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VXL Dollar can be described as a brand new fraud coin. Other names for this brand new cryptocurrency scam include VXL Bank and VXLD.

They’ve been receiving reports of fraud on the internet. In this post, I’ve provided an extensive list of articles against VXL Dollar that will give you a better understanding of why to stay clear about investing with the company.

According to the reviewer above, VXL Dollar is a fraud. He lost 175 bitcoins with the company and is now preparing to bring a lawsuit against the company.

As per the report, the owners of VXLD are located in Marbella, Spain. They are, however, intent on attracting customers from Dubai, Monaco, and Ibiza. The reviewer points out that VXL Dollar isn’t the first scam run by these folks.

The first scam they ran was an offshore banking institution with an alias VXL Bank.

The bank was founded in a tiny African country and added prominent individuals to its Board.

It included Francisco de Borbon von Handerberg, who is one of the Spanish royal family. Others who have been promoting VXL Dollar include <redacted> as well as Reza Ebrat.

Before this fraud, they had, but they’ve since deleted the site. The reviewer cautions crypto enthusiasts against making investments in the VXLD.


He points out that the folks behind this scam employ an unconventional approach to spread the fraud.

They don’t advertise the scam via exchanges or on the internet. Instead, they focus on people who attend parties or social gatherings. An earlier post by this reviewer provides additional details about this fraud.

“VXL Dollar isn’t the First Scam of These People”.


This reviewer claims that VXL Dollar was promoting itself by boasting that they have more than $2 billion of gold in collateral due to its ties with Spain’s royal family. Spanish Royal family.

But, the reviewer claims that it’s all a lie.

Reza Ebrat created ten websites to spread the scam.

The reviewer mentions that once ran the website. They have since taken down the website. Before their deletion, they had claimed that had granted VXL bank the authority to operate.

It was an untruth.

They also operate, another scam claiming to provide 36% annual interest. They’ve also removed this site. The minimum amount of money required to earn a rate of interest was $500,000.

Additionally, they used to operate They claimed to have an enterprise in gold, but it’s gone as well as the other.

At present, they run to advertise VXLD and help the victims.

The reviewer says VXL Bank is an untrue financial institution claiming to have between 250 and 300 employees. It has only a license from the Central Bank of Sao Tome and Principe, two of the tiniest African nations that do not have strict rules.

So, don’t believe the statements of VXL Bank, which is the financial backing to VXL Dollar.

In the article, the reviewer aired his concerns to The Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein about SCG Trust’s legality. SCG Trust.

The FMA was able to respond by saying the fact that SCG Trust didn’t have a license from the FMA. Ultimately, providing any financial services within their jurisdiction was not legal.

Furthermore, it was suggested that the FMA advised against using the site owned by SCG Trust, the so-called authority that endorsed VXL Dollar as a legitimate cryptocurrency.

After some time, when reviewer reported that had removed the site quickly.


Additionally, they were known to publish information concerning themselves via the site of VXL.Network. However, they stopped this when victims began to expose their fraudulent schemes.

The couple has been promoting VXL Dollar through their Instagram accounts. Despite numerous warnings from people that this was a fraud, they ignored the warning and are promoting the fake cryptocurrency regardless.

During the reviewer’s investigation, the reviewer contacted the bank in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA).

In the response, ADIA informed the reviewer that they do not belong with VXL Bank or VXL Dollar.

Additionally, they advised the person reviewing that the company they’re dealing with isn’t legitimate and it’s an attempt to commit fraud.

The reviewer reveals that [redacted] was even able to convince Thomas Kramer to promote the fraud. Thomas Kramer is a real property entrepreneur who was able to lose $200 million as a result of the court’s order.

VXL Dollar’s False Claim of Having Billions in Collateral. The reviewer explains that VXL Bank falsely claims to hold billions of dollars worth of gold as collateral.

Here is a short excerpt from the post in which VXL Dollar claimed that they have this collateral. However, they removed the post after a reviewer pointed out that they’re located in a tiny African country with virtually no regulations.

Furthermore, since the company claims to be located within such a distant locale, customers can’t confirm the authenticity of their claims.

