Appeals were denied TWICE

Gloss, glamour in facility appearance.My 95 year-old father was rushed to hospital from Sante with pneumonia, severe edema,confusion.Facility notified Adult Protective Services alleging,falsely stating that I was a problem in my father’s recovery, discharge.

PURE VINDICTIVE ACT OF ATTEMPTED INTIMIDATION on part of Sante. Fact is that early official discharge resulted in mass confusion, extended costly stay at facility ($11,000).I was given assurances by staff members that appeal of early discharge decision would result in an ok from Medicare for extended stay.

Appeals were denied TWICE, while out of pocket costs for stay at facility were increasing.The above mentioned health conditions sustained by my father resulted in extended hospital stay via gross negligence of Sante facility past early discharge date, during appeal process and beyond.

Is Sante a legit?

Sante is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 4 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Sante located?

Sante is headquarted at United State. You can contact Sante by dialing (480) 630-3749 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Sante’s customers?

According to Sante’s customers, a monetary loss of US $683 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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4 Reviews on Sante

  1. My husband was sent to Sante for "skilled nursing" recovering from a kidney/urinary tract issue.

    My husband was sent to Sante for “skilled nursing” recovering from a kidney/urinary tract issue. 3 weeks later he was discharged in worse shape than when he entered. He went from Sante to home, sick with a “raging”urinary tract infection (the hospital’s description, not mine), which should have been diagnosed by the medical personnel at Sante before discharge, but instead, it was ignored. The rehab he received while there was sub par; he was weaker when he left than when he arrived.

    The food at Sante is almost inedible; lots of gravy, lots of sugar, too much salt, leathery meat and fish (how can you cook fish to taste like leather?) Since leaving Sante and 4 days in the hospital, my husband was admitted to Health South, which has been a completely different experience than Sante; caring and top notch staff,excellent nurses and doctors, case managers who really care,and superlative rehab.

  2. I would not send a dog to this facility.

    I would not send a dog to this facility. My husband was transported after open heart surgery. The first person we met from the facility could not have been nicer.

    She cautioned my husband about getting out of bed but I have their own print out showing lack of response when he called for help the first night. One time was 38 minutes, another 19, and another 18.

    He waited another time 1 hour for pain medication. They gave him none of his medications on the first night. The doctor did not explain the results of an xray causing transport to the hospital. I complained that the linens had not been changed in 5 days and the answer was they only change them on shower days. Why had there been no showers?

  3. As far as the dining room - NO NO NO.

    As far as the dining room – NO NO NO. Worst food ever – any thing that uses pasta marinara type sauce tastes the same. Not much of a selection for those patients who are there a good length of time. No menu for “gluten free” patients. Salt in everything as a lot comes pre-prepared so heart patients are out of luck for a salt free diet.

    Out of 5 1/2 days, dining room itself closed early by 45 minutes leaving patients with just the special (which they ran out of some of the items so you got a 1/2 dinner) or a sandwich, salad or fruit plate and two days later patients had to eat in their room two nights in a row since Sante could not get enough kitchen staff hired. On the closing early night, not even the kitchen supervisor was around – he/she left early!!!

    Takes forever to place your order and even when your food comes, the order is incorrect. Servers are very lax except for one or two. You have to keep reminding them about your order.

  4. i will not go to any rehab again !!!!!

    sante of scottsdale is the closed thing to the twilite zone you can get to. terrible, terrible, place…i was there for ten days and it was a horrible experience. they are operating only because 4 drs.

    who are on hospital staff, own this hell hole, and they send people there and keep them drugged so they don’t know where they are. why does the medical profession allow this to go on…. and why the authorities do not step in and stop this. i will not go to any rehab again !!!!!!

Reviews: 4
Reported Loss : 683 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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