Raul A. Gonzalez III

LamboRaul is a Scammer -- Fake MT4 demo accounts

This scam artist’s real name is Raul A. Gonzalez III

His FAKE MT4 demo accounts are constantly shown, and he has some of the worst mentoring I have ever seen, losing trade after losing trade. A complete waste of my time and money to join that joke.

I now realize LamboRaul is a fraud, just like Cue Banks, @fxalexg, and the rest of the jokers on Instagram. He claims to make $150k daily in his YouTube videos but then has time to sell his fraudulent scam services constantly.

He Made all his money from his dad @drgsmile, a.k.a. Dr. Raul Gonzalez.

His dad is a dental surgeon and appears to be funding this clown into enticing youngsters like myself into the scam forex services even saw his dad dancing with him on a boat, popping champagne on a video.

His girlfriend, @nicolegarcia, appears to be in on the scam too.

AVOID this clown LamboRaul, another fake lifestyle guru – I got burned and hope no one else does.

Is Raul A. Gonzalez III a legit?

Raul A. Gonzalez III is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Raul A. Gonzalez III located?

Raul A. Gonzalez III is headquarted at Miami, Florida. You can contact Raul A. Gonzalez III by dialing N/A or visit their website daytradinginstitution.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Raul A. Gonzalez III’s customers?

According to Raul A. Gonzalez III’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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5 Reviews on Raul A. Gonzalez III

  1. do not trust!!!!

    they have these crazy sceme it says invest $500 make $7500 and and more at least 100% all the way up to send 20 bitcoin and get 100 bitcoin crazy so I wanted to see so I put in $ $500 and my account showed I made $16700 but when it was time to deposit into my wallet there was a problem somehow the trade went wrong and they needed another $500 to get my money I guess my trade was the only one that dident work for this company because its 100% guaranteed and there so many people showng these huge deposits into there wallets.

  2. Lamboraul Signals is a bust!

    I personally tried his signals room in October November and December and it was totally garbage. He won’t trade for days, then send four bad trades in a row. Then send one good trade then send 5 bad trades after. I lost 2 funded account with these clowns.

  3. Leveled Up Society SCAM!

    This levelupsociety company of Raul’s does not pay, it is useless, I have acquaintances and friends who have requested their retirement and they have not been paid for 3 months, Raul keeps all the money that the poor innocent people pay to buy the challenge and Raul lives like a king, all those affected should unite and sue him so that his hair falls out as a scammer and a liar

  4. Stay away from lamboraul and fxalexg

    I paid for signal group; this guy who trade gbp/jpy lost almost every single one. They close old group and reopened the new one. They told that they will cancel all subscriptions but they charge me next month. I contacted support on telegram, he asked me for the payment receipt. After that, they never text me back. Stay away from this scammer. He has over 2k people in his signal group. 2k people x 100$ = $200k. They have this lifestyle not from trading but from his trash forex signals and courses.

  5. LamboRaul Exposed!

    Don’t trust Level up society, don’t trust Lambo Raul (at least people now know where does he have money from. I will give you hint. It isn’t from trading but from professional scamming). I passed both challenges and traded live 200k account. I had profits under 2k+ refund and they never paid. Now they are trying to say I breached some rules. They are constantly changing rules and they are constantly trying to find reasons not to pay u. They block my account and now I can start from beginning because they gave me new phase 1. Their respond? “We believe in second chances” bullshit. They wasted months of my time and effort. Truth is they are in B books so they are not trading same trades on live accounts so they profit just from people failing challenges… Basically if you have brain in your head, you can see ponzi scheme… Just pay traders until enough people are failing and when too much people will be profitable, we they are fu*ked… Now they are running out of the money and completely deleted they discord, support also sucks. You are waiting days for respond..Please if you hate your money, buy challenges from them and if you love your money, spread this message to protect people from these idiots. It is SCAM and everyone who gets paid until now is really luck that he/she gets on the boat sooner… If you want proofs, contact me and I can show you. I am not only one I know they are doing it to….. Shame on you Raul

Reviews: 5
Reported Loss : 3200 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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