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QNet traps people to join their scam

Qnet Direct selling company is a scam, please do not invest your hard earned cash into this scam business, I have lost more than 1 Lacs by joining Qnet, Please go through Qnet review which I have submitted below.

I was going through a financial crisis and was looking for options to earn some extra bugs. I had few saving and was planning to invest in something and was not sure what. During the same time, I got a call from a friend who told me about similar problem. He told me that he also wanted to spend somewhere. He was trying to find option for making investment. But, mostly he was interested in knowing what I feel about that idea. I did not understand what he was trying to get me into and told whatever I had in mind. It is obvious that a second income is intimidating and if it comes so easily to you, it becomes even more irresistible. I showed interest in his concern and he understood that it would be easier to fool me.

He said he would continue looking for options and once he would find something interesting, he would suggest me as well. It was a casual talk and I thought it ended there. We do these kinds of discussions with almost every single person who are close to us. But, it is rare that something comes up so soon. However, in his case I was wrong. He called me right after few days and asked me to meet him to discuss something important.

At first, I thought he was just joking. It could have been only a coincidence to find something so easily after we discussed. But, he was adamant at what he had to propose. He was eager to discuss his plan and told me that he had found a way to earn extra income and sounded excited. I wanted to enquire in detail. He said it would be difficult to explain that on phone. He denied disclosing any detail and did not answer. He told me that he would meet and describe the opportunity.

He stayed out of the city and said that he would schedule a meeting once he is in my city. I did not want to spend time discussing something that was not worth. After repeated question, he gave me a hint and told was that the business was similar to that of Jabong and Myntra and other online merchants. I was aware of the popularity these ecommerce businesses were gaining and thought of getting an idea of what he had to offer. I had a very different picture in my mind and never expected that he would call me to trick me into an endless circle.

Before we met, he called me in between to make sure the plan was still on. I found it fishy and thought of cancelling the meeting. However, he kept stressing. He told me that his family members and friends have invested in the same and were earning huge profit. After a week, he arranged a meeting in a CCD, close to my apartment. There was one more person accompanying him. My friend introduced me to that person and told me that he was from the same company he worked for. That person was into formals and I found him a bit awkward.

We ordered and my friend asked me to go ahead and order the most expensive item from the list and said he would be paying for that. I looked at him and ordered my regular coffee. He insisted for my order but I did not go for it. I knew my manners but he has changed a lot.

When we started talking, he repeated all the questions that we discussed over phone. He started asking me about my goals of life and where do I see myself in the next 5 years. He was trying to access me at every line I was speaking.

After I was done talking about myself which I was not comfortable to speak in front of a complete stranger, he started his stories about his accomplishments. It was suspicious to know that in few weeks he had made such a huge profit. He kept on flaunting and my suspicion grew. After he was done exaggerating his achievements, which was quite obvious, he gave me a name. He told me about QNet. The way he did all the drama was unnecessary, but that is the way they have been trained, I guess. He sounded fishy. He was not getting to the point and was not interested in telling me the money I would be spending and the pyramid scheme that they follow. He was only interested in talking about the success.

He only told me about the profits I would be making. He showed some charts. He drew some hierarchy diagrams and told me that I need to join right away. I had never heard of QNet before, but it sounded to me like a pyramid scheme rather than an ecommerce business. I needed time to think about it. I had all the right to research about the company and did not want to make a decision in haste. However, that time could have bought me the reason to say no.

I was also asking many questions to clarify my confusion. In the back of the mind, I was waiting for one wrong move to reject the offer. Both of them very well knew what to say and what to hide. So, that plan already was taking the back seat. He was too pushy and his friend was annoyed with my question. He told me that the position will be soon close and I would regret after that.

I tried to ignore the deal and said I would consult my family before making the decision and he completely gone out of the way to make me join it. He said that I cannot tell anyone before I start making profit. What kind of deal was that? Was it some kind of scam that they wanted me to keep shut about that. One thing was clear, all they wanted was my participation and there was no concern about my profit or investment.

I was not ready to join. However, my friend paid on my behalf and I got trapped. I had to pay back and to make money, I had to make others join the hierarchy. Later, my friend took me to the seminars and there I understood how they train people to talk about the fake trips and profits. I came to know that many times, the commission is also not paid. On top of that their product sucks.

I further researched about the company and was stunned to know the feedbacks of the customer. For a minute, I was taking the scheme seriously as there was no way back. But, after knowing about the real scam, I turned my back. I couldn’t find it easy to go against my ethics.

But the company was not ready to refund my money. And that guy who accompanied my friend kept rushing me into making more investors ready to pay.

Sometimes, he would threaten me as well. But, I couldn’t do as he asked and he subsequently stopped calling me.

My experience with QNet was a nightmare and the way they deal with their associates and new customers is pathetic. They try to hide the truth about their scam behind the mask of ecommerce business. But, they are totally into MLM and run Ponzi Scheme.

Once you are caught inside, you have got no way to come out. You will either end up becoming one among them or will be the dead end of the hierarchy.

If you be an active IR, you will lose your self-dignity and if you decide to be the period at the end of the line, you will lose all your money. Whatever you chose, you will lose.

Many people get isolated from their friend circle and family. None want to entertain someone whose selfish goals are crystal clear. So, it is better to stay away from these people and save your hard-earned money and reputation.                                                                          `                               “

QNet is very well aware of the flop products that it sells and that is why it indulges into fake advertisement to create illusion among people. If that does not work, it threatens you and make your close ones do all kinds of emotional atyachar to trap you into the scam.

This is how QNet forces people to join them. It is a complete scam and a nonsense scheme.

Currently, the company is working in many countries and its active members are everywhere. Please beware if you come in contact with someone who claims to help you make easy money. Nothing comes without hard work and if something is an easy catch, it will have the consequences attached to it.

