thing and can turn luck into skill. Tai was determined to learn the skills that would make the other person rich.

    Tai Lopez’s beliefs for life’s next big turn

    Tai has had many hiccups in his career. However, his dream of living the life he envisioned kept him going.

    “First, you must agree with your desired lifestyle. Then, it would help if you mapped out how to get there. ”

    Tai was in debt and kept dreaming about the life he wanted. This kept him motivated about his job.

    Tai Lopez’s best friend is a book. Tai Lopez loves to read about success stories, autobiographies, and other topics.

    Tai states, “Books can be used for self-development. One should not stop learning and improving.” ”

    You have many goals in your life. However, it is essential to listen to others. No one knows you better than you.

    Tai Lopez says that one should project the qualities one is best at. Many people make the grave mistake of trying to be someone else’s ideal.

    This is why people often fail to convince others of the skills they believe they have.

    Tai Lopez might be an internet celebrity, but he will never forget the day when he called his mother to ask for shelter.

    Tai is open-minded and loves to share his knowledge. This was why he decided to pursue a niche that would keep his passion alive.

    Tai emphasizes doing the same for others. Tai Lopez says:

    “If I can, why don’t you?” “

  2. Tai Lopez, stop making fun of social media.

    Tai Lopez claims to be a wealthy man.

    Are your first impressions of Tai Lopez? Do you wonder if you should trust him? No matter what group you belong to

    At first, Tai Lopez claimed to own a Gallardo. However, Franklin Hatchett noticed that Tai Lopez is becoming more popular and getting more views.

    It was claimed that he started a dating website to match men with more prosperous partners. This gold mining master decided to enter the YouTube system, and you can rest assured that the average views would be the new cash cow.

    Unlike YouTubers who feel satisfied with the remuneration package for their trouble, our gold-digging progenitor has a way to maximize the YouTube money-making system. He is looking at all channels and even trying to sell secrets to make it rich.

    People support his false lifestyle and claim that watching his videos and purchasing his monthly subs may make it very easy for him to get rich.

    Tai Lopez’s methods are likened to our average will to become physically fit. He attempts to demonstrate why false information from the wrong places can make millionaires out of unsuspecting people. His scamming to deliver without delivering is what has made him a millionaire.

    Tai Lopez has become a YouTube sensation by repeatedly flashing him in the faces of YouTube Audience until he appeals to them just as a piece of music plays continuously.

    Tai Lopez is known for showing off wealth in front of less successful people. He uses this method to convince them to part with their hard-earned cash.

    He never fails to mention books and his website.

    Logical reasoning suggests that the average person will conceal their money methods. You will have a way to keep your mind busy while the Master of the technique smiles at you.

    Tai Lopez has tried to release counter videos to resolve the situation. However, this only led to more people looking for evidence. Tai Lopez released a release entitled “The Real Scam: Tai Lopez about how you have been Lied To.” ”

    Tai Lopez may be the reason we now understand why Scientists named hurricanes after humans. Tai Lopez promises to fill the $67 hole, but it leaves behind a bitter aftertaste that reminds us of when we were scammed.

    Tai Lopez reminds me of a counterfeit product that works until you leave the shop that sold it. Tai Lopez will be an effective scammer if you turn off your audio and follow his example. Rent a car (Gallardo or above), have it delivered to you, then go to YouTube to advertise something. People will listen! It is so popular that people who don’t hear it post it everywhere on YouTube. ”

    Tai Lopez’s talk focuses more on subtle boasting rather than success-making skills. You are either related to the millionaire or get people to part with their money.

    Tai Lopez isn’t so wealthy if the value of his deeds was the currency that decides wealth. But, as it stands, he isn’t as rich as he says.

    We have to give it up for Tai Lopez, who reminds people to believe in themselves more than the common peddlers and formulae for wealth.

    Tai Lopez isn’t a scammer, but it is about the people who give power to him.

    Everybody should stop believing in falsehoods and believe in the efforts of scammers.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 67378 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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