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Seriously not one thing arrived in good condition. What a joke.

When it comes to moving across the country, the vendors you use is a SERIOUS matter and the moving company is usually the bulk of your expenses. I moved from Dallas to Albuquerque and it was a fairly quick turnaround for me ( 30 days to complete the move).

I was inundated with quotes from long distance movers and felt overwhelmed. However, I was able to narrow it down to 4 or 5 and eventually went with Suburban due to the high ratings and surprisingly low cost.

I organized my move with the utmost efficiency and, for some reason, I feared that dealing with these “vendors” would be my ultimate undoing. And I was right. I’ll get to the point: The contract says either 3-14 business days for delivery or 3-21 business days depending on location/miles/distance.

Prior to booking, I asked about when the items could be delivered and they told me they could not give me an exact date and that they had to tell me 3-14 days due to the DOT regulations. I asked if I could really expect that long (like 14 days) for such a short distance and was told that it was not likely and more like a “worst case scenario” timeline.

Dallas to Albuquerque is only about 620 miles +/- so why would I think my situation would fall into the worst case? Surprise! It did! When my items were picked up, I suppose that I was in “fairy tale land” because I believed that my items were being loaded onto a truck and then they would be hitting the road westward to ABQ and it would be a matter of days. Wrong.

The contract does state it could take up to 14 business days but doesn’t delve into the logistics of what happens once your items leave your home. The contract does not state that your items are picked up from your house and then placed in storage and may or may not even leave the storage for a few weeks.

They said you could elect to have your items stored for up to 30 days but I did not elect or ask for any storage nor was I under the impression that my items were going to be stored in any way, shape, form or fashion – least of all for 2 weeks! Long story short, I’ve been in Albuquerque for several weeks without furniture or even so much as 1 pot or pan.

I moved here alone with 2 full suitcases( thankfully I had the foresight to pack as many clothes as I could into my checked luggage on the plane) and my car ( my car was shipped fast by another company thank God and I had packed some items in my car as well) and I have been in an empty apartment trying to make the best of it.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on temporary items, an air mattress, a lamp, clothes, bath items, etc etc. You name it, I’ve had to buy it to hold myself over until this moving van arrives ( if it even still is out there!).

The main issue here is the total lack of communication with the dispatch and customer service. Could I not have been told during that 2 weeks ( in which I was calling them desperately every other day) that my items HAD NOT LEFT DALLAS?

Most importantly, I’ve been a prisoner to the moving company given that they could never say where the items were, where the trucks were or provide me any valuable information about the delivery. I am at their mercy.

Without ever having been informed that my items weren’t really even on the way, I was under the false impression that the items could come at any time, so I was a ball of anxiety and stress on a daily basis.

Every day I was waiting by my phone hoping that it was going to be this mystical “24 hour notice of delivery” call.

I moved to ABQ for a new job and actually had to decline from attending an important out of town training because I was “waiting” for the movers to arrive and I was afraid that if I left out of town, then sure enough they would show up right then! ( my luck being as it is).

All the while I was in ABQ waiting day to day, my items had not even left Dallas and as of this review, I am not even sure where my items are at. I was told my delivery would come today. It did not. Now I am being told it will be tomorrow. Notice a trend? Exactly.

Is Suburban Relocation Systems a legit?

Suburban Relocation Systems is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 96 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Suburban Relocation Systems located?

Suburban Relocation Systems is headquarted at 1240 U St NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA. You can contact Suburban Relocation Systems by dialing (800) 816-6834 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Suburban Relocation Systems’s customers?

According to Suburban Relocation Systems’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3019 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

96 Reviews on Suburban Relocation Systems

  1. Great company

    We were really excited for this move. But the issue was that we had a lot of things. We just had to hire Suburban relocation systems for the moving purposes. I have heard some great things about this company and their work proved why they were so good at their work. Each and every of their movers is very well trained. They were so fast that it was almost unbelievable! These guys have been moving valuable objects for years and years. We’re so grateful to them.

  2. Helpful crew

    I was joining my husband who’s been living away. I had to bring all our belongings and so I hired Suburban relocation systems to help with the move. They were just fantastic. They quoted very reasonably and the customer service was very prompt and effective. The crew arrived on time with all the right equipment. I was very happy to see how efficiently they worked. I had to delay the delivery for two days and they complied with my request. I think being able to deal with this kind of emergency situations makes this company so efficient and resourceful.

  3. Great long distance movers

    I had to make a big move and was stressing about the logistics of it all until I came across Suburban relocation systems! They were efficient, professional, and hard-working. Moving day was a breeze and I couldn’t have asked for a better company to help with the move! Once they reached, all of my belongings were still in perfect condition and I was moved in quickly. Definitely recommend this company for big cross-country moves!

  4. Great services

    In my opinion, if a company seems too good to be true, it probably is! When my turn came to hire a mover company to handle transporting all my belongings, I contacted as many movers as I could. Some of them gave me unbelievably low quotes but some research on them really made me question their credentials. However, they who didn’t quote a ridiculously low price seemed to have had quite a good reputation among its customers and their quote wasn’t really expensive either. I decided to hire them on the basis of pure instincts. They turned out to be very professional. They knew exactly how to do their job and really showed me why they have such a good reputation. It is about who has done better jobs in the past than getting the lowest quote from the movers.

