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Roseland Capital is a scam and overpriced

My wife and I had some money left after we sold our house. We wanted to invest that money in metals that could have given us some extra returns in future. So, when I checked the Roseland TV spots featuring William Devane, I thought of trying Roseland Capital to make the investment. I never had dealt with metals and was completely naïve about the prices.

When I called one the office, I was lined up with one of the agents. Throughout the call, he was only saying that he would look how much is available in his vault. I told him that my interest was one-ounce gold and silver coin, he made the same remark. He seemed pushy, but we anyway were calling because we wanted to invest in metals. The guy was always telling us to look into other deals as well. He asked the amount that we were looking to spend.

After all the conversation and follow-ups, he sold us gold coins that were less than even half an ounce for $1300 each. The silver dollars that he sold was only 75% silver and were very old and used. We paid him $50,000 for that deal that was worth less than $30,000.

Later, when we received our metals and we started comparing it with others, we found out that we were scammed. We even consulted the experts in the jewelry shop and they had the same impression about the metals.So, I called these guys. All the five attempts failed, and I reached their mailbox by the end of the ring. At last, I left them a message to call me back. I received a call from them after a week. I was very furious. Still, I held my emotions and elaborated the matter to that person.

He was patient and heard the trouble I had with the metals. However, he tried shifting the topic once I was done. He said that he would talk me into the matter further and would give me a call back with the purchase details. But, I never received a call. I complained to the BBB for their act and Roslin cleverly lied about the affair to the BBB guys and convinced them as well. Otherwise, they were not among the A+ rated companies on their website.

I doubt the BBB business tactics as well after watching what happened. There is no way I am going to rest after what they did not me. If not BBB, I would reach other places of justice. I am not ending this here. They stole my money which took me so long to save.

I am furious right now and know that they would not provide any resolution only by looking at my misery. If possible, I will take them to the court of law. As of now, I am writing this here to warn people about their scamming business. I also want the company to know that I am not stopping here. This is going to be a war.

Is Rosland Capital a legit?

Rosland Capital is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Rosland Capital located?

Rosland Capital is headquarted at 1600, 11766 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA. You can contact Rosland Capital by dialing 1888-748-1856 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Rosland Capital’s customers?

According to Rosland Capital’s customers, a monetary loss of US $50000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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9 Reviews on Rosland Capital

  1. SCAM

    Do not use! Scam – Lock her up

  2. Rosland is a scam. Bait and switchers

    Here is a link to the exact scam Tannis Yamamoto at Rosland Capital pulled on me.

  3. You may not live long enough for any of your purchases from Rosland Capital to make any money

    I was encouraged to call Rosland Capital after viewing a commercial on the FOX news channel featuring the actor William Devane. Mr. Devane stated he buys his silver and gold from Rosland Capital because they offer no gimmicks, no hassle and no nonsense to their customers. I called Rosland Capital and reached Peter Bruno. I told Mr. Bruno I was interested in buying some physical gold and made the mistake of telling him that I was inexperienced in purchasing precious metals. He asked me how much I was able to invest and I told him approximately $45,000. Mr. Bruno jumped all over that and told me my best buy would be to purchase premium coins because they would appreciate faster than bullion coins. Mr. Bruno told me that the coins he was recommending would potentially double by year end and I would be so happy with my purchase that I would put his name at the top of my Christmas card list. I ended up purchasing 75 1/4 ounce Lady Liberty coins only offered by Rosland Capital at a cost $600 per coin for a total purchase price of $45,000. The spot price of gold at the time of my purchase was $1,366 per ounce. What Mr. Bruno didn’t tell me at the time is that he was charging me a commission of 33%. Within a relatively short period of time following my purchase I realized what a scam Rosland Capital presented in their commercials with William Devane on FOX news. Four years later after the spot price of gold went up over $450 per ounce I found myself still facing a loss with my Rosland Capital purchase. But, I was so upset that I decided to sell the gold back to Rosland Capital anyway for $42,242 and taking my loss just to end the nightmare. I sent the gold back and waited a little more than a week after I received confirmation that the gold was delivered to ask when I should expect to receive a check. I was told that it could take up to 60 days, another part of their scam. My recommendation is not to buy anything from Rosland Capital because the money you invest will immediately be worth approximately 33% less.

  4. A boiler room of high-pressure scam artists!! Crooks!!!! Buyer Beware!!! check rip off report and BBB!!!

  5. Ripped off, very bad investment.

    I invested £5000 and after five years Rosland only gave me £4300, the coins they sold me were only worth £3000 . Be very careful in your dealings with Rosland you will lose your hard earned money.

  6. SCAM

    I totally scam because it’s supposed to be an IRA in which most people would consider an IRA to be a savings account well I had them submit the paperwork to me and she was very intentive on me contacting her when I read it because it could be confusing she said so when I got the paperwork I started to read through the fine print and the contract that you signed with the gold IRA literally gives them all the rights protections at your expense say you wanted to sue for damages or what have you It will come out of your IRA third parties expenses come out of your prophets if there is any based off the market miscellaneous charges monthly charges annual charges management charges pretty much you are giving away 30 to 40% of your IRA as well as any profits last I checked IRAs are supposed to save you money not cost you money highly recommend to read everything when dealing with finance. at the very least never deal with these people

  7. Do not buy from Rosland Capital!

    We decided to roll some of our money into a gold IRA with Rosland. We were guided in buying coins that were not only overpriced but difficult to sell. Finally, after months and months of trying to transfer what was left of the money into a regular fund, we have been waiting for the last of our sale of the coins to be transferred. This money still has not been transferred and it has been five months. It should not take five months for a check to be mailed to another company. During this time the market has been fluctuating like crazy and they are holding our money. Do not use this company! Also, we were not aware that their company Equity, would be charging us $230 to manage our coins. This may be standard, but we were not made aware ahead of time.

  8. ripped off

    i bought around between 700.000 and 800.000 thousand dollars through rosaland capital and now tha same invest ment might be worth maybe 100.000 what a loss they have lied to me and ripped me off.what can be done to these people they put people in prison for less .they should be stopped before they rip more people off

  9. ripped off

    i bought around between 700.000 and 800.000 thousand dollars through rosaland capital and now tha same invest ment might be worth maybe 100.000 what a loss they have lied to me and ripped me off.what can be done to these people they put people in prison for less .they should be stopped before they rip more people off

    1. I would file a complaint with your state AG… let them investigate the matter…

    2. Roland and Goldline both scam outfits.

      My husband bought gold and silver at inflated prices because he trusted the crooks on Fox News network and another right wing creep on the radio. That was 10 years ago. He contacted Rosland recently to convert the gold he bought from them.
      They offered him around 800 per oz. When he paid 1100 and the market quote was was over 1500. These bastards target older, naive people who believe their sales pitch. Stay away! My husband will never ever break even on this “deal” no matter how long he hangs on to it. Put your money into a CD or something.

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 50000 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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