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Poor shopping experience

Poor shopping experience. I mentioned I was interested in Camry’s. The salesman (a “gentleman” who had recently moved from ny where he owns a restaurant and who could answer very few questions about the car) doubled up with Fabio (another “gentleman”). Fabio tried to tell us that the first salesman’s bonus depended on a sale today.

The first salesman told us he needed to wrap up this sale as his family was waiting for him. The whole experience was awkward and inappropriate. When we said we needed to think about it, the first salesman stormed off upset. Threatened us that the “great deal” they were giving us would not work tomorrow. We kept hearing about his lost bonus. What about hearing about the car we were about to buy? Deeply unprofessional.

Jason D., I am not interested in contacting you or responding to your canned response. You’ve received enough similar feedback. Please deal with it in an honest manner. I wish I could remember the first sleazeball’s name but I can’t. I believe he had a Vietnamese name but I could be wrong. Either way, please acknowledge these issues and deal with your salesmen appropriately.

We ended up leaving and bought a car next door at right Honda just because I couldn’t stand hearing about shitbird’s bonus any longer. Why did we buy it there? Because the salesman we were working with would answer some questions with “huh, I don’t know that. I need to find out”.

This gave us the opportunity to learn more than we already did about the Honda Insight and decided to go with it. This is by contrast to the salesmen we interacted with at Toyota who made up facts, e.g. “nope. Never any recalls on that Toyota.” Really? A 3 sec google search says otherwise.

Is Right Toyota a legit?

Right Toyota is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 50 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Right Toyota located?

Right Toyota is headquarted at East Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard 7701 AZ US. You can contact Right Toyota by dialing (888) 984-1774 or visit their website righttoyota.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Right Toyota’s customers?

According to Right Toyota’s customers, a monetary loss of US $300 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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50 Reviews on Right Toyota

  1. What a bad experience.

    What a bad experience. I bought a new car back in December and the finance manager put a gap insurance in the contract without showing to me. He definitely skipped that line and being in light gray color I didn’t see it. After one month I noticed it and immediately called them to ask them to cancel the gap insurance. It was end of January.

    I finally go tit canceled August 13 after 15 phone calls and 15 emails. I found out that they make so much money with gap insurance and that in order to get paid by the insurance company the policy must be in force for at least 3 months. If they cancel it before 90 days the dealer ship won’t get paid by the insurance company.

  2. Bad Service

    I had my car serviced at this dealership twice and I used to be happy till their service department did not provide any customer service. I called their location twice in two consecutive days and on the second day they said that they put me on the “Priority List” and still no call back.

    I even called the Service Manager on the third day and left him a voice message as to why I was so displeased and they still did not even try to do damage control. This location is in dire need of customer service training. The lack of professionalism and customer service is forcing me to blacklist Right Toyota or as I now call it “Wrong” Toyota.

  3. Wasted my time and gas! Not a good experience.

    Had a 1:30 pm appointment for a specific model that EJ said they had in stock. Arrived on time EJ stated he had me down for 9:00am.. Never tried to call to see if I was still coming to test drive the SR5. Got to dealership, EJ took me out to the lot and DID NOT have the vehicle I wanted to test drive / see. Wasted my time and gas! Not a good experience.

  4. we were looking for a Sequoia.

    My wife and I stopped in the end of the day Christmas Eve. we were looking for a Sequoia. As it was the end of thr day before Christmas we decided to come back the day after.

    We were told by Sam the salesman that we were looking at the only Sequoia they had, in fact, it was one of only six in Arizona. He also told us the towing capacity was 11,000 lbs.

    After our test drive we sat down in Sam’s cubicle and Faben the sales manager told us the towing capacity was 9,000 lbs. Funny my online research told us it was actually 7,400 lbs.

    We were offered a deal with our trade valued at 1/2 of Kelly Blue Book trade value nd full sticker price. I guess the sticker price was due to the so called “rarity” of the Sequoia.

    Finally my brother who was wandering the lot came in and told us there was another Sequoia sitting around the corner equipped exctly the same as the one we drove.

  5. i will not have anything done at the service dept there

    We recently purchased a new 4 runner and a tundra from right toyota and our salesman, A.J Abdul, was outstanding. They had to fix the door guards on the 4 runner which were installed poorly to say the least. When the service dept.guy, tracy andrew, looked at it he said he would only replace one.

    After i told him what i thought of his attitude and opinion i asked him if he would be satisfied with that level of quality he replied that he wouldn’t have had them installed and that is the level of quality they do and will continue to do.

    I took it beyond him and got it handled but tracy andrew in the servce dept. Is certainly a worthless individual in that capacity and because of his attitude i will not have anything done at the service dept there

Reviews: 50
Reported Loss : 300 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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