Rivermark Community Credit Union

The Worst Bank/Credit Union Ever

Rivermark Community Credit Union is the worst bank/credit union ever. There are too many problems to list, but here are a few:

1. Card declined & account frozen when trying to get an uber back from a flea market in Montreal. Not the best corners of the city, it was dark & I was alone.

I had told Rivermark TWICE, that I would be in Canada & for which dates.

Then, had to be on hold with after hours security (which for them is a third party) for nearly 40 min + the time it took for them to resolve the issue, all the while being charged heinous roaming fees.

Also phone was doing to die in which case I would be really screwed.

It was a close call.. Fortunately AT&T worked with me to adjust my fees.

Imagine that portlanders, AT&T was the compassionate and helpful one!!

2. I rarely use checks but recently moved into a new apartment.

I had some checks printed at the branch so that I could send rent on time, for the first time, to my new landlord.

The teller printed checks linked to the WRONG account, the check did not go through, I had to pay a $25 fee AND worst of all, left a horrible first impression on my landlord!! Wtf!

3. I was in Hawaii for a few weeks for a teacher training, six months pregnant.

I took a later flight with a car reservation because in Maui, late at night the taxis can be scant & buses are rare. My card declined!

I ended up having to track down a taxi & go back later only to have it decline again.

As the first horror story, I notified them that I would be there between this & this day.

Talking to them over the phone, they couldn’t actually figure it out until the THIRD try, when finally they were able to allow my CC to work.

So much wasted time, taxi money going to the rental place, and frustration. Why am I surprised?

4. I went to deposit a check for 4k. Then went to get some food up the street on Hawthorne.

SURPRISE, my card declined, again. I thought to myself, that’s weird, I know there is $ in there, before and after that check deposit transaction.

So I checked on the app & it said I was 39k negative! I thought how is this even possible?!Does any bank let you overdraft nearly 40k? Anyway, again, wasted time on the phone, these people are brainless mouth breathers barely aware that they possess a human form.

5. Last horrid offense, and yes I’m going to bank elsewhere. Well I was told I was being sent a new debit card with a chip.

I waited. And waited. And waited more. (3 weeks total) Finally the first approached (of this month) and I needed to pay some bills electronically, because it is after all 2016. (Rivermark doesn’t think so it seems) So I drove across town on a Saturday and waited in their slower-than-mud, BO ridden, SE hipster line.

I ordered a new card & had it printed there. I sent out my new card info to pay some bills and.. I bet you can’t guess.. Yep, declined again.

I called, it was super inconvenient as I was running errands & needing my card (now 8.5 months pregnant).

Apparently the teller ‘ordered my card incorrectly!’ Seriously? Is this rocket science?

This bank does not even deserve one star. It’s a terrible place full of mindless incompetent workers. There are more offenses I’ve experienced but I think these key experiences tell you enough. I wanted to stay because I love the financial advisors and started my retirement & IRA fund with them, but my general banking experiences with them have been nothing but appalling.

Is Rivermark Community Credit Union legit?
Rivermark Community Credit Union is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 19 consumer(s) was/were given a Rivermark Community Credit Union as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Rivermark Community Credit Union located?
Rivermark Community Credit Union is headquarted at 2537 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97214. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Rivermark Community Credit Union by dialing (800) 452-8502 or visit their website rivermarkcu.org.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Rivermark Community Credit Union’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Rivermark Community Credit Union’s customers, US $3828 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is medium.

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19 Reviews on Rivermark Community Credit Union

  1. Ridiculous

    10-25 minutes average wait times when you call them. ridiculous.

  2. I will not be doing business anymore with RCCU.

    I am a new customer. I joined online. I haven’t even been a member for 30 days yet. I made two electronic payments, on two accounts I was paying, at the same time to the same place and only one completed instantly within 24 hours.

    Two weeks later, (ten business days) the other payment is still sitting in my account. The money belongs to RCCU as my other institution is satisfied and have posted both of the payments. It looks like a setup to have me pay fees on possible overdrafts due to my account looking like I have more money than I do!

    I’ve called twice and was told only things I already knew. No one could help or explain why the transaction has not completed on Rivermark’s end. This is exactly why I always opt out of overdraft protection.

    Their system appears to be coded with algorithms designed to cause unexpected overdrafts if you are not careful to wait forever until they draft your account properly so you have an accurate balance. I’ve seen this pattern before with other banking institutions and I am disappointed that Rivermark is no different. I will not be doing business anymore with RCCU.

  3. TERRIBLE customer service.

    TERRIBLE customer service. I have never shown up to a line that wasn’t at least 12 members deep. Every time I need something it’s over 30 minutes in the branch. The phone is just as bad as hold times are never shorter than 20 minutes and have held me up for up to an hour before.

    I never got a new debit card when mine expired and tried to go to the branch to get one. I couldn’t wait in the line that was literally out the door as I had to get back to work and it was raining. Finally got someone on the phone and she told me it would take 7-10 days and they couldn’t expedite it. Terrible service.


    If I could give 0 stars I would. I went today to open savings account. After making me wait 2 hours a woman approached me asked me what I wanted then walked away then a guy showed up after another 20 min stating the system is down even though I watched all customers come and get called before me.

    Apparently the system only works for those who looks white ??? Now if this is not a discrimination and racism I dont know what it. I WAS REFUSED SERVICES IN A VERY SETTLED ” the system is not working way “.

