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I don't care how good the doctors are in a practice

I woke up this morning with decreased sight in my left eye. Since I am a writer, I panicked. I called Southwestern Eye Center for an appointment. The young lady who answered gave me a last-minute spot for the following day.

However, the authorization initiated by my primary care doctor had expired in March. I told the scheduler that I would call Humana myself because I didn’t have time to see my primary doctor for another referral with my sight decreasing as we spoke.

I contacted Humana who made arrangements for me to be given an emergent authorization to see a Dr. Adelman. I called the doctor’s office back immediately. I told the second scheduler that Humana provided a number to the Critical Intake Department for a verbal authorization so I could been seen the following day.

However, she told me that their phone system didn’t allow for outside calls. I was so stunned that I couldn’t speak! When I recovered, I repeated that I was losing my sight RAPIDLY. She boredly repeated that she couldn’t call Humana. I honestly thought I had fallen into a black hole and it was 1975

when offices DID have a bank of phones with no capability for outside calling. Or, if they did, you had to dial 9 for an outside line. I checked my iPhone with my one good eye to make sure I was still in the year 2018! I know what I would have done in the same circumstance if faced with a frightened patient.

I would have taken the phone number to Humana, picked up my iPhone which I would have used anyway during my break to check my Facebook and Instagram pages, and used it to help the stressed patient! I could not believe that she would not be proactive to assist me. Or ANYONE in distress.

I asked to speak with a supervisor. She acted like she didn’t hear me. I said it again. This time she told me to hold on, with an attitude. Then the call disconnected. I was about to call back but realized that I did not want to trust my precious eyesight to an office with such a lack of compassion, foresight and professionalism.

I don’t care how good the doctors are in a practice, if the support staff is this lackadaisical, I am not about to PAY for the services. I called Humana and got the names of other opthamologists in my area. I called the first one on the list. I was told they had no openings for 2 weeks. When I told the scheduler my problem,

she put me on hold, and came back with an appointment for the following day! She had no problem with calling for the authorization. THAT is the level of customer care that is expected from a doctor’s office! Thank you to the office of Leslie Eisner,

MD for agreeing to help me save my most needed sense! And 1,000 “Boo’s” to the Southwestern Eye Center for not wanting to put in the effort!UPDATE: Just an hour ago I was called by this office, on an “outside line” that didn’t exist this morning to CONFIRM an appointment for tomorrow.

This is the same appointment that needed an authorization which my insurer agreed to do by phone due to time constraints. But there was no “outside line” available to get the authorization! I’m really confused…..

Is Southwestern Eye Center a legit?

Southwestern Eye Center is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 30 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Southwestern Eye Center located?

Southwestern Eye Center is headquarted at East Bell Road 4921 AZ US. You can contact Southwestern Eye Center by dialing (602) 787-9100 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Southwestern Eye Center’s customers?

According to Southwestern Eye Center’s customers, a monetary loss of US $600 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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30 Reviews on Southwestern Eye Center

  1. SW Eye plays fast & lose "word" games with patients~BEWARE!

    When you are told you will “see a doctor” ~ be sure you’re seeing an opthomologist instead of one of their staff optometrists from their “glass” portion of their office. I was told I’d have surgery on Monday and see the doctor 24hours post surgery~MD performed surgery but OPTOMETRIST is who I saw for 24-hour post-op where I was told I apparently had a BAD eye infection! “WAIT” I said “I had no infection before surgery, my eye was sterilized, I went into a sterile surgery room where surgery was performed and my eye bandaged. The bandage was not removed until just now ~ HOW do I now have a BAD INFECTION???” End result was Optometrist made NO effort to offer treatment for his alleged “bad infection” but said I could see the MD in 2 weeks! Only one word describes this: MALPRACTICE!

  2. Treatment was very timely.

    Excellent care for my torn retina via modern technology (laser) without invasive surgery. I recommend Dr. Adelberg as a highly skilled retinal specialist. Treatment was very timely.

  3. It was a scary time and they put me at ease while not knowing if my eye would get better after this awful infection.

    Thank you to Dr. Campion and his staff at Southwestern Eye Center for their courtesy and their patience as they supported me with my eye condition. It was a scary time and they put me at ease while not knowing if my eye would get better after this awful infection.

  4. Absolutely, the best service I have ever been too ever!!

    Absolutely, the best service I have ever been too ever!! Everyone’s so nice, David did an excellent job, he found what I needed and took care of me like the professional that he is.

    Had to take a little drive, cause I live in central Phoenix, but I’ll tell you, it’s totally worth it, and I appreciate all the love that was given to me.

