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Lack of leadership

This is my experience and I will NEVER buy anything from RIVERCHASE KIA or a KIA in general again. Be aware of false advertising and lack of leadership.




January 29

Please beware of these tactics and this company.

Today, I received a late notice of payment on a 2016 Kia Soul that I purchased for my daughter in March 2016.

This is infuriating since I have contacted Riverchase Kia several times since I purchased a new 2019 Kia Soul in December 2018 with the agreement from RIVERCHASE Kia.

The sales rep- and the sales mgr- that the last payment would be taken care of if I traded in the leased 2016 in early—before the February turn- in date.

You see I received several mailers and emails asking me to come in early and with all the benefits of and NO PENALTIES of turning the car in one month early.

I visited the dealership about the ADVERTISING MAILERS.

We agreed to bring the car in for appraisal. ( in all fairness, I told them of a fender bender needing repair on the front which the online KIA appraisal online had calculated as $350.00)

All this being said, I was told by the RIVERCHASE KIA sales and THE sales MGR, the damage and the last payment would be included in new lease if I traded early and bought another KIA instead of —waiting one month, making the next payment, and paying the $350 for damage.

I have the PAPERWORK emails and recorded phone calls to prove those discussions.

After paying $2500 down and buying another Kia in December from RIVERCHASE KIA.

I get a statement from corporate KIA Motors stating I owe not only for the $350 damage to old one but the $199 payment RIVERCHASE KIA was to pay for trading early.

I contacted both sales rep and sales mgr repeatedly about this and their “mishandling” of this transaction. I’ve gotten no response and NO resolution.

Corporate KIa says it’s the dealership i have to address. I have repeatedly. No response. No response. No response.

I will pay the damage owed to Corporate KIa. Obviously I will pay the payment to keep this from hurting my credit. I had no reason to trade early.

I could have waited a month and turned it in, paid the damage fee, and gotten something else —-a whole lot better.

I was MISLEAD by advertising , sales management and sales at RIVERCHASE KIA.

Is Riverchase Kia a legit?

Riverchase Kia is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 8 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Riverchase Kia located?

Riverchase Kia is headquarted at 2200 Pelham Pkwy Pelham, AL 35124. You can contact Riverchase Kia by dialing (205) 987-6518 or visit their website riverchasekia.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Riverchase Kia’s customers?

According to Riverchase Kia’s customers, a monetary loss of US $554 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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8 Reviews on Riverchase Kia

  1. Warranty Refund Scam

    2 months ago, I purchased a 2021 KIA Soul, I was told by Calvin (Finance Manager) that I would get $1,200 back if I purchased the full warranty package, and I did, long story short, I have never received my $1,200, and I have to leave reviews like this, yep, even well-known car dealers will rip you off, and never respond to your emails or phone calls. Overall, Riverchase KIA decided to keep the $1,200 rather than me purchasing a 2nd car; I am glad I did not! I guess keeping my $1,200 was more important than selling me a 2nd car, ROFL! Can you say going out of business, ROFL!

    The car that I purchased is great!
    Riverchase KIA not keeping their promise…
    (It has already cost them…)

    This is exactly how you lose customers forever!

  2. Very dissatisfied.

    dealer has not replaced a 2nd Fob to my Sonrenta they promised to get for me upon sale. 3 weeks and no one returns my calls or messages. Very dissatisfied.

  3. great service & experience at Riverchase Kia!

    We just bought our first Kia from Kevin! He & his staff were excellent. We WERE avid Honda owners & after getting all the info from Kevin, we decided on a optima over the accord! Once again, great service & experience at Riverchase Kia!

  4. This is unbelievable.

    I have been here since 8:00 for a simple oil change and to get my tires rotated. It is now 10:34 and my car is still not ready yet. This is unbelievable.

  5. The dealership is very misleading.

    The dealership is very misleading. They lied about having a deal done, and just wanted to get me in the door, just to change the deal. ( I guess they thought that new car smell would win me over ). They were not professional what so ever. It was the worst experience I have had in my 32 years of shopping for vehicles.

  6. The sales team here are liars.

    The sales team here are liars. Steve Willard was my salesman, he and his manager assured me the vehicle went through a 100+ point inspection. They said if I have any problems they’ll help to resolve them. 2 weeks brakes went out, response from sale team. We can’t help you. Lying POS’s. Be warned.

  7. Do yourselves a favor and stay away from Riverchase Kia.

    I came to Kia, pre-approved for a car loan (with excellent rates) through Capital One. When I spoke to the salesman, I explained that to him, and explained that I didn’t want them to run my credit anywhere else because I didn’t want the extra hits on my credit report. He assured me that it would be done that way (LIE #1). I arrived for our appointment and before he would even show me the car, he input my information to pull my credit.

    He told me that it wouldn’t be run until we drove and I had decided on a car (LIKE #2). We test drove a car and when we got back, he ran the credit. I asked him if he was running it through Capital One with my approval number and he said he was (LIE #3). I had told him that I didn’t want a payment higher than a certain amount, yet he still came back with a payment TWICE AS HIGH and tried to convince me that that was what Capital One came back with (LIE #4).

  8. this was to last at least a year didn't last a week.

    Don’t ever buy anything from river chase Kia they are shady, bought a used car didn’t last a week motor gone, money down the drain…..this place need a zero rating…karma will come. When people by used cars they don’t have time to play with their money , this was to last at least a year didn’t last a week.

Reviews: 8
Reported Loss : 554 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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