  5. so they win my money, even though their interest rate is lower.

    WHOA – I thought some of the comment about poor service were so hostile they couldn’t be true. “Bank dealership” is a perfect description of the look. But more problematic is the poor customer service. Rivermark touts all of its on-line services and they clearly want no rapport with live customers in their store fronts.

    After being enticed by their introductory high-interest ads, and lack of response to my phone calls, I went into the Happy Valley Branch. A sweet smile on the only visible person in the bank told me I would have to wait a minimum half hour for someone to help me open an account.

    (I promise, it was a substantial amount of money, but that should not matter). After my stunned reply about not getting any email or return phone calls, so I came into the bank personally, she snarled at me – but with a sweet sugary smile – that there was simply no one to help me.

    Going to my local small branch of Key Bank. I am not their prior customer, but they are community minded and always helpful when I go into their bank, so they win my money, even though their interest rate is lower.

  6. I am in the middle of a house sale and as soon as that is done, we are DONE with this ridiculous credit union.

    NOT WORTH 1 STAR! – DO NOT JOIN/USE THIS CREDIT UNION – When I called, was asked 5 security questions! WHAT??? Told her I had answered enough security questions. WORST BANK EVER! We have been with Rivermark CU for over 25 years and they deactivated my Debit Card today as I had not activated the chip card.

    Now have NO ACCESS to my funds! Their solution is for me to use my credit card and then go on website and transfer funds. They offered that I could come to branch (very inconvenient as I work too) to get a new card – or they could mail out — New cards will take 7-10 business days! I opted for mailing cards and she wanted to ask me MORE security questions.

    This is NOT the first time, but the 4th time, this credit union has deactivated my card in the last few years mostly for what they thought were unauthorized transactions, of which, none were, but there I was sitting w/o access to my funds. I am in the middle of a house sale and as soon as that is done, we are DONE with this ridiculous credit union.

  7. I want to go back with a bank where i deal with people, not people on a screen.

    I am very disapointed in this bank. A bank is a business which means they should be earning my business. I thought the switch over to the computer screen tellers was odd, i’d rather deal with a person in front of me, but continued to do business with them.

    I get my paycheck electronically deposited on friday but they have been holding it till Sunday. Today they are holding it till Monday and of course they are closed today, i tried to call. This was never an issue with US Bank. I have money in the bank in savings, so i could just transfer it, but why? I shouldnt have to dip into savings when i just got paid!

    I didn’t have money in savings till recently. I am taking the Dave Ramsey class. What’s interesting to me is that before, when i was managing my money poorly, if i was overdrawn it would roll over to my credit card with no fee. When i started putting money in my savings account i went over once and it pulled it from savings with a $5 charge.

    I complained and asked for my money back because 1)i hadn’t changed anything with my bank account 2)i had plenty of available balance left on my credit card it should have pulled from there like all the previous years 3)i had money in my savings, why would they charge me for a fee when i had money in my savings?

    Now i could understand if i didnt have the money and i got charged an overdraft fee. I had the money! Banks are businesses, businesses make money by selling products (credit cards aka debt) not by screwing over their customers. I think today was the last straw for me. I want to go back with a bank where i deal with people, not people on a screen.

  8. We don't care. We don't have to.

    A Credit Union is supposed to be more than a Bank, more than a Savings and Loan, more than a place to put your money, or have a checking account or an ATM or Credit Card. They’re supposed to be a part of the community and they’re supposed to express solidarity and mutual support with all other credit unions. Rivermark FAILS as a credit union.

    At each stage of my experience with Rivermark they have made policy that ensured the least amount of work for them, and the greatest burden and inconvenience for the customer. This ranged from the merely irritating such as refusing to break a $100 bill to five twenties, to more irksome “policies” such as refusing to take deposits to other credit unions in town at the teller window.

    I opened an account on the assumption that they would treat me with less contempt if I was a member. What naïve, foolish thinking. I have just closed my account and returned to exclusive banking with First Tech. Rivermark embodies the old AT&T slogan: We don’t care. We don’t have to.

  9. This one example of their poor customer service.

    I have made the mistake of counting on the ATM in Newberg to work, when more times than not it fails. After Rivermark closed its Newberg branch they said they would keep the ATM there. It was unreliable. Then they put in a kiosk, and it is unreliable. This one example of their poor customer service.

  10. Rivermark has gone extremely downhill in customer service.

    Worst experience at the Hawthorne Branch today. I stopped in to get $450 in change for my business. It took 31 minutes for an untrained teller to figure out how to count the money using a counting machine that does not work correctly.

    The teller was new and told another teller that she did not know how to use the counting machine. She was told” press here and here” and then went back to her window. This new teller tried very hard to get the counting machine to work but it kept spitting bills onto the floor.

    The 4 tellers at their windows and Cory the Assistant Manager watched gleefully as the new teller struggled, in tears, to get the bills counted. AFTER 25 MINUTES Cory came down and took the teller to the vault where he gave her pre-wrapped bills.

    During my 30-minute Horror experience I asked one of the desk mangers to assist and was told she did not know how to use the counting machine. I asked to speak to the Branch Manager and was told “He is not to be bothered”.

    At there end of the 30-minute torture Cory could only say “Sorry you had a bad experience” a blank, uncaring empty apology. Rivermark has gone extremely downhill in customer service.

Reported Loss :3828 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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