So, do not invest in QNet or any MLM business. You are not only doing wrong to yourself but to everyone you are convincing in joining the scam.

Is Qnet Reviews a legit?

Qnet Reviews is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 13 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Qnet Reviews located?

Qnet Reviews is headquarted at b wing green view sosaity, Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Babhai Naka, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070. You can contact Qnet Reviews by dialing N/A or visit their website qnetindia.in.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Qnet Reviews’s customers?

According to Qnet Reviews’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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13 Reviews on Qnet Reviews


    SUCHETA BARDHAN QNET DONE FRAUD To me she has looted my 2.5 lakh money and such a cheap girl to talk with she give unnessary dhamkis to you..beware of the lady and qnet


    sucheta bardhan is a real fraud .dont trust her

  3. I too was fooled

    I too was looted by Sucheta Bardhan one of the IR of QNET from my city Bhopal.

  4. Don't waste your money.

    It’s cheated someone life by saying about you’ll earn more money like 40000 thousands per month. If you want to earn mony in this company you have to cheat someone life. Otherwise you won’t get profit.

    I’ll tell you guys about this company process that. if you joined this company by giving 3 lacks. You should join under you one or more. You told them to join this company. Then only you earn.

  5. Its scam

    Its a scam company for money don’t believe any one employees are trying to motivate tojoin because they will get money by the reference


    I also joined QNET on my friend NITIN PATANKAR [work for ORACLE] TRUST, He took money from me saying its an online business, not MLM, no need of adding people, He was my colleague in ACCENTURE. He said it’s an online e-commerce platform based upon Microsoft platform. I asked him many time that on his TRUST I am taking BANK LOAN and with a condition that I don’t have to call people and ask them to get ADDED in my CHAIN, ON that he said nothing like that. He CHEATED me, now I am paying LOAN EMI. Beware of this MLM chain. It’s your hard earned money, you have every rights to ask where your money is going. They even don’t tell QNET or VIHAAN NAME. They will say we work for the multi-venture company. Later post joining I came to know that he was reading SCRIPT while talking to me which was given by his upline SHALU SONI and AMOLIKA JAISWAL. I lost my hard earned money. Post joining they said now I have to read the same SCRIPT and add more people to add money. I left this MLM chain without adding any people under me as I never wanted to call my friends and read SCRIPTED notes on phone call. Earning money is good but by cheating someone not accepted. Jago Grahak Jago!

    For more info please visit:


  7. How to escape from people like Qnet

    First thing read a lot , you should be aware of what all happens in the world.I met this guy by accident, I was not aware this is regarding direct selling. For one meeting , 3 people came , first one came , explained something , then second ..and then they both keep pasing how great there mentor is , He will come in 15 mins. Please don’t ask questions from him, he is very senior and all….creating an impression for 30 mins, before the actual guy came. Seriously , they all 3 looked idiots..fools written on their faces.I have explored and read a lot about ponzy businesses , so escaped from getting tricked by Cons.

  8. Qnet is totally scam

    I was also scammed by friend who knows me so many years. He has show me very big dreams and it will be only possible to comes true if you do this business. He has told me only success and profits, money and hide all the
    other things. They misuse of my innocent nature and already planned how to trap a person and they got duped me for 1Lacs. Such people first make the plan, get the information or all the details of the victim, then implement their plan and trap the people. All these people are working in IT company will good packages still they are doing this business and dup the people to earn more money.
    After i get trapped, i started to trying to get my money back, they started showing their original face, they clearly told me do whatever want to do ,file a police case or go i coart, we dont care.before investing money they are very soft and respectful, now they are treating very rude, dont care nature and threatening. They dont care of anything and i am seeing that such person dont have dignity, self respect, humanity, reputation and to earn money they goes to any step .
    Request you to please stay away from such people.
    Following are the person from Pune
    1. Manoj kumbhar
    2. Anirudh Mulik
    3. Aseem Maltare
    4. Pranay Nikam

  9. QNet Scam

    I was not aware of the MLM scam and joined QNet to earn some extra penny. I was asked to plan my holidays paying money. I was told that there is bigger profit in store and I should ignore these little amounts.

    I did few to some places and came out to be a complete idiot. They do not do anything but fool people. By the time I realized that I was a part of something dirty, I was already drenched with the scam.

    No one should invest in QNet. It is not at all worthy of all your time and money and emotion. You will lose your friends and close ones as I did. Nothing can compare their love and QNet is not even close to it.


      SUCHETA BARDHAN IS FRAUD DONT EVER BELIEVE ON HER AND Her QNET SCHEMES SHE ll surely Suffer For her karma.because of her i lost my precious time and lakhs of rupeee

  10. QNet Review

    QNet is a scam and the worst company. You should not spend your hard earned money in this shit. If you wish to check about the scam you can search about the arrests that has happened and you will get to know the real picture of this company.

  11. QNet Review

    I lost more than 1 lak rupee with QNet and till date have made close to no profit. These people are liars and their online system sucks. I was not able to get to the management team and had to give up trying.

    I wish I had known these bastards before. I would never have spent a penny on them.

  12. QNet Review

    What is more worse than being a part of a scheme that is already declared as scam. People who are still trying to invest in this company, either have no morals or are fools to not see through.

    I was also offered the scheme and my boss was ready to pay on my behalf. He told me that he would deduct the amount from my salary. But, I did not join. It was difficult as well as awkward to say ‘NO’ to my boss.

    But I did what was right and my guts told me to do.

  13. QNet scam

    I was also scammed by one friend. He insisted me to join and took me to the workshop. I couldn’t say no and got trapped.

    QNet makes people blind and take advantage of their innocence.

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Reported Loss : 1500 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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