Rocky’s Autos Inc.

Very Dissatisfied With The service

Arriving at Rocky’s Autos Inc., the gentleman who showed us around the lot was very friendly and helpful in finding the right car for a first-time driver.

He even offered to buy us breakfast and was nice to the kiddo.

Should have listened when they said “No warranty, car is sold as-is” bought it anyways, and the “Check Engine” light had turned on before I even pulled into my driveway!

That’s when it started shifting very jumpy and making a terrible smell.

We called them up and drove back down to the dealership asking to exchange for a different model and were denied.

Went to an official Mazda dealership (which was the model I’d gotten) and the Transmission was completely shot.

Repairs would cost more than the check I’d just written 2 hours ago.

Rocky’s finally agreed to see us, and made me sign a contract stating that they were only repairing my transmission as a courtesy and were not legally required to.

Even then, when I drove my car back home after said repairs, the same light popped back on.

A couple visits later, they repaired the issue by replacing the transmission completely (used, of course) and swore up and down that this is not how they do business.

Two weeks after that, I had to replace my catalytic converters for quite a pretty penny.

Very dissatisfied with the service and quality of the vehicles they sell.

Is Rocky’s Autos Inc. a scam?
Rocky’s Autos Inc. is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Rocky’s Autos Inc. legit?
First Rocky’s Autos Inc. is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Rocky’s Autos Inc.’s consumers?
There is/are 42 review(s) posted about Rocky’s Autos Inc. and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Rocky’s Autos Inc. located?
Rocky’s Autos Inc. is located at 6350 N Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80221, USA. You can contact Rocky’s Autos Inc. by dialing (303) 426-4646 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Rocky’s Autos Inc.’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $1248 was the total loss incurred by Rocky’s Autos Inc.’s customers.

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42 Reviews on Rocky’s Autos Inc.

  1. I will go to dealers that offer information in their adds.

    I like to shop on line, most dealers give you pertinent information on a vehicle, Rockys gives you NO info other than a picture. I want to know price (without calling) mileage, wheel train, until this happens, I will go to dealers that offer information in their adds.

  2. Rocky's Autos Is the toilet of the used car business!

    Rocky’s Autos Is the toilet of the used car business! They have a huge selection of newer but very high milage cars that are bought at auction from states where alot of corrosion is very evident under the hood and chassis,

    If you decide to shop there make sure that you have the car inspected by a mechanic. A mechanic failed two of their cars saying they would give nothing but future problems. In addition to peddling JUNK, the sales staff knows nothing about cars at all except the price.

    They will avoid all questions and continue to ask you to test drive.
    Dont fall for this !!!!!!!! There are many good auto dealerships that have low mile vehicles that are priced better than the so called “little profit dealer” Make sure to shop b4 trusting these crooks with your hard earned money.

  3. Beware

    I went to purchase a vehicle at Rocky’s Autos on August 30th. I had been preapproved for a loan, so this was going to be a seamless transaction…I thought. I showed them my pre-approval letter, and Julia Vargas who is a sales person there, told me that I HAD to finance through them, then refinance with my bank.

    I figured she knew what she was talking about, and wasn’t doing shady business. Boy was I wrong. I went to my bank on Tuesday after Labor day, and they broke the bad news to me. I have to wait to refinance until after the transaction is all the way through, and the rate they gave me was more than twice as much as the rate I was already preapproved for.

    My bank told me that car dealers get kick backs from banks for financing with them. So, that would explain the extremely shady, and extremely unethical business practices Rocky’s uses. Warning to everyone, if you get preapproved, go somewhere else, not Rocky’s, they are “schisters” who are just looking out for themselves, and what will benefit them, and using very shady measures! Beware!!!!!!!

  4. If you decide to give them your service, do so with caution.

    It wasnt convenient for me, nor my co signer to travel all that way to find out my car was no longer for sale. After telling me what I dreaded to hear about the car I was interested in, he dragged me out to the car lot once again, desperately trying to find me another car.

    He started several cars to show me the mileage, etc. (leaving them on and walking away). Apparently he was so anxious to sell me a car he was forgetting to turn the cars off after starting them.

    My mom was trailing behind him shutting the cars off. I was ready to go but he insisted he had a car for me. He showed and allowed me to test drive another car. Again, I was trapped with paperwork and such before having a chance to state whether or not I was even interested. I decided to leave. They went from being kind and helpful to rude and pushy. The salesmen were irritating and overwhelming.