Additionally, VXL Dollar used to have the following “About Us” page on its website. However, it has been removed.


There is currently no web page on their site. If you click on the “About Us” or “About Us” button on the site of VXL Bank, you get a redirection to their homepage.

After examining the points above, it’s evident that VXL Dollar, aka VXL Bank, isn’t as reliable as it appears to be.

The cryptocurrency offerings are not without warnings.

Additionally, the way they attempted to exploit the reputation of other well-known organizations, declaring that they are affiliates but without any affiliations, indicates they are not ethical.

It is best to stay clear of cryptocurrency ventures without morality, as you may lose your entire investment.

For instance, many customers from Tiger Trade and Euro traders have claimed to have been unable to access their accounts due to the fraudulent activities of their platform.

So, do not invest in VXL Dollar.

Is Reza Ebrat - VXL DOLLAR a legit?

Reza Ebrat - VXL DOLLAR is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 15 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Reza Ebrat - VXL DOLLAR located?

Reza Ebrat - VXL DOLLAR is headquarted at 2003, 20/F, Tower 5 | 33 Canton road, Tsim sha tsui | Kowloon, Hong Kong. You can contact Reza Ebrat - VXL DOLLAR by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Reza Ebrat - VXL DOLLAR’s customers?

According to Reza Ebrat - VXL DOLLAR’s customers, a monetary loss of US $35000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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15 Reviews on Reza Ebrat – VXL DOLLAR

  1. Hello Informative

    Thank you.


    Hi, we are swedish in Marbella… we know this bad guys… we have contacts at the Eco Crime in Sweden, we are emailing you to discuss, I think this is very interesting scam and we can help you to bring in prison these swedish guys or feel free to contact them here:

  3. Madrid present several people affected

    Hello, we sent an email to [email protected] please answer, several people in Madrid knows the scammers and lost money with them. We would like to be in contact with your lawyers and bring Francisco de Borbon, Reza Ebrat and [Redacted] to the justice and where they deserve to be, in Jail.

    Please answer asap!


  4. Reza Ebrat cocaine user and scammer in Marbella

    Everybody knows this guy (every day on drugs) in Marbella as a fraudster and his friend in crime Francisco de Borbon of the Royal Family of Spain.

    Hope people scammed soon will jail him. Good luck.

  5. Fake good reviews

    Hello community. All the good review are of the scammers.

    I was convinced by Burnard-Ebrat to deposit crypto in what I discovered to be a fake bank. Over 110.000 Euros. When I asked the money back Reza Ebrat told me that my account was hacked, and over 110.000 USDT were stolen and was my responsibility. They tried to fool me and I contacted immediately the other victims at [email protected] and after their help I got the money back.
    Don’t believe to their excuses they will try to cheat in each way the victims. A case against them is already starting soon these people will be jailed. Their already lost 2 cases attacking their same victims. All this can be verified on the court of Marbella in Spain, ask your lawyer.

    The review below of “Robert Green” is of course false.
    Every lawyer can make a due diligence in internet and find all about Reza Ebrat: nothing. He never worked in his life, he is using many grams of cocaine every day, a simple test of a lab can confirm it. No business, no companies, no tax declarations, tax evasion, fraud, money laundering is his business that will end as we know with jail.

    Every person reading this should contact immediately the law office in charge for the criminal case of Reza Ebrat, Francisco de Borbon, Royal Family of Spain and [Redacted].
    — If you invested some money with them, you are at risk to get anything back, contact the police, lawyers as soon as possible.


    We have experienced very positive relations with Mr. Reza Ebrat. A genuine , trustworthy businessman. He is building a VXL project. The assets backing the project have been checked by our lawyers.

    100% genuine project backed by real assets.

  7. another company affected by VXL

    Unfortunately we have also been affected by VXL and their founders. They need to return us more than 100,000 USD that we deposited in their bank. After looking for all kind of excuses, when they run out of them, they promised to retun us the money, but we are still waiting. They said that they would do it before the end of october, but so far nothing. Reza Ebrat is all the time lying to us, saying that it will be returned. Birjan Burnard, that always presented himself as one of the directors, now he pretends that he had nothing to do. And Fran de Borbon is telling us to talk with the previous two.

