Retinolla Reviews is a complete scam

I saw an advertisement of Retinolla cream on Facebook for 2 full samples of this cream. These were free but you simply needed to pay the shipping cost.

Although I did think it was somewhat odd, still I decided that if it was no good I would just lose the price of shipping cost. Then I received the items a some weeks later. It was really that long that I had forgotten about it.

The creams were good but not extra-ordinary. Anyone can imagine my surprise when just after 2 weeks later I got 2 more jars without even ordering them.

I contacted the company promptly by email and told them I didn’t order any creams. They said they couldn’t cancel as it was an automated ordering system. “Automated ordering system” what is it even? Then I told them that if they sent any other I would be keep them but will not pay for them and if I wanted one I would place an order myself.

It was right after then, that I checked my bank account and found that they had taken £83 out.

Without delay I emailed them once again and told them I wanted to return them and have my money refunded.

They told me that I could return them at my expense and when they get clearance from their warehouse they would refund my money. So I returned them at my expense.

I got an email some weeks later saying that sadly the box had been opened and because of that they were unable to refund the money. Well, obviously I had opened the box to see what was inside. But I did not open the jars.

They still refused this issue of a full refund although they are now offering a partial refund as long as I don’t pursue them for the rest of the money and I don’t inform my bank.

Is there anything that can be done? I did accept the partial refund as I thought it was better than having nothing. But since then I was advised that I should have stuck to my wit and demand they refund all my money.

Is Retinolla Reviews a legit?

Retinolla Reviews is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Retinolla Reviews located?

Retinolla Reviews is headquarted at Smith Hines Road 122 SC US. You can contact Retinolla Reviews by dialing 647-846-8437 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Retinolla Reviews’s customers?

According to Retinolla Reviews’s customers, a monetary loss of US $83 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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6 Reviews on Retinolla Reviews

  1. Retinolla scam and possible health effects

    About six weeks ago, I was sent an email asking me to fill out a survey pertaining to the cable company to which I subscribe. Doing the survey entitled me to pick one of three prizes. I did the survey, but all the reward prizes were out of stock, except for free samples of Retinolla. I don’t normally use such products, but I’d done the survey and figured I’d earned it. Then they asked for my credit card number to cover the cost of shipping. Foolishly, I gave it (it was about $11.00) and in a couple of weeks I received a package containing a jar of skin cream, a jar of eye cream and a bottle of serum.

    I mentioned this to my grandson who happens to work for the cable company. “We aren’t running any surveys,” he said. “You’ve been scammed. Phone your credit card company immediately”. I did, and was connected with the fraud department who told me they were familiar with the scam, and if I hadn’t reported it, I would discover I had unwittingly agreed to pay over a hundred dollars a month for a regular supply of this stuff. The credit card company (Visa) immediately cancelled the transaction, and shortly afterwards, I received an e-mail from Retinolla saying my contract was cancelled. If that were all that happened, I wouldn’t be writing this.

    I am an 82 year old woman recovering from 2 heart attacks and taking blood thinners regularly. I used the cream on a daily basis for some weeks. Recently, however, an ugly, open and bloody-looking sore (about 1/4 inch in diameter) has appeared under my right eye. According to the the Mayo Clinic web site, it would appear that it is entirely possible that an interaction between the vitamin A in Retinolla and my blood thinner caused the sore. No instructions, or health warnings came with the product. Excess Vitamin A, I have learned, can cause very serious health problems for patients on blood thinners. Luckily, all I seem to have suffered is the sore under one eye. But people ought to be warned, and Retinolla should be labelled as dangerous for people with certain medical conditions. I don’t know if you can do anything about this, but someone certainly should.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Judith Prescott Flynn

  2. SCAM! Do not order these products!

    Same thing happened to me. I thought it was a Costco sample. Just checked my credit card and found two charges plus a third for the renewal. I promptly called and was told I agreed to their terms and conditions. No where did I see anything about if I didn’t return it within 14 days I’d be charged that outrageous amount. Eventually after some nasty emails, they agreed to give me back $120 ‘for my suffering’. I called VISA too and they said maybe I should take it since they are willing to give me something when technically they don’t have to. Retinolla also told me they win 99.9% of these cases. I took the partial refund but I feel sick about the whole thing. Never again will I fall for a ‘free sample.’

  3. Beware

    Without going into an hour writing…..if you get taken by this company, call your MasterCard, explain the situation, get them involved to do a chargeback. Be assertive and polite. It works!!!

  4. Terrible scam

    I had the same thing happen to me with retinolla.I ,like everyone else saw the free trial and gave my credit card number to cover the postage and handling.Wheni was charged $200 11 cents,I was mortified!l did contactMaster Card ,who were very helpful.They provided me with a phone No.for retinolla (1 had three preveous Nos ,None of them in operation )When I called retinolla I told them I had contacted Master Card and they had suggestedI give retinolla one last chance to do the right thing and reimburse me for the full amount,and if they didn’tMaster Card would open an investigation into retinolla,and had promised me I would be reimbbursed,one way or another .
    I was assertive,but not aggressive.I am usually a quiet gentle person,but this is your money that they have stolen from your account !Are you going to let them get away with it?
    Do not swear at them,but be. Persistent.
    They decided to refund the full amount,having told me several times that they can only refund maximum 50 percent !

    Good luck and don’t give up !


    Ordered $5/- little thing. Ended up over $650/- dollars to my credit card. I recieved costco coupon. To use it i have to pay shipping with my credit card. Stay away it is nothing but fraud.

  6. Retinolla Reviews

    I’ve just been scammed by this company. I went on the TD website 3 weeks ago and while there received a request to fill a customer survey for them. At the end of the survey, I was offered to choose between several free samples so I chose retinolla.

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Reported Loss : 83 $
Severity : Extremely Low
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