  5. Awesome moving experience

    All my friends who move around a lot keep complaining about how bad their movers were. When I had to move, I didn’t know which company to hire. I consulted a few people and hired Suburban relocation systems based on their reputation. They were absolutely amazing. They took care of my valuables as if they were their own. I couldn’t be more pleased with the skills and expertise shown by these guys at packing and loading my valuables. I called my friends immediately after receiving all my goods intact. Just as I advised them, hire these guys for your next move!

  6. My highest recommendation

    Efficient service delivery is not all about doing what you are employed to do; it has everything to do with appropriate handling of the clients. Only a few service providers like Suburban relocation systems have realized this. When I went to them for relocation services, they not only handled well my properties but also ensured that my satisfaction was guaranteed. They did everything within their reach to see that all went perfectly. During the relocation, there wasn’t even a single damage evident. I love the way they were careful and for that reason I fully recommend them.

  7. Massive move made easy

    The move itself was too much for me. I had way too many things that needed to be transported and I’m not particularly a fan of relocations. But choosing a moving company was a no brainer. I knew Suburban relocation systems was the way to go. Their reputation is fantastic in the market. The movers they sent were absolutely awesome. They arrived early and finished early as well. They reached my new house transporting everything from the old one is a matter of hours. That is just ridiculous speed! Hiring these guys definitely blurred the blow for me.

  8. Zero stress

    I was amazed at how kind we were treated throughout every part of the moving process. My boyfriend and I moved for his work and I was so worried that something would be lost or damaged in the process. When we got everything moved in, there wasn’t a single scratch on anything! The team that helped us moving was super positive and friendly the entire time, which was something I hadn’t experienced with any other moving company. Moving is already so stressful, but I feel like Suburban relocation systems helped take some of the stress off our backs!

  9. Glad I hired the best

    My last move just couldn’t have gone any easier. All the thanks go to Suburban relocation systems. They made this possible by quoting us a very moderate price to begin with. Their movers were very skilled and efficient. Nothing missed their eyes. Watching them at work was almost therapeutic. I didn’t really have to do anything except for giving them an inventory list. All my belongings were delivered on time and everything was in excellent condition.

  10. We gladly vouch for them

    Our last move was handled my Suburban relocation systems. I didn’t really know much about the company when I hired them. But they really impressed me throughout this moving process. The four movers sent from the company were so efficient. They carefully packed all our belongings into the boxes they brought with them. They secured the boxes with lots of tapes. They took 4 days to make the delivery which is completely understandable. All my possessions travelled quite well. Both my wife and I are delighted to be able to recommend this amazing moving company.

  11. I made the right choice

    I called three movers for estimates. Suburban relocation systems was the only one who sent me a written quote by email. My move was small, and I was looking to save money, so I almost, went with another company, who quoted $35 less. However, I checked their reviews, and they weren’t good, while Suburban relocation systems’s were. I am glad I didn’t take a chance to try to save a few bucks. The movers arrived within 15 minutes of the stated time, and they completed the job within two hours, as quoted. They were professional and courteous, and all my stuff arrived with nothing broken. That’s why I’m writing this recommendation…to help you make a good choice too!

  12. The more than delivered

    I have heard and read some terrible reviews on moving companies. So I was skeptical to hire them for my move last month. When I called Suburban relocation systems, they seemed quite reliable. The customer service seemed friendly enough to convince me. They quoted quite reasonably too. The crew arrived on the moving day 10 minutes early. They took no time to pack up my 2-bedroom apartment. My belongings arrived in great condition. I really don’t understand why so many people have bad things to say about the moving companies because my move went so efficiently.

  13. No funny business here

    Suburban relocation systems is a very well respected moving company. Their reputation precedes them in the market. I was really hoping they would do a good job while they handled my move. They did so quite effortlessly. The four movers arrived on time. They packed everything very swiftly and then started the loading process. They carried my huge couch like it weighed nothing. The coordination among the men was fabulous. They delivered on time and my belongings were safe. I’m very grateful to Suburban relocation systems.

  14. Responsible movers

    I know how irresponsible movers can be. I have lost many of my beloved pieces in their hands. So when I hired Suburban relocation systems, I asked them specifically for one thing- delivering my things in great condition. They have succeeded in doing so. Not only did they manage to deliver all my valuables undamaged, they also displayed skills, punctuality and friendliness. Their original estimate seemed fair enough to me. They stuck to their quote at the end of the move. I have thoroughly enjoyed my last move and the credit definitely goes to Suburban relocation systems.

  15. Ignored Broken items.

    Suburban Relocation Systems broke many of my things. I filled out their claim form. They ignored it. I would never use or recommend to use this company to move across the street as opposed to across the country.

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Reported Loss : 3019 $
Severity : Extremely High
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