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Security Service Federal Credit Union is THE WORST BANK EVER!they did nothing to help me, I had 3 DIFFERENT “employees” help me even a manager and all they can do is just keep telling that I can sall someone else to take care of this.

I really do not understand how a “BANK” can do this! My car loan started off at $22,000

I have NEVER been late once and pay $360 a month and its been a WHOLE year later

My car loan with this bank is still $22,000 they calim I signed a page where I have to have FULL coverage on my car

I simply can not afford $2,600 for car insurence this makes no sence I clearly did not sign anything

I even when threw my paper work and there is nothing that says that but now they are saying that when I first purchased my car I did not have insurence will 3 months in.

So AFTER a whole year they tell me that! what in the mother FUCKING world!

First they said that they would call and take care of it with my insurence company and now they are saying they dont do that! so basically I BEEN LIED TO FOR A WHOLE YEAR!

NEVER BANK WITH THEM! EVER! *Customer service doesnt give a shit about you!

Is Security Service Federal Credit Union a legit?

Security Service Federal Credit Union is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 8 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Security Service Federal Credit Union located?

Security Service Federal Credit Union is headquarted at 1275 S Federal Blvd Denver, CO 80219. You can contact Security Service Federal Credit Union by dialing (800) 527-7328 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Security Service Federal Credit Union’s customers?

According to Security Service Federal Credit Union’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2145 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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8 Reviews on Security Service Federal Credit Union

  1. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

    Most deceiving and fraudulent mortgage department I could ever possibly imagine. Was led on and on, pre-approved, dealt with with short and rude emails, then declined when I was two weeks away from closing. (Ended up going to vectra,

    who closed me in two weeks no problem and were much more straight forward about what needed to happen in order to close). The stress caused by the broker at Security Service was insane. I would never recommend this place to anyone.


    Out of the blue, I received an email advising that SSFCU was removing me from my regular checking program and instead opting me into a NEW “power protected checking” program with out my permission. At the very bottom they indicated this will charge me $6 a month for this program that I never showed any interest in.

    And it stated that I didnt have to do anything to stay in the program as long as I paid a $6 fee every month. Well I dont want it! I never wanted it. I never asked about it. But they signed me up without my approval anyway. The only way to opt out of the program and prevent the fee was to call or go into a branch.

    But if I would have overlooked the email, they would have automatically started charging me $6 a month for a program that I never wanted and never asked to join. VERY SHADY. When I called to complain, the customer service was less than helpful and had a “we dont care” attitude.

    I asked for the official email address, cc’d the senior VP who is charge of this change, and I wrote a very concerned email regarding the issue. Of course, I’ve received no reply.

  3. I thought this was a good company but I guess I was wrong!...

    I applied for the Power Mortgage, because of the advertised $5000 towards closing costs. I was pre-approved for $260,000. On June 21st, we found a home, made an offer and it was accepted. On July 19th, I received final approval and closing disclosure.

    After reviewing the documents and getting clarification from the mortgage closer(because my loan officer was not taking my calls or responding to my emails) I realized the lender was only covering $1625.10 out of the $5000 towards closing costs.

    I have been trying to get answers and clarification on my options and keep going in circles. I’ve asked for other loan options and they say it’ll push the closing date out a week. I thought this was a good company but I guess I was wrong!…

  4. Scammer

    They have very poor customer service when you call the Customer Service line.. make you feel STUPID for calling..

  5. Gave them a 1, because it doesnt go any lower.

    Gave them a 1, because it doesnt go any lower. The nearest branch to me is several thousand miles away, so i rely on on-line banking. Beware!! They like to block accounts for entertainment. The usual routine is attemprt to login, find its locked, call to unlock, do your business. Repeat each time. As im overseas, it costs $20 to do step 2.

    But, they out did themselves today. Apparently the fraud department blocked my account because last time i transfered money to an account in my name. Not even a particularly large amount. Ive been a customer for 36 years. No more. Its tantamount to theft to not allow me access to my own money. This is not the security service i joined. Run, dont walk, away from this rip-off factory!!

  6. There should always be someone answering the phone within a reasonable amount of time.

    SSFCU is the worst financial institution that I’ve EVER had to deal with….20+ min call hold times EVERY time I’ve had to call….no matter the day or time. I’ve had to call them 5 times now and I literally have sat on hold for approximately 120 min total….ABSURD!!!! I did not choose them as my new car loan financier…the place where I bought my car did…..NEVER AGAIN!! However, since my bank offered a much better car loan rate, I decided to refinance.

    We all know that when you do this you have to give your bank authorization to get the payoff info. I did this 3 weeks ago verbally over the phone at work with SSFCU and then again in the presence of my loan officer that same day. When my bank called back today to get updated payoff info to finish the loan process, SSFCU said they have no record of my authorization…..RIDICULOUS!!!!

  7. They will not be my loan provider for much longer.

    Their customer service phone system is horrible and you end up going through an endless menu and can’t actually talk to anyone unless you hold on the phone get hung up on and redial many times.

    That is frustrating enough but then when you speak to a person he or she is just not interested in being helpful. It’s very obvious by their scripts and the way they speak that they are just following rigid process and have no training or empowerment to simply be helpful to a customer.

    Extremely frustrating experience and nothing they do seems to be focused on delivering real value and service to a customer. They will not be my loan provider for much longer.


    I had mistakenly entered my account number by putting a 7 instead of a 1 for direct deposit at my work so I can get paid through direct deposit. Well I called them and noticed my mistake that I had done at my work when I realized I hadn’t gotten paid on Friday.

    So I called the SSFCU and told them what had happened. They looked it up and saw my check was put into another account in Colorado and I am in Utah. So clearly I thought ok so can you transfer my pay check to my account? NOPE!!! Called my work gotten all the paper trail they said they needed from my work. Went back into SSFCU,

    Then was told yes we see it is clearly a mistake and we see it’s your money and paycheck. Simple error by entering the wrong number when I did my direct deposit information. BUT….. SSFCU says that my work needs a addendum from my works bank to get my money back.

    But my work has given all the paper work they can get and said that this happens a lot with people making that simple mistake and that ssfcu should have caught that my name didn’t match with the account they put MY PAYCHECK into.

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Reported Loss : 2145 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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