Rodrigo Campos Guzman

Rodrigo Campos Guzman from Montreal is a scammer

Rodrigo Campos Guzman from Montreal is a scammer.

We had a disastrous experience renting an apartment to him, and I regret it every day not to have run a background check on him.

As a small landlord, I don’t have the resources to vet every candidate properly.

When I first spoke with Rodrigo Campos Guzman about renting him one of our apartments, he seemed OK. What a horrible decision on my end.

It’s been five months, and he never paid a single penny in rent.

Rodrigo Campos Guzman ignored us, despite running after him countless times and sending him letters asking him to pay the rent outlined in our lease agreement.

Later on, we discovered that he was a serial rental scammer.

Rodrigo Campos Guzman from Montreal is a scammer, and he will rip you off.

I want to publish this Ripoff report to warn other landlords not to do business with him, especially small landlords like me.

To make matters worse, even his neighbors complain about him being impolite, loud, rowdy, and dirty.

The apartment smells like pee & I’m apprehensive about what condition the apartment is in.

I can’t evict him because of the current situation, and Rodrigo Campos Guzman is abusing the system to stay in the apartment without ever paying anything.

He is ignoring phone calls, letters, etc.

The only time it seems we can get a hold of him is whenever he’s in the hallway screaming at his neighbors.

Since we have rented an apartment to Rodrigo from Montreal, the police show up every week because of neighbors’ complaints!

What used to be a nice place with not too many apartments & a close-knit community has been destroyed since we accepted renting an apartment to this loser & this scammer, Guzman.

He keeps insulting Quebec, yet he lives happily in Quebec.

I was able to find him on social media and noticed he was very active in bashing Quebec.

Why doesn’t he go back to his country if he hates Quebec so much? It’s extraordinary.

Why would someone like him, who fled his war-torn country, hate Quebec so much when this province accepted him with open arms?

Now I have to deal with this fat pathetic scammer Rodrigo Guzman.

He never paid rent, trashed our apartment, has yet to leave.

I can’t evict him because of the current situation.

He broke our renovated bathroom, drilled holes in the walls, is seemingly drunk in the middle of the day, yells at his neighbors, abuses his pets, and hates Quebec passionately.

Avoid Rodrigo and the hater of Quebec at all costs!

Is Rodrigo Campos Guzman a legit?

Rodrigo Campos Guzman is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Rodrigo Campos Guzman located?

Rodrigo Campos Guzman is headquarted at Montreal. You can contact Rodrigo Campos Guzman by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Rodrigo Campos Guzman’s customers?

According to Rodrigo Campos Guzman’s customers, a monetary loss of US $10000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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Reported Loss : 10000 $
Severity : Extremely High
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