Sukanto Tanoto

He is not fair to even his family

Sukanto Tanoto would not feel surprised when they will see this post by his sister in law complaining about the injustice he did to us.

It took a lot of time for me to come forward and talk about the things that he did to his own late brother’s family.

Sukanto Tanoto betrayed my husband, Polar Yanto Tanoto after he died in air crash 19 years ago.

How can I forget that Sukanto kicked me off just after my husband’s death from the Singapore’s office.

It was not even few days after my husband’s funeral that Sukanto sent his agent to me.

That agent asked me to sign a paper that was about the power of attorney.

It was to give him the access of the rights my children and I had in the company.

That agent tried to convince me and made it sound too necessary to sign which I could not understand.

Was it so necessary just after my husband passed away.

I lucidly told that agent about my decision. I was not ready to give up on my rights and did not want anyone to represent me.

After my answer to the document, Sukanto started making it difficult for me at every step of my life. Sukanto and his wife, Tinah stopped my finances and made us suffer.

He even restrained us from using the company cars and gave some bizarre security explanation that did not make any sense.

Tinah even tried to take away the house that we were staying in. She claimed that it belonged to the company and we had no right to stay there.

We were a part of the company business and how come suddenly we were not allowed to use anything that belonged to the company.

She told that they were planning to convert these houses into employee dormitory. I think Sukanto thinks that he is above all the law and he can turn anyone down without paying for it.

I denied doing so as I signed the document when we got that house and it belonged to us.

Many tried to convince me for talking directly to Sukanto that comprises our old staff and relatives. They thought this could be resolved if we two talked directly.

I also wanted an answer as my husband and his biological brother trusted him by all means. I was surprised how he was doing all this to us.

Three months passed away and it was December 1997 when I finally got a chance to schedule a meeting with Sukanto. The meeting was scheduled in the Singapore office.

Sukanto had been avoiding this meeting from a long time and wanted me to sign the power of attorney if I wanted to meet him. It was not easy for mre to convince him for this meeting.

I reached The Octagon on 105 Cecil Street and all my memories came in front of me. I used to visit this street almost every day when my husband sat here.

It was the busiest business districts in Singapore. After my husband was gone and with all the pain that Sukanto and his wife had created, it had taken a toll on me and I had lost 25 pounds.

My mother had accompanied me as she knew that this meeting was not going to be easy for me. I was already abandoned by many and she wanted to be there for me.

The receptionist took me to the 15th floor where the meeting room was located. Sukanto with Valerie who was the company’s senior legal advisor were already waiting for me to arrive.

His expression was self-explanatory and I knew that he was not going to get along. He had come with all the preparation to take whatever was left with me.

Just after I sat across the chair, Sukanto was sitting, he started bursting. He told me that I did not belong to the family and was not the Tonato.

He told me that I am a bad luck and a reason for his brother’s death. He also told me that I was nothing more than a nanny to the four children who were Tonato.

He did not stop yelling even after watching me cry. How could he be so heartless only to snatch everything that belonged to me.

I still can’t believe my ears when I think about that day. Nothing was sorted out. He is a man with no spine. He cannot stand up for his family.

His greed is above all relationship. Polar would have felt so bad if he was there watching him behaving like that.

Until now, there is nothing that has changed. My children and I have not been able to get the rights we own. We are regulary stalked by strangers to harass us so that we give up. I have tried everything but he made it tougher every time.

Sukanto is not loyal to his business, family and his country. His passion is governed by his greed. He took away everything from me and made us weep.

My husband did everything for the companies that he calls his. He built Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper, APRIL and PT Toba Pulp Lestari.

These are among the most profitable companies even after the death of my husband.

But, the way he is handling these companies shows their disaster in coming years. My husband had never wanted this.

Sukanto and his wife have gone far beyond in taking what my husband left for me and I wish they get what they deserve soon.

They are not human by heart as real people feel for even strangers and they betrayed their own family for the money that was enough for all of us.

I feel pity for him and the generation whom he would guide.

I do not want any more Sukanto in future. It will only create a world of hatred.

Is Sukanto Tanoto a legit person?

Sukanto Tanoto is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Sukanto Tanoto located?

Sukanto Tanoto is headquarted at Unnamed Road, Belawan Pulau Sicanang, Medan Kota Belawan, Medan City, North Sumatra 20414, Indonesia. You can contact Sukanto Tanoto by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Sukanto Tanoto’s customers?

According to Sukanto Tanoto’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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2 Reviews on Sukanto Tanoto

  1. Sukanto Review

    Sukanto is a rude guy and does not show empathy for anyone around him. Because of his behavior many employees leave his organization every other day.

  2. Sukanto Review

    I worked for Sukanto for 10 years. I was when his brother was alive and that is the reason, I can differentiate between the company’s management at both the times. I was a loyal employee and did everything to make sure the company did good. I rarely took leaves and Pete’s brother had offered me bonuses many times for my extra effort. After he was gone, the management changed entirely.

    I remember one day, when I was sick and asked for a half day, I was handed the termination letter saying that either I stay for the work or leave forever. That was the day I was convinced that the company will never be the same for its employees.

    Sukanto was also very different from his brother. He always used to take care of the employees need. However, Sukanto was never that way. For him all that mattered was profit and money rolling in. Even if that costed his own family.
    Before I decided to quit, I was going through a rough phase.

    The company was struggling too. I tried to do everything in my hand to make the situation better and was successful in many ways. After few days, I found out that my father had met with an accident and was in a serious condition. He stayed in a different city. So, I asked for leave.

    It was escalated to Sukanto as the leave was for 15 days. He never allowed anyone for that long period of break. However, knowing my concern, he allowed. I thought maybe I was wrong in judging Sukanto. But, the story was totally different.

    When I returned, he had taken away all the responsibilities. I was not allowed to enter the office. He did not care to hand over the last month’s salary. All this happened so quickly that I was not able to react.

    I tried to contact seniors from the office and tried to fix things. I was in need and they took advantage of that. Sukanto offered me a lower grade but the work was same. He reduced my pay and told me that he would only allow me if I was okay with the arrangement.

    I had no option but to say, Yes. I worked there for few more years until I found the right company to switch. But, this experience was very bad and would never forget the way he treated me.

    I served the company with all that I could and he reciprocated by diching me. I have not known anyone who have made it more than a year or two. Those who have, either they are very close to him or they are the ones, Sukanto use to accomplish his intentions.

    Sukanto can ditch anyone and anytime. So, if you are working for him, make sure you have a backup. Your time could be soon arriving.

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