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The Worst Excuse

This is the worst excuse for a mortgage holder I have ever encountered. We refinanced our loan and ended up with RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing.

The first year, they doubled our tax amount in error, and we’re just going to increase our house payment by $500 s month.

It took several phone calls and taxes to get them to correct their error.

Each year, they paid our homeowners policy late, to the point that we received a cancellation notice.

This year was a nightmare, apparently they moved their servicing office without notifying insurance companies, or having mail forwarded.

They also failed to update phone numbers, so along with our cancellation notice we got a notice from Round point threatening to force their property insurance on our loan.

They had the escrow…We had invalid phone numbers at the old servicing address, and the 800 numbers were overloaded with calls. Can’t imagine why…

The only way we got this fixed was calling the Ombudsmen.

It was miraculously taken care of immediately, but for good measure, they sold our loan, which suits me fine.

If you have problems, call the Ombudsmen, they seem to be able to get things resolved.

Is RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing legit?
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 38 consumer(s) was/were given a RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing located?
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing is headquarted at 5032 Parkway Plaza Blvd Charlotte, NC 28217. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing by dialing (877) 426-8805 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing’s customers, US $45871 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely high.

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38 Reviews on RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing


    Customer Service is Awful…….




  4. Ex home owner

    I lost my house that I was paying for each month to roundpoint mortgage in 18 months I gave them over 21000 and lost my house

  5. This place is awful

    On Dec 2014 we maid an honest mistake we where 9 days late to round point mortgage our payment was 1257$ we maid the payment for the next 6 months we had made all of our payment on time on June 11th 2015 I received a letter in the mail stating we are going threw foreclosure I thought to myself impossible I search my bank account where they cashed the checks we wrote withdrew the money from my account so I called I talked to a guy by the name of Lonnie Ferguson he lead me to believe all there bull crap that they have been keeping my money and holding it that when I make my late payment that it didn’t count because of the late fees that where owed ok at this time I was like how much are the late fees I will pay them and fix this but I owed late fees for 7 months witch was up to 3400$ on top of the the 8400& I already paid that was not accounted for this was my second mortgage I had i understand each mortgage company is different if I was 9 days late on my first mortgage they called right away to get the matter salved I 1 late fee and it never happened again now back to RoundPoint they stopped my mortgage did not call did not send a letter until I got the foreclosure letter then we worked out a probation period this was Lonnie Ferguson idea I pay 1100$ for 10months and at the end of the 10months I sign off on some paper work to start my mortgage over on April 15th 2016 I received another foreclosure letter in the mail how can this be I paid every payment on time I was in close contact with RoundPoint I call almost every month to make sure they had there money and I seen where it came out of my account but they said I did not fill out the paper work they sent out to me that was supposed to to be at my house on April 15 instead of a foreclosure letter the woman I spoke with on the phone told me it’s not there problem it’s mine I did not receive the letter if it went three states over not there problem so I asked at this point what can I do to fix this I tried to refinance but I couldn’t my credit was shot I had a year and half of late payments that I paid I have every receipt every check stub I wrote to them so I tried contacting Lonnie Ferguson that man takes a lot of vacation but with all of that being said I lost my house my family of 5 had to rent a 2 bedroom house if any of you have been threw a foreclosure you can not buy for 3 years now it is 2020 and I still remember this like it was yesterday this company should be put out of business I now with how these people spoke to me on the phone they belittled me they talked down to me they treated me like I was the bad guy and in the course of 18 months I gave them over 21000$ and I lost my house and on top of that in 2014 I had a 729 credit score after the foreclosure it took me down to 430 credit score three year later I have a 652 and can not buy anything on credit because of a poor payment history by the way all of my bills are paid on time RoundPoint you screwed me twice they should have to reimburse me for everything me and my family went threw so who ever reads this if you have any suggestions on how I can fix my credit and get round points lies off of my credit report my email is on top 👎roundpoint👎

  6. Terrible company

    Terrible company to work with, would not recommend them to anyone.

  7. This is the worst mortgage servicing company I have ever dealt with

    This is the worst mortgage servicing company I have ever dealt with, and I have had several mortgages. I have requested they sell my mortgage several times, and hope they do. I would refinance just to get away from them, but rates are way up since I purchased.

    Just pray your mortgage does not get sold to them, like mine did. They force place when you have provided proof with them listed as lienholder, they change payments, they have no idea what they are doing or how to do it professionally. I have had nothing but problems with them, and my payments are automatically drafted.

    Not payment issues, but other issues, as they just do not know what they are doing and every person you talk to has a different answer. Apparently they do not care either as I see mostly negative comments. Sad, the client/customer used to matter, but they know we cannot move our mortgage, so they don’t care.

  8. Customer service is a joke, especially if you sell your house.

    Been waiting two months from the sale of our house for a refund for our taxes, which were paid late. The AUDACITY to tell me it “maybe resolved” in another MONTH.

    They also use a third party company to send your money to the assessor… Never was told this. When asked if I could have their information was DENIED. I’ve had good experiences in the past but this has been a joke for TWO MONTHS.

  9. They refused to waive the fees. Horrible company.

    Would give zero stars if possible. I don’t think anyone chooses to be a roundpoint customer. They buy up other companies mortgages and then provide non-existent customer service.

    They bought my mortgage and during the process, messed up my payment processing. They charged me for several bounced check fees, which was a mistake on their end. They refused to waive the fees. Horrible company.

Reported Loss :45871 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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