    They practically ride your ass the whole time, from moment upon arrival to the very moment you get in your car to leave. Furthermore, they scared me when they were about to sell me a car that was later found out to have problems and illegal to sell.

    To conclude, my experience at Rocky’s was horrible and very disappointing. Im not impressed what-so-ever. If you decide to give them your service, do so with caution.

  5. Wow, what a terrible experience.

    Wow, what a terrible experience. I am 20 years old and have never owned a vehicle before. I have been looking for a cheap, reliable, used car. After searching various car dealerships, I decided to check out Rocky’s Autos. They carry a well known reputation for great used cars and great prices. I even felt a little more confident when I found out Tom Martino endorsed their company.

    I thought this was going to be the place I would purchase my first car. I was hoping for a great experience, but I did not receive that at all from Rockys. Most of the cars I was interested in were overly priced and had too many miles for their age. Great deals? I dont think so!

    The salesman finally helped me come across something mileage appropriate. However, the car was slightly overpriced for its year. The body had some scratches. The tires were baldy (but the salesman, Tom, insisted they would last two years).

    It didnt even have the power package(power locks, windows, etc.) After convincing me to give it a test drive, I was interested in the car, but I still wanted to look around before making a final decision. After returning from the test drive, Tom handed me a marker and instructed me to write “SOLD BY TOM” on the back window. Umm…

    I dont recall saying I was going to purchase the car. Then he told my mom and I to go inside. We did, and suddenly another man came over to us with paperwork in hand and sat us down. Pushy pushy!!! I looked over the paperwork, discussed some things, then naturally,

    I asked for a carfax. He seemed to frown and give me attitude, but agreed. I had to ask several times before he retrieved the carfax. Was he hoping I would forget? Upon returning with the carfax in hand he appeared slightly upset.


    Don’t think, for one second, no matter what Tom Martino says, that Rocky’s is any different from any other used car dealer. The 2003 Saturn Vue they sold us was originally marked at 11,000 dollars, but through their “Red-Tag Sale” and “Matching Down Payment Incentive” they were able to bring the price down to 8,000 dollars (that price is only about a thousand dollars over KBB Dealer price for that vehicle in EXCELLENT condition, which it was not!)

    Our salesperson, Heath, said we would need to pay $500 more in our down payment than we had specified we could pay, to which we told him that we needed that money for taxes, title, etc. Heath told us not to worry, because Rocky’s pays ALL of those fees. When the paperwork to go get our plates came in the mail, the DMV was requiring $438 MORE in taxes that Rocky’s DID NOT PAY.

    After that, we had a meeting with our salesman and HIS boss, in which he denied saying Rocky’s WOULD pay. Rocky’s would NOT honor the original deal. Be aware! Rocky’s Autos does the EXACT SAME DISHONEST, CLICHED THINGS THAT OTHER USED CAR DEALERS DO!

  7. Great service!

    Great service! The people are easy-going and friendly and very helpful. Rocky is hooking me up with a little bit of detail my car I appreciate it! Go check them out!

  8. I have never had this much trouble getting verification from a place that I paid to service my vehicle.

    Took my car here about 4 months ago for an oil change- the staff was super friendly, reasonably priced and everything went great! Now, my insurance needs verification my car changed states and it’s been almost a week now that I’ve been trying to get just a receipt that this place did my oil change.

    I told them how important this was and 5 business days and 4 phone calls later- still have not received it. I have never had this much trouble getting verification from a place that I paid to service my vehicle.

  9. The other people working there were nice though.

    Lazy, some guy named Joe, as soon as I walked in to get my seatbelts fixed, he sent me off without even looking at it or helping in any sort of way. Just said “oh it’s done for, cant be fixed”. The other people working there were nice though.

  10. The sales people were friendly but controlling.

    My wife and I went to Rockys to look for some Chevy Cruises we didn’t find what we wanted but thought I would share my experience. I hate their location its quite a ways out there its hot no trees around anywhere in view the inside of the building looks dark and run down I wish they would do a nice remodel and get some new tables.

    The sales people were friendly but controlling. I do not like having someone trying to force a vechicle on me whens it’s not what I told them I was looking for. I get it you got to push a sale and get the cars out of the lot so you can get new ones but come on.

    A Nissan Altima and a Chevy Cruise are two different cars and I only wanted the Cruise. Besides the negativity they had some nice vechicles with decent pricing and a lot of choices.

Reported Loss :1248 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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