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Seaside is just a luxury resort and not a rehab center

My son’s addiction towards heroin came as a complete shock to me. It was February 2017 which was his birthday month, when he had organized a party for his friends and things turned out real bad the other day. I made my husband talk with him about rehab centers. I wanted him to know that mistakes happen, but there are solutions for everything done by anyone. Things turned out pretty well and he agreed. So we got him admitted to Seaside Palm Beach, Florida. It was a pretty lucrative rehab center. We signed him up for Residential program.

The treatment started and we were informed how we could come to meet our son on regular basis according to the rules of the center and we were fine with that. A week later, I met him on one of the lectures and had a talk with regarding his routine at the place. I was pretty excited to know about his life at the center but he seemed to have lost his charm. When I asked him the reason, he told me that he felt the staff was well trained. He felt as if the staff did not know what they did and every patient was treated similarly as the fellow patient was. There was another patient in his batch which was much more addicted and the therapies that were given to him were given to my son also. We had a talk with the authorities and they told they will take care of it and we returned back.

This kept on hindering me, so I decided to keep an eye on how the authorities were treating my son. I decided to plan my next visit at a random time. I visited him one week later on a Monday afternoon. I saw my son had caught fever. I asked him what happened and he told that he felt his fever was due to the irregularities maintained by the firm in giving the daily dosage of drug. I enquired and checked with the authorities and demanded for a record of when were the drug given to my son each day until that. I found that they had no written record about the same. All they could explain me is verbally. While explaining this to me, I saw there were some instances when the counselor who was assisting my son and the fellow doctor did not match up. Seemed like they had internal issues with each other. My son even told me that, he was not treated similarly how he was treated in the first week. We made their payment at the end of first week. So these signs clearly indicate about their money minded mentality.

I enquired more and more about the treatments that were given to my son and the staff members. I found even more shocking results. First of all they were understaffed and were still hiring. They did not focus on the psycho-analysis part, not at least for my son. My son had troubles in understanding what they explained. There were more than 10 times when his individual therapy sessions were not taken just because the doctor wasn’t present at that time in the center. The cost at which they offer such treatments are offered lot cheaper at other places. They couldn’t get my son sober and they couldn’t follow according to the contract, this denotes their unprofessional attitude towards work.

It is 6 months since we signed up for them, we even had signed up for the After-Care program but never received any services regarding the same. Seaside Palm Beach is nothing else but a waste of lots of money. They are inefficient in providing desired outcomes and are also one of the most ill-managed firms. I would recommend everyone DO NOT WASTE THEIR TIME AND MONEY. Instead you could find another center that treats your relatives in such a manner that they get fully sober and live a healthy life in their future.

Is Seaside Palm Beach Rehab a legit?

Seaside Palm Beach Rehab is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Seaside Palm Beach Rehab located?

Seaside Palm Beach Rehab is headquarted at Cascade Lane 101 FL US. You can contact Seaside Palm Beach Rehab by dialing +1 888-997-3274 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Seaside Palm Beach Rehab’s customers?

According to Seaside Palm Beach Rehab’s customers, a monetary loss of US $25000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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Reported Loss : 25000 $
Severity : High
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