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Scott’s real estate training is a bait for their scam

Scott Yancey, sells his training on real estate to trap people into investing into his real estate scam. I joined his training in San Francisco and paid about $22,000 in total. In the training, the instructor, Tim Anderson, told us that we do not need to invest in million dollar homes. He even informed that the $500,000 was easily available for purchase and repair if homes through them. As per the CBS report, the average value of house in San Francisco is $925,000.

As, Scott Yancey and team provides 20%-40% of the market value, they tend to offer a very low financing. There are other companies which offer 90% to sometimes 100%. Scott Yancey offers $500,000 which is much lower than the average value of homes at San Francisco.

I paid $1,997 when the training started and they ask for remaining $18,997 if you wish to know the precise information on real estate investing. In short, they allow you to sit in their training with the first $1,997 investment and then will ask you for $18,997, if you wish to learn about their tactics which is not worthy of the amount they charge.

At first, they provide the DVD’s which quotes, “don’t worry if you do not have money.” Later, when you ask them for the funding, they will ask you for a high paying job and to put 5% – 10% of the total funding amount from their pocket.

It would be shocking to know that they asked me to arrange the buyer and the seller at the same time to get the funding from them. My question is, “Who will sell their house to Scott Yancey when they are getting much more money from another company.”

These goons are way more cleaver than you can expect and would brain wash you to make profit. Who pays such a big amount for training to get pennies in return? I did and many others as well. It was because they know how to lure people in investing.

They make it sound so easy that no one can delay in paying them the rest of the amount for training. I want my refund that they are not ready to pay. I knew it would not be a cake walk to get money out of their pocket when they are the master players.

Scott Yancey and his team of goons are smarter than you think and would take different turns to make you believe in what they say. Their promises are fake and illusionary. Since date, Scott Yancey and his firm have not made any great success which can prove the above claim incorrect.

Scott Yancey is a fraud and would make you repent later. I am still struggling to get my money back which seems impossible.

Is Scott Yancey a scam?
Scott Yancey is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Scott Yancey legit?
First Scott Yancey is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Scott Yancey’s consumers?
There is/are 35 review(s) posted about Scott Yancey and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Scott Yancey located?
Scott Yancey is located at 4280 S Hualapai Way #107, Las Vegas, NV 89147, USA. You can contact Scott Yancey by dialing +1(702) 487-6777 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Scott Yancey’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $22000 was the total loss incurred by Scott Yancey’s customers.

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35 Reviews on Scott Yancey

  1. didn't have to endure an unprofessional presentation to take our money and waste more time.

    Signed up for his seminar, based on an infomercial, not having seen his TV show. (Had I seen the TV show first, so unprofessional, I would not have signed up at all.)

    Had numerous reminder calls and emails. Confirmed we were coming.
    We showed up… as did approximately 75 other people… but NO ONE from Yancey’s group did. After waiting about 30 minutes at a top notch hotel the hotel staff said they tried every contact # they had and could not reach any one from Yancey’s group.

    When I checked the internet for further info (I should have done this first before committing to waste my time) I see many complaints.
    The good news is we only lost our drive time and 30 minutes waiting for him, but didn’t have to endure an unprofessional presentation to take our money and waste more time.

  2. Scammer

    I wish there was a “0” rating for what I encountered at one of the seminars. Scott & Amy, I love watching you on TV, but Trent needs to go. Worse night EVER @ a seminar. First off, my name is NOT darlin. Secondly, a man was getting up to leave and he was rude to them. Third, I asked a question and a straight answer wasn’t even given.

    I left after 30 minutes of listening to his cocky attitude. I met a few people there who informed me of the boxed sandwich they were given fr a DINNER!!! That’s not a dinner, that’s a kids lunch.

    You want all this money for this BS school. But you can’t even give people a REAL dinner? Also… not for nothing, but if you want people to believe that this works, show them it does without them having to spend ANYTHING out of pocket.

  3. Very slick well practiced Snake Oil Salesmen.

    Very slick well practiced Snake Oil Salesmen. Interesting outline of importantant subjects on investment strategy, with very little content or detail. They said in order to conserve everyone’s time hold questions to the end, but question time never came.

    Staged testimonials people were present. Entire 2.5 hours was sales pitch to separate you from $2,000 for weekend seminar on how to invest with them and incure more fees for their services with no way to get more content or detail without signing up with credit card first. I’m a seasoned investor with 37 properties already.

    They talk about low cost no credit check or qualifying loans at only 1% per month which is of course 12% oer year but APR is really higher. This seminar was at the Marriott in San Ramon yesterday on 9am-12 Sunis wday Oct 12, 2014. They didlsn’t validate $8.00 parking, they didn’t supply breakfest or lunch till after 11:30am.

    The meal was a catered box with all carb, not even a sandwich with cresant, muffin, fruit, orange juice. Also while I wasn’t very interested in the free digital camera knowing they can be very cheap and of little value they did not provide one as promised only a form directing you to apply on line for it to be sent/mailed but never even asked for the form or certificate number which makes me wonder even more.

