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We are pursuing legal action and filed a complaint with the stat

Unfortunately, the following was filed with the BBB.

Facts of our Project:
* We want to point out that Mirko & Jose (carpenters) did an amazing job.  They are both extremely professional and produce a high-quality product when they are onsite.
* Work order was executed on July 31, 2017 for a $100K+ Screened Porch with a start date of 9-10 weeks from execution and a project completion date of 3-4 Weeks.
* Work began on October 30, 2017
* Last Draft of $6000 was requested on January 13, 2018 when the project was still not completed.
* We agreed to pay 50% of final draft ($3,000) on January 14, 2018 and hold back the other $3,000 until porch was stained (weather permitting), barn doors fixed, and fireplace/roofing stopped leaking.
* Steadfast was informed in writing of the fireplace/roof leaking on January 12th, January 28th, February 13th, March 5th, June 21st, and August 9th
* Steadfast was informed in writing of the custom barn doors (3) not working properly on January 12th, April 11th, June 21st, and August 9th
* Mirko (the lead Carpenter) reached out through text on Wednesday April 11th at roughly 2pm to schedule staining the porch floor on Thursday April 12th.  We had to ask them to reschedule since the floor needs 48 hours to dry and we were already hosting an event that weekend, which would utilize the porch.
* After not hearing anything from Steadfast for over two +months we finally reached out on June 25th to find out when we would be scheduled to get our floor stained, fireplace/roof fixed so it’s not leaking, and the barn doors in working condition.
* This was the response we received from Steadfast on June 25th “We’ve got Santo’s and Mirko now booked solid the next month plus. As soon as their available, we’ll reach out.” and “Mirko is now on a $178,000 project in Great Falls that must be completed by 07/24 and Santos is now 2 weeks behind, on a month’s worth of projects that already had been scheduled, due to the rain. As stated, as soon as one is available, we’ll schedule you.”  and “UPDATE: As of this time Mirko may be available early August…weather permitting.”
* We are not sure how these projects have anything to do with or impact our project which began on October 30th of 2017.
* After receiving these responses on June 25th we have patiently waited for Steadfast to reach back out, hoping for the best.
* Since we haven’t heard anything since June 25th while constantly checking our junk/spam folders just in case, we reached back out to Steadfast on August 9th, 10th, and 11th with no response from either Owner (Jack/Ken), the general office email, nor the Project Manager (Mirko).
* This project was expected per the Work Order to be 3-4 weeks.  It wasn’t, things run over, and Change Orders occur, we are completely fine and expected as much schedule wise.  What we didn’t expect was for work to wrap up January 13th and for them to walk away from a project with a roof that leaks, barn doors that don’t work, and a floor unstained.  This is exactly why we were hesitant to pay 50% of the last draft but did so in good faith.

DESIRED OUTCOME/RESOLUTION:  Steadfast stain our floor, fix the barn doors so they are in working condition, and repair the leaking roof/fireplace as contracted on July 31, 2017.  The fact that we’ve had a roof leaking for 7 months with little to no concern is perplexing.

We will update this review if warranted.

Is Steadfast Construction a legit business?
Steadfast Construction is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.
Where is Steadfast Construction located?
Steadfast Construction is headquarted at us. You can contact Steadfast Construction by dialing (703) 385-2525 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Steadfast Construction’s customers?
According to Steadfast Construction’s customers, a monetary loss of US $100 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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5 Reviews on Steadfast Construction

  1. if not steer clear.

    Bottom line for Steadfast – they will tell you what you want to hear and not follow through with their word. We got to a point where we didn’t believe a thing they said and nor should you if you hire them.

    On the upside, they somehow managed to hire really excellent work crews and because they are actual craftsmen, we are actually pleased with the final product.

    We were fortunate to have Mirko (carpenter) and Joel on the job – Both are knowledgeable and do quality work – the company’s saving grace. Somehow Steadfast has managed to have craftsmen that provide excellent workmanship. The crews deserve a 5 stars rating.

  2. Very Bad

    We were told our “Project Manager” would come by daily to check on the work, etc. In reality, he only showed up when there was an issue. Problem is he really has no authority to make decisions so all questions go through the owners who seem to be out of the office more than in. The decision makers all seemed to always be on vacation – which of course caused more delays.

    We were told that we were only the client they ever had that was “hands on”. I personally feel like all clients would want to know what the project is going to look like prior to building, and they should take the initiative to call the clients to keep them in the loop of the project status. However this is not how they operate. When I asked for a sketch of the plan, so we could visualize the project, we never received one.

    Luckily, my husband knows how to prepare sketches/drawings which he supplied along the way, because this was the only way they understood what we wanted. Simply describing what we wanted verbally turned into a miscommunication every step of the way.

  3. Expect your projects to NOT start on time

    Expect your projects to NOT start on time – our project was delayed by 3 weeks. Promised if we would be patient and wait they would send a crew that would be dedicated to our project until completion – which was not the case – some days they showed – some they did not – even in good weather. At the end, the crew headed to a new job before the deck was completed which resulted in more delays.

    EVERY inspection failed the first time – sometimes took 3-4 re-inspections until passing. The reasons were simply lack of attention to detail. (i.e., the plans changed and they failed to inform the county so the inspector could not pass because what was built was different from the plans.)

  4. We had a porch redone and a deck re-decked.

    We had a porch redone and a deck re-decked. Comment: BUYER BEWARE!!! Hint: check out all details of your project and do NOT PAY in full until you have seen your completed project in the daylight of a dry day and are completely satisfied.

  5. Steadfast Construction Is Bad Service.

    What work Steadfast did was horribly mismanaged. Several things had to be done multiple times including the permits. Then, about 2/3rds of the way through the project (a month after it was supposed to be done), Steadfast manufactured a long list of things they wanted to charge us more for.

    For example, the agreement’s drawings show a 12/12 pitch roof, which they built, but later Steadfast wanted to increase the price of the fixed price contract by thousands of dollars because shallower 4/12 roofs are normal. We refused to pay.

    Steadfast walked off the job owing us money for work they did not complete. We are pursuing legal action and filed a complaint with the state regulators.

Reported Loss :100 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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