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Please dont trust slater and gordon lawyers

Please don’t trust Slater and Gordon lawyers company, they prey on vulnerability and are only interested in lining their pockets from your unfortunate circumstances.

After finding myself in a difficult employment matter, I turned to who claim to be the “professionals” in the field for advice. I laid out my case over the phone and was told by SG that they could definitely help me for the cost of 2-3hrs of their time.

Their pushy technique to “close you” and secure your initial payment will leave you thinking that they are on your side and that you will receive the work that they outlined to you over the phone.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth. After being led to believe I would receive a tangible outcome stating my legal rights to my employer for the cost of 2-3 hrs time, all I received was an email stating back to me the facts that I had already presented to them in our initial phone call. They claimed that this was their “advice” and justified the full 3hrs. How can telling me what I already told you be deemed as advice?

After a series of complaints, they reduced my bill marginally but were sure to follow it up with legal threats if I did not pay, leaving me no choice but to concede in a complete waste of money whilst in a difficult financial and personal situation myself and no further forward legally.

Please don’t trust them, they will quote 1 thing over the phone and quickly change the goal posts as soon as you instruct them leaving you financially out of pocket and not delivering what they promised.

Disgraceful actions from what should be a professional firm. I am Very disappointed with Slater and Gordan Law firm.

Is Slater and Gordon Lawyers a legit?

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Slater and Gordon Lawyers located?

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is headquarted at Chancery Lane 50-52 England GB. You can contact Slater and Gordon Lawyers by dialing 02076571555 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Slater and Gordon Lawyers’s customers?

According to Slater and Gordon Lawyers’s customers, a monetary loss of US $500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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6 Reviews on Slater and Gordon Lawyers


    My experience with this place was absolutely horrendous!!! I have never, ever dealt with such unprofessional people who lacked compassion and displayed absolutely no regard for client care.

    Every time that I rang this awful place, it became increasingly frustrating. I also found the people to whom I spoke to be always in a rush and did not explain things properly.

    One oif my file handlers was Samantha Richardson. She had a deep voice and from the way she spoke and her incoherence led me to believe that she was on drugs. She also called herself Sammie or Sammy Richardson. I have never spoken to someone who was so ignorant, rude. She was not a nice person at all. How can anyone be so vicious and mean? She was a nasty person to deal with and she should be taught manners.

    I could not get a straight answer from anyone and it was such a chaotic process. DO NOT USE THIS FIRM!!! THEY LIE AND THEY DO NOT PROGRESS YOUR CASE IN AN EFFICENT MANER!!! AVOID THESE PEOPLE!!!

    The whole process was chaotic. I have seen other reviews of this horrific company. It is evident that they just do not have an interest in justice.

  2. I am glad that the Aldershot branch of Slater and Gordon is shut

    I have never ever dealt with such an unscrupulous company.

    My file handlers kept changing which is likely attributable to their poor treatment of members of staff. The managers are rude, unprofessional and useless.

    The only thing in which they excel is treating people like rubbish. They lack pride and compassion. I hardly blame the members of staff because from the sound of it, they are told to keep each call as short as possbile, which is an awful way to do things.

    The managers are awful and incredibly rude. They are deplorable liars. They lack ethics and they are such unkind people.

    They make everything complicated. The everchanging file handlers means that matters get delayed. They breach SRA standards all the time.

    This company needs to be investigated. Clients are misled, lied to and the claims are undervalued.

    They have a complete lack of ethics. Over the telephone, I hear the way in which the mangers speak to and bully their employeews. How about if they actually led their teams properly as oppposed to treating their staff in a repugnant manner?

    I have never ever experienced such horrific customer service.

  3. Found them to be on the ball in keeping me informed about dieselgate

    They keep me up to date about dieselgate

  4. Horrific, Dishonest and Unethical company

    If you are reading this, please see some of the reviews for this company on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed. If a company does not treat its employees properly, then this must have a detrimental impact upon their performance. I have never ever dealt with anything like this and they are a terrible, horrific company.

    I dealt with the Aldershot office and it was pathetic. Most of the people I spoke to were rude and it was as if they did not care at all. They should learn how to treat people better. They have no compassion and I felt bullied by them. They acted as if they knew everything and were obnoxious about it. They were extremely unprofessional and just nasty people to deal with and knew how to make people feel worthless. How would they like to be treated like this? How would they like to be in need of cogent advice and be treated like rubbish? At times, they way that they spoke to people was vile.

    They should be ashamed of themselves for acting that way and the managers have been disgraceful. They clearly do not treat their employees right and I know that there is a high turnover. I guess they do not care about messing up people’s lives.

    They LIED all the time about whether people were in the office, about receiving emails, about everything.

    I guess the only way to succeed as a manager of this company is to be a lying bully who cares nothing about the detrimental impact they have upon people’s lives.