  5. I will be going back to Southwestern Eye Center and Dr Owen's for all of my ophthalmology needs.

    I needed an urgent ophthalmology appointment and Southwestern Eye Center was able to accommodate me in the same day. Dr. Owens was thorough and to the point, explained to me what was going on with my eye and gave me a care plan.

    I followed up in a few days to ensure my symptoms were better, which they were. Her student was also very thorough and a pleasure to work with. I will be going back to Southwestern Eye Center and Dr Owen’s for all of my ophthalmology needs.

  6. I think the whole experience has been very good and these folks are the best!

    I’ve had some issues with my vision (detached retina, cataract surgery) and lately, scratchy eye and inflammation. I’m very impressed with every doctor I’ve seen at SouthWestern Eye, and I’ve seen a bunch!

    The staff is friendly, the doctors are willing to spend time and listen well and are responsive and kind. I think the whole experience has been very good and these folks are the best!

  7. I would highly recommend them.

    Excellent, Professional services. The staff is particularly friendly and easy to communicate with. I needed services that were not generally offered on the day I arrived but due to other commitmentsCall Ma I needed to have it done as soon as possible. Dr. Adelberg and the staff or most accommodating. I would highly recommend them.

  8. I had to switch. My experience was very pleasant with Dr. Owen.

    I’m very pleased with Dr. Owen at Southwestern eye center. She’s professional and also very personable. I have already referred two of my friends to see her. I had another doctor previously, but due to my insurance, I had to switch. My experience was very pleasant with Dr. Owen.

  9. Always professional

    Always professional, excellent communication and very aware of patient needd

  10. it's just all this other Side stuff takes away from the whole experience.

    Dr.s are ok, but the people setting the appointments do not have a clue. I was told I did not need a Referral Letter. Asked her 4 times if she was sure of this. She said she was. So, took her word. Bad move. Got there and the person at the desk asked if I had a Referral Letter. I said ‘no, the phone person said one was not needed.’

    The desk person then said ‘well, those phone people don’t always know.’ ‘No fooling!’ said I. So, basically, never take the phone room word for anything. Had to go to PCP office and tell them to fax a referral over there. They did do my eye exam, anyway, so did not have to reschedule. (Probably b/c they realized it was the bonehead in their phone room that gave me the faulty info) The Wifi they have there does not work either.

    Even my eye dr. said it was no good! Then I get an e-mail for the Portal. Had to clear up some issues with that, and when I finally got on it, I should have save the effort, as there isn’t anything to speak of on it that pertains to me. The care is good there; it’s just all this other Side stuff takes away from the whole experience.

  11. Southwestern Eye Center and Dr. Owen's are fantastic.

    Southwestern Eye Center and Dr. Owen’s are fantastic. The staff are really efficient and professional. I have been a client for the past 5 years. I feel confident my eyes are being well looked after each time I visit.

  12. Their behavior makes us not want to return.

    The front desk staff are very disorganized. At our visits we were “lost track of” each time. That was their words not ours. The front desk staff would resort to Spanish between themselves after dealing with a patient that seemed to be frustrated or confused. It was pretty clear they were not talking kindly about the patient. Their behavior makes us not want to return.

  13. Scammer

    I had the surgery and told the anesthesiologist about my concerns and she assured me it would be fine. I got into surgery and started feeling what they were doing again and called out “I can feel that.” They immediately stopped and the next thing I knew they were done.

  14. Not only are they always running behind but I was given a price to have lens replacement surgery.

    Not only are they always running behind but I was given a price to have lens replacement surgery. I was seen twice then I told them I would schedule the surgery for after the first of the year. They then sent me an email with a $500 discount on the surgery if I scheduled it before December 31st. I then scheduled the appointment to save $500.

    When I went in to sign the paperwork for the surgery they said I would not be given the discount because I was being given a discount because I was paying cash.

    Now where on the email did it say it was contingent on other offers nor was I told I was getting a discount for paying cash. It is quite obvious to me that if they lye and do not honor their documented offers there is no way I would trust them to do my eyes.

  15. He is extremely rude!!!

    NO matter how bad you may think your current provider is, do NOT do business here, at least not at the Stapley Road location. Yesterday 5 other people and myself contacted the Az Medical Review Board to file complaints.

    Five of us with treatments ranging from cataract surgery to a two minute laser surgery all waited in excess of 2.5 hours. One elderly woman complained to me she got there at 10am and it was 2:30 and she still hadn’t been seen.

    I’ve been to this office 3x in the last 16 months and have never waited shorter than 90 minutes past my scheduled appointment time and when I confronted the office staff they couldn’t have cared any less.

    Clearly the book 400 patients a day and have time to see 50. When I got there at 2:30 pm for my 3pm appointment there were 46 people in the waiting room.

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Reported Loss : 600 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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