Simplicity Medspa

bad business

Simplicity Medspa at Square One Building

1020 NE 63rd St #104, Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 643-5325


RUN AWAY from Debra Tri, ARNP! This was the most HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE! Debra Tri LACKS skill and is dishonest.  I was left with hard BUMPS and LUMPS from Debra Tri’s injections. I had constant burning and discharge from her injections. Debra Tri doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. I went initially because it was CHEAP and I didn’t want to wait but honestly if you have to wait a year to see an MD then it’s better than going to this awful woman. This woman couldn’t inject a target with a red dot even if she tried.

Debra Tri injured me and gave me unflattering injections that were lumpy and bumpy, don’t take the chance that your body might reject a foreign substance. I want warn other women of the devastating effects of UNSKILLED injectors like Debra Tri who uses fillers and chemicals that dreadfully scarred me and I feel deformed now. Debra Tri injected me with way too much Juvederm and Botox in my frown lines and marionette lines. Debra Tri’s back was turned and she also left the room before she returned to inject me. Any provider who LEAVES a room before injecting you be CAREFUL. Debra Tri also poked me about three times and kept muttering under her breath before injecting. I immediately inflamed with embarrassing bumps and welted overdone laugh lines, it looked horrible. Because I don’t know what if she tampered with anything it is hard to know what this woman injected me with or what she decided to dilute or mix with.

Debra Tri  REFUSED TO identify I had an injury despite the frequency of my visits. Debra Tri  DENIED ever having any responsibility and she lied to my face. Debra Tri BLAMED everything and everyone, including ME, the patient for her fault in injecting me irresponsibly. Debra Tri is grossly NEGLIGENT and IRRESPONSIBLE. Because of Debra Tri I look freakish with hollow eyes, my eye bags fold when I smile and bumpy and uneven where I was injected. I have had Botox and other procedures before so I know what to expect but what I got from Debra Tri was on major insecurity to the next. Debra Tri has NO eye for aesthetics, and performs UNNECESSARY procedures that patients do NOT want or need. Save yourself the money, time, and stress, and go to a BOARD CERTIFIED MD who specializes in Plastic Surgery or Dermatology.

Debra Tri reaction to me was condescending, defensive, mean and so nasty when she didn’t like what she heard. Debra Tri even said to me, “I’ll just say I never saw you if you feel like you’re going to talk about my services”. Debra Tri kept insisting I looked better and what I had was exactly what “magazines” and “stars” have so I should be happy with the job she did. Debra Tri has a HUGE EGO and cannot take responsibility for doing something wrong. Debra Tri brags about knowing MD’s on TV. Debra Tri does not know these doctors. Debra Tri goes to paid conferences and takes pictures CLAIMING to know them. Nothing qualifies Debra Tri as an “expert” except in her own head, her FAKE reviews which she pays for (Demandforce is a FAKE review site where she has her friends and family members post reviews, not real customers).

For those of you not familiar with WA State, even dentists can inject Botox if they attend a paid conference. Aesthetic medicine is no different, unfortunately WA State have little laws that require providers to have specialized training. It is difficult to be liable for malpractice in Washington State. Debra Tri has relied on that being able to run from clinic to clinic. Many offices consider injections not work doctor time and have a nurse doing the treatment. Aesthetic medicine should have the attention of a cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist who knows what they are doing. Debra Tri like to boast how long she’s been a nurse. Debra Tri has had numerous problems with patients and colleagues leaving her to run a practice by herself. Even nursing students made complaints, “(Debra Tri) not a nice person, students know who she is before they have her as a teacher and have only heard negative statements about her”. – Everett Community College Nursing Student. Debra Tri’s last job was instructed staff  to call 911 if Debra Tri was on premise. Debra Tri has run from Ambrosia MedSpa, to Radiant MedSpa, to now “Simplicity Medspa” and changing locations to prey on new victims.

Debra Tri is a FAMILY PRACTICE ARNP, not an MD or PA-C who is a board certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist. Debra Tri would NOT be able to work as a Dermatologist or open a clinic of her own at an actual hospital or ACC’s. Debra Tri does not have the admission privileges, cannot do surgery herself, other MD’s do NOT consult with her, and she lacks experience in residency and surgery for Plastic Surgery or Dermatology. Debra Tri doesn’t seem to REALIZE family practice does NOT equal hours of residency and medical school in Plastic Surgery or Dermatology.

Debra Tri is the most unethical and unskilled injector out there. Debra Tri  is dangerous and should be stopped before she destroys another persons life. Debra Tri cares about money, not her patients. Debra Tri takes ZERO ownership. Debra Tri fails on all scores, she’s arrogant, inexperienced, and a poor explainer (educator) to basic questions. Debra Tri is in for a QUICK CASH GRAB. Debra Tri will present herself as an “expert” to skin, hair, and other issues. Debra Tri does not have specific credentials and training in many of the areas she is promoting. Do not waste your hard earned money with someone who does not respect you and will BLAME you and LIE about injuries like Debra Tri!

Is Simplicity Medspa a legit?

Simplicity Medspa is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Simplicity Medspa located?

Simplicity Medspa is headquarted at Fourth and Madison Building, 909 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98164. You can contact Simplicity Medspa by dialing 2066435325 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Simplicity Medspa’s customers?

According to Simplicity Medspa’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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