    Please, can someone investigate this company

  5. The company that treats you like a fool

    So let me get this right You support inept solicitors in their duty? Yes

    If not why do you support solicitors that are frankly inept

    Without Malice

    Slater and Gordon must be the worst company in the UK
    well over 1 year ago I had an accident and the effects gave me numbness and pain in both my hands…It was that bad that daily I would get sharp shooting pains down my arms and like a knife being stabbed into my hands… so I called this terrible company in… to cut a long story short they used a medical company called Premex and this company would phone me up asking if I was OK after 10 or so weekly phone calls I told Premex they were morons and for this they charged me £50 for each time they phoned.. I could have got the Samaritans to phone me and ask the same for free…whilst Slater and Gordon sat on their backsides doing nothing,,, So I complained to Slater and Gordon to be met with “well its not us all we are are middle men and as such it is not our fault” So much for their customer service they say they pride themselves on in all their TV adverts… Anyway this went on and on with Slater and Gordon using their customer service principles to completely ignore me and not even use simple processes to check how the claims are going and to keep in touch with customers to let them know….
    So around January this year I phoned them up yet again to ask them what was happening… A few days later I got an email from yet another so called claim handler saying the previous handler had left and they were sorry but the new handler was on board now and everything would be fine… Now remember this is way back in January people.. So when I asked why they had ignored this for sixteen weeks I was met with ignorance arrogance and evasive manoeuvrers hiding the fact that if it was not for me phoning them yet again I would probably still be sat here today waiting for one of these so called experts to do something… they then emailed me to electronically sign yet another document to release my medical records which I had already signed some five months previous, and left it in their inept medical companies hands… I received an email from this pathetic medical company saying somebody would contact me within 14 days to arrange an appointment… another two months went by and I complained to both Premex and Slater and Gordon about this and got a reply stating the consultant was on annual leave and would contact me when he came back…OHHH so lets get this right for 12 weeks the consultant could not be bothered then the ignorant individual told me he was on annual leave.. it has now been between 16 and 20 weeks since than and I have still not heard anything,, he must still be on annual leave eh!! All this is down to Slater and Gordon who it appears have strong customer focused principles as outlined in their adverts erm not… so I wonder what SAG do to monitor the quality and customer procedures from the companies they use… erm erm I think non.. I wonder what procedures they use to monitor their customer base and keep in contact with them to inform them of the the developments in their case,, erm I know I think none… I wonder what quality procedures they have in place to ensure their handlers are doing their jobs correctly,,, erm I know, None!
    I wonder if SAG give two monkeys about their customers instead of making money hand over fist whilst actioning responses like it is not our fault; well it actually is, you were employed by under the guise of being a professional honest forthright company that treated it’s clients with respect and a duty of care,,, I Think Not!!

    So if you want to live in pain for over a year then please use this inept, rude, self possessed, not my fault company then please use SLATER AND GORON! If you want to believe the garbage they portray on their TV adverts then please use Slater and Gordon… If you want to develop serious depression from the non actions of this company then please use Slater and Gordon… If you want to use an inept claim handler who just gets up and leaves without the company giving a dam about your claim then using another inept handler who has done nothing in 1 year then please use Slater and Gordon… but most importantly… If you want to be treated like the poo on the bottom of somebody’s shoe, then please use Slater and Gordon for I can tell you one thing with certainty, they are Experts at this and nothing more! If you want to use a company that uses inept third party companies as professional support then definitely use Slater and Gordon!!!! Time to talk to the ombudsman me thinks!!! Time to take Slater and Gordon to court for causing me unreasonable stress depression from their inept handling of my case!
    And here is the biggest lie of all, taken from their social profile pages…

    We give people easier access to world class legal services

    Absolute garbage and the biggest lie ever told!!!!

    Phone SAG Now, to be treated like a complete idiot whilst they laugh and drink champaign!

  6. This Firm Needs to be Investigated - RTA File Handlers in Aldershot were Unprofessional

    This company does not act in the best interest of its clients. There have been so many negative reviews about this firm that something needs to be done. The SRA or similar organisation needs to investigate. So many clients have been treated unfairly. Members of the public do not deserve to be treated like this. I think that some clients need to be compensated for the way the have been treated.

    Some people at Slater and Gordon do not seem to know what good customer service is.

    The ways in which they deal with RTA claims is disgraceful.

    The File Handlers kept changing. It seemed as if every several weeks I would receive another File Handler. There was such a lack of consistency. It obviously has a very high turnover of people which indicates that they do not treat members of staff properly and they do not invest in training their members of staff. It is clear that manners are not important.

    The File Handlers who seemed to be consistent were the ones who were rude, incompetent and in need of training on how to treat clients.

    Many of the file handlers were extremely rude and spoke to me like I was a piece of rubbish. They made me feel worthless. They needed training in manners and how to treat people. How would they like it if someone treated their family members badly?

    They just did not care and it showed. One day, pehaps they are going to need help when circumstances are difficult for them and I hope they get treated better than they treated some of their clients. It was disgraceful.

    The way that they spoke made me think that they did not care very much about what they were doing. Much of the email correspondence they sent me lacked coherence and was full of grammatic errors. I have never come across such rude people who do not know a thing about customer service. They acted like they knew everything and had horrible attitudes.

    They spent their days lying to people.

    I spoke several times to someone who called himself a manager. He was extremely rude and dismissive and treated me very badly. He often stated that he would return my call at a specific time, but he never did. He did not do his job very well and could not explain things properly.

    My cases took ages to progress. Their whole approach was just wrong.

    Because File Handlers changed constantly, matters were not progressed to the extent that they should. This is not acceptable.

    There are so many negative and worrying reviews about this company.

Reviews: 6
Reported Loss : 500 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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