  4. Don't recall anyone saying they were among the first "50" who got the promised Ipad in the invitation.

    very professional and very slick. Was there for the breakfast meeting was one of the few who did not raise my hand to jump at the “opporutnity of a life time” am glad I saved the $2000 and the potential $20,000-$40,000 by not joining this exclusive mentoring trainng program. by the way do not increase your credit limit on your credit cards as they suggest.

    Got a ‘breakfast” sandwich (could have gone to McDonalds for what they offered) and no tables just chairs, so I stayed in the back eat my breakfast and left with my “free digital camera vip attendee gift” actually a form requireing me to go to website , to recieve the free camera. Don’t recall anyone saying they were among the first “50” who got the promised Ipad in the invitation.

  5. This is a total and complete scam! I feel so ripped off.

    This is a total and complete scam! I feel so ripped off. My boyfriend signed us up for the only purpose to learn and educate ourselves in Real Estate investments. We sat for 4+ hours, first listening to Trent on how to do wholesale and fix & flips as well as a bunch crap about how the Yancey team supports their students,

    after his hours of speaking they requested everyone go back and sign up for their 3 day course which would educate us more and give us one on one consultation on how to invest, bla bla bla but that the sign up fee is $2,000 dollars but could reserve my spot for only $1,000 and then work a payment plan… Obviously I don’t have 3 days time nor a $1000 dollars at the moment so we passed…

    Then Nate goes on and speaks for a couple more hours about Tax Leins and Trust Deed and Land crap, all sounding very interesting. This catching both my boyfriend’s and my attention. Making emphasis on how difficult and time wasteful it is to do it through court house and you local municipality as well as limiting you to local purchases,

    we fell for the scheme and purchased access to the Simple Real Estate Packet. This supposedly would grant us access to ALL the state’s Tax Leins & Trust Deeds as well as present them in a simplified version, of course we would be able to view all states that participate in the online process. Yancey Team fails to mention that the ONLY state you can view anything on is Florida! But through the whole thing they say you can purchase NATIONWIDE.

  6. Bad Service Provide

    I’m in real estate and This guy and his wife are a joke. They’re selling information. WARNING!!! If you want to learn about real estate, take the time out to research these methods on your own. They are selling simple methods for an inflated price.

    I requested a refund for the tax lien program and the guy was nasty with me, I still haven’t received my refund after the allotted time given. This was after they failed to provide me with a login to the website 24 hours after registering. I challenge one person to show some proof that you’ve used the funding to complete a real estate deal, without that fake ass hands in the pocket testimonial. PROOF!!

    Who spends upward of 30k on info. or “education” when you can literally go buy a house cash for that price. At least that’s a down payment of a really nice one. Why not get the people stated in real estate with that money instead of taking it, and offering you invisible funding. Why? oh yea, because this guy is a info. pimp EDUCATE YOURSELF!

  7. I give it to them, they can talk they're ass off. Save your money and time!

    Beware!!!! They took my money for a service I never used and won’t pay me back! The Guy peter I talked to in customer service was rude, and nothing was delivered on time. Including simple log-in information to one of their websites. After dropping a couple grand, you get a bag with a cardboard box, and some literature (I Should say flyers, it’s useless) in that.

    False hopes included with every purchase! 🙂 But wait, there’s more..How about a weekend of “training” where they’ll tell you how little you actually know, and for just upwards of 30k more, They’ll teach you to be as smart as them! Don’t use that as a down payment on a “real” investment, just give it to them! Because they will give you their funding! It’s better that way!

    Once your done with the whole process and paper work, if you do happen to do a deal, kiss that 2k goodbye! Because 100 days isn’t long enough for the promises they made to give that back after your first deal. Go and see for yourself. All of their shirts are tucked in,

    so you know they’re the real deal! lol After reading others reviews, I see they don’t have any experience with this actual program or the people they would have to deal with. Just Hopefuls. I give it to them, they can talk they’re ass off. Save your money and time!

  8. I am convinced that this is a scam.

    My husband attended the seminar. He brought home the very cheap digital camera, and a packet of information including a DVD. He wanted me to take a look at it and see what I thought. I put the DVD,s in my player and they were blank. After reading reviews online, I am convinced that this is a scam.

  9. I'm disgusted and going to bed!!

    Went to this class a complete waste of my time. I should have went to the gym! I sat there for almost 3 hours for some of Scott’s investors to ask me for 2000 dollars for a 3 day seminar. Nope it’s a scam.. I’d rather put the money towards my children’s college.

    I will buy homes and rent them out on my own and pocket all of my money. Its crazy how people want you to give them money and they are the only ones who will benefit down the line… I’m disgusted and going to bed!!!

  10. I am convinced that this is a scam.

    My husband attended the seminar. He brought home the very cheap digital camera, and a packet of information including a DVD. He wanted me to take a look at it and see what I thought. I put the DVD,s in my player and they were blank. After reading reviews online, I am convinced that this is a scam.

Reported Loss :22000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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