  8. Heimdall T

    I would like to top it up. We know that now Birjan Burnard is intending to present himself as a victim of VXL situation and as an employee with no responsabilities. and not knowing what was going on However to us, Birjan Burnard introduce himself as Senior Operational Director. Also, once the situation started to go wrong, we checked on his profile, and we found out that he was in a dirty situation . we have already been contacted by other people who unfortunately they are in a similar situation, and with much higher amounts.

  9. digitalactive

    We want to warn the community on VXL, and the people behind: Birjan Burnard, Fran de Borbon and Reza Ebrat. In our case we were supposed to be using their and ( However it never worked properly (Later we found out they were hanging from an EMI licence in Czech Republic, that it has been revoked) . In our case we have more than 100,000 USD stuck with them.

    We know that also they have created VXL dollar ( )where other people have also lost money and that has started already criminal proceedings against them in Spain. Now Birjan Burnard has also created a new structure, Lattice Networks. This last person is trying to distance himself from the whole structure, but to us, he was also introducing himself as one of the directors. We have some documents signed by him as such.

  10. Victims

    The scammers tell to the victims that what they found online about the scam is just a crazy person.

    Unfortunately we collected already 5 peoples scammed by them going to the court against them, probably they will be arrested soon.

    We have companies, crypto projects, people from Los Angeles also scammed 1.000.000 EUR, the Chef of Red Cross, and many other more arriving in these days from Spain, Dubai, Monaco.

    For who is victim of VXL BANK, VXL DOLLAR, VXL NETWORK crime network organized by Francisco de Borbon of Royal Family of Spain, Reza Ebrat, [Redacted], Alina Burnard, Sophie Karoly, Camilla Gant, please contact us asap to join to the case in the court and bring these people in jail.

  11. [Redacted]

    [Redacted] is very active in this scam, we know he is in contact with CEM Wald that is a money launderer with his network of private companies.

    Also you can find online an article of UK newspaper about his scam with SCG TRUST with his partners Reza Ebrat and Francisco de Borbon.

  12. Please remove this post

    I’m the actual owner of I please you to remove this post because all the family [redacted] have nothing to do with this and took a strong distance from the scam.

    The unique people you can speak about are the Borbon-Ebrat family.

    Please accept my request, remove the post and change your direction.

    thank you

  13. VXL network is a criminal organization

    Hello, I’m in a circle of Marbella people who know these individuals very well.

    They are scammers, and they spend all the money on victims; some of them are complete addicts to cocaine, some to other drugs and alcohol.

    Also, they threaten to death people or say to be connected to Mafia.

    Good that are inside the royal family of Spain, I hope that soon will be public on the media and the Royal House of Spain will make sure that these people will be prosecuted.

    Dear Internet Investigator, You are part of a criminal group.
    There are tons of proofs.

    We also know [redacted] who is him and hope the law will stop them soon.

  14. Internet Investigator

    I have seen these claims against this company by the same person on multiple sites until the sites receive legislation to have the same false claims removed.

    This website is for legitimate issues, not personal defamation and slander against an organization.

    We are internet investigators that have studied this case concerning VXL closely, and we deem it FALSE information and adjacent to a delusional claimant.

    We review this article as a FALSE CLAIM.

  15. Borbon VXL Scam - Vxl Bank, Vxl Dollar, VxlPayment Royal Family of Spain

    Francisco de Borbon estafa scam
    Reza Ebrat estafa scam
    Vxl dollar estafa scam
    Banco Vxl estafa scam
    Vxl Bank estafa scam
    John Fred Kennedy
    Mohammed Ali Zandi Goharizzi
    Ketan Seth
    14 websites used live or destroyed:
    Paa Capital
    Order of Saint Lazarus

    Germany, Austria, Spain, UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi
    BitcoinTalk forum scam:
    Other journalist commenting the scam:



    [email protected]

Reviews: 15
Reported Loss : 35000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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